Star Trek V
                                       The Final Frontier

                                         Screenplay by:
                                         David Loughery
                                            Story by
                               William Shatner,  Harve Bennett, 
                                         David Loughery

                                                                      Revised Final

                                                                  November 21, 1988


            Many people tend to use terms like "universe" and "cosmos" and galaxy 
            rather loosely. This script will remain true to the STAR TREK trad-
            ition of scientific reality. With a few possible exceptions, the STAR 
            TREK series and films take place within our own galaxy. The galaxy is 
            vast, but finite (as opposed to the universe which is infinite). As 
            Gene Roddenberry has pointed out, ony 115 of this galaxy will have 
            been explored by the 23rd Century.

            Because the galaxy is finite, however, it has a center. It is unlikely 
            that by the time of this tale, this central are, distant and dangerous, 
            will have been explored. Nor can anyone say for sure what we may find 

            These basic assumptions evolve from our on-going discussions with the 
            staff of I.P.A.C. (Infrared Processing and Analysis Center) of JPL/Cal 
            Tech. Their incredible computer graphics, obtained by advanced infra-             
            red satellite telescope photography, will be made available to use to 
            enhance not only the accuracy, but the incredible beauty of this 
            latest STAR TREK voyage.

                                                   HARVE BENNETT



                   FADE IN:

               1   EXT. DESERT - DAY                                              1

                   Shimmering waves of heat. A flat unforgiving landscape 
                   stretches to infinity. A storm of dust gathers on the 
                   horizon, small at first, increasing in size as it 
                   rolls toward us. Hoofbeats fill the soundtrack. Just 
                   as the storm threatens to engulf us, A RIDER ON 
                   HORSEBACK emerges.

                   Superimpose: NIMBUS III
                                IN THE NEUTRAL ZONE
                                ("THE PLANET OF GALACTIC PEACE")

               2   CLOSER ANGLE - STRANGE HORSE AND RIDER                         2

                   A twisted rhino horn juts from the snout of this odd 
                   creature. The Rider spurs the beast, driving it onward. 
                   His white robes flare out behind him like the wings 
                   of an avenging angel. He rides like a man possessed.

                                                                            CUT TO:

               3   EXT. DRY LAKE BED - DAY                                        3

                   Camera pans an arid expanse of scorched earth. J'ONN, 
                   a ragged and malnourished homesteader of some alien 
                   race, toils beneath a blazing sun, his back to camera. 
                   He sinks an augering device into the ground, drilling 
                   in vain for water. There are many hundreds
                   of holes in the earth around him.

                   J'onn reacts to the clop of approaching hooves. He 
                   tenses, then whirls around clutching a crude home-made 
                   pipe gun.

               4   J'ONN'S POV                                                    4

                   Horse and rider thunder toward him.

               5   ANGLE                                                          5

                   J'onn raises his pipe gun and fires a warning shot. 
                   The Rider reins his horse to a halt ten feet short 
                   of J'onn. The beast snorts and stamps its hooves 
                   impatiently while the Rider studies the frightened 
                   homesteader and removes a breathing device from his 
                   mouth. Finally, he speaks.

                             I thought weapons were forbiddeen on 
                             this planet.

                   The Rider swings down from the saddle. He's tall, power-
                   fully built beneath his dusty robs, his face shadowed by 
                   a hood. He indicates their bleak surroundings.

                             Besides, I can't believe you'd kill 
                             me for a field of empty holes.

                             It's all I have.

                   J'onn sags under the futile weight of his existence. 
                   The Rider approaches him without fear. He gently 
                   removes the weapon from J'onn's trembling hands. It's 
                   all the homesteader can do to keep from sobbing.

                             Your pain runs deep.

                                     (turns away in 
                             What do you know of my pain?

                             Let us explore it together.

                   The Rider collects himself and concentrates deeply. 
                   J'onn is immediately transfixed. He begins to tremble. 
                   Tears flood his dirty cheeks.

                                     (continuing; soothing
                             Each man hides a secret pain. It must 
                             be exposed and reckoned with. It must 
                             be hauled from the darkness and 
                             forced into the light. Share your 
                             pain with me and gain strength from 

                  J'onn whimpers and cries out in anguish. Finally, the 
                  catharis ends. J'onn drops to his knees, then looks up. 
                  He opens his eyes and blinks in wonder and amazement 
                  at the Rider. The Rider helps him to his feet.

                                     (as if reborn)
                             Where did you get this power?

                             The power was within you.

                                     (trying to find
                                      the words)
                             I feel as if a weight has been lifted 
                             from my heart. How can I repay you 
                             for this miracle?

                             Join my quest.

                             What is it you seek?

                             What you seek. What all men have 
                             sought since time began -- the 
                             ultimate knowledge. To find it, we'll 
                             need a starship.

                             A starship? There are no starships on 
                             Nimbus III.

                             Perhaps I have a way to bring one here.

                             But how?

                             Have faith my friend. There are more 
                             of us than you know.

               6   CLOSER ON THE RIDER                                            6

                   as he throws back his hood to reveal rugged charismatic 
                   features. He's bearded, his hair is shaggy. He has the 
                   piercing eyes of a zealot and, to our surprise, pointed 
                   ears. His name is SYBOK.

                                     (o.s., amazed)
                             You're a Vulcan.

                   Sybok nods and does something we've never seen a Vulcan 
                   do. He smiles. And as he does, the first faint bars of 
                   the Star Trek Theme well up on the soundtrack.

               7   LONG SHOT                                                      7

                   The Vulcan, his convert and the horse are tiny figures 
                   in a overpoweringly bleak landscape. Camera tilts up 
                   through waves of heat to the blazing sky and the galaxy 

                   SLOW FADE TO:

               8   SPACE                                                          8

                   Music and credits play over a dazzling journey through 
                   the cosmos. Planets, stars and solar systems flash by. 
                   No doubt about it. We're in for a rousing Star Trek 
                   adventure. As the final credits appear, we tilt down 
                   to a breathtaking shot of Earth.

                                                                            CUT TO:

               9   EXT. YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK - DAY                              9

                   CLOSE UP - A HAND

                   as it clutches a sheer rock, groping for purchase. 
                   Camera pulls back to reveal "CAPTAIN JAMES T. KIRK" 
                   eight hundred feet above the surrounding forest. He 
                   climbs the face of El Capitan without ropes, gromets 
                   or equipment. Just man against mountain. Using the
                   cracks in the rock face for hand and foot holds, Jim 
                   Kirk struggles up the treacherous incline, one 
                   painful inch at a time. We hold our breath, afraid 
                   he'll fall.

                   Superimpose: PLANET EARTH
                                YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK
                                STARDATE 8454.011

              10   CAMPSITE BELOW                                                10

                  DR. LEONARD "BONES" McCOY watches Kirk's progress 
                  through futuristic binoculars with mounting unease. 
                  From this distance Kirk resembles a small fly on a 
                  big wall.

                                     (muttering toward the
                             "You'll have a great time, Bones. 
                             You'll enjoy your leave and be able 
                             to relax."
                                     (lowering binoculars)
                             You call this relaxing? I'm a damn
                             nervous wreck.
                                     (a beat)
                             If I'm not careful, I'll end up talk-
                             ing to myself.

              11   EL CAPITAN - KIRK                                             11

                   He inserts the pads of two fingers into a narrow crack 
                   above his head. He exhales, focusing concentration. 
                   Kirk pulls himself up, balancing on a ledge barely an 
                   inch wide. Exhilarated, he pauses to admire the view.
              12   KIRK'S POV                                                    12

                   A breathtaking but vertigo-inducing high angle shot of 
                   Yosemite. This may be the 23rd Century but the park 
                   looks the same as it did three hundred years ago. There 
                   is a soft whooshing sound and SPOCK suddenly rises into 

                             Greetings, Captain.

              13   WIDE SHOT                                                     13

                   Spock hovers in mid-air along side the startled Kirk, 
                   kept aloft by means of levitation boots. His hands 
                   are clasped behind his back, typically Spock-like.

                             Spock -- what brings you to this neck 
                             of the woods?

                             I have been monitoring your progress.

                             I'm flattered. Twelve hundred points 
                             of interest in Yosemite and you pick 

                   Spock doesn't take Kirk's hint to get lost.

                             I regret to inform you that the record 
                             time for free-climbing El Capitan is 
                             in no danger of being broken.

                                     (as he climbs)
                             I'm not trying to break any records, 
                             Spock. I'm doing this because I 
                             enjoy it. Not to mention the lost 
                             important reason for climbing a 

                             Which is?

                                     (with a smile)
                             Because its there.

                             Captain, I do not think you realize 
                             the gravity of your situation.

                   Kirk slips but manages to gain a handhold and save 
                   himself. Beneath his feet a mini-avalanche of rocks 
                   is dislodged, tumbling to the valley below.

                                     (glaring at Spock)
                             On the contrary. Gravity is foremost 
                             on my mind, Spock. Look, I'm trying 
                             to make an ascent here. Why don't 
                             you go pester Dr. McCoy for a while?

                             Dr. McCoy is not in the best of moods.

              14   CAMPSITE BELOW                                                14

                   McCoy, still watching Kirk's progress, is getting an-
                   grier by the second.

                             Goddamn... Irresponsible... Playing 
                             games with life...

              15   EL CAPITAN - KIRK AND SPOCK                                   15

                   Kirk strains for the next handhold.

                             Concentration is vital. You must be 
                             one with the mountain.

                             Spock, I appreciate your concern but 
                             if you don't stop distracting me, 
                             I'm liable to be one with the...

              16   CAMPSITE                                                      16

                   McCoy lets out a gasp as he watches Kirk's tiny figure 
                   drop down the face of El Cap.

              17   ANGLE - SPOCK                                                 17

                   He dives after Kirk firing boosters to increase his 

              18   ANGLE - KIRK                                                  18

                   Twisting and turning end over end as he hurtles down-
                   ward. He thrashes at air, unable to defeat gravity.

              19   CAMPSITE                                                      19

                   McCoy turns away, unable to watch.

              20   ANGLE - KIRK                                                  20

                   Dropping... dropping... the ground rushing up like a 
                   hungry mouth. A split-second before impact...

              21   ANGLE - SPOCK                                                 21

                   The Vulcan swoops into shot. His powerful fingers grab 
                   Kirk by the ankle and jerk him upward in the nick of 

              22   CAMPSITE                                                      22

                   McCoy hasn't heard the expected splat. He turns to 
                   look and what he sees is:

              23   WIDE SHOT                                                     23

                   Kirk is supended in air, bobbing upside down at the 
                   end of Spock's arm.

              24   CLOSER - KIRK AND SPOCK                                       24

                   The top of Kirk's head is practically touching the 
                   ground. That's how close he came to being pizza. Kirk 
                   blinks in disbelief.

                             Perhaps "because it is there" is not 
                             a sufficient reason for wanting to 
                             climb a mountain.

                   Kirk dangles -- undignified but lucky to be alive.

                             I'm hardly in a position to disagree.

                   McCoy is heard in approach.

              25   KIRK'S POV                                                    25

                   McCoy is seen upside down.

                             Hello, Bones. Mind if we drop in for 

                             That's right, turn it into a big joke. 
                             Dammit Jim, are you that anxious to 
                             meet your maker?

                                                                            CUT TO:

              26   EXT. NIMBUS III - DESERT - DAY                                26

                   Sybok and his mount ride majestically to the top of a 
                   dune and halt. They are followed by J'onn. He's on 
                   foot but he clambers over the dune with determination. 
                   Behind J'onn comes another tattered homesteader. And 
                   behind him, two more. Without warning, a virtual army 
                   of ragged settlers swarm over the dune. They fill the 
                   screen, aliens of every different race, the poor and
                   downtrodden -- united in their devotion to Sybok.

              27   ANGLE - SYBOK                                                 27

                   His army draws up beside him, dust rising. Sybok points 
                   into the blurry middle distance.

                             My friends, behold Paradise.

                   Camera pans off Sybok. Below them sprawls the single 
                   outpost of civilization on this desolate world -- a 
                   small ramshackle village smack in the middle of no-
                   where, surrounded by high walls. A lone rider on 
                   horseback crosses the desert, headed for the outpost.

              28   CLOSER SHOT - MAIN GATE                                       28

                   Across the top of the arch, broken letters spell out 
                   "Paradise." Some cynical jiker has added the word 
                   "Lost." The lone rider signals the lookout sentries 
                   who open the heavy iron gate. Camera cranes up over 
                   the arch as the rider passes beneath and rides toward 
                   the sleazy-looking saloon at the far end of the street.

                                                                            CUT TO:

              29   INT. PARADISE CITY SALOON - DAY                               29

                   A 23rd Century equivalent of a frontier saloon. Fut-
                   uristic honky tonk music. The patrons are rugged, 
                   unpleasant types. Klingons, Romulans, Andorians, you 
                   name it. Much drink and boistrous talk. Arguments. 
                   Fistfights. Two men play futuristic "pool" on a table
                   filled with water.

              30   A SEXY CATWOMAN dances atop the bar, flicking her 
                   long striped tail and hissing seductively at her 
                   rowdy audience.

              31   ANGLE ON SALOON DOOR                                          31

                   A STRANGER coming from outside approaching familiar 
                   western-style doors. But instead of swinging open 
                   like you'd expect, they whoosh apart automatically. 
                   The stranger steps into the bar and the doors whoosh 
                   back into place.

              32   WIDE SHOT                                                     32

                   Talk and noise go dead as the entire saloon turns its 
                   attention to the newcomer. The stranger, seen only 
                   from the back, steps into the squalid bar. The Bar-
                   tender jerks his thumb in the direction of the back 
                   room. The stranger crosses to the back room door and 
                   dissapears inside. Talk and noise resume.

              33   INT. BACK ROOM                                                33

                   The stranger lowers the breathing device from her face 
                   and is revealed to be a young woman. A Romulan. Her 
                   name is CAITHLIN DAR and she stands on the threshold 
                   of the room, trying to adjust her eyes to the murky 
                   surroundings. She's a little nervous and a long way 
                   from home.

                   The back room is an area for unwanted odds and ends. A
                   ceiling fan swishes overhead pushing hot air around. 
                   TWO MEN are sprawled in chairs at opposite ends of a 
                   table. They're too busy drinking to notice Caithlin's 

                             Gentlemen, I'm Caithlin Dar.

                   The man seated closest to Caithlin slowly swivels his 
                   head in her direction. He wearily extracts himself 
                   from his chair and comes forward. He's a Terran (spec-
                   ifically, an Englishman) named ST. JOHN TALBOT. Thin 
                   and dissipated, alcoholic, Talbot is a veteran of the 
                   diplomatic corps. He pats down his unruly hair and
                   straightens his soiled suit. He gives Caithlin a tired 
                   smile and extends a limp hand.

                             Ah, yes. Our new Romulan represent-
                             ative. Welcome to Paradise City, Miss 
                             Dar, capital of the so-called "Planet 
                             of Galactic Peace." I'm St. John 
                             Talbot, the Federation representative 
                             here on Nimbus III and my charming 
                             companion is the Klingon consul 

                   Caithlin regards the hulking figure on the other end 
                   of the table. KORRD is an old, overweight Klingon, a 
                   once great warrior now past his prime. He doesn't 
                   rise to greet Caithlin. Instead, he takes a swig from 
                   a flagon and emits an earth-shaking belch.

                             I expect that's Klingon for hello.

                   Reacting to Korrds stench, Caithlin holds her breathing 
                   device in front of her mouth.

                             He doesn't speak English.

                             And I don't speak Klingon.

                             I'm relieved to hear that. Please sit 
                             down Miss Dar. Can I offer you a 

                   Caithlin brushes the dust from a chair at the opposite 
                   end of the table from Korrd.

                             I must say I'm shocked at what I've 
                             seen. Hunger. Poverty. No law enforce-
                             ment. And here the two of you sit 

                   Without warning, Korrd drunkenly lets loose with a 
                   barrage of his native tongue. (It is subtitled in 
                   English for those who don't speak Klingon.)

                             (Romulan woman belong on their backs.)

                             What did he say?

                             He says he hopes you'll enjoy your 
                             tour of duty here. Might I ask, Miss 
                             Dar, what terrible thing you did to 
                             get yourself banished to this armpit 
                             of the galaxy?

                             I volunteered.

                                     (spewing grog)

                   Talbot turns to Korrd and translates her answer into 
                   Klingon. Korrd chortles derisively.

                             Nimbus III is a great experiment. 
                             Twenty years ago when our three 
                             governments agreed to develop this 
                             planet together, a new age was born.

                             Your new age died a quick death. The 
                             great drought put an end to it. And 
                             the settlers we conned into coming 
                             here -- the dregs of the galaxy. 
                             They immediately took to fighting 
                             amongst themselves. We forbade them 
                             weapons -- they fashioned their own.

                             Then it appears I've arrived just in 
                             time. The policies that the three of 
                             us agree on will have far-reaching 

                             My dear girl, we're not here to agree. 
                             We're here to disagree. This "great 
                             experiment" as you call it was 
                             instigated to satisfy a bunch of 
                             bleeding hearts whining for "galactic 
                             peace." It was intended to fail.

                             I'm afraid I don't share that view.

                             There, you see? We are disagreeing 

                             I'm here to open discussions for a 
                             solution to these problems.

                   Korrd comes to life. He roars with laughter and spits 
                   back a disgusting mouthful of Klingon. Talbot winces.

                                     (losing patience)
                             What did he say? I want his exact 

                             He said the only thing he'd like to 
                             open is your blouse. He's heard 
                             Romulan women are different.

                   Caithlin's embarrassment turns to anger.

                             You tell Consul Korrd -- never mind. 
                             I'll tell him myself in the only 
                             Klingon I know.

                   Caithlin let's loose with a Klingon epithet. No trans-
                   lation necessary. Sputtering with rage, Korrd hurls 
                   his flagon aside and clambers to his feet.

                                     (in perfect English)
                             Screw you too!

                             He does speak English!

                             Sly old bugger!

                   Further argument is interrupted by shouts from outside 
                   and the whine of a warning klaxon.

                   A handful of sentries brace themselves against the gate. 
                   It suddenly gives way. Camera climbs up over the top 
                   of the arch to reveal Sybok's army on the threshold 
                   of the city. In their midst, towering majestically 
                   above them, is Sybok on horseback. He urges his mount 
                   forward. With quiet determination, he and his army pour
                   under the arch and proceed up the main drag.

                   Townspeople scurrying for protection, anticipating an 
                   attack. Those who consider challenging Sybok are 
                   allayed by the crude weapons and intimidating looks 
                   of his followers. Sybok intends to take this town by 
                   show of force without having to fire a shot. And it
                   looks like he'll succeed.

              34   OMITTED                                                       34
              35   EXT. STREET OUTSIDE SALOON                                    35

                   Korrd, Caithlin and Talbot emerge to see what the hub-
                   bub is about. When they see the approaching forces, 
                   Korrd and Talbot immediately turn tail and run back 
                   inside. After a moment, Caithlin follows.

              36   INT. SALOON                                                   36

                   Korrd, fearing the worst, goes behind the bar and 
                   opens a bottle. He upends it and pours the contents 
                   down his throat. He prefers to die drunk.

                   Talbot runs to the far side of the room and yanks a 
                   dusty sheet off a primitive communications screen. 
                   Caithlin rushes to his side as he desperately tries 
                   to get it working.

                   The saloon doors are forced open. J'onn and several 
                   soldiers pour in, brandishing weapons.

                             Get away from that screen!

                   The klaxon winds down to eerie silence as the soldiers 
                   herd Korrd, Caithlin and Talbot together. Sybok enters.

                                     (appraising them
                                      one by one)
                             Romulan. Terran. Klingon. Consider 
                             yourselves my prisoners.

                             Prisoners. We're already prisoners on 
                             this worthless ball of rock. Of what 
                             possible value could we be to you?

                             Nimbus III may be a wonderous ball of 
                             rock, but it does have one unique 
                             treasure. It's the only place in the 
                             entire galaxy that has the three of 

                   Korrd reaches for the pistol at his side. But before 
                   his fingers can grasp it, Sybok's soldiers noisily 
                   cock their weapons and point them at his heart. Korrd 
                   is outgunned and he knows it. He sputters impotently.

                                     (to Sybok; boldly)
                             I don't know who you are or what you 
                             want but I can tell you this: our 
                             government will stop at nothing to 
                             insure our safety.

                                     (with a smile)
                             That's exactly what I'm counting on.

                   On Caithlin's confused look...

                                                                            CUT TO:

              37   EXT. SPACE - THE EARTH - SPACEDOCK                            37

                   Hanging in space like a big Christams ornament. The 
                   big blue marble called Earth is visible in the 

              38   INT. SPACEDOCK                                                38

                   A huge, cavernous area designed as a high and dry for 
                   space vessels. Among this warehouse of ships is the 
                   one we know best -- U.S.S. ENTERPRISE, NCC-1701-A.

                   INT. ENTERPRISE BRIDGE

                   A meager repair crew lazily overhauls consoles and 
                   monitors. Some things work, most do not. One thing 
                   that does work is CHIEF ENGINEER MONTGOMERY SCOTT 
                   who looks up as COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER UHURA enters, 
                   stepping around cables.

                                     (grumbling to himself)
                             "Let's see what she's got" the Captain 
                             said. And then we found out, didn't 

                             I'm sure you'll whip her into shape, 
                             Scotty. You always do.

                             Uhura, why aren't you on leave?

                             I thought we were going together.

                                     (indicating the
                             I canna leave her when she needs me 
                             the most.

                             I had a feeling you'd say something 
                             like that. So...
                                     (produces a food
                             I brought you some dinner.

                             Lass, you're the most understanding 
                             woman I know.

                   The Bridge light starts to flash red. An ear-splitting 
                   klaxon sounds.

                                           COMPUTER VOICE
                             Red alert. Red alert.

                             I just fixed that damn thing. Turn 
                             it off, will you?

                   Uhura goes to her console to switch it off but sees 
                   something odd. She punches a button and responds.

                             This is Enterprise. Identify your-

                                           COMMAND VOICE
                             Enterprise, this is Starfleet. We 
                             have a Priority Seven situation in 
                             the Neutral Zone.

                             Stand by, Starfleet.
                                     (signalig Scotty)
                             Scotty, it's for real.

                             You canna be serious. The ship's in 
                             pieces and we've less than a 
                             skeleton crew on board.

                             Starfleet, are you aware of our current 

                                           COMMAND VOICE
                             Current status understood. Stand by to 
                             copy operational orders and recall key 

                   Uhura and Scotty share grim looks.

                                                                            CUT TO:

              40   EXT. EARTH - FOREST - DAY                                     40

                   COMMANDER SULU and CHEKOV tramp through dense woods. 
                   From their weary expressions, its clear they've been 
                   hiking a long time. Sulu leads the way, Chekov 
                   trudges behind him.

                             Admit it. We're lost.

                             All right, we're lost.
                                     (with a smile)
                             But we're making good time.

                   Sulu's communicator beeps.

                             I don't believe this.
                                     (flips it out)
                             Commander Sulu here.

                   INTERCUT WITH:

              41   INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE                                      41

                   Uhura studies a monitor showing Sulu and Chekov as two 
                   blips on a grid.

                             Commander Sulu, this is Enterprise. 
                             Bad news, gentlemen. Shore leave's 
                             been cancelled.

                                     (with relief)
                             Rescued at last.

                             Return to the prearranged coordin-
                             ates for pickup.

                   Sulu and Chekov look at each other.

                             Don't tell her you're lost. You'll 
                             never live it down.

                             Is there a problem, gentlemen?

                             Er... yes. We've been caught in a 

                                     (playing along)
                             And we can't see a thing. Request 
                             you direct us to the co-ordinates.

                   Chekov provides blizzard noises.

                   On Enterprise, Uhura listens to the "blizzard" and 
                   checks her graphics display for weather report. She 

                             I'm sorry about your weather. My 
                             visual says sunny skies and seventy 

                             Sulu! Look! The sun's come out! It's 
                             a miracle!

                             Don't worry, fellas. Your secret's 
                             safe with me. I'll send the shuttle-
                             craft to pick you up.

                             Uhura, we owe you one. Sulu out.

                   Sulu and Chekov sit down on a boulder to wait.

                             I should have gone to Yosemite with 
                             the Captain.

                             What's the difference? If you've 
                             seen one national park, you've seen 
                             them all.

                   Camera tilts up to reveal Mt. Rushmore in the back-
                   ground. We pan the granite faces of Washington, 
                   Jefferson, Roosevelt, Lincoln and -- surprise -- the 
                   face of a fifth president (who happens to be a woman. 
                   A black woman.)

                                                                            CUT TO:

              42   EXT. YOSEMITE - CAMPSITE- NIGHT                               42

                   McCoy stands over a blazing campfire. A covered pot 
                   simmers on the coals. McCoy picks up a pan and bangs 
                   on it with a spoon. He's slightly tipsy.

                                     (calling out)
                             Come and get it.

                   Camera pulls back to reveal Kirk and Spock two feet 

                             Knock it off, Bones. We're right here 
                             and we're starving.

                   McCoy grins and crouches beside the covered pot. He 
                   revels in their undivided attention.

                             Bi-podal seeds, Doctor?

                             Beans, Spock -- but no ordinary beans. 
                             These are from an old Southern recipe 
                             handed down to me by my father. And 
                             if you turn your Vulcan nose at 
                             these, you're not just insulting me, 
                             you're insulting countless gener-
                             ations of McCoys.

                             In that case, I have little choice 
                             but to sample your... beans.

                   McCoy ladles out the beans. Kirk tears into his. Spock 
                   tries a forkful. He finds the taste strangely exciting.

                             Surprisingly good. However, it contains 
                             a flavoring I am not familiar with.

                             That's the secret ingredient.

                   Spock eats with enthusiasm.

                             Got any more of that secret ingredient, 

                             You bet your buns.

                   McCoy grins and pulls out a bottle of bourbon. Spock 
                   stops in mid-chew and McCoy fills Kirk's cup.

                             Am I to understand that your secret 
                             ingredient is... alcohol?

                             Bourbon, Spock. Kentucky bourbon. 
                             Care for a snort?

                             Bourbon and beans. An explosive combin-
                             ation. Do you think Spock can handle 

                             Couldn't possibly affect his Vulcan 

                             As you are so fond of pointing out, 
                             Doctor, I am half human.

                             Certainly doesn't show.

                             Thank you.

                             This guy never changes. I insult him 
                             and he takes it as a compliment.
                                     (pouring himself
                                      another shot)
                             You know, the two of you could drive 
                             a man to drink.

                             What did I do?

                             You really piss me off, Jim. Human 
                             life is far too precious to risk 
                             on crazy stunts. Maybe it didn't 
                             cross your macho mind but when you 
                             fell off that mountain you should
                             have been killed.

                             It crossed my mind.


                             Even as I fell, I knew I wouldn't 

                                     (indicating Spock)
                             I thought he was the only one who's 

                             It's not that, Bones. I knew I wouldn't 
                             die because the two of you were with 

                             I do not understand.

                             I've always known I'll die alone.

                             I'll call Valhalla and reserve you a 
                                     (shaking his head)
                             It's a mystery that draws us together. 
                             All that time in space -- gettin on 
                             each other's nerves -- and what do we 
                             do when shore leave comes along? 
                             Spend it together. Other people have 

                             Other people, Bones. Not us.

                   They dwell on this thought for a moment. Then, Kirk 
                   notices that Spock has removed a sack from his back-
                   pack. Spock reaches into the sack and takes out a 
                   marshmallow which he attaches ot the end of a pointed 

                             What are you doing, Spock?

                             I am preparing to toast a marsh melon.

                   Marsh melon? Kirk and McCoy hide their smiles as Spock 
                   holds the marshmallow over the fire.

                             Well, I'll be damned. A marsh melon. 
                             Where did you learn that?

                             Before leaving the ship I consulted 
                             the library computer to familiarize 
                             myself with the customs of "camping 
                             out." The evening meal is tradition-
                             ally followed by the toasting of 
                             marsh melons.

                   Spock offers sticks and marshmallows to Kirk and McCoy 
                   who play along, amused by Spock's dead serious approach 
                   to frivolity.

                             Tell me something, Spock. What do we 
                             do after we toast the marsh... er, 

                             We consume them.

                             I know we consume them, I mean after 

                             I believe we are required to engage 
                             in a ritual known as the sing-a-long.

                             I haven't sung around a campfire since 
                             I was a boy in Iowa. What should we 
                             sing? Bones?

                             How about "Camptown Races?"

                             "Pack Up Your Troubles."

                             Are we leaving, Captain?

                             It's a song title, Spock.


                             "Moon Over Rigel Seven?"

                             "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."

                             Excellent. Do you know it, Spock?

                             I did not encounter that song in my 

                             The lyrics are simple: "Row, row, 
                             row your boat, gently down the 
                             stream...merrily,merrily, merrily, 
                             merrily, life is but a dream." 
                             Bones and I will start it off and 
                             when we give you the signal, jump 
                             in. Doctor if you please...

                   McCoy takes a hit of booze and clears his throat.

                             Don't say I didn't warn you.

                   McCoy starts to sing. Kirk joins in. Maybe it's the 
                   bourbon but the two of them sound pretty good.

                                           KIRK AND McCOY
                             "Row, row, row your boat gently down 
                             the stream merrily, merrily, merrily, 
                             merrily, life is but a dream..."

                   They signal Spock that it's his turn to jump in but 
                   the Vulcan merely regards them quizzically. The 
                   sing-a-long grinds to a halt.

                             What's wrong, Spock? Why didn't you 
                             join in?

                             I was trying to comprehend the mean-
                             ing of the words.

                                     (losing patience)
                             It's a song, you green-blooded son of 
                             a Vulcan. You sing it. The words 
                             aren't important. What's important is 
                             that you have a good time singing it.

                             I am sorry, Doctor. We're we having a 
                             good time?

                                     (giving up)
                             I liked him better before he died.

                   McCoy rolls out his sleeping bag.

                             Why don't we call it a night and get 
                             some sleep? I'm anxious to have 
                             another go at El Cap in the morning.

                             Over my dead body.

                   They prepare for bed.

              43   LONG SHOT - CAMPSITE                                          43

                   Under a twinkling sky, the three men settle into their 
                   sleeping bags. Faint night sounds. Crickets. An owl. 


                             We're on leave. Call me Jim.


                             Yes, Spock?

                             LIfe is not a dream.

                                     (with a sigh)
                             Go to sleep, Spock.

                   They go to sleep. Stars twinlke overhead.

                                                                            CUT TO:

              44   EXT. SPACE                                                    44

                   A NASA Pioneer probe tumbles through space. Ancient, 
                   forgotten, the device is flotsam. On it's side is a 
                   plaque showing image of two humans and simple mathe-
                   matical and scientific symbols. It comes past camera 
                   and out of this distortion, a Klingon Bird of Prey 

              45   INT. BIRD OF PREY - BRIDGE                                    45

                   Doors seperate to admit KLAA, the Bird of Prey's 
                   swashbuckling young captain. He is met by VIXIS, his 
                   first officer, a statuesque Klingon female. It's 
                   clear she adores Klaa.

                             (Captain Klaa, we have a target in 
                              sight. A probe of ancient origin.)

                             (Difficult to hit?)

                             (Most difficult.)


                   Klaa's crew watches with excitement as their captain 
                   straps himself into his command chair which has been 
                   equipped with an elaborate gunner's rig allowing 
                   Klaa to do the shooting himself.

                             (All weapons to my control.)

                   A periscope-like device swings into position in front 
                   of Klaa's flashing eyes.

              46   PERISCOPE - KLAA'S POV                                        46

                   The probe is a tiny traveling speck in the distance. 
                   Its course is erratic.

              47   EXT. SPACE                                                    47

                   The probe tumbles through space as the Bird of Prey 
                   swoops down for the attack. Machine gun-like phasers 
                   are mounted on the Bird's wings. They come to life 
                   and swivel, blasting a flange off the front of the 
                   probe. A second blast destroys a fin on the rear of 
                   the craft. A third shot blows away the antennae. 
                   Klaa is toying with the target.

              48   INT. BIRD OF PREY - BRIDGE                                    48

                   The crew cheers each hit. They admire their captain 
                   and his deadly skill. But Klaa seems dissatisfied. 
                   He hesitates finishing the probe off.

                             (Shooting space garbage is no test of 
                              a warrior's mettle. I need a target 
                              that fights back.)

                             (Captain, we are receiving a priority 
                              message from Operations Command.)

                   Klaa unstraps himself from the command chair and joins 
                   Vixis at a monitor screen. The fearsome face of A 
                   KLINGON COMMANDER fills the screen and starts barking 
                   Klingon over shots of Nimbus III and the Paradise 
                   outpost. It's clear the Bird of Prey is being ordered 
                   to Nimbus III. Klaa and Vixis are charged with 

                             (One of the hostages is a Klingon.)

                             (And the others?)

                             (A Terran and a Romulan.)

                             (That means the Federation will be 
                              sending a rescue ship of its own. 
                              Plot course for Nimbus III.)

                   Unable to contain his excitement, Klaa returns to his 
                   command chair.

                             (I've always wanted to engage a Fed-
                             eration ship.)

              49   EXT. SPACE - ANGLE - BIRD OF PREY                             49

                   The crippled NASA probe wobbles into the foreground, 
                   almost out of range. In the far distance, the Bird of 
                   Prey. Klaa's guns come to sudden life and blow the 
                   probe to atoms in a blinding flash of light.

                                                                            CUT TO:

              50   EXT. YOSEMITE - NIGHT                                         50

                   Another blinding light, this one a ball of great int-
                   ensity sets down on the edge of the campsite, rousing 
                   Kirk, Spock and McCoy from sleep.

                             Get that damn light out of my face!

                   The three men rise and watch as a figure in silhouette 
                   emerges from the light and comes forward. It's Uhura.

                             Mister Scott appologizes for having 
                             to send the shuttlecraft but the 
                             transporter beam is not operational. 
                             Captain, we've recieved important 
                             orders from Starfleet.

                             Why didn't you beep my communicator?

                             You forgot to take it with you.

                   Uhura hands Kirk his communicator. It's clear he left 
                   it behind on purpose.

                             Wonder why I did that?
                                     (to Spock and McCoy)
                             Well. gentlemen, it appears shore 
                             leave's been cancelled. Pack out 
                             your trash.

                                                                            CUT TO:

              51   EXT. EL CAPITAN - NIGHT                                       51

                   The bright light leaves the deserted campsite and rises 
                   against the mountain. It turns toward camera and 
                   reveals itself as a sleek shuttlecraft of impressive 
                   design. Aft thrusters fire and it shoots skyward.

              52   INT. SHUTTLECRAFT GALILEO 5                                   52

                   This is the Galileo 5, capable of transporting two dozen
                   personnel. At the moment its passengers are Kirk, Spock, 
                   McCoy and Uhura who pilots the craft.

              53   EXT. SPACE - ANGLE - ENTERPRISE                               53

                   The ship is seen in her shining glory above Earth, 
                   framed against a full moon. The approaching Galileo is 
                   dwarfed by the magnificent starship.

              54   INT. GALILEO                                                  54

                   Kirk gazes fondly at Enterprise.

                             "... and all I ask is a tall ship and 
                             a star to steer by."


                             John Masefield.

                             Are you sure about that?

                             I am well-versed in the classics, Dr.

                             Then how come you don't know "Row Your 

                   Spock raises an eyebrow.

              55   INT - ENTERPRISE - CONTROL BOOTH OVERLOOKING THE              55
                   LANDING BAY

                   A crewman watches a graphic of the approaching shuttle-

                                           UHURA'S VOICE
                             Ready for landing maneuver. Enterprise, 
                             you have control.

                                           SULU'S VOICE
                             Roger, Galileo 5. Open by door. Trans-
                             fer power to the tractor beam.

              56   EXT. ENTERPRISE - FAVORING LANDING BAY                        56

                   Bay doors open to receive Galileo. The tractor beam 
                   locks on to the shuttlecraft and slowly pulls her 
                   inside. It's a delicate maneuver. Even with wings re-
                   tracted, the Galileo clears the door with only a few 
                   feet on either side.

              57   CONTROL BOOTH OVERLOOKING LANDING BAY                         57

                   The crewman operates the controls.

              58   BAY AND STAGING AREA                                          58

                   The shuttlecraft comes in for a smooth landing. Its 
                   side hatch opens to allow Kirk and company to exit. 
                   There's no one to greet them, just a few crewmen 
                   scurrying around. Scotty appears. He may be exhausted 
                   and covered with grime but he's in his element.

                             All I can say is they don't make 'em 
                             like they used to.

                             You told me you could have the ship 
                             operational in two weeks. I gave 
                             you three. What happened?

                             I think you gave me too much time, 

                                     (hiding a smile)
                             Very well, Mister Scott. Carry on.

                             Aye, sir. No rest for the weary.
                                     (shouting to some
                                      unfortunate crewman)
                             How many times do I have to tell you? 
                             The right tool for the right job...

                   Camera follows Kirk into the turbolift where Spock, 
                   McCoy and Uhura await.

                                     (indicating Scotty)
                             I don't think I've ever seen him hap-

                                           ELEVATOR VOICE
                                     (badly slurred)
                             Level please.

                             Bridge, I hope.

                   Turbolift doors close with a grinding sound. Kirk, Spock, 
                   McCoy and Uhura are carried upward.

                                     (to Spock; casually)
                             I could use a shower.


                   A surprised reaction from Kirk.

                                                                            CUT TO:

              59   INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE                                      59

                   Computers come to life. Screens activate.

              60   ANGLE - TURBOLIFT                                             60

                   A whoosh but only half the automatic door slides open. 
                   The other half is stuck. Kirk must manually force it 
                   open to enter the Bridge.

                             Doesn't anything work on this ship?

                             Captain on the Bridge.

                   AN ATTRACTIVE YEOMAN comes forward with the jacket of 
                   Kirk's uniform. He shrugs off his camping jacket to 
                   reveal a "Go Climb A Rock" t-shirt underneath. Uhura 
                   and Spock go to their stations. McCoy shakes his head 
                   at the noisy, messy Bridge.

                             Starfleet's got some nerve sending 
                             us out in this condition. Why, the 
                             ship's a virtual ghost town.

                             Ready for Starfleet transmission.

                                     (raising his voice)
                             Could we have a little quiet, please?
                                     (work and noise stop 
                                      at once)
                             Thank you.
                                     (to Uhura)
                             On screen, Commander.

              61   INTERCUT WITH BRIDGE VIEWSCREEN                               61

                   Kirk is still fiddling with his buttons as the face of 
                   THE STARFLEET COMMANDER appears. Behind the Commander, 
                   images and data. The image is shaky at first.

                             Am I on?


                             Enterprise, this is Starfleet Oper-
                                     (peers uncertainly)
                             Jim...? You're dressing rather 
                             informally, I see.

                             You caught me on my way to the shower.

                             Understand, sorry to interrupt your 
                             shore leave but look, we've got a 
                             dangerous situation on Nimbus III.

                             On "the planet of Galactic Peace?"

                             The same. From what we can make out, 
                             a terrorist force has capturted the 
                             only settlement and taken hostages 
                             of the Klingon, Romulan and 
                             Federation consuls. Now I know 
                             Enterprise isn't completely up to 

                             Will all respect, Enterprise is a 
                             disaster. There must be other ships 
                             in the quadrant...

                             Other ships, no experienced command-
                             ers. Captain... I need Jim Kirk.

                             Go ahead, Bob.

                             Your orders are to proceed to Nimbus 
                             III, assess the situatino, and avoid 
                             confrontation if possible. But, above 
                             all, you've got to get those hostages 
                             out safely.

                             Have the Klingons responded?

                             No, but you can bet they will.

                   Kirk addresses his expectant crew.

                             I'm afraid the ship's problems will 
                             have to be solved en route. Since 
                             we're undermanned, I'm counting on 
                             each of you to give his best. End 
                             of speech, let's get to work. Mister 
                             Sulu, plot course to Nimbus III.

                             Aye, sir. Plotted.

                   McCoy sidles over to Kirk.

                             If you ask me, Jim, and you haven't, 
                             this is a terrible idea. We're bound 
                             to bump into the Klingons and they 
                             don't exactly like you.

                             The feeling's mutual. Engine room.

                                           SCOTTY'S VOICE
                             Scotty here.

                             We'll need all the power you can 
                             muster, Mister.

                                           SCOTTY'S VOICE
                             Dinna you worry, Captain. We'll beat 
                             those Klingon devils even if I have 
                             to get out and push.

                             I'll keep your offer in mind, Mister 
                             Scott. Best speed, Mister Sulu.

                   Kirk settles into his command chair. He shifts uncom-

                             What's wrong, Jim?

                             I miss my old chair.

              62   EXT. SPACE - ANGLE - ENTERPRISE                               62

                   Enterprise edges away from the moon at impulse power. 
                   Then, like she was fired from a slingshot, the ship 
                   warps into space.

                                                                            CUT TO:

              63   ANOTHER PART OF THE GALAXY                                    63

                   The Bird of Prey slices through the fabric of space 
                   headed for Nimbus III.

              64   INT. BIRD OF PREY - BRIDGE                                    64

                   Klaa paces his deck like a restless buccaneer, eager 
                   for confrontation. Vixis approaches.
                             (We've just intercepted an encoded 
                             message on the Federation frequency. 
                             The Starship Enterprise has been 
                             dispatched to Nimbus III.)

                             (Enterprise? That's Kirk's ship.)

                   Klaa's eyes flash with excitement. This news is too 
                   good to be true.

                             ("There will be no peace as long as 
                             Kirk lives." Our Empire's highest 
                             bounty has been placed on his head.)

                             (James T. Kirk -- I've followed his 
                             career since I was a boy. A man to 
                             admire... and hate. If I could defeat 

                             (... you would be the greatest warrior 
                             in the galaxy.)

                   This fact isn't lost on Klaa.

                             (Maximum speed!)

                   The crew hops to it. Klaa turns to Vixis and gives her 
                   the chest thumping Klingon salute.


                   Vixis passionately returns the gesture.

                             (Success... my captain.)

                                                                            CUT TO:

              65   EXT. SPACE - ANGLE - ENTERPRISE                               65

                   As she sails toward the Neutral Zone.

                                           KIRK'S VOICE
                             Captain's Log, Stardate Eighty Four -- 
                                     (the recording malfunctions)
                             Try again, Captain's Log, Stardate 
                             Eighty --
                                     (recording malfunctions again)
                             Forget it.

              66   INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE                                      66

                   Uhura addresses Kirk from her station.

                             Captain, we're receiving the hostage 
                             information you requested.

                             On screen.

                   Spock and McCoy come forward to watch.

              67   INTERCUT WITH BRIDGE VIEWSCREEN                               67

                   The screen comes to life and fizzles out. Then pops 
                   back on. Factual information, photographs, film and 
                   visual illustrations depict the background of the 
                   three hostages.

                             Not General Korrd.

                             The same. He has apparently fallen 
                             out of favor with the Klingon High 
                             Command. His appointment to Nimbus 
                             III appears to be a form of 

                             Korrd's military strategies were re-
                             quired learning when I was a cadet 
                             at the Academy. When they put me out 
                             to pasture, I hope I fare better 
                             than Korrd.

                             This must be the hostage tape.

                   A tape of poor quality. Image and sound come and go. 
                   A static shot of Caithlin Dar, flanked by Talbot 
                   and Korrd. Unlike the lively girl of the first scene, 
                   Caithlin is now restrained, dazed. Talbot and Korrd 
                   are also strangely subdued. In the b.g. we can see 
                   several of Sybok's soldiers brandishing weapons.

                             Their weapons appear to be extremely 

                             At fourteen hundred hours  we willingly 
                             surrendered  ourselves to the forces of 
                             the Galactic Army of the Light. At 
                             this moment, we are in their protective 
                             custody. Their leader assures us that 
                             we will be treateds humanely as long as 
                             you co-operate with his demands. I 
                             believe his sincerity. He requests that 
                             you send a Federation starship to 
                             parlay for our release. Be assured we 
                             are in good health...

                             Hostage mentality if ever I saw it.

                             ... and would appreciate your immediate 

                   Sybok looms into shot, blocking the captives.

                             I deeply regret this desperate act but 
                             these are desperate times. I have no 
                             desire to harm these innocents but do 
                             not put me to the test. I implore you 
                             to respond within twenty-four hours.

                   End of transmission. Spock strides to Uhura's console. 
                   He backwinds the tape and freeze frames on Sybok's 
                   face. It's blurry, indistinct. Spock is transfixed by 
                   the image.

                             What is it, Spock? You look like 
                             you've just seen a ghost.

                             Captain... perhaps I have.

                   Spocks turns and exits.

                                                                            CUT TO:

              68   EXT. DEEP SPACE - ANGLE - ENTERPRISE                          68

                   As the ship comes past camera, we move in on a single 
                   window in the forward area of the dish.

              69   INT. ENTERPRISE - FORWARD OBSERVATION ROOM                    69

                   A vast area designed for contemplation. The most ar-
                   resting feature is  an antique ship's wheel -- the kind 
                   Horatio Hornblower might have steered. The wheel stands 
                   in front of tall curving windows that offer an 
                   impressive space vista.

                   Spock is beside the wheel, staring at the stars, lost 
                   in thought. In his mind he hears A DISTANT VOICE FROM 
                   THE PAST.

                             I will find Sha Ka Ree...

                   Kirk and McCoy enter with urgency and approach Spock, 
                   interrupting his revery. Throughout the following, 
                   Spock continues to stare thoughtfully at the stars.

                             Spock, what is it? Do you know this 

                             I cannot be sure.

                             But he does seem familiar.

                             He reminds me of someone I knew in 
                             my youth.

                             Why, Spock, I didn't know you had one.

                             I do not often think of the past.

                             Spock, who is it he reminds you of?

                                     (through the haze of
                             There was a young student... except-
                             ionally gifted... possessing great 
                             intelligence. It was assumed that 
                             one day he would take his place 
                             amongst the great scholars of Vulcan. 
                             But he was a revolutionary.

                             What do you mean?

                             The knowledge and experience he sought 
                             were forbidden by Vulcan belief.


                             He rejected his logical upbringing 
                             and embraced the animal passions of 
                             our ancestors.


                             He believed that the key to self-
                             knowledge was emotion... not logic.

                             Imagine that. A passionate Vulcan.

                             When he encouraged others to follow 
                             him, he was banished from Vulcan, 
                             never to return.

                                     (studying Spock)

                                           UHURA'S VOICE
                             Captain to the Bridge.

                             On my way.

                   Kirk and McCoy head for the exit. Kirk hesitates on the 
                   threshold. He looks back into the room. Spock is still 
                   at the window, lost in thought.


                   Spock snaps out of it. He hurries to join Kirk.

                             Coming, Captain.

                                                                            CUT TO:

              70   EXT. SPACE - NIMBUS III                                       70

                   That imposing ball of rock.

                                           SULU (O.S.)
                             Approaching Nimbus III.

              71   INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE                                      71

                   This time it's the other half of the turbolift door that 
                   fails to open. Kirk shoves it open so that he, Spock and 
                   McCoy can enter.

                   Nimbus III is on the viewscreen.

                             Hailing fequencies open.

                                     (taking his seat)
                             Standard orbit, Mister Sulu.

                             Captain, we're receiving a transmis-
                             sion from Paradise City. They demand 
                             to know our intentions.

                             Respond with static. Let them think 
                             we're having difficulty. It wouldn't 
                             be far from the truth.

                                     (into her speaker)
                             Paradise City, can you boost your 
                             power? We are barely receiving 

                             Any sign of Klingon vessels?


                             Transporter room. Status.

              72   INT. TRANSPORTER ROOM                                         72

                   Scotty, hard at work.

                             Scotty here, Captain. Transporter 
                             still inoperative. Even if we 
                             could lock on to the hostages, we 
                             canna beam them up.

                   BACK TO SCENE.

                             Then we'll have to get them out 
                             the old fashioned way.

                             Klingon vessel now entering quad-
                             rant. Bird of Prey. Estimating 
                             1.0 hours until her weapons come 
                             to bear.

                                     (as he rises)
                             Let's move.

                                                                            CUT TO:

              73   EXT. NIMBUS III - PARADISE CITY - NIGHT                       73

                   Its walls and craggy structures loom against the 
                   planet's twin moons.

              74   INT. SALOON                                                   74

                   Tables and chairs have been cleared aside. A single 
                   figure stands before an old-fashioned communications 
                   screen. It's Sybok, waiting with great patience.

                                           UHURA'S VOICE
                             Paradise City, this is the Starship 

                             A Federation ship.

                   An image flickers and takes hold on the screen. We see 
                   the Bridge of the Enterprise. The command chair swings 
                   around and reveals its occupant to be Chekov.

                             This is Captain Pavel Chekov speaking. 
                             You are in violation of Neutral Zone 
                             treaty. I advise you to release your 
                             hostages at once or suffer the 

                   Sybok regards Chekov with a calm smile.

                             Your threats amuse me, Captain Chekov. 
                             What consequences did you have in mind?

                                                                            CUT TO:

              75   EXT. SPACE - NIMBUS III                                       75

                   The shuttlecraft Galileo 5 streaks toward the planet's 
                   surface deploying wings as it enters the atmosphere.

              76   INT. GALILEO                                                  76

                   Low Level combat lighting. Sulu occupies the pilot's 
                   seat. Nearby are Uhura and seven Enterprise crewmen. 
                   Kirk and Spock are huddled over a graphics screen. 
                   They are dresses in field uniform. Phasers and 
                   transparent shields have been dispensed.

                             Their scanning systems are primitive 
                             but effective. I recommend we land 
                             here co-ordinate Eight Five/ Six 

                             That puts us pretty far away from 
                             Paradise City.

                             To land any closer would be to risk 

                             Mister Sulu... execute.

              77   EXT. DESERT - NIGHT                                           77

                   The shuttlecraft swoops out of the dark sky and skims 
                   the surface of Nimbus III.

              78   INT. GALILEO                                                  78

                   Kirk and Spock are side by side. Kirk buckles himself 
                   in, then notices that Spock is lost in thought has 
                   not buckled up. Kirk leans over and buckles Spock's 
                   belt for him.

                             You okay, Spock?

                             I am fine, Captain.
                                     (trying to reassure
                             Damn fine.

                   Kirk wonders.

              79   EXT. PARADISE CITY                                            79

                   Its lights are tiny specks in the dark desert landscape 
                   as the Galileo comes in for a landing some distance away.

              80   INT. SALOON                                                   80

                   Chekov addresses Sybok from the communication screen.

                             Even as we speak, a Klingon warship 
                             is on its way. We estimate arrival
                             within the hour.

                             I imagine the Klingons will be 
                             quite angry.

                             You are a master of understatement. 
                             They're likely to destroy the 

                             Then its fortunate I have you and 
                             your starship to protect me. In 
                             the meantime, Captain, I instruct 
                             you and your first officer to 
                             beam down to my co-ordinates.

                                     (playing for time)
                             We will be happy to beam down but 
                             first we must have certain 

                             Name them.

                                                                            CUT TO:

              81   EXT. NIMBUS III - DESERT - NIGHT                              81

                   Galileo lies behind a dune. The lights of Paradise 
                   city are glimpsed over the rise, a mile off.

              82   ANGLE - GALILEO                                               82

                   The crewmen zll spill out, lining up in formation, 
                   clutching their rifles and shields. Kirk and Spock 
                   scramble up the side of the dune and scan the 
                   distant outpost with night vision binoculars. There's 
                   nothing between them but flat expanse.

                             At footspeed I estimate the journey 
                             to Paradise City at 1.2 hours.

                             We don't have 1.2 hours.
                                     (looking O.S.)
                             Wait a minute...

              83   KIRK'S POV - THROUGH BINOCULARS                               83

                   A tiny oasis in the near distance.

                                                                            CUT TO:

              84   EXT. OASIS - NIGHT                                            84

                   A BAND OF RAGTAG SOLDIERS gather around a campfire. 
                   They are six in number, all men, members of Sybok's 
                   force. They are heavily robed to retard the night 
                   chill. They chat and drink. Nearby, their horses 
                   sip from a meager spring.

                   A woman's song floats out of the darkness -- soft 
                   and mysterious, seductive. The soldiers look at each 
                   other in surprise, then rise en masse to seek the 
                   scource of the singing. One of them points O.S. with 

              85   THEIR POV                                                     85

                   In the distance, atop a dune and silhouetted against 
                   the low hanging twin moons... a female! But not just 
                   any female. This siren undulates as she sings, moving 

              86   CLOSER SHOT                                                   86

                   It's Uhura.

              87   THE SOLDIERS                                                  87

                   Drawn like moths to a flame. They stumble over each 
                   other to get a closer look, climbing on hands and 
                   knees up the steep dune were Lorelei Uhura waits at 
                   the top.

              88   ANGLE FROM BELOW                                              88

                   The slavering soldiers have almost reached the summit 
                   when they hear whinnies from their horses. The soldiers 
                   tear their eyes away from Uhura and look back to camp.

              89   OASIS                                                         89

                   The Enterprise crew is rounding up the horses.

              90   SOLDIERS                                                      90

                   They turn back to Uhura who towers above them, a phaser 
                   in each hand.

                             I've always wanted to play to a 
                             "captive" audience.

                   Armed Enterprise crewmen enter shot to back her up.

                                                                            CUT TO:

              91   EXT. DUNES - NIGHT                                            91

                   Snarling horses pound over a rise, sending sand in all 
                   directions. Riders hurtle past camera with flowing 
                   capes and cowled faces. Ahead of them, Paradise City. 
                   Behind them, the desert -- a sea of darkness.

              92   ANGLE - KIRK AND SPOCK                                        92

                   Kirk rides with determination, his face nearly hidden 
                   behind a burnoose. He looks over at the rider beside 
                   him. It's Spock, bouncing stiffly on the saddle, 
                   doing all he can to hang on.


                             Yes, Captain?

                                     (can't resist)
                             Be one with the horse.

              93   EXT. PARADISE CITY GATE                                       93

                   Armed sentries watch from the walls as the scruffy 
                   band of horsemen cross the desert. J'onn, Sybok's 
                   convert appears, looking concerned.

                             It's our look-out party. Open the 

                   The huge iron gate wings open.

              94   ANGLE - THE HORSEMEN                                          94

                   They gallop at full tilt, lead by Kirk. He shouts 
                   frantically to the sentries.

                             Federation soldiers -- about a mile 
                             behind us! Close the gate!

                   As Kirk and his party gallop through, the gate is 
                   closed behind them.

              95   INT. PARADISE                                                 95

                   Kirk and the company rein their horses to a stop. Much 
                   movement and confusion. He shouts to J'onn and the 
                   soldiers on the walls.

                             There's more than a hundred of them! 
                             Fortify the walls!

                   J'onn and the soldiers turn their attention to the 
                   desert and prepare themselves for the confrontation.

              96   MAIN STREET                                                   96

                   As soldiers rush past them to defend the walls, Kirk 
                   and company coax their horses toward the saloon at 
                   the end of the street. They ride slowly, not wanting 
                   to attract any more attention than they have. 
                   Occasionally a crewmember drops away from the group 
                   and dismounts taking a position where he can lay 
                   down cover for the eventual escape.

              97   ANGLE - THE HORSEMEN                                          97

                   Kirk's eyes sweep around. There are soldiers on most 
                   of the rooftops, heavily armed and dangerous looking.

                                     (urgent whisper)

                   Spock hides a tri-corder in his lap.

                             Hold your horse, Captain. I am scan-
                                     (indicating the saloon)
                             The hostages are in the structure 
                             just ahead.

                   Hiding it from view, Kirk raises a communicator to 
                   his lips.

                             Galileo, this is Strike Team. Start 
                             your run.

                                           UHURA'S VOICE
                             Aye, sir. On my way.

              98   GATE                                                          98

                   While the others watch the desert, J'onn turns to watch 
                   the horsemen.

                             Where are they going?

                   J'onn rushes to the big spotlight anchored on the wall. 
                   He wings its bright beam in the direction of the 

              99   STREET                                                        99

                   Spock and his tri-corder and Kirk and his communicator 
                   are revealed as the light sweeps across him. Kirk and 
                   the others turn and react to the light, realizing that 
                   the jig is up.

                             Phasers on stun! Get rid of the 
                             mounts! Sulu, take out that light!

                   The crewmen dismount and whip out the phaser rifles 
                   they've hidden under their robes.

             100   ANGLE - SULU                                                 100

                   Sulu spurs his horse and charges the spotlight as 
                   pebbles fired from the enemy's crude weapons whiz 
                   around them like angry hornets. He gallops toward the 
                   blinding light, raises his phaser and with an expert 
                   shot, blows it to bits. The street goes dark, lit now 
                   by neon and the flash of gunfire and phasers.

             101   SERIES OF SHOTS                                              101

                   The soldiers on the walls and rooftops open fire with 
                   their crude weapons. The Enterprise crewmen fight back 
                   from strategic positions along the street, expertly 
                   picking off the enemy and using their transparent 
                   shields to repel the volley of pebbles.

             102   INT. SALOON                                                  102

                   Sybok reacts to the gunfire.

                             What's going on?

                             I instruct you to surrender at once. 
                             You are under attack by superior 
                             Federation forces.

                             Do you realize what you've done? It 
                             wasn't bloodshed I was after.

                   Sybok turns and strides out of the room, his robes 
                   swirling around him.

                                     (on the screen)
                             Wait! Come back!

             103   EXT. STREETS OF PARADISE - A  SERIES OF SHOTS                103

                   A symphony of smoke and rapid gunfire.Dizzying action. 
                   Running figures. Stampeding horses.

             104   ANGLE - KIRK                                                 104

                   He charges his horse in the direction of the saloon, 
                   clenching the reins with one hand and firing his 
                   phaser with the other. Enemy soldiers scatter in his 

             105   ANGLE - SPOCK                                                105

                   The Vulcan dismounts. As he heads for the saloon AN 
                   ENEMY SOLDIER leaps from a balcony, landing squarely 
                   in the saddle of Spock's horse. Armed with a sword 
                   the Soldier urges the steed forward to trample Spock. 
                   As Spock turns in response, the Soldier rears the 
                   horse up on its hind legs. Hooves threaten to pummel 
                   Spock into hamburger.

                   Spock calmly reaches up and presses his fingers into 
                   the horses's neck, executing a Vulcan nerve pinch. 
                   The horse collapses at Spock's feet. The rider 
                   stumbles off, gapping at disbelief at the Vulcan. 
                   Spock arches an eyebrow at him. The rider turns and 
                   runs like hell.

             106   ANGLE - KIRK                                                 106

                   He thunders up the steps of the saloon on horseback. 
                   Kirk swings down and stuns a soldier with a phaser 

             107   EXT. ROOFTOP                                                 107

                   Sybok's soldiers set up a multiple pipe weapon cranked 
                   like a Gatling gun. Like the other weapons it uses 
                   pebbles for bullets. One of them catches an Enterprise 
                   crewman in the leg. He goes down.

             108   ANGLE - McCOY                                                108

                   The doctor rushes to the wounded crewman who clutches 
                   his leg. McCoy drags him to safety and digs into his

                             I haven't seen a wound like that since 
                             med school. These people are savages.

                   McCoy passes an instrument over the wound that emits a 
                   healing ray and effects the pebble. The crewman flexes
                   his leg. All better. McCoy gives the pebble to the 

                             Here's a souvenir.
                             Stay off that leg for at least two 

             109   INT. SALOON                                                  109

                   Dark and empty. Phaser drawn, Kirk cautiously makes 
                   his way across the room when, with a sudden hiss, 
                   the Dancing Catwoman leaps over the bar and pounces 
                   on his back. As she claws at him, Kirk twirls her 
                   around in an "airplane spin" and throws her the 
                   length of the room. The Catwoman lands in the "pool" 
                   table, sending up waves of water that soak the walls.

             110   ANGLE                                                        110

                   Spock enters  and reacts  to the unconscious Catwoman 
                   as Kirk blasts open the door to the back room. 
                   Caithlin, Korrd and Talbot look up  in surprise. Kirk  
                   breathes a sigh of relief.

                             Thank God.

                   Spock appears at Kirk's side as Kirk signals for the 
                   Hostages to follow them.  But the hostages confound 
                   them by pointing three crude pistols at their heads.

                             What the --

                             Please co-operate.

                                     (quite sobor)
                             Would you mind handing over those 

             111   OMITTED                                                      111
               -                                                                  -
             115                                                                115

             116   EXT. PARADISE - WIDE SHOT                                    116

                   The shuttlecraft has landed  and been captured. Sybok's
                   soldiers shout their victory from the gates and roof-
                   tops. Others swarm into the street.

             117   STREET                                                       117

                   Kirk and Spock are marched out of the saloon by the 
                   hostages. The rest of the Enterprise crew is herded 

             118   ANGLE                                                        118

                   Sybok appears from behind the shuttlecraft to thund-
                   erous cheers. The soldiers shout his name.

                                     (above their cheers)
                             Well done, my friends. Well done.

                   As the cheers begin to die, Spock detaches himself 
                   from Kirk and McCoy. In Vulcan he calls to Sybok 
                   whose back is turned.

                             Qual es tu... Sybok?

                   Silence. Sybok cocks his head to one side. For the 
                   first time we see him vulnerable. He's afraid to 
                   turn and look. The voice... the question... It 
                   couldn't possibly be who he thinks it is. Or could 

                             Qual es tu?

                   Now Sybok knows he's not dreaming. He pivots and con-
                   fronts Spock across a distance of several yards. 
                   Soldiers move away, clearing a path between the two 

                                     (a choke of emotion)

                   J'onn reacts with amazement.

                                     (continuing; as he
                                      rushes forward)

                   Sybok opens his arms to embrace his fellow Vulcan but 
                   Spock will have none of it. He raises his hand -- a 
                   stop sign. Sybok stops short, hurt and confused.

                   They regard each other. Spock is without emotion, all 
                   business. It dawns on Sybok that this is not out of 
                   character for Spock. Sybok smiles.

                             Still tight-assed...

                   It's clear Sybok is trying to force an emotional reac-
                   tion from Spock. But Spock refuses to fall into his 

                             Spock, it's me. It's Sybok. You've 
                             finally caught up with me. Isn't 
                             there anything you want to say?


                                     (a beat)

                             You are under arrest for violating 
                             seventeen counts of Neutral Zone 

                   Sybok is incredulous. There must be a hundred guns 
                   pointed at Spock's heart. Sybok can't help it. He 
                   chucles. The chuckle becomes a full rich laugh. The 
                   soldiers join in and soon their laughter is ringing 
                   through Paradise.

                             Why, Spock, you've developed a 
                             sense of humor after all.

                             It was not my intention to amuse 
                             you. These are serious charges. 
                             If you surrender now --

                             I'm sorry, Spock, but I can't 
                             surrender now. I'm not through 
                             violating Neutral Zone treaty. In 
                             fact, I'm just getting started. 
                             And for my next violation, I 
                             intend to steal something... 
                             something very big.

                   J'onn and several soldiers chuckle knowingly. Spock 
                   seems bewildered.

                             I must have your starship.

                                     (stepping forward as he
                             You started this to get your hands 
                             on my ship?

                   Sybok regards Kirk in his grubby commando outfit.

                             Who are you?

                             James T. Kirk -- Captain of the 

                             But I thought Chekov...
                             I see. Very clever, Captain.
                                     (turning to Spock with
                             Spock, it would appear you've been 
                             given a second chance to join me. 
                             What do you say?

                             I am a Starfleet officer.

                             Then I'll take the ship without 
                             your help.

                                                                            CUT TO:

             119   EXT. SPACE - ANGLE - ENTERPRISE                              119

                   Waiting. Vulnerable.

             120   INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE                                     120

                   Chekov, Scotty and a tense crew.

                             Shuttle en route.

                             Position, Bird of Prey?


             121   EXT. SPACE - ANGLE - BIRD OF PREY                            121

                   The Klingon ship approaches Nimbus III.

             122   INT. BIRD OF PREY - BRIDGE                                   122

                   Klaa and Vixis react to Enterprise on their viewscreen.

                             (Stealth approach. Slow to one 
                             quarter impulse power. Prepare to 

                   A klaxon sounds. The bridge is bathed in red light.

                             (Engage cloaking device.)

             123   EXT. SPACE - ANGLE - BIRD OF PREY                            123

                   The ship distorts and becomes invisible.

             124   INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE                                     124

                   Scotty reacts to a monitor screen.

                             Mister Chekov, I've lost the Bird 
                             of Prey. She must've cloaked.

                             Raise shields.

                             But the shuttle --

                                     (in charge)
                             Do it.

                   Scotty punches in commands. On his graphics screen a 
                   series of dots wink on around an outline of the ship.

             125   EXT. SPACE - ANGLE - GALILEO                                 125

                   Slowly heading back to the ship. Enterprise is in 
                   the far distance.

             126   INT. GALILEO                                                 126

                   Kirk, Spock and McCoy are guarded by J'onn and a 
                   select handful of Sybok's soldiers. Sulu and Uhura 
                   pilot the craft while Sybok confers with Caithlin 
                   and Korrd. The remainder of the Enterprise crew 
                   has been left behind on Nimbus III.

                   Talbot informs Kirk of the plan.

                             Once we've taken control of your 
                             vessel, we'll bring up the rest 
                             of our followers.

                             The Klingons are out there. We'll 
                             be lucky to get back to the ship 

                   They are interrupted by Chekov's voice on the radio.

                                           CHEKOV'S VOICE
                             Galileo, this is Enterprise. Cond-
                             ition red alert. Bird of Prey 
                             approaching -- she is cloaked. 
                             Raising shields. Recommend Galileo
                             find safe harbor until situation 
                             secure. Acknowledge.

                   Sulu and Uhura turn to Kirk for instruction.

                             No reply. Remain on course.

                             Sybok, listen to me. For this craft 
                             to enter the landing bay, Enterprise 
                             must lower shields and activate the 
                             tractor beam. To bring us inside 
                             and then re-raise the shields will

                             Exactly 15.5 seconds.

                             An eternity during which we'll be 
                             vulnerable to a Klingon attack. 
                             Korrd -- you tell him.

                             He speaks the truth. If my people 
                             have cloaked then they intend to 

                             We cannot turn back.

                             Then let me do something.

                   Sybok regards Kirk with suspicion. He turns to Spock, 
                   the only one he can trust.

                             You must allow us to act.

                             Very well.
                                     (to Kirk)
                             Do what you must -- but no more.

                   Kirk punches a button on the console.

                             Enterprise, this is Galileo.

             127   INT. BIRD OF PREY                                            127

                   The Klingons have been monitoring the exchange 
                   between Enterprise and Galileo.

                             (Kirk! He's on the shuttlecraft! 
                             Alter attack course!)

             128   INT. GALILEO                                                 128

                             Understand your situation, Enterprise, 
                             but are unable to return to planet. 
                             Stand by to execute
                                     (pulling a name out
                                      of the air)
                             Emergency Landing Plan -- B.

             129   INT. ENTERPRISE BRIDGE                                       129

                   Chekov and Scotty exchange confused looks.

                                     (aside to Scotty)
                             What's Emergency Landing Plan B?

                             I dinna have a clue.

                                           KIRK'S VOICE
                             B as in "barricade."

                             He canna be serious.

             130   EXT. SPACE - ANGLE - ENTERPRISE AND GALILEO                  130

                   The shuttle draws closer.

             131   INT. GALILEO                                                 131

                   Enterprise looms through the windshield

                                     (to Sybok)
                             In order to lower and raise shields 
                             as quickly as possible, we're going 
                             to forego the tractor beam and fly 
                             in manually.


                                     (to Sulu)
                             How often have you done this?

                             Actually, it's my first attempt.

                   Sybok looks at Kirk in amazement. Kirk smiles uneasily 
                   and indicates Sulu.

                             He's good. Really.
                             Scotty, on my mark -- open bay doors.

             132   EXT. ENTERPRISE - FANTAIL                                    132

                   With agonizing slowness, the bay doors begin to open.

             133   INT. BIRD OF PREY - BRIDGE                                   133

                   Klaa flexes his itchy trigger finger and peers into 
                   his view scope.

             134   KLAA'S POV - VIEW SCOPE                                      134

                   The shuttlecraft swims into the target crosshairs.

                             (Stand by to de-cloak for firing.)

             135   INT. GALILEO                                                 135

                             Kirk to Scotty -- lower shields!

             136   INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE                                     136

                   Scotty punches in commands.

                             Lowering shields...

                   On Scotty's graphic screen, the dots wink out around 
                   the outline of the ship. Enterprise is now vulnerable.

             137   EXT. GALILEO                                                 137

                   The Klingon ship is sighted.

                             Bird of Prey bearing one zero five 
                             mark two.

                             Go, Sulu.

                   Sulu hits the aft thrusters and the shuttle roars to 

             138   OMITTED                                                      138

             139   EXT. SPACE - ANGLE - ENTERPRISE AND GALILEO                  139
                   The shuttlecraft takes off with a tremendous kick. 
                   Like it was fired from a slingshot, the tiny craft 
                   closes the gap between itself and Enterprise at 
                   alarming speed. But the bay doors -- they haven't 
                   opened wide enough yet. Just when it looks like
                   Galileo will pulp itself on the fantail, she banks 
                   ninety degrees.

             140   INT. ENTERPRISE - LANDING BAY                                140
                   Galileo negotiates the narrow opening by coming on its 
                   side<. It skids down the runway, showering sparks all 
                   the way, unable to stop. To our surprise a cargo net 
                   pop up to keep it from crashing into the retaining wall.

             141   INT. GALILEO                                                 141

                   As the shuttle rcoils against the net, passengers are 
                   thrown about like rag dolls. Lights blow out and 
                   instrument panels explode.

             142   INT. BIRD OF PREY - BRIDGE                                   142
                   Klaa gapes in surprise. The target has zoomed out of 
                   his sights.

                             (Bear on Enterprise.)

             143   INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE                                     143

                             They're in!

                             Transfer power to the warp drive. 
                             Warp speed now!

             144   INT. BIRD OF PREY - BRIDGE                                   144

                             (Enterprise targeted.)


                   Klaa squeezes the trigger.

             145   EXT. SPACE - ANGLE - ENTERPRISE                              145

                   One moment she's there, the next she's gone in a flash 
                   of blinding light. Klaa's shot goes into the void.

             146   INT. BIRD OF PREY - BRIDGE                                   146

                   Klaa reacts with amazement to Enterprise's sudden 

                             (Track her course!)

                   As Vixis and the crew hop to it, camera pushes in on 
                   Klaa who throws off his gunner's rig, unable to hide 
                   his admiration for Kirk's cleverness.

                                     (to himself)
                             (He's good.)

             147   INT. ENTERPRISE - LANDING BAY                                147

                   The badly-damaged Galileo lies smouldering on its side.

             148   INT. GALILEO                                                 148

                   In the smoking wreckage, passengers have been flung 
                   everywhere. No one's been killed but all are dazed or 
                   unconscious. Sybok and Kirk come to simultaneously. 
                   But before Kirk can act, Sybok snatches up a prim-
                   itive shooting weapon and aims it at him.

                             We must change course at once.

                             I'll take you to the Bridge.

             149   INT. LANDING BAY                                             149

                   The Galileo's back hatch blows open, emitting a cloud 
                   of smoke along with Kirk and Sybok. As Sybok steps 
                   down behind him, Kirk whirls and grabs for the weapon. 
                   The two men struggle and tumble across the landing 
                   bay floor.

             150   ANGLE - KIRK AND SYBOK                                       150

                   Kirk is no match for the Vulcan's superior strength 
                   but he fights with everything he's got. He manages to 
                   knock the weapon from Sybok's hand. It skitters 
                   across the floor and stops at the feet of Spock who 
                   has emerged from the shuttle.

                   Spock looks down at the weapon, then back to Kirk 
                   whom Sybok is rendering helpless with one hand. With 
                   his incredible strength, Sybok forces Kirk to the floor.

                                     (in pain)
                             Spock... pick it up!

                   Spock obediently picks up the weapon like it was a 
                   distastful object. Kirk collapses on the floor, 
                   conscious but no longer able to fight. Sybok faces 

                             Sybok, you must surrender.

                                     (approaching Spock)
                             Spock, you can't stun me with that 
                             weapon and I've always been 
                             stronger than you. I'm afraid
                             you'll have to kill me.

                   Spock raises the weapon as Sybok advances.

                             Spock -- shoot him!

                   But Spock can't shoot. The emotional price is too great. 
                   He lowers the weapon in shame and defeat. Sybok takes 
                   it from him with a smile.

                             For a moment... I thought you might 
                             actually do it.

             151   ANGLE                                                        151

                   Sybok's soldiers emerge from the wreckage of the 
                   shuttle with McCoy. The doctor hurries to Kirk and 
                   helps him to his feet. Kirk, in pain and betrayed, 
                   glares at Spock who cannot meet his eyes.

                   Sybok turns to J'onn. He indicates Kirk and McCoy.

                             Put these two in the Brig. Spock 
                             will accompany me to the Bridge.

                                     (finding his voice)
                             I will not.

                                     (a long pause)
                             Then you must join them.

                   J'onn and several other soldiers march Kirk, Spock and 
                   McCoy out.

             152   ANGLE - LANDING BAY CONTROL BUBBLE                           152

                   Scotty witnesses the action on the deck below. Fortun-
                   ately, no one sees him. He steps back into the shadows.

             153   ANGLE - LANDING BAY                                          153

                   Caithlin, Korrd and Talbot emerge from the shuttle 
                   with Sulu and Uhura in tow.

                             These two will be useful

                   Uhura and Sulu are defiant. Sybok approaches them.

                             Give us a moment alone.

                                     (to Uhura and Sulu)
                             Don't be afraid.

                                                                            CUT TO:

             154   INT. BRIG                                                    154

                   Kirk, Spock and McCoy are shoved into a cell by J'onn. 
                   Phaser beam bars materialize to contain them. Kirk is 

                             Dammiot. God dammit!

                             Captain, what I have done --

                             What you have done is betray every 
                             man on this ship.

                             Worse. I have betrayed you. I do 
                             not expect you to forgive me --

                             Forgive you? I ought to knock you 
                             on your goddamn ass!

                             If you think that will help.

                             You want me to hold him, Jim?

                             You stay out of this!
                                     (to Spock)
                             Why, Spock? All you had to do was 
                             pull the trigger.

                             If I had pulled the trigger, Sybok 
                             would be dead.

                             I ordered you to defend your ship.

                             You ordered me to kill my brother.

                             The man may be a fellow Vulcan, 
                             but that's no reason --

                                     (cutting him off)
                             You did not hear me, Captain. 
                             Sybok, too, is a son of Sarek.

                   Kirk and McCoy can't believe it.

                             He's your brother brother?
                             You made that up.

                             I did not.

                             Sybok couldn't possibly be your 
                             brother because I know for a fact 
                             that you don't have a brother.

                             Technically, you are correct. I 
                             do not have a brother.

                             You see?

                             I have a half brother.

                                     (suddenly weary)
                             I need to sit down.

                             Let me get this straight. You and 
                             Sybok have the same father but 
                             different mothers.

                             That is correct. Sybok's mother 
                             was a Vulcan princess. After her 
                             death, Sybok and I were raised as 

                             But why didn't you tell us this 

                             I was not prepared to discuss... 
                             matters of a personal nature. For 
                             that I am sorry.

                                     (still fuming)
                             He's sorry. Well, I guess that makes 
                             everything all right, doesn't it?

                             Quit it, Jim. Spock couldn't kill 
                             his brother any more than he 
                             could kill you. If you want to 
                             punish him for what he's done, why 
                             don't you throw him in the Brig?

                   Kirk's anger burns itself out.

                             Besides we've got bigger problems to 
                             deal with. Like how we're going to 
                             get out of here.
                                     (a beat; turning
                                      to Spock)
                             I'll say one thing, Spock. You never 
                             cease to amaze me.

                             Nor I myself.

                                                                            CUT TO:

             155   INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE                                     155

                   Door whoosh open to admit Uhura and Sulu. Chekov, in 
                   the command chair, stands to greet them.

                             I was beginning to worry. Where is 
                             the Captain?

                   Sybok enters, followed by the hostages and several 
                   armed soldiers. Chekov looks at Uhura and Sulu in 
                   confusion. They,  like the hostages, are smiling 
                   warmly -- converts to Sybok's cause.

                             It's all right, Pavel. Sybok will 
                             explain everything.

                   Sulu moves past Chekov and takes his seat at the helm. 
                   He punches in commands.

                             Sulu, what are you doing?

                             Plotting our new course.

                             New course? You have no authority.
                                     (to Sybok)
                             What have you done to them?

                             Pavel, I'm doing what I think is 
                             right. You've got to listen to this 

                   Sybok approaches Chekov.

                             I won't force you. The decision must 
                             be yours.

                             I don't understand...

                                     (soothingly; and in
                             Each of us hides a secret pain. 
                             Share yours and gain strength 
                             from the sharing.

                                                                            CUT TO:

             156   INT. BRIG                                                    156

                   Kirk balances on Spock's shoulders, examining the 
                   ceiling, seeking a means of escape. Kirk uncovers a 
                   fixture. Spock  shakes his head negatively.


                   Kirk turns the fixture. It snaps off in his hand. He 
                   throws it away and investigates a circuitry panel. 
                   Spock once again disaproves.


                   Kirk touches the panel and receives a shock that 
                   causes him to tumble to the floor.

                                     (irked at Spock)
                             You could've warned me.

                             He did, Jim.

                             There's got to be a way out of here.

                             This is a completely new Brig, 
                             Captain. It is escape proof.

                             How do you know?

                             The desighners tested it on the 
                             most intelligent and resourceful 
                             person they could find. He failed 
                             to escape.

                                     (as he and McCoy
                             This person... he didn't by any 
                             chance have pointed ears and an 
                             unerring capacity for getting his 
                             shipmates into trouble, did he?

                             He did have pointed ears...

                                                                            CUT TO:

             157   EXT. SPACE - ANGLE - ENTERPRISE                              157

                   The ship continues at warp speed, disappearing from shot 
                   in a blur of blinding light.

             158   INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE                                     158

                   Uhura and Sulu are at their stations. Chekov once again 
                   occupies the command chair. Sybok stands beside him. In 
                   the background are Caithlin, Korrd and Talbot.

                                     (pleased to report)
                             Following new course. Warp Seven.

                             Estimating destination in 6.7 hours, 
                             present speed.

                   Sybok looks happy and paternal, less driven. He turns 
                   to Uhura.

                             Now that we're underway, it's time 
                             I announced my intentions to the 
                             rest of the ship.

                                                                            CUT TO:

             159   INT. BRIG                                                    159

                   Kirk, Spock and McCoy continue to seek escape.

                                           SYBOK'S VOICE
                             Brave crew of the Starship Enterprise...
                   They peer at a monitor screen beyond the cell.

             160   INTERCUTTING WITH MONITOR SCREEN                             160

                   Sybok on the bridge, flanked by Chekov, Uhura and Sulu.

                             Consider the questions  of existence. 
                             "Who am I?  Why am I here?  Does God 
                             exist? These are the questionsd man 
                             has asked ever since he first gazed 
                             at the stars and dreamed. My Vulcan 
                             ancestors  were  ruled  by  their 
                             emotions. They felt with their hearts
                             ... made love with their hearts... 
                             and believed with their 
                             hearts. Above all else, they believed 
                             in a place where these questions of 
                             existence would be answered. Modern 
                             dogma tells us this place is a 
                             myth... a fantasy concocted by pagans.
                             It is no fantasy! I tell you it 
                                     (continuing; with great
                             My brothers, we have been chosen to 
                             undertake the greatest adventure 
                             of all time -- the discovery of 
                             Sha Ka Ree.

                   Baffled responses from Kirk and McCoy.

                             Is it possible?

                             Is what possible?

                             That he's found it. Sha Ka Ree. The 
                             reason Sybok left Vulcan.

                             Now just a damn minute --

                   Spock turns back to Sybok's image.

                             Our destination... the planet Sha Ka 
                             Ree. It lies beyond the Great 
                             Barrier at the Center of the Galaxy.

                             Center of the Galaxy?

                             Where Sha Ka Ree is fabled to exist.

                             But the Center of the Galaxy can't 
                             be reached. No ship has ever gone 
                             into the Great Barrier. No probe 
                             has ever returned.

                             Sybok possessed the keenest intel-
                             lect I have ever known.

                             Spock! My only concern is getting 
                             the ship back. When that's done 
                             and Sybok's in here you can 
                             debate Sha Ka Ree until you're 
                             green in the face. Until then, 
                             you're either with me or you're 

                                     (as if it's obvious)
                             I am with you.

                             That's a little vague, Spock --

                   An infrequent almost inaudible tapping sound comes 
                   from the back wall of the cell.

                                     (continuing; distracted)
                             What is that damn noise?

                   They turn and regard the back wall. The tapping continues.

                             I believe it is a primitive form of
                             communication known as Morse Code.

                   They scramble over and huddle beside the wall.

                             You're right, Spock. I'm a little 
                             out of practice...
                             Let's see... that's an "s."

                             I believe the next letter is a 

                             "a"... "n"... "d"... end of word.


                             New word. "b"... "a"... "c"... 

                             "Back." "Stand back."

                   They're about to congratulate themselves when they 
                   realize it's a warning.

                                     (in horror)
                             Stand back.

                   They dive for cover as a large panel explodes from 
                   the wall, showering them with dust. Scotty appears 
                   in the opening.

                             Well, what're waiting for? Dinna 
                             you know a jailbreak when you 
                             see one?

                                                                            CUT TO:

             161   INT. CORRIDOR                                                161

                   Sybok, J'onn and Sulu exit the turbolift and head for 
                   the Brig.

                             The bond between these three is 
                             strong... difficult to penetrate. 
                             This is going to be quite a 

                   The Brig doors whoosh open. They step inside and are 
                   confronted with an empty cell. The prisoners have 

                             We've got to find them!

             162   INT. BOWELS OF ENTERPRISE                                    162

                   Scotty leads Kirk, Spock and McCoy through the labyrinth 
                   inards of the ship.

                             Captain, we canna trust no one.

                             If we could send a distress signal...

                             We'd never make it to the Bridge.

                             There is an emergency sending appar-
                             atus in the forward observation room.

                             The only problem is, it's up there 
                             and we're down here.

                             You might be able to reach it by 
                             means of turbo shaft number three 
                             which is closed for repairs. It 
                             would be a long and dangerous

                                     (looking at Kirk)
                             Some of us get off on long and 
                             dangerous climbs.

                             Scotty, get the transporter working. 
                             If we make contact with a rescue 
                             ship, we'll need it.

                             Aye, sir. Count on me.

                             Now... which way to the turbo shaft?

                             Head down this tunnel and make a 
                             right at the hydro vent, then a 
                             left at the blowscreen. You 
                             canna miss it.

                   Kirk, Spock and McCoy start down the tunnel.

                             Mister Scott, you're amazing.

                   Scotty walks off in the opposite direction.

                                     (a little too prideful)
                             Nothing amazing about it. Why I know 
                             this ship like I know the back of my 

                   Scotty turns the corner and whacks his head on a low 
                   hanging pipe. He collapses to the floor, out cold.

                                                                            CUT TO:

             163   INT. CORRIDOR                                                163

                   A warning klaxon sounds. Sybok's soldiers sweep 
                   through the ship.

                                           COMPUTER VOICE
                             Secure all levels.

             164   INT. TURBO SHAFT                                             164

                   Kirk, Spock and McCoy gaze up at a narrow and seem-
                   ingly endless elevator shaft. An emergency ladder 
                   attached to the wall is the only way up.

                             Look at it this way. We'll get a 
                             good workout.

                             Or a heart attack.

                   Kirk starts to climb the emergency ladder. McCoy 
                   reluctantly follows. Spock watches. Then, unnoticed, 
                   he slips away.

             165   INT. BOWELS OF ENTERPRISE                                    165

                   Sulu, leading a team of converts, rounds a corner and 
                   nearly stumbles over Scotty. Scotty groans.

                                     (to a crewman)
                             Get Mister Scott to Sick Bay.

             166   INT. TURBO SHAFT - MIDWAY - MINUTES LATER                    166

                   Kirk climbs hand over hand, followed by a huffing and 
                   puffing  McCoy.

                             Jim, this is going to take forever.

                                     (suddenly realizing)
                             Where's Spock?

                   Kirk and McCoy look down. No Spock. Just then, a soft 
                   whooshing sound from above. They look up.

             167   ANGLE                                                        167

                   Spock descends wearing the levitation boots from 
                   Yosemite. He floats alongside Kirk and McCoy, 
                   hovering in mid-air.

                             I believe I have found a faster 

                   Kirk breaks into a smile of relief. He steps off the 
                   ladder and grabs on to Spock. They dip down a few 
                   feet, then slowly rise to a hovering position beside 


                             You go ahead. I'll wait for the 
                             next car.

                             We're not splitting up.

                   Grumbling, a little fearful, McCoy steps on board. Their 
                   combined weight causes them to sink steadily downward.

                             It would appear we are too heavy.

                             It's all those marsh melons.

                   They continue to descend at an alarming rate.

             168   ANGLE - BELOW                                                168

                   Sulu and the search party appear at the bottom of the 
                   shaft, armed with phasers.


             169   ANGLE - KIRK, SPOCK AND McCOY                                169

                   Sinking lower, on the verge of capture.

                             Spock... the booster rockets.

                             If I activate them, we will be 
                             propelled upward at unpredictable 

                                     (an order)
                             Fire the boosters!

                   Spock hits the boosters. With an explosion of power 
                   and noise they shoot skyward like a bullet.

             170   ANGLE                                                        170

                   Our heroes are an upward blur that shows no sign of 
                   stopping. Spock hits "the brakes" and they stop 
                   barely one floor from the ceiling, bobbing in mid-
                   air. Kirk and McCoy are white as sheets.

                             I am afraid I overshot our mark by 
                             one level.

                             Nobody's perfect.

                             All ashore.

                   Spock guides them to the exit.

                                                                            CUT TO:

             171   INT. FORWARD OBSERVATION ROOM                                171

                   Dark, deserted. The grandeaur of space lies beyond the 
                   tall curving windows. Kirk, Spock and McCoy enter and 
                   cross to the communications console. Spock activates 
                   it. Functions come to  life.

                             Emergency channel open.

                             To anyone within the sound of my 
                             voice: This is Captain James T. 
                             Kirk of the Federation Starship 
                             Enterprise. If you read me,

                   Several tense moments. Then a burst of static followed 
                   by a faint, scratchy female voice.

                                           FEMALE VOICE
                             Enterprise, this is Starfleet Command. 
                             We read you. Over.

                             A hostile force has seized control 
                             of our vessel and put us on a direct 
                             course with the Great Barrier. Our 
                             co-ordinates are zero-zero-zero, 
                             \mark two. Request emergency
                             assistance. Acknowledge.

                                           FEMALE VOICE
                             Understood, Enterprise...

             172   INT. BIRD OF PREY - BRIDGE                                   172

                   To reveal the "Starfleet Command" voice belongs to 
                   Vixis. Behind her, Klaa sits smugly confident.

                                     (in English)
                             We are dispatching a rescue ship 

             173   INT. FORWARD OBSERVATION ROOM                                173

                             Roger, Starfleet.

                   The transmission crackles out. Kirk shares hopeful 
                   looks with Spock and McCoy.

             174   INT. BIRD OF PREY                                            174

                   Vixis turns to Klaa. Klaa barks an order to his helms-

                             (Plot course zero-zero-zero, mark 

                             (But, Captain, that course will 
                              take us into the Barrier as well.)

                   Klaa isn't about to let a little thing like death stop 

                             (Where Kirk goes, we follow.)

             175   INT. ENTERPRISE - FORWARD OBSERVATION ROOM                   175

                   Kirk, Spock and McCoy start for the exit when they are 
                   startled by the appearance of Sybok, J'onn and several 
                   armed soldiers.

                              I trust your message was received?

                              You can't expect us to stand by 
                              while you take this ship into the 
                              Great Barrier. It can't be done.

                              What you fear is the unknown. The 
                              people of your planet once 
                              believed their world to be flat... 
                              but Columbus proved it was round. 
                              They said the Sound Barrier 
                              couldn't be broken... but it was 
                              broken. They said Warp Speed
                              couldn't be achieved... but it 
                              was. The Great Barrier is the 
                              ultimate expression of this
                              universal fear... an extension 
                              of personal fear.
                                     (a beat)
                              Captain Kirk, I so much want your 
                              understanding and respect. Are 
                              you afraid to hear me out?

                              I'm afraid of nothing.

                   Sybok turns to J'onn and the soldiers.

                              Wait outside.

                   J'onn and the soldiers reluctantly withdraw. Sybok 
                   indicates four chairs, arranged in a circle.

                              I'm sure you have many questions. 
                              Here, with the stars of the 
                              galaxy for our backdrop, we
                              shall seek the answers together.

                   The four men take their seats. The lighting becomes 
                   intimate. Sybok weaves his spell.

             176   INT. SICK BAY                                                176

                   Scotty awakens to find Uhura holding him in her arms.

                              Easy, Scotty. Your back with us.

                                     (testing her)
                              Uhura. I had the strangest dream. I 
                              dreamt a madman had taken over the 

                              Dear Scotty, he isn't a madman.

                                     (realizing she's a
                              He's not?

                              Sybok's put us in touch with feel-
                              ings we've always been afraid to 

                   Uhura gives Scotty a loving look.

                              I... er... have to get back to the 

                   Scotty slips out of her arms.

                              But there's so much I want to tell 

                              Maybe when I'm a wee bit stronger. 
                              I dinna think I could take it in 
                              my present condition.
                                     (under his breath)
                              Or yours.

                   Scotty heads for the exit.

                                                                            CUT TO:

             177   INT. FORWARD OBSERVATION ROOM - (1st R.P. DENSITY CHANGE)    177

                   Beyond the windows, the swirling vastness of space. 
                   Kirk, Spock and McCoy and Sybok sits in a circle.

                              Sha Ka Ree. "The Source." Call it 
                              what you will. "Heaven." "Eden." 
                              The Klingons call it "Qui'Tu." To 
                              the Romulans, it's "Vorta Vor."
                              The Andorian word is... unpronoun-
                              cable. Every culture shares this 
                              common dream of the place from 
                              which creation sprang. For us, 
                              that place will soon be a reality.

                              The only reality I see is that I'm 
                              a prisoner on my own ship. What is 
                              this power you have to control the 
                              minds of my crew?

                              I don't control minds. I free them.


                              By making you face your pain and 
                              draw strength from it. Once that's 
                              done, fear cannot stop you.


                              It is an ancient Vulcan ritual -- 
                              forbidden in modern times.

                              Sounds like brainwashing to me.

                   Sybok closes his eyes and concentrates deeply.

                                     (to McCoy; sensing)
                              Your pain is the deepest of all.


                              I can feel it. Can't you?

                                           MAN'S VOICE
                                     (o.s., a whisper of

                              It's some kind of trick.

                                           MAN'S VOICE
                                     (o.s., imploring)

                                     (as he recognizes
                                      the voice)

                   The surrounding walls come alive with energy. What 
                   follows is theatrical in style as we enter a 
                   subjective world.

                                     (continuing; frightened)
                              My god. Don't do this.

             178   ANGLE - McCOY                                                178

                   He turns to find himself on a brilliantly white, sterile 
                   hospital room. A wasted figure reclines on a bed, an 
                   old man connected to a powerful  life support system. 
                   This is McCOY'S FATHER and we are somewhere in the past.

                                     (barely audible)

                   McCoy rushes to the bedside.

                              I'm here, Dad. I'm with you.

                              The pain... stop the pain...

                              I've done everything I can do, Dad. 
                              You've got to hang on.

                              Can't stand the pain. Help me.

                   In the near background, Sybok watches with Kirk and 
                   Spock. They are entranced by what they're seeing.

                              All my knowledge and I can't save 

                                     (the voice of conscience)
                              You've done all you can. The support 
                              system will keep him alive.

                              You call this alive? Suspended be-
                              tween life and death by a bridge of 

                   Father whispers something. McCoy bends down and puts 
                   his ear next to the old man's parched lips.

                              Release... me...

                   McCoy looks into his father's eyes. The old man's gaze 
                   travels to the support machinery. He wants McCoy to 
                   shut it off.

                              I can't.
                                     (in agony)
                              But how can I watch him suffer like 

                              You're a doctor.

                              I'm his son!

                   McCoy reaches his decision. He shuts off the machine. 
                   The father dies in his son's arms. Sybok appears at 
                   McCoy's side.

                             Why did you do it?

                             To preserve his dignity.

                             But that wasn't the worst of it was 


                             Share it.

                   McCoy hesitates, trembling. This is his darkest secret.

                             Not long after... they found a cure. 
                             A goddamn cure!

                             If you hadn't killed him, he might 
                             have lived.

                                     (breaking down)
                             No! I loved him!

                             You did what you thought was right.

                             Yes! No!

                             You must release this pain.

                   McCoy weeps for several moments, then wipes the 
                   tears away. He looks up at Sybok's comforting smile 
                   and is filled with a deep sense of relief.

                             This pain has poisoned your soul for 
                             a long time. But now you've taken 
                             the first step. The other steps 
                             we'll take together.

                   McCoy nods. Sybok turns to Spock.

                              Each man's pain is unique.

                              I hide no pain.

                              I know you better than that.

                              Do you?

                              Spock... don't.

                              It's all right, Captain.
                                     (to Sybok)

                   O.S. a woman screams in agony.

             179   ANGLE - KIRK AND SPOCK                                       179

                   They turn and find themselves beneath the hanging
                   stalagtites of a cave. Torchlight throws weird shadows 
                   on the walls. The shadows depict a woman in labor, 
                   attended by a Vulcan High Priestess. Ceremonial drums
                   pound a throbbing pulse. The woman lets out another
                   scream. It reverberates throughout the cavern.

                              What is this?

                              I believe we are witnessing my

                   Sybok appears beside them. He leads Spock and Kirk
                   into the past.

             180   ANGLE - AS THEY APPROACH                                     180

                   Spock's mother, the young earthwoman AMANDA, lies on
                   a rough pallet, her legs spread beneath her robes, 
                   her distended stomach lifting. Her only attendent is
                   THE HIGH PRIESTESS who intones the Vulcan birthrights.

                   Spock watches.

                   A figure steps from the shadow. It is SAREK, Spock's
                   father. He observes his wife with typical detachment.

                   As the drums build in intensity, Amanda begins to 

             181   ANGLE - CAVE WALL                                            181

                   The birth takes place in shadow. Drums reach a climax
                   and stop. An infant cries. Amanda lifts the mewling
                   baby from between her legs.

             182   SPOCK                                                        182

                   watching his entry into the world.

             183   HIGH PRIESTESS                                               183

                   She takes the baby from Amanda and holds it up. The 
                   tiny infant kicks and cries. Amanda reaches out for 
                   her child but the Priestess turns and presents the
                   crying baby to Sarek instead.

                                     (without joy)
                              So human.

             184   OMITTED                                                      184

             185   SAREK                                                        185

                   He takes the infant and lays it on Amanda's belly. 
                   Amanda beholds the child up close. As it thrashes 
                   against her, she see for the first time its tiny 
                   pointed ears.

                                     (to Sarek)
                              Neither yours nor mine.

             186   SPOCK AND KIRK                                               186

                   Kirk looks at Spock with concern.


                              Sybok has failed. I resolved this 
                              pain long ago.

                   From behind comes a faraway voice. The voice of 
                   young Sybok.

                                           YOUNG SYBOK'S VOICE

                   Spock turns, unprepared for this. A figure regards him 
                   from a distance, a hood shadowing his features. It 
                   appears to be Sybok on the day he and Spock parted.

                                           YOUNG SYBOK
                              I must go now.

                              Sybok? Wait.

                                           YOUNG SYBOK
                              I can't. They've banished me.

            186A   ANGLE - SPOCK                                               186A

                   He is in shadow, featureless. But his voice and demean-
                   or is that of an adolescent boy.

                              Then take me with you.


                              I want to go with you.

            186B   ANGLE - THE HOODED FIGURE                                   186B

                                           YOUNG SYBOK
                              It's not possible. I'm an enemy of 
                              the people a heretic. Besides, you 
                              have chosen the Vulcan way.

                              But where will you go?

                                           YOUNG SYBOK
                              Where I can be free... where I can 
                              prove I was right. I'll find Sha 
                              Ka Ree.

                   The Hooded Figure recedes into the distance.

            186C   ANGLE - THE ADULT SPOCK                                     186C

                   The light comes up on his face. We are back in the 
                   present. Sybok appears at his shoulder... Spock 
                   turns to face him.


                              That is your pain. You begged to 
                              come with me then. Come with me now.

             187   ANGLE - FORWARD OBSERVATION ROOM -                           187
                   (2nd R.P. DENSITY CHANGE)

                   Spock turns away from Sybok and the others.

                                     (when he doesn't reply;
                                      to Sybok)
                              What have you done to my friends?

                              I've done nothing. This is who they 
                              are, didn't you know that?

                   The question hits Kirk with force.

                              No... I didn't.

                              Now learn something about yourself.

                              No. I refuse.

                              Jim, try to be open about this.

                              About what? Thay I've made the wrong 
                              choices in my life? That I went left 
                              when I should've gone right? I know 
                              what my weaknesses are. I don't need 
                              Sybok to take me on a tour of them.

                              If you'd just unbend and allow your-
                              self --

                              To be brainwashed by this con man?

                              I was wrong. This "con man" took away 
                              my pain!

                              Dammit, Bones, you're a doctor. You 
                              know that pain and guilt can't be 
                              taken away with the wave of a magic 
                              wand. They're things we carry with 
                              us -- the things that make us who 
                              we are. If we lose them, we lose 
                              ourselves. I don't want my pain 
                              taken away. I need my pain.

                   A tense silence broken by...

                                           UHURA'S VOICE
                              Sybok, this is the Bridge. We are in 
                              approach of the Great Barrier.

                   Sybok is filled with excitement, eager to go to the 

                              Captain, I'm afraid you'll have to 
                              remain here. Spock... Doctor... 
                              come with me.

                   Sybok and McCoy start for the exit but stop when they 
                   realize that Spock is remaining with Kirk.


                              I cannot go with you.

                                     (can't believe it)

                              I stand with my captain.

                              I don't understand...

                              You are my brother, but you do not 
                              know me. I am not the outcast boy 
                              you left behind. Since that time I 
                              have found myself and my place in 
                              the world... here... among these
                              people... my shipmates. This ship 
                              is my life.

                   McCoy reacts to this speech. After a moment, he takes 
                   his place with Kirk and Spock.

                              I guess you'd better count me out, 

                   (3rd R.P. DENSITY CHANGE)

                   Beyond the great windows, space is changing, reflecting 
                   this unique part of the galaxy.

                   Sybok regards Kirk, Spock and McCoy with affection. 
                   This is only a temporary setback. He knows the 
                   ultimate win will be his.

                              Then I'll see you on the other side.

                   Sybok heads for the exit. Doors whoosh open to reveal 
                   the guards outside.

                                     (Sybok turns)
                              You know we'll never make it through 
                              the Barrier.

                              But if we do, will that convince you 
                              that my vision was true?

                              What vision?

                              Given to me by God.
                                     (as the others react)
                              He waits for us on the other side.

                              You are mad.

                              Am I? We'll see.

                   The fiery look in Sybok's eyes might be confidence, 
                   it might be madness. He turns and exits.

             188   EXT. SPACE - THE GREAT BARRIER                               188

                   Enterprise is poised on the edge of the giant starcluster 
                   known as the Great Barrier. It is visibly stunning and 
                   equally dangerous. We see giant regions of star form-
                   ations as well as expanding blast waves from exploding 
                   stars. Beams of radiation from pulsars sweep the tiny 
                   and insignificant ship, bathing her in color.

             189   INT. BRIDGE - ANGLE TO INCLUDE VIEWSCREEN                    189

                   Sybok is on the Bridge, Uhura, Chekov and Sulu are at 
                   their stations. Caithlin, Korrd and Talbot are also 
                   present. They and the rest of the crew are transfixed 
                   by the viewscreen, awed by the vista of a sky filled 
                   with thousands of stars, each a fiery orange.

                   But what really draws their attention is the black 
                   thundercloud looming directly ahead. Here starts the 
                   ring of gas and dust that enshrouds the center of 
                   the galaxy, hiding it from view. Behind this black 
                   veil lies a region that emits ten times more energy
                   than our sun. Through the chinks in the wall we see 
                   flashes of blue light -- hints of the fires blazing 

                   The ship's monitor screens go blank.

                              They say no ship can survive it.

                              I say they're wrong. I say the danger 
                              is an illusion.

                              We have no instrument readings. Is 
                              it there or isn't it?

                              Mister Sulu... full ahead.

                              Full ahead, aye.

             190   EXT. SPACE - ANGLE - ENTERPRISE                              190

                   And with that, the ship plows into the Barrier, straight 
                   into the dark clouds, disappearing from sight. We hold 
                   for a terrifying moment, wondering if we'll ever see 
                   Enterprise again.

             191   ANGLE - INSIDE THE BARRIER                                   191

                   Surprisingly, there is no turbulence, no buffeting. The
                   Enterprise travels through a fantastic passageway of 
                   light and color. Then, quite suddenly, the gas clouds 
                   part and the ship enters a region of incredible calm and 
                   serenity, like the clear space at the eye of a hurricane.

             192   INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE                                     192

                   The crew experiences the euphoria of safe passage. A 
                   wave of joy washes over them.

             193   INT. FORWARD OBSERVATION ROOM                                193

                   Kirk, Spock and McCoy feel the rush of happiness. 
                   They gaze through the window at this incredible 
                   spacescape, unable to deny the sensation stirring 
                   within them. Sybok was right.

             194   EXT. SPACE                                                   194

                   Dead ahead, a single planet. A planet of great beauty 
                   and peace. Our final destination.

             195   INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE                                     195

                   A burst of emotion. Crew members rejoice.

             196   INT. FORWARD OBSERVATION ROOM                                196

                   Kirk, fascinated by the planet, moves to the antique 
                   ship's wheel. He absent-mindedly rests his hand on it. 
                   His eyes are drawn to the plaque attached to the 
                   spokes of the wheel. On it, the charter of the 
                   Enterprise has been set in bronze. Camera moves in on 
                   these words: TO GO WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE.

             197   KIRK, SPOCK AND McCOY                                        197

                   Visibly moved.

                              Are we dreaming?

                              If we are, then life is a dream.


             198   INT. BRIDGE - ANGLE TO INCLUDE VIEWSCREEN                    198

                   The Bridge buzzes with excitement. Monitor screens come 
                   to life.

                              Instruments are back on line. Incred-
                              ible. There's a power source emanating 
                              from the planet like nothing I've ever 

                   On the viewscreen, the planet appears up close -- a 
                   celestial orb, cloaked by swirling white clouds. 
                   Quick shots of awed reactions.

                              Sha Ka Ree.

                              Vorta Vor.



             199   ANGLE                                                        199

                   The bridge doors whoosh open to reveal Kirk, Spock and 
                   McCoy. The others turn, fearful of what he'll say or 
                   do. A tense moment, then:

                                     (to Sybok)
                              About the ship...

                              It needs its Captain.

                              No special conditions?

                              No conditions.

                              What makes you think I won't turn us 

                              Because you too, must know.

                   Kirk looks at the hopeful facts around him. He feels 
                   the excitement of being on the verge of a great 
                   frontier, perhaps the greatest frontier.

                              Then if we're going to do it...
                                     (with conviction)
                              ... we'll do it by the book. Chekov 
                              take the conn. Sulu, standard orbit 
                              approach. Uhura, alert the shuttle-
                              craft to stand by. Sybok, Spock and 
                              Doctor McCoy with me. The rest of 
                              you will remain on board until I've
                              determined what we're dealing with.

                   Kirk's eyes flash with excitement. To Sybok:

                                     (continuing; with 
                                      a smile)
                              Well, don't just stand there. God's 
                              a busy man.

                   Sybok happily joins them in the turbolift.

                                                                            CUT TO:

             200   EXT. ENTERPRISE                                              200

                   Bay doors open. Copernicus, the shuttle backup, 
                   emerges and drops from the mothership. Thrusters fire 
                   as it streaks toward the planet, disappearing into 
                   the swirling white clouds.

             201   INT. COPERNICUS                                              201

                   Spock pilots the craft. He, McCoy and Kirk have changed 
                   into Starfleet uniforms.

             202   MISSING                                                      202
               -                                                                  -
             214                                                                214

             215   EXT. AMPHITHEATER                                            215

                   Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Sybok descend into the bowl of 
                   the crater. They reach the center and stop. They look 
                   at each other wondering. "Is this all there is?" 
                   Sybok tries to hide his disappointment. He looks 
                   around for a sign that isn't there, then, after a 
                   moment of deafening silence, he addresses their bleak 

                                     (shouting; a trace of
                              We have travelled far by starship...

                   Nothing. It looks like a bust. Sybok's voice chokes 
                   off and he lowers his head. Kirk and McCoy frown at 
                   each other. Kirk whips out his communicator to 
                   address the ship.

                              Enterprise, this is Kirk...

                   Spock goes to Sybok and puts a comforting hand on his 
                   brother's shoulder.

                              Perhaps --

                   Spock's words are obscured by a rumble from within 
                   the earth. A shadow engulfs the amphitheater.

             216   ANGLE - THE SKY ABOVE                                        216

                   Clouds turn ashen and threatening, transforming day 
                   into night.

             217   AMPHITHEATER - A SERIES OF SHOTS                             217

                   The ground comes to life beneath the feet of our 
                   heroes. The earth buckles and ripples as if nature 
                   herself were trying to break free. Without warning 
                   a pillar of sheer rock rips up through the surface 
                   and climbs skyward. Then another pillar shoots up, 
                   followed by another and another. They encircle the
                   amphitheater like giant fingers. We intercut Kirk, 
                   Spock, McCoy, and Sybok reacting to this dazzling 
                   display of power

             218   EXT. AMPHITHEATER - WIDE SHOT                                218

                   The fingers of rock form a crude cathedral.

             219   INT. AMPHITHEATER                                            219

                   Within this primative cathedral Kirk, Spock, McCoy and 
                   Sybok watch as the ground in front of them melts like 
                   molten lava. It swirls, creating a vortex. A rushing 
                   sound comes from the planet's core, growing closer. 
                   Something of incredible power is on its way to the 

             220   ANGLE                                                        220

                   A shaft of energy explodes out of the vortex. It shoots 
                   skyward like an erupting geyser, blinding our heroes 
                   with its beauty and raw power.

             221   EXT. SPACE - ANGLE - PLANET AND ENTERPRISE                   221

                   The energy shaft rises from the planet like a beacon 
                   light. Enterprise, just outside the shaft, is bathed 
                   in its reflection.

             222   INT. AMPHITHEATER                                            222

                   Sybok staggers back. Like Kirk, Spock and McCoy, he 
                   must shield his eyes from the intensity of the energy 

             223   ENERGY SHAFT                                                 223

                   It pulsates and throbs with life. A GOD-LIKE VOICE 
                   comes from within.

                              Brave souls. Welcome.

                   Startled reactions.

                              Is this the voice of God?

                   As if responding to McCoy's question, the energy shaft 
                   throbs. From the swirling dust within it, a living form 
                   begins to take shape. The shape is powerful, beautiful, 

                   Sybok and the others watch in wonder. The wind it kicks 
                   up causes them to stagger back.

             224   CLOSER ANGLE - ENERGY SHAFT                                  224

                   Within this maelstrom of power, the form of humanity 
                   begins to take shape. And it takes on many forms, each 
                   reminding us of the holy paintings that have depicted 
                   the All-Mighty through the ages.

             225   A SERIES OF SHOTS                                            225

                   We intercut between the shifting images of God and the 
                   reactions of the Enterprise crew. One moment the figure 
                   is Ra. The next, Allah. He's black. White. Female. Male. 
                   Andorian. Klingon. Each witnesses a flash of his own 

             226   KIRK, SPOCK AND McCOY                                        226

                   They watch the "God Show" with mounting fascination.

             227   ENERGY SHAFT                                                 227

                   The Being synthesizes into the Biblical Heavenly 
                   Father of our imagination. (Note: The Being is con-
                   tained within the perimeters of the energy shaft, 
                   unable to venture out of it.)

                   The Being turns his gaze to Sybok, Kirk, Spock and 
                   McCoy. He beams with pleasure. His eyes twinkle.

                              Does this better suit your expect-

                   It does indeed. No one knows what to say. Sybok is vind-
                   icated, he can barely contain his ecstasy.

                              Qual se tu?

                              It is I.
                                     (a pause)
                              The journey you took to reach me 
                              could not have been an easy one.

                              It was not. The Barrier stood between 
                              us -- but we breached it.

                              Magnificent. You are the first to  
                              find me.

                              We sought only your infinite wisdom.

                              And how did you breach the Barrier?

                              With a starship!
                              Ah. This starship... could it carry 
                              my wisdom beyond the Barrier?

                              It could. Yes!

                              Then I shall make use of this 

                              It will be your chariot!

                   Kirk politely raises a hand.

                              Excuse me.

                                     (ignoring Kirk)
                              It will carry my power to every 
                              corner of creation...

                              Excuse me.

                   The Being regards Kirk like he was a pesky insect.

                              I just wanted to ask a question.

                   McCoy looks at Kirk like he just farted in church.

                              What does GOD need with a starship?

                   The Being returns his attention to Sybok.

                              Bring the ship closer.

                              I said... what does God need with a

                              Jim, what're you doing?

                              I'm asking a question.

                   The Being once again regards Kirk. Kirk stands his 

                              Who is this creature?

                              Who am I? Don't you know? Aren't 
                              you God?

                   The smile leaves The Being's face. Thunder rumbles 
                   faintly in the distance, underscoring his displeasure.

                              He has his doubts...

                              You doubt me?

                              I seek proof.

                              Jim, maybe you shouldn't ask him for 
                              his I.D.

                              Then here is the proof you seek.

                   A bolt of energy shoots from the Being's eye and then
                   strikes Kirk full in the chest, knocking him to the
                   ground. Spock and McCoy look on in shock as Kirk, now
                   injured, tries to rise.

                                     (to Sybok)
                              Why... is God... angry?

                   Sybok is confounded. He addresses The Being.

                              I don't understand. Why have you 
                              done this to my friend?

                              He doubts me.

                   Spock takes it upon himself to step forward.

                              You have not answered his question. 
                              What does God need with a starship?

                   The Being's countenance turns dark. Another bolt shoots 
                   from his eye and heads for Spock. Crash! Spock is
                   knocked to the ground.

             228   INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE                                     228

                   The crew can't comprehend this turn of events. Korrd, 
                   Caithlin and Talbot look at each other in horror.

             229   INT. AMPHITHEATER                                            229

                   The Being turns to McCoy.

                              Do you doubt me?

                   McCoy looks at The Being's handiwork -- his injured 

                              I doubt any God who inflicts pain 
                              for his own pleasure.

                   The Being is on the verge of zapping McCoy when Sybok

                              Stop! The God of Sha Ka Ree would 
                              not do this!

                   By way of reply. The Being smiles a truely wicked smile 
                   and Sybok realizes to his horror that he's been tricked.

                              Sha Ka Ree?
                                     (scornful laughter)
                              An eternity I've been imprisoned in 
                              this place! The ship! I must have 
                              the ship! Now give me what I want!

                   Spock shouts to his brother.

                              Sybok -- this is not the God of Sha 
                              Ka Ree -- or any other God!

                              I don't understand...
                                     (to the Being)
                              Reveal yourself to me!

             230   ANGLE - THE BEING                                            230

                   Before our stunned eyes, the being changes into Sybok 
                   himself -- a dark sinister reflection of Sybok. This 
                   Evil Sybok laughs, enjoying the reaction.

                              What's wrong? Don't you like this 
                              face? I have many but this one 
                              suits you best.

             231   ANGLE TO INCLUDE SYBOK                                       231

                   His self-realization is painful to behold.

                              No... it's not possible.

                              Bring me the ship or I will destroy 

                                     (realizing the Being's
                                      evil intention)
                              The ship...

                              Bring it closer so that I might 
                              join with it. Do it or watch 
                              these puny things die horribly.

                   The Being indicates Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

                                     (into his communicator)
                              Kirk to Enterprise. Listen carefully...

                                     (turns to Sybok; in 
                              Spock, what have I done?


                                     (soul searching)
                              This is my doing! My arrogance... 
                              my vanity...
                                     (to the others with
                                      sudden determination)
                              Save yourselves!

                                     (realizing Sybok intends 
                                      to sacrifice himself)
                              No, Sybok!

                   Sybok raises his hand to Spock in the Vulcan gesture of 

                              Forgive me.

                   Sybok turns to face the Being, gathering up all his 
                   power. Spock starts forward but Kirk holds him back.

             232   OMITTED                                                      232
               -                                                                  -
             234                                                                234

             235   ANGLE - THE BEING AND SYBOK                                  235

                   Sybok has no fear as he confronts his evil mirror 

                              I couldn't help but notice your pain.

                                     (caught off-guard)
                              My pain?

                              It runs deep. Share it with me.

                   Sybok boldly enters the shaft and embraces his evil 

             236   ANGLE - ENERGY SHAFT                                         236

                   An amazing spectacle. As they grapple, the good and 
                   evil Syboks merge into one twisting and thrashing 
                   body, clearly at battle with itself. The good Sybok 
                   tears himself loose. He dominates the struggle until 
                   the evil Sybok manages to rip through and fight back. 
                   The two Syboks, good and evil, battle on... merging, 
                   tearing apart.

             237   INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE                                     237

                   Sulu and Chekov in action. Sulu uses all the tricks 
                   of the pilot's trade to angle the ship into the best 
                   possible attack position. Chekov punches commands 
                   into the weapon's console, plotting the correct 
                   torpedo trajectory. It's like watching two master 
                   musicians play a symphony in a windstorm. The screens 
                   in front of them blink and flash with graphic displays 
                   and warnings.

             238   INT. AMPHITHEATER                                            238

                   Kirk, Spock and McCoy watch the titanic struggle raging 
                   within the energy shaft. As they grapple, the two Syboks 
                   are slowly pulled downward... into the hole.

                                     (into his communicator; 
                              Enterprise... are you ready?

             239   INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE                                     239

                              In firing position. Torpedo armed.

                              But Captain, we're firing directly 
                              on your position.

                                           KIRK'S VOICE
                              Send it down Mister Chekov -- now!

             240   EXT. SPACE - ANGLE - ENTERPRISE AND ENERGY SHAFT             240

                   A photon torpedo leaves the dish and streaks downward.

             241   ANGLE                                                        241

                   Camera chases the torpedo down the shaft and into the 

             242   INT. AMPHITHEATER                                            242

                   Impact is seconds away. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy run 
                   for cover. From far beneath the surface of the planet 
                   comes the sound of the explosion. The ground blisters 
                   and puckers.

             243   AMPHITHEATER - LONG SHOT                                     243

                   A blinding explosion errupts from the hole.

             244   EXT. SPACE - ANGLE - ENTERPRISE                              244

                   The energy shaft vanishes. Enterprise is safe.

             245   INT. AMPHITHEATER                                            245

                   Smoke. Debris. The Cathedral is in disarray. An eerie 
                   silence. Kirk, Spock and McCoy emerge from cover. The 
                   enrgy shaft is a memory. In its place there is only 
                   a gaping hole, glowing raw and red like a wound.


                   A rumbling sound from within the earth. The hole 
                   throbs. It pulsates.

                              We've got to get out of here.

             246   KIRK, SPOCK AND McCOY                                        246

                   They haul ass up the side of the amphitheater.

            246A   ANGLE - THE HOLE                                            246A

                   Camera pushes in on the smouldering hole as a horrific 
                   creature pulls itself out of the abyss -- a fire-
                   breathing monster made entirely of rock -- all that 
                   remains of the evil entity. It spots the escaping 
                   threesome and clambers after them.

             247   OMITTED                                                      247
               -                                                                  -
             249                                                                249

             250   INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE                                     250

                   They're desperately trying to locate Kirk, Spock and 
                   McCoy on the planet below.

             251   ANGLE - DEFENSE STATION                                      251

                   The unattended screen still depicts the Bird of Prey. 
                   "ESTIMATED TIME OF INTERCEPT: 4 MINUTES." Then, the 
                   graphic of the ship vanishes and is replaced with the 
                   warning: "CLOAKING DEVICE ENGAGED, POSITION UNKNOWN,"

             252   INT. BIRD OF PREY - BRIDGE                                   252

                   Enterprise appears on the viewscreen. Klaa is out of 
                   his command chair, pacing the deck like a restless 
                              (Enterprise defense systems are down. 
                              Captain they don't know we're here.)

                              (They will in a moment.)

                   Klaa settles into his gunner's rig.

             253   OMITTED                                                      253

             254   EXT. AMPHITHEATER                                            254

                   Kirk, Spock and McCoy make it inside. The door closes 
                   behind them.

                              Spock, get us out of here!

                   Before Spock can act, a tremendous blow rocks the 
                   shuttle. There's something out there and it wants to 
                   get in. Spock tries the controls.

                              Thrusters are inoperative.

                   Kirk whips out his communicator.


                              Scotty here, Captain.

                              Now would be a good time to tell me 
                              the transporter's working.

                              She's got partial power, sir. I 
                              might be  able to take two of you.

                              Beam up Spock and Doctor McCoy. 
                              Do it!

             255   OMITTED                                                      255

                   Before Spock and McCoy can protest, the transporter 
                   beam shimmers down and takes them away. A second later, 
                   the windshield behind Kirk is smashed to pieces by a 
                   monsterous fiery arm. Off Kirk's startled reaction...

             256   INT. ENTERPRISE - TRANSPORTER ROOM                           256

                   Spock and McCoy step off the platform. Scotty is at 
                   the control console.

                              Mister Scott, send the beam back 

                              Aye, sir.

                   At that moment Enterprise absorbs a terrific jolt. 
                   Spock, McCoy and Scotty go flying as the transporter 
                   explodes in a shower of sparks.

            256A   EXT. SPACE - ANGLE - ENTERPRISE AND BIRD OF PREY            256A

                   The Klingon ship has decloaked and fired from a 
                   position directly in front of Enterprise. In cowboy 
                   terms, it's got the drop on them.

            256B   INT. COPERNICUS                                             256B

                   Kirk realizes he's not going to be beamed up. The rock
                   creature comes in after him.

             257   EXT. PEAKS                                                   257

                   Kirk escapes through the Copernicus' rear hatch. He 
                   disapears into the darkness, pursued by the rock 

             258   OMITTED                                                      258
               -                                                                  -
             259                                                                259

             260   INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE                                     260

                   The crew painfully pulls itself together. Fires are put 
                   out. Auxilliary power comes on. Spock, McCoy and Scotty 

                                     (to Spock)
                              What about Jim? We can't just leave 
                              him down there.

                              Please, Doctor, try to get a grip 
                              on yourself. Status report.

                              Mister Spock, Klingon captain wishes 
                              to name his terms.

                              On screen.

                   Klaa appears on the viewscreen arms folded across his 
                   chest, seated triumphantly in his command chair. He 
                   speaks English the first time.

                              This is Captain Klaa of the Klingon 
                              Empire.  Attempts to raise shields 
                              or arm weapons and I will destroy 
                              you. You are alive for a single 
                              reason. The renegade James T. Kirk!
                              Hand him over and I will spare your 
                              lives. My transporter stands ready 
                              to beam him aboard.

                              Captain Kirk is not among us.

                              You lie!

                              I am a Vulcan. I cannot lie. Captain 
                              Kirk is on the planet below.

                              Then give me his co-ordinates!

                   Spock glimpses a possibility. He turns to Korrd and speaks 
                   with urgency.

                              General, I am in need of your assis-

                              My assistance?

                              You are his superior officer.

                              I can do nothing! I am a foolish old

                              Damn you, sir, you will try!

                   Korrd sees that  Spock will not take  no for an answer.

                                                                            CUT TO:

             261   EXT. PEAKS                                                   261

                   Kirk scrambles from one hiding place to another as the 
                   rock creature pursues him, able to anticipate his every 

             262   PINACLE                                                      262

                   With no where to go but up, Kirk scales a steep pinn-
                   acle. He climbs with agility and speed. He'd better. 
                   The pursuing creature is practically breathing fire 
                   up his ass.

             263   WIDE ANGLE SHOT                                              263

                   Kirk clambers to the top of the pinnacle and finds 
                   himself trapped. He always knew he'd die alone. The 
                   rock creature climbs up to get Kirk, an inhuman voice 
                   issuing from its flaming mouth.

                              Give... me... the... ship.

                   A whooshing sound from overhead. Kirk looks up.

             264   ANGLE - SKY ABOVE                                            264

                   The Bird of Prey drops out of the storm clouds. Its 
                   guns come to life and strafe the rock creature, 
                   driving it back, away from Kirk.

             265   KIRK                                                         265

                   Vulnerable atop the pinnacle. The Bird of Prey hov- 
                   vers directly above him, its guns swivelling in his 
                   direction. Kirk is determined to go down fighting.

                                     (shouting in defiance)
                              So it's me you want, you Klingon 
                              bastards! Come and get me!

                   The Bird of Prey's transporter beam shimmers down and 
                   engulfs him. Kirk disappears in its sparkling light, 
                   saved from the rock creature who lets out an angry roar 
                   of defeat. The Bird of Prey takes off with its prize.

             266   INT. BIRD OF PREY - TRANSPORTER ROOM                         266

                   Kirk materializes. He's immediately seized by two brutal-
                   looking Klingons. They march him out of the transporter 

             267   INT. BIRD OF PREY - BRIDGE                                   267

                   The bridge doors slide open and Kirk is brought in The 
                   Klingon crew regard him from their stations. Klaa is 
                   off to one side looking petulant. Korrd stands beside  
                   him, chest puffed up with pride, obviously in charge. 
                   Why isn't Klaa in his command chair? Because someone 
                   else is occupying it.

                   The command chair swivels around to reveal its 
                   occupant to be Spock. He unstraps himself from 
                   the gunner's rig, stands up and straightens his 
                   uniform in a dignified manner.

                              Welcome aboard, Captain.

                                     (to the guards)
                              Release him.

                   The guards step away from Kirk. Klaa glares at Korrd 
                   but it's clear the older Klingon is now calling the 

                   Kirk regards the stoic Spock with affection and 

                                     (can't believe it)
                              Spock, I thought I was going to die.

                              Not possible. You were never alone.

                   Kirk fights back tears and clasps his friend in a hug. 
                   Spock stiffens with embarassment.

                              Please, Captain. Not in front of 
                              the Klingons.

                   Kirk laughs and hugs him all the harder. Spock tentat-
                   ively hugs him back.

                                                                            CUT TO:

             268   EXT. SPACE                                                   268

                   Enterprise and Bird of Prey are side by side, in orbit 
                   around the planet.

             269   INT. ENTERPRISE - FORWARD OBSERVATION ROOM                   269

                   A reception is in full swing. Spock and McCoy are dis-
                   covered off by themselves, standing at the observation 
                   window, gazing out at the God planet.

                              Try this on for size. Has it occured 
                              to you that the Great Barrier wasn't 
                              placed there to keep us out -- but 
                              to keep that thing in?

                              It has occured to me.

                              Well, doesn't that imply the exist-
                              ence of a greater power?

                              I will say this much Doctor. We have 
                              yet to reach the final frontier.

             270   ANGLE - KORRD                                                270

                   The Klingon polishes off a tumbler of fluid. He frowns. 
                   What he wants is a real drink. Scotty approaches him.

                              Would you care  for a wee nip of 
                              scotch whisky?


                   Scotty produces a bottle and pours a splash into the 
                   Klingon's tumbler. Korrd downs it with obvious 
                   relish. Scotty smiles.

                              I never thought I'd be drinking with 
                              a Klingon.

                   Korrd chortles agreeably and moves off. We follow him 
                   over to Talbot and Caithlin.

                              And what are you two conspiring 

                              We are just thinking how far we've 
                              come in such a short time.

                              We certainly have.

                              Good heavens! We've just agreed on 

                              Gentlemen, it's about time.

                   They share a warm laugh.

            270A   ANGLE - KIRK                                                270A

                   He's been watching with satisfaction. As he turns, he 
                   notices Klaa eyeing him keenly from across the room -- 
                   the young gun locking eyes with the seasoned pro. With 
                   a smile, Kirk gives Klaa the Klingon salute.

                   Kirk notices Spock and McCoy still standing at the 
                   window, still staring out, oblivious to the party 
                   around them. Kirk approaches.

                              Cosmic thoughts, gentlemen?

                              We were speculating...
                                     (staring out)
                              ... is God really out there?

                              Maybe He's not out there, Bones. 
                              Maybe He's right here... in 
                              human heart.
                                     (noticing Spock's distant 

                              I was thinking of Sybok.

                              I lost a brother once. But I was 
                              lucky; I got him back.

                              I thought you said men like us 
                              don't have families.

                              I was wrong.

                   Camera pushes in on them and we slowly...

                   DISSOLVE TO:

             271   EXT. YOSEMITE - NIGHT                                        271

                   Camera pulls back from a roaring campfire. McCoy pours 
                   two cupsful of bourbon and hands one to Kirk who sets 
                   aside his marshmallow on a stick. Kirk and McCoy clink 
                   cups in a silent toast and drink, distracted by strange 
                   plinking sounds from close by. Spock is revealed, 
                   absently strumming his Vulcan lute in search of a tune.

                                     (with a smile)
                              Well, are you just going to sit 
                              there and pick at it or are you 
                              going to play something?

                   The plinks and plunks gradually become a tune. The un-
                   mistakable "Row Your Boat." Kirk and McCoy react with 
                   delight. McCoy takes a hit of bourbon and clears his 

                              "Row, row, row your boat gently 
                              down the stream..."

                   Kirk jumps in and, when it's his turn, Spock joins 
                   the chorus too. The three shipmates sing loudly 
                   with feeling and gusto. Their voices climb into the 
                   night sky.

                              "... merrily, merrily, merrily, 
                              merrily, life is but a dream..."

                   As they continue to sing, we execute the greatest pull
                   back of all time. The campfire becomes a dot of light. 
                   The dot of light joins other dots of light. They become 
                   the stars of the universe.

                                           THE END

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