Star Trek IV
                                       The Voyage Home

                                         Screenplay by
                                HARVE BENNETT & NICHOLAS MEYER

                                            Story by
                                 STEVE MEERSON & PETER KRIKES

                                                              REV.  SHOOTING SCRIPT

                                                                     March 11, 1986

                                        PRODUCTION NOTES

              1.   Please note that the character of Starfleet Commander
                   is "Admiral Cartwright," not "Admiral Morrow." Please
                   modify all scripts and production boards accordingly.

              2.   Please note that Master Chief Petty Officer Rand now
                   first appears in Scene 25 and in all 
                   subsequent Starfleet Command

              3.   Please note that Commander Chapel appears in Scene 25
                   and in all subsequent Starfleet 
                   Command Scenes.

              4.   Please note that a new Scene 188A has been included
                   and Scotty's side of the dialogue will be photographed
                   in the Cargo Bay Area.

              5.   Please note the readmission of Scenes 132 and 

              6.   Uhura is now present in Scene 132.

              7.   Please note that in a new scene 158A, we are covering Kirk
                   in the Transporter area of the Bird of Prey during the
                   plexiglass lowering sequence.

                   Also note, we will require Video playback from production
                   footage of Gillian's image outside. Existing video monitor
                   in Cargo Bay will be playback source for this image.

              8.   Please note that in Scene 188A, Scotty will be covered 
                   in the Cargo Bay.

              9.   Please note that Admiral Morrow (Cartwright) does not
                   appear in Scenes 265, 266, 267.


                   IN BLACK

                   In the silence preceding the Paramount Logo, in simple
                   white letters which FADE IN is the following legend:

                                  "THE CAST AND CREW OF STAR TREK

                                   WISH TO DEDICATE THIS FILM

                                   TO THE MEN AND WOMEN OF

                                   THE STARSHIP CHALLENGER

                                   WHOSE COURAGEOUS SPIRIT SHALL

                                   LIVE TO THE 23RD CENTURY AND


                   THE LEGEND FADES OUT.


                   FADE IN:    
               1   SPACE - A STARFIELD - ILM                                      1 

                   A HORN sounds the STAR TREK FANFARE, and we begin to
                   MOVE FORWARD. MAIN TITLES begin. And to the delight
                   of Star Trek lovers everywhere, the MUSIC OVER the
                   early credits is the SERIES THEME by Alexander Courage.
                   We're in for a classic, good old Star Trek time. But
                   hold on...

                   After the first 16 bars and early CREDITS, the music
                   trails off ominously into silence -- and a faint new
                   SOUND. At the same time, we pick up a speck of light
                   coming toward us from deep space. As the SOUND GROWS,
                   the speck begins to assume shape and form.

               2   CLOSER - THE PROBE - ILM                                       2

                   A simple cylinder, non-threatening but huge in size,
                   with odd, eye-like antennae. It emits the SOUND, a
                   long synthesized gibberish, foreign to our ears. The
                   SOUND STOPS; the antennae rotates; the SOUND is heard a
                   second time, then stops. As the probe slowly passes us
                   we hear:

                                           FEMALE VOICE
                             What do you make of it?

                                           MALE VOICE
                             It appears to be a probe, Captain.
                             From an intelligence unknown to us.

               3   SPACE - THE STARSHIP SARATOGA - ILM                            3

                   A RELIANT class vessel.

                                           FEMALE VOICE
                             Continue transmitting; Universal
                             Peace and Hello in all known
                             Get me Starfleet Command.

               4   INT. BRIDGE - USS SARATOGA - FAVORING THE CAPTAIN              4

                   She is a concerned Starfleet professional. Her male
                   SCIENCE OFFICER stands beside her. CREDITS RESUME.

                             Starfleet Command, this is USS
                             Saratoga patrolling Sector 5,
                             neutral zone. We are tracking a
                             probe of unknown origin on apparent
                             trajectory to the Terran solar
                             system. Attempts to communicate
                             with the probe have been negative on
                             all known frequencies.

                                           STARFLEET VOICE
                             Continue tracking, Saratoga. We will
                             analyze transmissions and advise.

                             Roger, Starfleet, Saratoga out.

                             Range 400,000 kilometers, closing.
                                     (GIBBERISH starts)
                             Here it comes again.

                   The CALL, louder this time. As they listen, the Bridge
                   lights begin to dim.

                             What's causing that!?

                                           SCIENCE OFFICER
                             Captain, their call is being carried
                             on an amplification wave of enormous

                             Can you isolate the wave?

                                           SCIENCE OFFICER
                             Negative. It's impacting on all our

                   Even as he speaks, the GIBBERISH increases in volume
                   and the lights on the bridge dip lower.

                             Yellow alert! Shields up. Helm,
                             reduce closing speed!

                   The Helmsman attempts to comply. Nothing works.

                             Captain, Thruster controls have been

                             Emergency Thrusters!

                                     (tries, then)
                             No response, Captain!
               5   SPACE - THE PROBE, PAST SARATOGA - ILM                         5

                   The distance closes rapidly; the Probe's size is
                   getting awesome; the GIBBERISH resumes, loud...
               6   SARATOGA BRIDGE                                                6

                   As the Gibberish reaches a loud climax, the lights go
                   out entirely, along with all engine and electronic
                   sounds. In the sudden darkness:

                                           CAPTAIN'S VOICE
                             Emergency lights!

                   Very low level lights; baffled faces; systems

                             Damage report!

                                           SCIENCE OFFICER
                             Captain... All systems have
                             failed... We are functioning on
                             reserve power only.

                             We're out of control -- Rig for
                7   EXT. SPACE - THE PROBE - ILM                                  7

                    As it bears down on Saratoga, and passes massively
                    overhead, endlessly; The Probe is now recognized as
                    miles long. It passes now, and goes off into the dis-

               7A   BACK TO THE BRIDGE                                           7A

                                           SCIENCE OFFICER
                             They've finished us. And we don't
                             even know what they want...

                    The Captain considers this, turns to the Comm Officer.

                             Give me whatever you've got on the
                             emergency channel.
                             Starfleet Command, this is Saratoga.
                             Can you hear me...? Come in,
                             please... Come in, please...

              7B   SPACE - THE PROBE - ILM                                       7B

                   Disappearing in the distance. The GIBBERISH begins
                   faintly, ominously again.

               8   EXT. SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA - DAY - ILM                        8

                   The City of the 23rd Century, the Golden Gate Bridge:
                   PUSH IN to Federation Headquarters.

               9   INT. CORRIDOR - FEDERATION HEADQUARTERS - CLOSE ON             9

                   Hurrying over marble floors, as CREDITS CONTINUE. PAN
                   UP now to reveal SAREK, Spock's father, moving OUT OF

              10   INT. CORRIDOR                                                 10

                   As we PAN Sarek INTO SHOT with COMMANDER CHAPEL,
                   Starfleet Medical Officer whose history in Star Trek is
                   known to all.

                             Thank you for coming. It's not
                             going well.

                             Am I to late to testify?

                             I don't know.

                    Sarek raises an eyebrow, as they start out.

              11   INT. FEDERATION COUNCIL CHAMBER - ANGLE ON ENTRY              11
                   As Sarek and Chapel enter in semi-darkness, while
                   events are taking place O.S. They look in wonder at:
              12   SPACE - THE ENTERPRISE                                        12

                   As it comes toward us, only to be wrecked and torn
                   apart by a series of explosions.

              13   BACK TO SAREK, CHAPEL                                         13

                   Awed, seeing this for the first time.
              14   ANGLE - (GIANT SCREEN)                                        14

                   As Enterprise streaks to its fiery death, watched in
                   LONG SHOT by Kirk and crew. Then as Kirk's face is
                   seen, CLOSE:

                                           KLINGON VOICE
                             There! Hold the image, hold!

                   As Kirk's image FREEZES, PULL BACK to reveal: 

              15   INT. FEDERATION COUNCIL CHAMBER - FULL                        15

                   A doomed room in which the FEDERATION COUNCIL and its
                   PRESIDENT sit at a long table before the Federation
                   Seal. There is a gallery of representatives from vari-
                   ous planets. The screen on which Kirk's image is
                   frozen is centrally located. And at a spot lit glass
                   podium, stands the KLINGON AMBASSADOR, pointing.

                                           KLINGON AMBASSADOR
                             Behold! The quintessential devil in
                             these matters! James T. Kirk,
                             renegade and terrorist! Not only is
                             he responsible for the murder of a
                             Klingon crew; the theft of a Klingon
                             vessel. See now the real plot and

              16   VARIOUS ANGLES IN ROOM AND ON SCREEN                          16

                   Kirk, ON SCREEN, introduces the Genesis Device and its
                   awesome visuals (STAR TREK II AND III). Many people in
                   the room have never seen the secret material and react
                   accordingly. And the Klingon continues his tirade

                                           KLINGON AMBASSADOR
                             Even as the Federation negotiated a
                             peace treaty with us, Kirk was
                             secretly developing the Genesis
                             torpedo! Conceived by Kirk's son
                             and test detonated by the Admiral
                                     (the proof is on
                             The result of this awesome energy
                             was euphemistically called "The
                             Genesis Planet..." A secret base
                             from which to launch the.
                             annihilation of the Klingon people!
                                     (as the audience
                             We demand the extradition of Kirk!
                             We demand justice!

                             Klingon justice is a unique point of
                             view, Mr. President.

                   As the audience stirs, Sarek descends the stairs.

                             Genesis was perfectly named: The
                             creation of life not death. It was
                             the Klingons who had first blood
                             while trying to possess its secrets.

                                           KLINGON AMBASSADOR
                             Vulcans are well known as the
                             intellectual puppets of the

                             Your vessel did destroy U.S.S.
                             Grissom. Your men did kill Kirk's
                             son. Do you deny these events?

                                           KLINGON AMBASSADOR
                             We deny nothing! We have the right
                             to preserve our race!

                             Do you have the right to murder?

                   The gallery erupts in reaction and the Council
                   President gavels them to silence.

                                           COUNCIL PRESIDENT
                             Order. There will be no further
                             outbursts from the floor.

                                     (reaches a podium)
                             Mr. President, I have come to speak
                             on behalf of the accused.

                                           KLINGON AMBASSADOR
                             Personal bias! His son was saved by

                   The President remains calm amid the buzzing. Then:

                                           COUNCIL PRESIDENT
                             Mr. Ambassador, with all respect,
                             the Council's deliberations are
                             over. You have been allowed to
                             speak in order to put your views on
                             the record.

                                           KLINGON AMBASSADOR
                             Then Kirk goes unpunished?!?

                                           COUNCIL PRESIDENT
                             Admiral Kirk has been charged with
                             nine violations of Starfleet

                                           KLINGON AMBASSADOR
                             Starfleet regulations? Outrageous!
                             Remember this well: there will be
                             no peace as long as Kirk lives!

                   And with a flourish, he exits with his staff as the
                   assembly murmurs. Then:

                                           COUNCIL PRESIDENT
                             Sarek of Vulcan, with all respect --
                             we ask you to return Kirk and his
                             crew to answer for their crimes.

                             With respect to you, Mr. President,
                             there is only one crime: denying
                             Kirk and his crew the honors they so
                             richly deserve.

                                           COUNCIL PRESIDENT
                             ... You are welcome to remain and

                   He gavels the meeting to its end. CREDITS CONCLUDE.

              17   SPACE - THE PLANET VULCAN - MOVING IN - ILM                   17

                   A great red sphere.

                             Captain's Log, Stardate 8390...

              18   EXT. VULCAN - BIRD OF PREY - HIGH SHOT - ILM                  18
                   CAMERA MOVES IN. The Klingon ship rests on its landing
                   pad; the crew gathered outside as in a meeting.

                                           KIRK'S VOICE
                             We are in the third month of our
                             Vulcan exile. We are uncertain
                             about the progress of Captain
                             Spock's memory training.. And it
                             was Doctor McCoy with a fine sense 
                             of historical irony, who decided on
                             a name for our captured Klingon

              19   EXT. LANDING PAD - CLOSE - BIRD OF PREY - NEAR RAMP           19

                   The words "H.M.S. BOUNTY" have been hand painted on the
                   side of the open bay doors. CAMERA MOVES toward the
                   gathered Captain and Crew.

                                           KIRK'S VOICE
                             ... And like those mutineers of 500
                             years ago, we too have a hard choice
                             to make. A choice made harder
                             because we are all too old to suffer
                             fools gladly... Nevertheless:

                   CAMERA PANS: as Kirk calls the roll: BONES...
                   SCOTTY... UHURA... CHEKOV... SULU. Each raises a hand
                   and holds it. Kirk now says:

                             Let the record show that the
                             Commander and the crew of the late
                             Starship Enterprise have voted
                             unanimously to return to Earth to
                             face the consequences of their
                             actions in the rescue of their
                             comrade, Captain Spock.
                                     (a long beat)
                             Thank you all... Repair stations,

                   As they disperse:

                             Mr. Scott, how soon can we get

                             Give me one more day, sir. The
                             damage control is easy. Reading
                             Klingon is hard.

                   Kirk nods, Scotty heads inside. Bones hangs back sourly.

                             You'd think they could at least send
                             a ship. Bad enough to be court
                             marshaled and spend the rest of our
                             lives mining borite -- but to come
                             home in this Klingon flea trap...

                             We could learn a thing or two from
                             this flea trap. It has a cloaking 
                             device that cost us a lot.

                             I just wish we could cloak the

                   And he starts off. WIDEN as Kirk turns to LT. SAAVIK,
                   dressed in Vulcan attire.

                             Admiral, I'd like to continue my
                             work on the ship until you leave.

                             Thank you, Lt. Saavik.

                                     (produces disc)
                             And... Here is a deposition I have
                             made. If it is not sufficient, I
                             will return to Earth to testify.

                             Don't concern yourself, Saavik.
                             Your leave has been granted for good
                             and proper cause.
                                     (a beat)
                             How are you feeling?

                             I am well, Admiral.

                             You will be in good hands here.
                   They exchange a look, and she starts in, leaving him
                   alone in thought. Then he slowly, almost secretly
                   looks upward: he stares uncertainly at the mountain

              20   OMITTED                                                       20
              21   HIGH PROMONTORY ABOVE - UP ANGLED - A FIGURE                  21

                   We SLOW ZOOM to the hooded figure. It is SPOCK
                   watching impassively. After a long moment, he turns
                   and leaves.
             22    INT. SPOCK'S TEST CHAMBER - CLOSE ON THREE SCREENS            22

                   They form a computer console like a great pipe organ,
                   with a bank of keys. On each screen are the words:
                   MEMORY TESTING INTERRUPTED." PULL BACK as Spock
                   enters, sits thoughtfully,. Then he places a small
                   lightweight headset on:


                   What follows happens rapidly: Questions appear on all
                   three screens. The tempo increases through the
                   sequence to a crescendo. Spock takes it all on in stride,
                   answering questions by keyboard, or verbally, without
                   being flapped.

               Q.  What is the molecular formula of Yominum Sulfide
                   crystals?  (A.  K4YM3 (SO73 Es 2)

               Q.  Who said, "Logic is the cement of our civilization
                   with which we ascend from chaos using reason as our
                   guide?"  (A.  T'plana-Hath, matron of Vulcan

               Q.  What significant legal precedent arose from the
                   peace pact between Argus and Rigel IV?  (A.  All beings
                   may not be created equal yet shall be given equal
                   opportunity and treatment under the law.)

               Q.  Solve:  (a graphic of 3-dimensional chess)  (A.  
                   White Queen to section 5, grid 6. Queen takes Knight.
                   Rook takes Queen. White pawn to section 5, grid 7,
                   pawn takes Rook. Checkmate.)

               Q.  What was Kiri-kin-tha's first law of metaphysics?
                   (A.  Nothing unreal exists.)

               Q.  Adjust the sine wave of this magnetic envelope so
                   that anti-neutrons can pass through it but anti-
                   gravitons cannot.  (A.   Spock works keypad and the
                   image of the envelope is changed on one of the

               Q.  What is the electronic configuration of Gadolinium?
                   (A.   Spock types, in one second: 5s22s22p63d104s24p6

               Q.  Identify: (an image appears)  (A.   A Klingon mum-
                   mification glyph from the earliest part of the
                   Zanxthkolt dynasty.) 

               Q.  What were the principle historical events on the
                   planet Earth in the year 1987?  (A.   Spock types, but
                   things are going too fast for us to see the answer.)

               Q.  What significant contribution to bio-engineering was
                   made on the Loonkerian outpost on Klendth?  (A.   The
                   universal atmospheric element compensator.)

               Q.  What is this a model of?  (A.   A three dimensional
                   theoretical representation of a four dimensional time
                   gate as proposed by the Andorian scientist, Shres.)

               Q.  Where were the first conclusive advances made on
                   toroidal space-time distortion and by whom?  (A.   At
                   Cambridge, Massachusetts, Earth, in 2052 by Ralph

               Q.  Evaluate and conclude: A starship's sensors indi-
                   cate it is being pursued so closely that it occupies
                   the same space as its pursuer.  (A.   The warp drive
                   regulators are creating a parallex matter echo.)

                   Abruptly, the hectic pace stops, there is a beat of
                   silence; then, on all three screens comes the legend:
                   QUESTION. Spock is ready. HOW DO YOU FEELO? Spock
                   sees it on all three screens and seems baffled. The
                   question begins to flash impatiently.
                             I do not understand.

                   He stares at the flashing question. He becomes aware
                   of someone in the room. He turns to see his mother,

                             I do not understand the final

                             You are half human. The Computer
                             knows that.

                             The question is irrelevant.

                             Spock... The retraining of your mind
                             has been in the Vulcan way, so you
                             may not understand feelings. But as
                             my son, you have them. They will

                             As you wish, since you deem them of
                             value. But I cannot wait here to
                             find them.

                             Where must you go?
                             To Earth. To offer testimony.

                             You do this -- for friendship?

                             I do this because I was there,

                                     (a pause)
                             Spock. Does the good of the many
                             outweigh the good of the one...?

                             I would accept that as an axiom.

                             Then you stand here alive because of
                             a mistake -- made by your flawed,
                             feeling, human friends. They have
                             sacrificed their futures because they
                             believed that the good of the one --
                             you -- was more important to them.

                                     (a pause)
                             Humans make illogical decisions...

                             ... They do, indeed.
                   Spock cocks his head, still baffled by this

              23   SPACE - THE PROBE - ILM                                       23

                   It passes CAMERA innocently emitting its CALL. No
                   cause for alarm. Except as the Probe passes into the
                   distance, we see it is headed directly for the blue
                   marble, Earth.

              24   EXT. SAN FRANCISCO - 23RD CENTURY - DAY - ILM                 24

                   The sun is shining. MOVE, along the Golden Gate
                   Bridge, toward Starfleet Headquarters.

              25   INT. STARFLEET COMMAND - DAY - ILM ELEMENTS                   25

                   Large windows overlook the bay. But in the midsection
                   of the room, hi-tech displays monitor the universe.
                   The scene, and the tension are feverish. One of the
                   communicators is LT. RAND formerly of the Enterprise
                   crew. Commander Chapel is also present. A verbal
                   babble, and visual reports at hectic pace. ADMIRAL
                   MORROW, Starfleet Commander, presides. The Council
                   President enters.

                                           COUNCIL PRESIDENT
                             Status report, Admiral!

                             Mr. President, the Probe has
                             passed through all quadrants. The
                             starships Shepard and Yorktown and
                             three smaller vessels have been

                                           COUNCIL PRESIDENT
                             "Neutralized?" How?

                             We don't know. It's using forms of
                             energy our best scientists do not

                                           COUNCIL PRESIDENT
                             Can you protect us?

                             We are launching everything we

                   As the President reacts to this...

              26   EXT. SPACE DOCK - ILM                                         26

                   The great rotating satellite, home of grand Spaceships.


                   TWO CONTROLLERS, back to us, sit in the control seats.
                   They control several Starships in b.g.

                                           CONTROLLER ONE
                             Excelsior and Intrepid are cleared
                             to depart. Open space dock doors.

                   Over this, the SOUND OF THE PROBE'S SIGNAL is heard.
                   Almost immediately, Controller Two is in big trouble.

                                           CONTROLLER TWO
                             Sir! Space dock doors are

                                           CONTROLLER ONE
                             Keep trying.
                             Excelsior and Intrepid stand by!
                             Malfunction on exit doors.

                                           INTREPID VOICE
                             Control, Intrepid. Never mind. We
                             can't get powered up!

                   The Two Controllers look at each other as the SOUND OF
                   the Probe's GIBBERISH comes in at DEAFENING VOLUME.

                                           CONTROLLER TWO
                             Space doors not responding. All
                             Emergency systems are non-

                   All over Space dock, lights are dimming.
                                           CONTROLLER ONE
                             Engage reserve power. Starfleet
                             Command, this is Space dock on
                             emergency channel. We have lost all
                             internal power. Repeat, we have
                             lost all power!...

              28   SPACE - THE PROBE - ENTERING EARTH ORBIT - ILM                28

                   The Probe's thrusters fire, and it slows to orbit the
                   blue marble below.

              29   CLOSER ANGLE - THE PROBE - ILM                                29

                   As the antennae rotate to face the Earth. As the GIB-
                   BERISH comes on, LOUD:

              30   EXT. OCEAN SURFACE - ILM                                      30

                   An amazing EFFECT: The SOUND, like the prow of an
                   invisible boat, cuts the surface of the ocean, leaving
                   not a wake of water -- but of rising CLOUDS.

              31   SERIES OF SHOTS - ILM                                         31

                   We INTERCUT between the Probe's transmissions and the
                   impact on the water surfaces of Earth to create a clear
                   impression: CLOUD COVER is slowly forming as ocean
                   water is being transformed into cloud vapor by the

             31A   INT. STARFLEET COMMAND - VIEW SCREEN INCLUDED                31A

                   The dignitaries are stunned to see the cloud cover
                   totally enveloping their planet.

              32   EXT. VULCAN SUNRISE - ILM                                     32

                   Long shadows over the red planet.

              33   EXT. BIRD OF PREY - DAWN - ILM                                33

                   The " HMS BOUNTY" sits alone in the morning light.

              34   INT. BIRD OF PREY - BRIDGE                                    34

                   Renovated and spruced up by the Enterprise crew.
                   CAMERA FOLLOWS Kirk as he inspects the pre-launch

                             Systems report.  Communications?

                             Communications Systems ready.
                             Communications Officer -- ready as
                             she'll ever be.

                             Mr. Sulu?

                             Guidance is functional. Onboard
                             Computer will interface with
                             Federation memory bank...

                             Weapons systems?

                             Operational, Admiral. Cloaking
                             Device now available in all modes 
                             of flight.

                             I'm impressed, Mr. Chekov. A lot of
                             effort for a short voyage.

                             We are in an enemy wessel, sir. I
                             didn't wish to be shot down on thee
                             way to our own funeral.

                             Most prudent.
                                     (comm. button)
                             Engine room. Report, Scotty.

              35   INT. ENGINE ROOM - BIRD OF PREY                               35

                   Our first look in this cavern. In addition to the 
                   transporter and engine areas, there is a large Cargo hold.

                             We're ready, sir. I've converted
                             the Dilithium Sequencer to something
                             less primitive. And Admiral -- I've
                             replaced the Klingon Food Packs. They
                             was givin' me sour stomach.

              36   BACK TO BRIDGE                                                36

                             Appreciated by all, Mr. Scott.
                             Prepare for departure.

                   As the crew chatters through the pre-launch check list,
                   Kirk crosses to Saavik, near the exit doors, her work

                             Well, Saavik. I guess this is

                             Yes, Admiral.
                                     (then, stiffly)
                             Sir. I have not had the opportunity
                             to tell you about your son.
                             David died most bravely. He saved
                             Spock. He saved us all... I thought
                             you should know.

                   Kirk wants to know, but is deeply moved. At last he
                   reaches for her shoulders, holds on affectionately.
                   After a moment, they separate. We FOLLOW Saavik to the
                   garb, stands in the open doorway looking back at
                   Saavik. A moment. Then:

                             Good day, Captain Spock... May your
                             journey be free of incident.

                             Live long and prosper, Lieutenant.
                   She looks back at Kirk for the briefest moment, then
                   exits. Spock has started forward to Kirk.
              37   ANGLE - SPOCK AND KIRK                                        37

                             Permission to come aboard.

                             Permission granted.

                             Thank you, Admiral.

                             Jim, Spock, Jim. Remember...?

                             It would be improper to refer to you
                             as Jim while you are in command,
                             Admiral... Also, I must apologize
                             for my attire.
                             I seem to have misplaced my uniform.

                             Well, I... find that understandable
                                     (at Spock's eyebrow)
                             I mean, you've been through a lot.
                             Station, please.

                   Spock nods, and somewhat rigidly crosses to the Science
                   station. Kirk watches, uncertain. Bones is suddenly
                   by his side, whispering.

                             You sure this is such a bright idea?

                             What do you mean?

                             I mean him, back at his post, like
                             nothing happened. I don't know if
                             you'd got the whole picture but he
                             isn't exactly working on all

                             It'll come back to him.

                             Are you sure?
                                    (Kirk isn't)
                             That's what I thought.

                             Mr. Sulu... Take us home...

                   The whine of the energizers begins, the engines come

              38   EXT. LAUNCH PAD - DAWN - THE RAMP                             38

                   As Saavik walks away without looking back. The wind
                   and ROAR of the engines. She walks to a waiting

              39   EXT. LAUNCHING PAD - BIRD OF PREY - ILM                       39

                   With a ROAR and a belch of rocketry, the Bird of Prey
                   lifts off, and starts its journey.

              40   CLOSE - SAAVIK AND AMANDA                                     40

                   Wind blown, they watch as:

              41   EXT. VULCAN CANYON - BIRD OF PREY - ILM                       41

                   The Bird disappears among the canyons of Vulcan.

              42   INT. STARFLEET COMMAND - SCREEN AND GRAPHICS -                42
                   PULL BACK

                   It is bedlam. Data is pouring in from every corner of
                   the Earth. All the visuals and audio reports combine
                   to create a trend that is inescapable:

                                           AUDIO  #1
                             Juneau, Alaska, cloud cover
                             increased to 95 percent!

                                           AUDIO  #2
                             Tokyo, total cloud cover. All power
                             is from reserve banks.

                                           AUDIO  #3
                             Leningrad has lost electrical power.
                             Cloud cover 100 percent.
                             Temperatures dropping rapidly.

                   As the reports continue on SCREENS and on SOUND:

                             What is estimate cloud cover of the
                             Planet at this time?

                                           COMPUTER VOICE
                             93.2 percent. Probe now orbiting
                             South Pacific. Estimate total cloud
                             cover by next orbit. No known way
                             to dissipate cloud cover.

                             Notify all stations: Starfleet
                             Emergency, Red Alert. Switch power
                             immediately to Planetary Reserves.

                   The SOUND OF THE PROBE is heard throughout, like the
                   death knell. Morrow turns to the President and says

                             Mr. President, even with Planetary
                             Reserves we cannot survive without
                             the sun.

                             I am well aware of that, Admiral.

                   Now the President steps to the great window, where
                   Sarek is watching the world of San Francisco. Rain has
                   begun to streak the window.

                             Sarek... Is there no answer we can
                             give this Probe?

                             It is difficult to answer if you do
                             not understand the question.
                             Mr. President, perhaps you should
                             transmit a planet distress signal,
                             while we still have time.

                    The President looks at Sarek deeply. If his old wise
                    friend has no answer, what hope is there...?

              43   OMITTED                                                       43
               &                                                                 &
              44                                                                 44

              45   EXT. SPACE - BIRD OF PREY - ILM                               45

                   As it passes us at high speed.

              46   INT. BRIDGE - BIRD OF PREY - PAST SULU TO KIRK                46

                             Estimating Planet Earth one point
                             six hours present speed.

                             Continue on course. Chekov, any
                             signs of Federation escort?

                             No, sir. And no Federation wessels
                             on assigned patrol stations.

                             That's odd. Uhura, what's on the
                             Comm channels...?
                                     (baffled by headset)
                             Very active, Sir. Multi-phasic
                             transmissions, overlapping.... almost
                             a gibberish...
                                     (a beat)
                             Let me see if I can sort it out.

                   She sets to work, intently: Spock reacts, picks up an
                   earpiece to listen in, perhaps be helpful.

              47   BONES                                                         47

                   He sees Spock at science station, takes this opportunity
                   to walk to his old comrade, break the silence of months.
                             Hi... Busy?

                             Uhura is busy. I am monitoring.

                             Umm. Well, just wanted to say --
                             nice to have your katra back in your
                             head, not mine.
                                     (He smiles; Spock
                             I mean, I may have carried your
                             soul, but I sure couldn't fill your

                             ... My shoes...

                             Forget it...
                                     (a new tack)
                             How 'bout covering a little
                             philosophical ground? Life, Death,
                             Life... Things of that nature?

                             I did not have time on Vulcan to
                             review the Philosophical disciplines.

                             Spock, it's me, Bones! I mean our
                             experience was unique. You really
                             have gone where no man has gone 
                             before. Can't you tell me what it
                             felt like?

                             It would be impossible to discuss
                             the subject without a common frame
                             of reference.

                             You're joking...!

                             A joke is a story with a humorous

                             You mean I have to die to discuss
                             your insights on death?

                                     (re earpiece)
                             Pardon me, Doctor, I am hearing many
                             calls of distress.

                   Bones is enraged and frustrated by this as we go to:

             47A   FAVORING UHURAH'S STATION                                    47A

                   As Kirk arrives in response to her wave.

                             What is it?

                             Overlapping distress calls. Some
                             from Starships... others...

                             On screen!

                   ON SCREEN, we have the option of playing FRAGMENTS of
                   distress calls from SARATOGA, and other VESSELS. But
                   these fragments are ultimately superceded by the
                   tearing image of the FEDERATION PRESIDENT. Some of his
                   message will be obscured until Uhura can find a

                                           PRESIDENT'S IMAGE
                             This is... President of... Grave
                             Warning: Do not approach Planet
                             Earth... To all Starships, repeat,
                             do not approach!
                                     (as Crew reacts)
                             ... Orbiting Probe... emits
                             transmissions on energy wave unknown
                             to us... Wave, directed at our
                             oceans... Ionized our atmosphere...
                             All power sources have failed.
                             Starships are powerless.
                                     (clearing now)
                             ... A cloud envelope has enveloped
                             the Planet. Heavy rain and
                             flooding. Temperature dropping to
                             critical level. Planet cannot
                             survive unless Probe is responded
                             to... Probe transmissions dominate
                             all standard channels.
                             Communications may not be
                             possible... Save yourselves. Avoid
                             the Planet Earth... Farewell.

                             Spock? What do you make of it?

                             Most unusual. An unknown form of
                             energy of great intelligence and
                             power. I find it illogical that its
                             intentions are hostile...

                                     (dripping sarcasm)
                             Really? You think this is its way
                             of saying "Hi there" to the people
                             of the Earth?

                             There are millions of other species
                             on Earth, Doctor. Only human
                             arrogance would assume the message
                             was meant for man.

                                     (to Kirk, aside:)
                             I liked him better before he died.

                             Bones --

                             Dammit, Jim, they've made him into a
                             goddam green-blooded computer!

                   And as Bones stalks off:

                             Spock -- you're suggesting the
                             transmission is meant for life form
                             other than man?

                             A distinct possibility, Admiral.
                             The President did say the
                             transmission was directed at the
                             Earth's Oceans

                             Uhura... Can you modify the Probe's
                             signals by accounting for density
                             temperature and salinity factors?

                             I'll try, sir.

                   Now begins a virtuoso performance by Uhura:  a series
                   of SOUND CHANGES accounting for all the factors; a
                   feeling of a deductive process, modifying the GIBBERISH
                   by slowing it down and changing it, until:

                             I think I have it, sir.

                   The Bridge is filled with a SOUND familiar to some in
                   our audience, but baffling to our 23rd Century friends.
                                     (to Uhura)
                             Then, this is what it would sound
                             like underwater?

                             Yes, sir.

                             Fascinating. If my suspicion is
                             correct, there can be no response to
                             this message.

                   As this impacts, he rises abruptly and heads for the
                             Where are you going?!

                             To the on-board computer room. To
                             confirm my suspicion.

                   Spock turns and is gone. Beat; Kirk starts after
                   him followed by Bones. Kirk turns back to Bones.

                             Bones, stay here.

                             No way -- somebody has to keep an
                             eye on him!
              48   THE ORBITING PROBE - ABOVE EARTH - ILM                        48

                   The ultimate condition statement: below the Probe, the
                   Planet has become a grey-black enshrouded ball.
                   Pinpoint lightning flashes can be seen as tiny
                   Christmas lights. And the Probe's SOUND goes on.
              49   INT. STARFLEET COMMAND - FAVORING DISPLAY SCREENS             49

                   Above the din of the Probe's call and the shouts and
                   chatter of officers, the screens convey a series of
                   terrible images, some deteriorating:

                   -- Clouds, tumbling abnormally in response to the
                      Probe's call, build up massive thunderheads, split by
                      LIGHTNING and THUNDER.

                   -- A familiar Landmark (The Leaning Tower, The Sphinx)
                      is seen against grey-black tumbling clouds. Rain has
                      begun to fall heavily. The Sphinx appears to be

                   -- A dam cracks, and torrents of water pour into the
                      valley below, all under leaden skies.

                   -- SAN FRANCISCO BAY: Dark with giant clouds, whipping
                      wind and rain. Lightning crackles on top the Golden

                   As  we WIDEN from the screen, we are in the midst of
                   Bedlam. Morrow, trying to chatter orders, the
                   President trying vainly to be heard on a comm channel,
                   Commander Chapel urgently directing medical and
                   evacuation efforts. (DIALOGUE TO COME)

              50   ANGLE AT GREAT WINDOW                                         50

                   The rain howls outside, and water is beginning to spray
                   in through the seals. A CREW, drenched, is attempting
                   to shore up the window itself.

              51   OMITTED                                                       51

              52   INT. COMPUTER ROOM - BIRD OF PREY - CLOSE SCREEN              52

                   As the Probe's modified CALL is heard (WHALE SONG), a
                   series of graphic images present themselves on screen;
                   The computer search narrows down to whales, and then, 
                   specific species thereof. In short order the computer
                   finds a match, and a line drawing of a great whale
                   appears. A printout indicates: "Megaptera
                   Novaeangliae." As this is occurring, ANGLE WIDENS to
                   include Kirk and Bones watching intently behind Spock.


                             As suspected, the Probe's
                             transmissions are the songs sung by


                   On Screen: "HUMPBACK WHALE" begins flashing to replace
                   the Latin species name.

                             Specifically, Humpback Whales.

                             That's crazy! Who would send a
                             probe hundreds of light years to
                             talk to a whale?

                             It's possible. Whales were on Earth
                             far earlier than man...

                   As DATA continues to flash on screen:

                             10 million years earlier. Humpbacks
                             were heavily hunted by Man. They
                             have been extinct since the 21st
                             Century... It is possible that an
                             alien intelligence sent the probe to
                             determine why they lost contact.

                             ... My God...

                             Spock, could the Humpback's answer
                             to this call be simulated?

                             The sounds, but not the language. We
                             would be responding in gibberish.

                             Is there any other planet where this
                             species exists?

                             The Humpback was indigenous to
                             Earth. Earth of the past.

                             That leaves us no choice. We must
                             destroy the probe before it destroys

                             That would be futile, Admiral. The
                             probe would neutralize us easily.

                             But we can't turn away! Is there no

                             There is one, but I cannot guarantee
                             its success. We could attempt to
                             find some Humpback Whales.
                             You just said there aren't any
                             except on Earth of the past.
                             That is what I said, Doctor.

                             Then how.?

                   He trails off, seeing Kirk deep in thought.

                             Now wait just a damn minute.

                             Spock, start your computations for
                             time warp.
                                     (a beat)
                             Come on, Bones. Let's pay Scotty a

             52A   INT. CARGO BAY - KIRK AND SCOTTY                             52A

                   striding through a vast Cargo area. Bones follows.

                             Scotty, how long is this bay?

                             About 60 feet, Admiral.

                             That should be enough. Can you
                             enclose it to hold water?

                             I suppose I can, sir; are you
                             planning to take a swim?

                             Off the deep end, Mr. Scott.

                   As Scotty puzzles -

                             Scotty, we have to find some

                             Humpbacked - people.?

                             Whales, Scotty. 45 to 50 feet long;
                             about 40 tons a piece.

                             Admiral - how am I going to handle
                             all that weight?

                             You'll work it out, Scotty. And
                             remember: two of them.


                             It takes two to tango, Mr. Scott.

                   And with a confident grin, Kirk exits, pursued by

                             The great flood and Noah's Ark.
                             what a way to finally go.

             52B   ANOTHER ANGLE - THE CARGO BAY                                52B

                   As Bones catches up with Kirk.
                             You're really going to try this time
                             travel in this rust bucket?

                             We've done it before.

                             Sure, slingshot around the Sun. If
                             you pick up enough speed you're in
                             time warp. If you don't, you fry..

                             Would you prefer to do nothing?

                   And Kirk passes through the Cargo Bay into:

             52C   INT. NECK CORRIDOR - BIRD OF PREY                            52C

                   Bones pursues Kirk on the way to the bridge.

                             I prefer a dose of common sense.
                             you are proposing to head backwards
                             in time, find Humpback Whales, then
                             bring them forward in time, drop
                             them off - and hope they tell this
                             Probe what to do with itself!

                             -- That's the general idea.

                             That's crazy!

                             If you have a better idea - now's
                             the time.

                   There is a pause. Bones does not have a better idea.

             52D   INT. BRIDGE - BIRD OF PREY                                   52D

                   The doors open, Kirk strides in, Bones following.

                             Mr. Spock, your computations?

                             In progress, Admiral.

                             Uhura. Get me through to Starfleet 

              53   EXT. SAN FRANCISCO BAY - ILM                                  53

                   Waves crash against the bridge posts and the shoreline.
                   Wind roars: Lightning, thunder, crackle and rumble.

              54   INT. STARFLEET COMMAND                                        54

                   Torrential rain at the window; lightning reflects deep
                   into the room. The situation screens have become
                   erratic; technicians scurry desperately and there is
                   CHATTER overlapping from all. Through this:

                                           COMM OFFICER
                             Sir... I'm picking up a faint 
                             transmission... It's Admiral Kirk

                             On screen!

                   But at this moment, the entire situation display goes
                   fuzzy, distorts, and is gone.
                             Satellite reserve power, now!

                   The board starts up again, but dimmer, more erratic. A
                   distorted image of Kirk appears on SCREEN (INTERCUT
                   WITH BIRD OF PREY). We will not hear every word.

                                           KIRK'S IMAGE
                             ... Analysis... Probe call...
                             Captain Spock... Opinion... extinct
                             species, Humpback Whale... proper
                             response... Do you read me...?
                             Stabilize! Emergency reserve!

                   As the Comm Officer responds, Sarek steps up beside
                   Morrow. Now Kirk's image clears enough to see:

                             Starfleet, if you read, we are going
                             to attempt time travel. We are
                             computing our trajectory at this

                   But suddenly the power fails, Kirk's image is gone. A
                   silence as they stare at the blank screen.

                             Good luck, Kirk. And all you go
                             with you.

                   The interruption is sudden: the entire great window
                   facing the bay CRASHES INWARD, filling the room with
                   debris, cries, and howling wind.

              55   EXT. SPACE - BIRD OF PREY - ILM                               55

                   Cloud covered Earth is distant b.g. The ship passes
                   us. PAN to see she's heading for the Sun.

              56   OMITTED                                                       56

             56A   INT. BIRD OF PREY BRIDGE                                     56A

                             Ready to engage computer, Admiral.

                             What is our target in time?

                             The late 20th Century.

                             Surely you can be more specific...
                             Not with this equipment. I have had
                             to program some of the variables
                             from memory.         

                             What are the variables...?

                             Availability of fuel components;
                             Mass of the vessel through a time
                             continuum, and the probable location
                             of Humpbacks, in this case, the
                             Pacific basin.

                             You've programmed that from memory...?

                             I have.

                                     (eyes to heaven)
                             Angels and ministers of grace,
                             defend us.

                             Hamlet, Act I scene 4.

                             Mr. Spock... None of us has doubts
                             about your memory.
                             Engage computer. Prepare for Warp

              57   EXT. SPACE - BIRD OF PREY - ILM                               57
                   Her wings move to their sleekest position as she con-
                   tinues her course to the Sun.
              58   INT. BIRD OF PREY BRIDGE                                      58

                             Shields, Mr. Chekov.

                             Shields, aye.

                             May fortune favor the foolish.
                             Mr. Sulu, Warp Speed!
              59   EXT. SPACE - SERIES OF SHOTS - ILM                            59

                   The Bird of Prey explodes into WARP; she blurs past our
                   eyes several times, gaining speed toward the Sun --

              60   INTERCUT - BRIDGE  (ILM ELEMENTS)                             60

                             Warp two... three...

                             Steady as she goes...

                   On VIEW SCREEN the sun is getting larger. Vibration
                   begins on the bridge and increases markedly with

                             Warp five... seven...

                                           SCOTTY'S VOICE
                             I don't think she'll hold together,

                             No choice now, Scotty!

                             Sir, heat shields at maximum!

                             Warp Nine... Nine point two... Nine
                             point three...

                             Mr. Sulu, we need breakaway speed!

                             Hang on, sir... Nine point seven...
                             point eight... Breakaway threshold...

                                     (cues from SCREEN)
                             Now, Mr. Sulu!

              61   OMITTED                                                       61
               &                                                                  &
              62                                                                 62

              63   SPACE - SERIES OF SHOTS - THE SLINGSHOT - ILM                 63

                   -- Just as the Bird appears certain to be swallowed by
                      the Sun, a BLAST of some kind accelerates the ship
                      along the far curve of the great star. Solar flares
                      lick at the bright blur as she --

                   -- Arcs suddenly behind the sun, whipping almost faster
                      than we can see and --

                   -- Like a tracer bullet on a circular course, the
                      bright blur emerges from the opposite side of the sun
                      and starts back toward Earth.

              64   EXT. SPACE - BIRD OF PREY - ILM                               64

                   We are behind the ship, chasing and closing rapidly as
                   it sizzles through space. We overtake the ship until
                   the blue white heat of the engines FILLS THE SCREEN --

              65   INT. BIRD OF PREY BRIDGE                                      65
                   FROM THE REAR as CAMERA CONTINUES MOVING IN toward Kirk
                   sitting in his chair. As the back of Kirk's head FILLS
                   THE SCREEN:

              66   TIME TRAVEL SEQUENCE - SUBJECTIVE - ILM                       66

                   We are inside Kirk's MIND as we see a series of hypnot-
                   ic dream images floating up from Kirk's subconscious;
                   undulating figures which float toward us and pass...
                   Liquid faces... amorphous figures... images of Kirk's
                   shipmates in semi-transparent ghostly shapes -- aging
                   and regressing. Kirk's image of himself running toward
                   himself... underwater looking up at a sunlight-dappled
                   surface... gently waving strands of reeds at an
                   abstract shoreline... disembodied voices, sounds and
                   music add to the hypnotic effect. And then...

                   A WHOOSHING ROAR begins to mount and grow louder until
                   it climaxes with a terrible BANG! And we:

                                                                            CUT TO:

              67   EXT. SPACE - STAR FIELD - ILM                                 67

                   Empty a moment, then the Bird of Prey descends INTO THE
                   SHOT, no longer glowing, tranquil in flight.

              68   OMITTED                                                       68

              69   INT. BIRD OF PREY BRIDGE                                      69

                             Mr. Sulu...? ... Mr. Sulu?!

                                     (out of trance)
                             ... Aye sir...?

                             What is our condition?
                             Sir... Braking thrusters seem to
                             have fired.

                             Picture, please.

                   ON SCREEN: The spectacle of Earth as seen from high
                   orbit (NASA MATERIAL). Awesome.

                             Earth... But when?... Spock?

                                     (at his station)
                             Judging by the pollution content of
                             the atmosphere, I believe we have
                             arrived at the late 20th Century.

                             Well done, Mr. Spock.

                             Admiral, I am receiving whale songs.

                             On speakers.

                   Sure enough.

                             Home in on the strongest signal.
                             Descend from orbit.

                             Admiral, if I may: we're probably
                             already visible to the tracking
                             devices of the time.

                             Quite right, Spock. Mr. Chekov,
                             engage cloaking device!

              70   EXT. SPACE - BIRD OF PREY - ILM (CLOAK EFFECT)                70

                   Descending, the ship, via the cloaking device,
              71   INT. BIRD OF PREY BRIDGE                                      71

                             We are crossing the terminator into

                             Homing in on the west coast of North

                             Individual whale song getting stronger...
                             This is strange, Admiral. The song
                             is directly ahead. It's coming from
                             San Francisco.

                             From a city? That doesn't make 
                             Perhaps thy are stranded in the
                             Bay, sir?... Or in captivity?

                                           SCOTTY'S VOICE
                             Admiral, you and Spock better get
                             down here...!

                             Continue approach...

              72   INT. BIRD OF PREY ENGINE ROOM- CLOSE - POWER CONSOLE          72
                   (AS SHOT)

                   Within a shielded sub-room, we can see through a window
                   dilithium crystals. They are beautiful, but they're
                   dim. WIDEN as Scotty tells Kirk and Spock:

                             They're giving out. De-crystallizing.
                             Give me a round figure, Mr. Scott.

                             Oh, twenty-four hours, give or take,
                             staying cloaked. After that,
                             Admiral, we'll be visible -- and
                             dead in the water. In any case, we
                             won't have enough to break out of
                             the Earth's gravity, to say nothing
                             of getting back home.

                   Kirk scowls at the crystals.

                             I can't believe we've come this far
                             only to be stopped by this!
                             Scotty, is there any way dilithium
                             can be re-crystallized?

                             Sorry, sir. We can't even do that
                             in the 23rd Century.

                             There is a 20th Century possibility.


                             If memory serves, there was a 
                             dubious flirtation with nuclear
                             fission reactors resulting in toxic
                             side effects. By the beginning of
                             the fusion era, these reactors had
                             been replaced, but at this time, we
                             should be able to find some.

                             But you said toxic.

                             We could rig a device to collect their
                             high energy photons safely; we could
                             then inject the photons into the
                             dilithium chamber, causing crystalline
                             restructure.... Theoretically.

                             Where would we find these
                             reactors... Theoretically.

                             Nuclear power was widely used in
                             naval vessels...

                   Kirk looks at him, thinking.

              73   EXT. SAN FRANCISCO - DOWN ANGLED POV - NIGHT - ILM            73

                   The city, alive with lights. We are descending.

              74   THE BRIDGE                                                    74

                   The FOOTAGE is seen on screen. Kirk is on station.
                   They are all watching.

                             It doesn't look all that different.
                             Let's hope so, Bones. Mr. Sulu, set
                             us down in Golden Gate Park.

                             Aye, sir. Descending.

                             We'll divide into teams. Commanders
                             Chekov and Uhura are assigned to the
                             Uranium problem.

                             Yes, sir.

                             Dr. McCoy, you, Mr. Scott and
                             Commander Sulu will convert us a
                             whale tank.

                             Oh, joy.

                             Captain Spock and I will attempt to
                             trace these whale songs to their

                             I'll have bearing and distance for
                             you, sir.

                             Now look: I want you all to be very
                             careful. This is terra incognita.
                             Many customs will doubtless take us
                             by surprise. It's a forgone
                             conclusion these people have never
                             seen an extra-terrestrial before.

                   Everyone looks at Spock. He arches an eyebrow; reaches
                   into his robe and pulls out a strip of lining which he
                   ties around his head, concealing his ears and making
                   him look like a Japanese gentleman in samurai dress.

                             This is an extremely primitive and
                             paranoid culture. Mr. Chekov, issue
                             a phaser and communicator to each 
                             We'll maintain radio silence except
                             in emergency, all transmissions to
                             be preceded by three coded bleeps.
                             Anyone in uniform, get rid of your
                             rank insignia.
                                     (they do)
                             Any questions?
                             All right, let's do our job and get
                             out of here. Our own world is
                             waiting for us to save it if we can.
              75   EXT. GOLDEN GATE PARK - NIGHT                                 75

                   A garbage truck is stopped as TWO GARBAGE MEN empty
                   park trash cans into the rear of the truck.

                                           1ST GARBAGE MAN
                             So I told her: if you think I'm
                             laying out sixty bucks for a goddam
                             toaster oven you got another thing

                                           2ND GARBAGE MAN
                             So what'd she say?

                   Before he can answer, a mighty wind comes up. We're
                   talking Hurricane Gloria at 150 m.p.h. It's all they
                   can do to hang on to the truck for dear life, squinting
                   in the direction of the wind. After a couple of moments,
                   the wind dies as quickly as it arose.

                                           1ST GARBAGE MAN
                             What the fuck was that?

                   But both are now taken by a WEIRD SOUND, and they look
                   to see:

              76   EXT. PARK - NIGHT - ILM                                       76

                   The ramp of the Bird of Prey descends, the only visible
                   part of the ship. Kirk and his crew descend, back-lit.

              77   BACK TO THE TRUCK                                             77

                   The garbage men stare in disbelief. Number One starts
                   for the cab, grabs Number Two, who's frozen, and they
                   scramble into the truck, fumble for the starter, and
                   roar away.

              78   INT. TRUCK                                                    78

                                           NUMBER TWO
                             Did you see that?

                                           NUMBER ONE
                             No. And neither did you, so shut up.

              79   BACK TO RAMP                                                  79

                   As the truck roars off in the distance, Kirk and the
                   crew reach the ground. The ramp closes, restoring
                   normal light.

                             We'll stick together till we get
                             orientated. Bearing to the whales?

                                     (with tricorder)
                             283 degrees... 15.2 kilometers...

                             Everyone remember where we parked.
                   And they move off.

                                                                            CUT TO:

              80   EXT. DOWNTOWN SAN FRANCISCO - VARIOUS SHOTS - DAY             80

                   Culture shock! Bustling traffic and people. Our
                   doughty band moves through the scene in awe and wonder,
                   taking in sights and sounds. They are little noticed
                   by passersby; their dress may be a little odd, but this
                   is San Francisco. Now they stop in front of a news

              81   POV - THE HEADLINE, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE                   81

                   "Nuclear Arms Talks Stalled."

              82   BACK TO SCENE                                                 82

                             It's a miracle these people ever got
                             out of the 23rd century.

                   A man steps to the machine, inserts coins, takes a
                   paper. Kirk frowns.

                             Damn, they're still using money.
                             We're going to need some.

                   He looks around in thought, sees:

              83   HIS POV - ANTIQUE STORE : "WE BUY AND SELL"                   83

              84   BACK TO SCENE                                                 84

                             You people wait here... And spread
                             out. We look like a cadet review.
                             ... Spock --

                   The group spreads out self consciously, as Spock
                   follows Kirk across the street. In mid-street, a car
                   SQUEALS to a stop to avoid hitting Kirk.

                                           CAR DRIVER
                             Watch were you're going, you dumb

                             And double dumb ass on you!

                    Spock reacts to this language.

                 84A   EXT. THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET                        84A

                   The rest of the crew having spread out per Kirk's
                   instructions, are waiting as A YOUNG JAPANESE BOY
                   passes Sulu, does a double take and comes up to him.
                   The scene will be played IN JAPANESE with English

                                           THE BOY
                                     (in wonder)
                             Ojichan? Akira ojichaan dewa naino?
                             Koko de nani shiteru no?
                             (Uncle Akira?! Is that you? What
                             are you doing here?)

                                     (in classical Japanese)
                             Gomen nasarei. Hito chigai de
                             gozaranuka na.
                             I'm sorry, my son. You have mis-
                             taken me for someone else.

                                           THE BOY
                             Ah, chigaau hito da. Hanashi kata ga
                             Yes, this must be true. You talk

          He starts to back away apologetically but Sulu stops him.

                             Chotto omachi nasarei. Namae
                             wa nanto moosareruka na.
                             Wait my son. What is your name?

                                           THE BOY
                             Sulu Hikaru.

                                     (visibly moved)
                             Ah, sorenara mazu mazu nagaiki wo
                             sareru to mira.
                             Ah... Then I am sure that you will
                             have a long and happy life.

                                           THE BOY
                             Arigato. Sayonara.
                             Thank you, honorable sir.

                   The boy departs and Bones steps to Sulu.
                             Who was that?

                             That, Doctor, was my great
                             great grandfather.

                   On McCoy's reaction we CUT TO:

              85   INT. ANTIQUE STORE - DAY                                      85

                   The OWNER examines Kirk's glasses, now shattered.

                             Yes, they're eighteenth Century
                             American, quite valuable. Are you
                             sure you want to part with them?

                             How much will you give me?

                   As the Owner examines the glasses:

                             Weren't those a birthday present from
                             Dr. McCoy?

                             And they will be again, Spock.
                             That's the beauty of it.
                                    (to Owner)
                             How much?
                             They'd be worth more if the lenses
                             were intact. I'll give you 200 bucks
                             take it or leave it.

                             Is that a lot?

              86   EXT. ANOTHER STREET CORNER                                    86

                   As Kirk divides the money.

                             That's all there is, so nobody
                             splurge. Are we set?
                                     (they are)
                             Then, good hunting.

                   And they divide into teams and start off. We stay with
                   Kirk and Spock as they begin walking.
                             Well, Spock, thanks to your restored
                             memory and a little bit of luck, we
                             are in the streets of San
                             Francisco looking for a pair of
                             humpback whales.
                             How do you propose to solve this
                             minor problem?

                             Simple logic will suffice. We need
                             a map.
                             That one should do.

                   He leads Kirk to a SYSTEM MAP in a bus stop enclosure.

                             I will juxtapose our coordinates on
                             this map and find our destination.

                   He starts to, but the map is diagrammatic, and very
                   puzzling to Spock. As he struggles with its illogic, a
                   BUS pulls up. On the side is an ad: "See GEORGE AND
                   GRACIE, the only two Humpback Whales in Captivity at
                   the Cetacean Institute, Sausalito." Kirk smiles.

                             I think we'll find what we're
                             looking for at the Cetacean
                             Institute in Sausalito. Two
                             Humpbacks called George and 

                             How do you know this...?

                             ... Simple logic.

              87   ANGLE AT BUS DOOR                                             87

                   Kirk, followed by Spock, enters. The door closes, but
                   the bus does not start. CAMERA PANS along bus to the
                   rear exit door, which opens, disgorging a frustrated
                   Kirk and a puzzled Spock.

                             What does it mean, exact change?

              88   EXT. STREET - DAY                                             88

                   Bones, Scotty and Sulu.

                             Would you mind telling me how we
                             plan to convert this tank?

                             Ordinarily, I could do it with a
                             piece of transparent aluminum...

                             You're about 150 years too early for

                             I know. We've got to find the 20th
                             Century equivalent...

                             What about that?

                   They look off. RACK FOCUS to a billboard: "CAN'T FIND
                   IT? TRY THE YELLOW PAGES!"

              89   INT.   PHONE BOOTH - CLOSE ON PHONE BOOK - DAY                89

                   A finger runs down one of the white pages, finds some-
                   thing, snaps the book shut. WIDEN to reveal Chekov
                   emerging from the booth, Uhura waiting.
                             Find it?

                             Yes, under "U.S. Government." Now
                             we need directions.

                   He steps forward, stops a PASSERBY.

                             Excuse me, sir. Can you direct me
                             to the Navy base in Alameda?

                                    (hearing the accent)
                             The... Navy base?

                             Yes. Where they keep the nuclear

              90   INT. BUS - DAY                                                90

                   Kirk and Spock are riding across the Golden Gate
                   Bridge. In front of them, a punker listens to a ghetto
                   blaster so loudly that every time Kirk tries to talk,
                   he can't be heard. Finally he leans forward and

                             Excuse me. Can you please stop that

                   In response, the punker flips him the finger. In
                   response to which, Spock gives the punker a Vulcan
                   nerve pinch and disarms the radio. Other passengers
                   applaud. Kirk and Spock settle into their seats.

                             As you observed, a primitive


                             Admiral, may I ask you a question?

                             Spock, don't call me Admiral. Don't
                             you remember: you used to call me
                             Jim... Now what's your question?

                             Your use of language has altered
                             since our arrival. It is currently
                             laced with -- shall I say -- more
                             colorful metaphors: "Double dumb
                             ass on you" -- and so forth...

                             You mean profanity. That's simply
                             the way they talk here.
                             Nobody pays any attention to you if
                             you don't swear every other word.
                             You'll find it in all the literature
                             of the period.

                             For example?

                   Kirk thinks.

                             Oh, the complete works of Jacqueline
                             Susan, the novels of Harold

                             Ah... The giants.
              91   EXT. MARITIME CETACEAN INSTITUTE - DAY                        91

                   The bus pulls up and disgorges Kirk, Spock and a few
                   other visitors. They head for the impressive building.
              92   INT. INSTITUTE - MAIN ROOM - DAY                              92

                   Large, beautiful, with great hanging replicas of whales
                   dominating. A tour group has gathered, and DR. GILLIAN
                   TAYLOR, perkily attractive , enters to take charge.

                             Good morning. I'm your guide this
                             morning; my name's Dr. Gillian
                             Taylor, but you can call me Gillian.
                             I'm Assistant Director of the
                             Maritime Cetacean Institute. Please
                             follow me and just give a yell if
                             you can't hear, okay?

                   She starts off, all follow.
                             The Cetacean Institute is the only
                             museum in the world exclusively
                             devoted to whales. As you can see
                             we have a great seal to offer, but
                             that is small compared to what we
                             know -- or rather what wee don't know
                             about whales. The first commonly
                             held misconception is that whales
                             are fish.
                             They're not; they're mammals like
                             us. Warm-blooded, needing air to
                             breathe and producing milk to nurse
                             their young. They are very old
                             mammals -- 11 million years, give
                             or take.

                    During the spiel, Taylor notices Kirk. In an odd way,
                    they connect. He's attractive, even in his odd clothes,
                    and he pays stricter attention than the average Joe.

                                           A MAN
                             Do whales attack people -- like in
                             "Moby Dick"?

                             Most whales don't even have teeth.
                             They strain vast amounts of tiny
                             shrimp for food and that is the
                             limit of their hostility. Un-
                             fortunately, their principle enemy
                             is far more aggressive.

                             You mean man...

                             To put it mildly. Since the dawn of
                             time, men have harvested whales for
                             a variety of purposes, most of which
                             can be achieved synthetically at this
                             point. A hundred years ago, using
                             hand-thrown harpoons, they did plenty
                             of damage -- but that was nothing
                             compared to what they've achieved
                             in this century.

                   Gillian pushes a button and screens modern whale-hunt
                   footage. Pretty gruesome stuff.

                                     (continuing; still
                                      emotional for her)
                             This is mankind's legacy: whales
                             hunted to the brink of extinction.
                             Virtually gone is the Blue Whale,
                             largest creature ever to inhabit
                             the Earth.
                             Despite all attempts at banning
                             whaling, there are still countries
                             and pirates currently engaged in
                             slaughter of these inoffensive
                             creatures. Where the humpback whale
                             once numbered in the hundreds of
                             thousands, today there are less than
                             7 thousand specimens alive and those
                             that are taken are no longer fully
                             grown. In addition, many of the
                             females are killed, still bearing
                             unborn calves.

                   The pictures graphically illustrate what she's talking

                             To hunt a species to extinction is
                             not logical.
                             Whoever said the human race was
                             Now if you'll follow me, I'll
                             introduce you to the Institute's
                             pride and joy.

                   They start after her.

              93   EXT. WHALE TANK - DAY - ILM ELEMENTS                          93

                             This is the largest sea water tank
                             in the world -- and it contains the
                             only two humpback whales in

                  The two whales undulate majestically. They are
                  colossal. Kirk and Spock react in awe.

                             They are mature humpbacks, weighing
                             45,000 pounds each. They wandered
                             into San Francisco Bay as calves and
                             were brought here. We call them
                             George and Gracie.

                                     (excited whisper)
                             It's perfect, Spock: a male, a
                             female, together in a contained
                             space can beam them up together
                             and consider ourselves damn lucky...

                   Spock reacts oddly to this.

                             Beautiful, aren't they? And
                             extremely intelligent. Why
                             shouldn't they be? They're swimming
                             around with the largest brains on
                             Earth... Now if you'll follow me

                   The group enters the building. Spock hangs back. Kirk
                   does not notice his absence.
             93A   INT. BUILDING                                                93A

                   As Gillian continues the tour.

                             Despite all the things they are
                             teaching us we have to return
                             George and Gracie to the open sea.

                             Why's that?

                             Well, for one thing, we simply don't
                             have the money to keep feeding them
                             a couple of tons of shrimp a day!

                             How soon?

                             Soon... It's too bad because they're
                             very friendly as you can see. I've
                             grown quite attached to them... This

                   She starts down a spiral staircase that winds around
                   the tank. The others follow, minus Spock.

              94   ANGLE NEXT TO TANK WINDOW, LOWER LEVEL                        94

                   Gillian stops with her back to the tank.

                             Here's a much better way to see
                             George and Gracie -- underwater.

                   Kirk has begun to look for Spock -- but in vain.

              95   INT. TANK - UNDERWATER                                        95

                   As Gillian continues her spiel, CAMERA MOVES IN toward
                   the whales and discovers Spock -- in the water, swimming
                   to them! He approaches one, and looks it in the eye.
                   The great eye stares back.

              96   CLOSER ANGLE - UNDERWATER                                     96

                   Spock and the whale are a foot apart. Spock gently
                   puts his hand on the whale -- a MIND MELD. A shaft of
                   back lightning makes the mood ethereal.

              97   EXT. TANK                                                     97

                   Over speakers, we hear WHALE SONG. The crowd reacts.

                             What you're hearing is whale song. It
                             is sung by the male. He'll sing any-
                             where from six to as long as thirty
                             minutes, and then, start again. In
                             the ocean, other whales will pick up
                             the song... And pass it on.

                   Now Kirk sees Spock in the water behind Gillian and is
                   in mild shock. He watches wild-eyed as Spock and whale
                   move through the water in mid mind-meld.

                             The songs change every year, but
                             we still don't know what purpose
                             they serve. Are they navigational?
                             Part of the mating ritual? Or pure
                             communication beyond our comprehension?

                                           AN OLDER WOMAN
                             Maybe he's singing to the man.

                   As the woman points, Gillian turns around to see:

              98   POV - SPOCK AND WHALE IN TANK                                 98

              99   BACK TO SCENE                                                 99
                             What the hell --!
                                    (starts out)
                             Excuse me! Wait right here!

                   She dashes up the stairs as Kirk desperately pursues.

             100   EXT. EDGE OF TANK - DAY                                      100

                   Spock climbs out, and is putting on his robe as Gillian
                   comes running to him from a distance, followed but

                             Who the hell are you? What were
                             you doing in there?!

                   Spock turns to Kirk for guidance, but:

                             You heard the lady!

                   Spock gives it his best logical shot.

                             Attempting the hell to communicate.

                             Communicate? Communicate what? You
                             have no right to be here!

                   Spock hesitates.

                             Come on, fellah -- speak up!

                             Admiral, if we were to assume these.
                             whales are ours to do with as we
                             please, we would be as guilty as
                             those who caused their extinction.

                                     (realizes they are
                             Ohhhkay. I don't know what this is
                             about, but I want you guys outta
                             here right now or I call the cops.

                             I assure you that won't be
                             necessary. We were only trying to

                             The hell you were, buster. Your
                             friend was messing up my tank and
                             messing up my whales...

                             They like you very much. But they
                             are not the hell your whales.

                             I suppose they told you that...?

                             The hell they did.

             101   EXT. ROAD NEAR CETACEAN INSTITUTE - DAY                      101 

                   Kirk and Spock walking, Golden Gate Bridge in the back-
                   ground . Slight tension between them.   Then:



                             About those colorful metaphors we
                             discussed. I don't think you 
                             should try to use them.

                             Why not?

                             Well, for one thing, you haven't
                             quite got the hang of it.

                             I see.

                             And another thing... It is not 
                             always necessary to tell the truth. 

                             I cannot tell a lie.

                             You don't have to lie... You could


                             You've done it before. Can't you

                             The hell I can't

                                     (sighs; then)
                             What else did you learn from your
                             mind meld?

                             They are very unhappy about the way
                             their species has been treated by

                             They have a right to be...         
                             Do you think they'll help us?      

                             I believe I was successful in 
                             communicating our intentions.

                                     (an uncertain beat)
                             ... I see.                         

             102   EXT. WHALE TANK - DAY                                        102

                   Gillian sits on the edge, dangling her feet. George
                   and Gracie swim back and forth next to her, blowing
                   water that showers her. She strokes them.

                             It's all right. Yes. I know. It's 
                             okay. They didn't mean any harm.

                   The whales make NOISES. They are trying to tell her
                   something -- but what? BOB BRIGGS, Director of the
                   Institute, comes up behind her.

                             Heard there was some excitement.

                             Just a couple of kooks...           

                   Bob watches her affectionately from behind; kicks off
                   his shoes and, rolling up his slacks, sits down next to
                   her with his feet in the water.

                             How're you doing? 

                             Fine. Just fine.

                             Don't tell me fish stories, kiddo.
                             I've known you too long.

                             Bob... it's tearing me apart.

                             I know. I feel the same thing. But
                             we're between a rock and a hard
                             place. We can't keep them without
                             risking their lives and we can't let
                             them go without a taking the same


                             And finally, they're not human
                             beings, you know. Their
                             intelligence has in no way been
                             proven comparable to ours --

                             I don't know about you, but my
                             compassion for someone is not
                             limited to my estimate of their 
                             I mean whales may not have painted    
                             the Mona Lisa or invented the dirt    
                             bike but they didn't ravish the land  

                   Bob is rebuked. Gillian rises.        

                             Sorry if I spoke out of turn.

                             Not at all. You gave me things to
                             think about. You always do. You do
                             sound a little wrecked, why don't     
                             you go home and stare at the          

                             Why don't I?

                   Gillian goes off. Bob sits, then takes his feet out of
                   the tank. JOE, an assistant, comes over.

                             We all squared away?

                             Looks like it.

                             She's gonna go berserk.

                             It's for her own good, Joe; it's the
                             only way. She'll call me names for
                             a while, but then she'll calm down
                             and understand.

             103   EXT. ALAMEDA NAVAL BASE - LONG SHOT - DAY -                  103

                   A great AIRCRAFT CARRIER at dock; the Naval Base
                   beyond. As CAMERA MOVES IN, we note from the gangplank
                   banners and the dockside cabanas that this is "U.S.S.
                   ENTERPRISE, CVN65." A definite Star Trek moment.

            103A   REVERSE - A PARK-LIKE AREA, CLOSE BY - (AND INTERCUT)       103A
                   (AS SHOT)

                   CAMERA MOVES  to reveal Uhura and Chekov coming through
                   the trees to discover ENTERPRISE in the near distance.
                   A moment between them. Then Uhura whips out her
                   tricorder and begins getting some readings. As the 
                   tricorder BEEPS, Chekov pulls out the communicator.

                             Team leader, this is team 2.   Come
                             in, please...

                                     (the BEEPS increase)
                             I have the coordinates of the                  
                             ... It gives me a great sense of               

                             It gives me a great sense of danger.
                             We have to beam in next to the
                             reactor room, not in it.

                                           KIRK'S VOICE
                             Team 2? Kirk here....

                             Admiral, we have found the nuclear              

             104   EXT. ROAD - KIRK AND SPOCK - (INTERCUT) (AS SHOT)            104

                             Ah, well done, team 2.                          

                             And Admiral, it's the Enterprise.

                             Understood. What is your plan?

                                           CHEKOV'S VOICE
                             We will beam in tonight, collect the 
                             photons and beam out. No one will
                             ever know we were there.

                             Understood and approved. Keep me
                             informed. Kirk out.

                   As Kirk is about to start another call on the comuni-
                   cator, an approaching vehicle makes him put the device 
                   away. He turns to see:

            104A   POV - A LANDROVER APPROACHING                               104A

             105   OMITTED                                                      105

             106   INT. LANDROVER - DAY                                         106

             107   HER POV - THROUGH WINDSHIELD                                 107
                   Kirk and Spock trudging down the road ahead.

             108   INSIDE CAR                                                   108 
                   She reacts, keeps her eyes on them, and passes them
                   slowly enough so that they look up to see her. As she
                   leaves them behind, she purses her lips, stops the car,
                   considers. Then she backs up.

             109   KIRK AND SPOCK                                               109

                             It's her -- from the Institute. If 
                             we play our cards right, we may
                             learn when those whales are really

                             How will playing cards help?

                   The Land rover backs into the scene; Kirk acknowledges
                   her presence but continues walking, playing it cool.
                   Gillian begins tracking alongside.

                             Well, if it isn't Robin Hood and
                             Friar Tuck.

                   No response. 

                             Where're you fellahs heading?

                   Kirk eyes her, keeps walking.

                             Back to San Francisco.

                             Came all the way down here to jump
                             in and swim with the kiddies, huh?

                             There's really very little point in
                             my trying to explain.

                             I buy that. What about him?

                             He's harmless.
                             Back in the sixties he was part of 
                             the Free Speech movement at
                             Berkeley. I think he did too much

                             LDS?? Are you dyslexic on top of
                             everything else? Come on, Lemme
                             give you a lift. I have a notorious
                             weakness for hard luck cases --
                             that's why I work with whales.

                             We don't want to be any trouble.

                             You've already been that. C'mon.

                   She stops, pushes open the door. They get in, Spock in
                   the middle staring straight ahead.


                             Don't mention it. And don't try
                             anything, either. I got a tire iron
                             right where I can get at it.

                   Kirk has no idea what she's talking about. Silence.
                   Then, to Spock: 

                             So you were at Berkeley.

                             I was not.

                   Kirk rolls his eyes.

                             Memory problems, too.

                             Uh huh. What about you? Where 
                             you from?


                             A landlubber. Come on, what the
                             hell were you boys really trying to
                             do back there? Was it some kinda 
                             macho thing? If that's all, I'm
                             gonna be real disappointed. I hate
                             that macho type.

                             Can I ask you something?

                             Go ahead.
                             What's going to happen when you
                             release the whales?

                   Long pause. Gillian doesn't like considering this.

                             They're gonna hafta take their

                             What does that mean, exactly? Take
                             their chances.

                             It means that they will be at risk
                             from whale hunters -- same as the
                             rest of the humpbacks.
                                    (to Spock)
                             What did you mean when you said all
                             that stuff back at the Institute
                             about extinction? 

                             I meant --

                             He meant what you were saying on the 
                             tour: that if things keep on the
                             way they're going, humpbacks will
                             disappear forever.

                             That's not what he said, farm boy.
                             "Admiral, if we were to assume these
                             whales are ours to do with as we
                             please, we would be as guilty as
                             those who caused -- past tense --
                             their extinction."
                             I have a photographic memory. I see

                   A silence.

                                    (to Kirk)
                             Are you sure it isn't time for a
                             colorful metaphor?

                             You're not one of those guys from
                             the military, are you? Trying to
                             teach whales to retrieve torpedoes, 
                             or some dipshit stuff like that?

                             No, ma'am. No dipshit.

                             Well, that's something. I'da let
                             you off right here.

                             Gracie is pregnant.

                   Gillian stops the car with a SQUEAL OF BRAKES.

                             All right. Who are you? and don't
                             jerk me around any more. I want to
                             know how you know that.

                             We can't tell you.
                                     (she starts to
                             Please, just -- let me finish. I
                             can tell you that we're not in the
                             military and that we intend no harm
                             to the whales.

                             Then --

                             In fact, we may be able to help --
                             in ways that, frankly, you couldn't
                             possibly imagine.

                             Or believe, I'll bet.

                                     (he sinks back
                                      into his seat)
                             Very likely. You're not exactly
                             catching us at our best.

                             That much is certain.


                             You know I've got a hunch we'd all
                             be a lot happier talking over
                             dinner. What do you say?

                   Gillian considers this for a moment; she's got nothing
                   better to do. Finally:

                             You guys like Italian food?

                   Kirk and Spock exchange glances, mystified.

                              KIRK      (overlapping)      SPOCK
                              Yes.                          No.

                   She looks at them. What a group.

             110   EXT. PLEXIGLASS FACTORY - BURLINGAME - DAY                   110

                   A big sign -- PLEXICORP tells us what this place is.   

             111   INT. FACTORY WORK AREA - DAY                                 111

                   Scotty, dressed conservatively, paces back and forth.
                   After a moment, the manager, NICHOLS, emerges with

                             Professor Scott, I'm Dr. Nichols, 
                             plant manager. I'm terribly sorry
                             but there's been an awful mix-up
                             Would you believe I was never told
                             about your visit?

                             I tried to clear things up, 
                             Professor Scott. I explained you'd
                             come all the way from Edinburgh on
                             appointment to study manufacturing
                             methods here at Plexico, but they
                             don't seem to know anything about 

                             Don't know anything about it? I 
                             find it difficult to believe that
                             I've come millions of miles --


                             Thousands; the Professor's
                             understandably upset --

                                     (not missing a beat)
                             Thousands of miles on an invited
                             tour of inspection, only to be
                             informed that I was never invited in
                             the first place!

                             Professor Scott, if you'll --
                             I demand to see the owners! I 
                             demand --

                             Professor, just take it easy! Dr.
                             Nichols is offering to take us
                             around personally.

                             He is?

                             With pleasure.

                             Well, that's different.

                             If you'll follow me, Professor --

                             I will. Can my assistant come, too?

                             Of course.

                   Scotty starts past Bones.

                             Don't bury yourself in the part.

             112   EXT. PLEXIGLASS FACTORY - BIG YARD - DAY                     112
                   Sulu moves through the grounds where Plexiglass
                   Products of all shapes and sizes are stacked. In the
                   midst of this, sits a great HUEY helicopter with the
                   company logo on its side. Its PILOT is working on his
                   engine as Sulu comes up touches the craft lovingly,
                   stares studiously into the cockpit.


                             Hi. Huey 205, isn't it?                  

                             Right on. You fly?

                             Oh, here and there.
                                     (pats it)
                             I flew something similar in my
                             Academy days.

                             All right, then this is old stuff to

                             Old, yes. But interesting.
                             Do you mind if I ask a few

             113   INT. NICHOL'S CUBICLE - DAY                                  113

                   An impressive glass-walled cubicle separating the boss
                   from the factory chaos. Nichols leads Scotty and Bones

                             Well, so much for the tour of our
                             humble plant. I must say,
                             Professor your knowledge of 
                             engineering is most impressive.

                             Back home, we call him the miracle

                             Indeed... May I offer you gentlemen

                   A look between Bones and Scotty. Then:

                             Doctor Nichols, I might have
                             something to offer you.

                             ... Yes?

                             I notice you're still working with

                             Sill? What else would I be working

                             Ah, what else indeed? Let me put it
                             another way: how thick would a piece
                             of your plexiglass need to be at 60
                             feet by 10 feet to withstand the
                             pressure of 18,000 cubic feet of 

                             That's easy: 6 inches. We carry
                             stuff that big in stock.

                             Yes, I noticed. Now suppose -- just
                             suppose -- I could show you a way to
                             manufacture a wall that would do the
                             same job but was only an inch thick.
                             would that be worth something to
                             you, eh?

                             ... Are you joking?

                             He never jokes... Perhaps the
                             professor could use your computer.


                   He gestures, and Scotty sits at a nearby Macintosh. He
                   surveys the machine quizzically, clears his throat, and
                   in a loud voice says:

                             Computer --

                   Bones steps in quickly, picks up the "Mouse" and shoves 
                   it into Scotty's hand. Scotty looks at the mouse,
                   baffled, then puts it to his lips like a mike.

                             Hello? Computer...?

                             Just use the keyboard...

                             The keyboard... How quaint.

                   Then, preparing his fingers like a concert pianist, he
                   plunges to work furiously.

             114   CLOSE - COMPUTER SCREEN                                      114
                   An awesome series of figures and graphics are
                   appearing. PULL BACK to reveal Scotty, now master of
                   the keyboard, while Nichols watches in awe, next to
                   Bones. with a flourish, Scotty hits a last command,
                   and a wondrous three dimensional graphic appears.

                             Transparent aluminum?

                             That's the ticket, laddie.

                             ... But it would take years just to
                             figure out the dynamics of this

                             You'll be rich beyond the dreams of

                             So, is it worth something? Or
                             should I just punch "clear"...

                             No... What did you have in mind...?

                             A moment alone, please.

                             You know, if we give him the 
                             formula, we'll be altering the

                             Why? how do you know he didn't
                             invent the thing!

                   As Bones accepts the truth of this, we hear:

                                           KIRK'S VOICE
                             Right here is fine.

             115   EXT. GOLDEN GATE PARK - SPACESHIP SITE - DUSK                115
                   The Land rover pulls to a stop. Kirk and Spock get out,
                   but Kirk gets back in.
             116   CLOSER - ACROSS GILLIAN IN CAR                               116

                   Spock is now outside. Gillian calls to him:  

                             You sure you won't change your mind?

                             Is there something wrong with the
                             one I have?

                             Just a little joke. See you later, 
                             old friend.

                                     (still to Spock)
                             How did you know Gracie's pregnant?
                             Nobody knows that.

                             Gracie does.
                                     (to Kirk)
                             I'll be right here.

                   Spock walks OUT OF VIEW.

                             He's just going to hang around the
                             bushes while we eat?

                             It's his way.

                   And they drive off.

             117   ANGLE ON SPOCK - ILM                                         117

                   After the Land rover has departed, he is left alone,
                   standing quietly. Then, with no warning, he BEAMS OUT.

             118   INT. ITALIAN RESTAURANT - KIRK AND GILLIAN - NIGHT           118

                   Not fancy but nice; a WAITER stands, ready to take
                   their order.
                             Do you trust me?


                                     (to Waiter)
                             A large mushroom and pepperoni with
                             extra onions. And a Michelob. 

                             And you, sir?

                   Kirk stares at the menu blankly. He shrugs.

                             Make it two.

                   The Waiter leaves. Kirk and Gillian, a moment; then:

                             So how did a nice girl like you get
                             to be a cetacean biologist?

                             Just lucky, I guess.

                             You're upset about losing the

                             ... You're very perceptive.

                             How will that be done, exactly?

                             They'll be flown in a special 747 to
                             Alaska and released there.

                             Flown... And that's the last you'll
                             see of them?

                             See, yes. But we'll tag them with
                             radio transmitters on a special
                             frequency so we can keep tabs on

                             You know, I could take those whales
                             somewhere they wouldn't be hunted.

                                     (smiles despite
                             You? You can't even get from
                             Sausalito to San Francisco without a 

                   The Waiter returns with their beers, and two plates.
                             Thanks. Cheers.

                             If you have such a low opinion of my
                             abilities, how come we're having

                             I told you: I'm a sucker for hard
                             luck cases. Besides, I want to know
                             why you travel around with that
                             ditzy guy who knows that Gracie is
                             pregnant and calls you Admiral.
                   Kirk says nothing, looks at her. There's chemistry,
                   all right.

                                     (continuing; finally)
                             Where could you take them?


                             My whales? Where could you take
                             them where they'd be safe?

                             It's not so much a matter of a place 
                             as of time.

                             Sorry, the time would have to be
                             right now.

                             What do you mean now?

                                     (bitterly, into
                                      her beer)
                             Let's just say that no humpback born
                             in captivity has ever survived.
                                     (a sigh)
                             Problem is, they won't be a whole
                             lot safer at sea because of all the
                             hunting this time of year... So
                             that, as they say, is that.
                                     (her eyes begin
                                      to moisten)

                   As she dabs her eyes with a napkin, Kirk's communicator 
                   BEEPS three times from under his clothes. Pained, he
                   ignores it.

                             What's that?

                             What's what?

                             You got a pocket pager? What are
                             you, a doctor?

                   The BEEPER again. Exasperated, Kirk flips it open.

                             What is it? I thought I told you
                             never to call me --

                             Sorry, Admiral. We just thought
                             you'll like to know, we're beaming
                             them now.

            118B   BACK TO SCENE                                               118B

                             Oh I see --
                             Tell Them phasers on stun. Good
                             luck. Kirk out.

                   Long pause. Gillian stares at him, pulls on her beer
                   thoughtfully. Then:

                             Wanna try it from the top?

                             Tell me when the whales are going to 
                             be released?

                             ... Who are you?

                             Who do you think I am?

                   She bites her pizza.
                             Don't tell me: you're from outer

                             No, I'm from Iowa. I just work in
                             outer space.

                             Well, I was close. I knew outer
                             space was going to come into it
                             sooner or later.

                             All right. The truth?

                             I'm all ears.

                             That's what you think.  
                             Okay...Truth... I'm from what, on  
                             your calendar, would be the late
                             23rd Century. I've been sent back
                             in time to bring two Humpback Whales
                             with me in an attempt to... 
                             repopulate the species.

                             Well, why didn't you say so? Why
                             all the coy disguises?

                             You want the details?

                             Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss
                             this for all the tea in China.

                             Then tell me when the whales are
                             Jesus, you are persistent.
                             Okay, your friend was right. Gracie
                             is not only pregnant, she is very
                             pregnant... At noon tomorrow -- in
                             what is sure to be a media circus --
                             the whales get shipped out.

                             Noon tomorrow...?!

                   The Waiter arrives, plunks the pizza down and holds up
                   the check.

                             Who gets the bad news...?

                             Don't' tell me: they don't have
                             money in the 23rd Century.

                             Well, we don't.
                                     (then, rising)
                             Come on. I don't have much time now.

                   And so saying, he exits, leaving a baffled Gillian and 
                   Waiter. Gillian, a beat, then covers to the Waiter:

                             Uh... Could we have this to go?

             119   EXT. NAVAL BASE - NIGHT                                      119
                   U.S.S enterprise, floodlit, secure. Shore Patrolmen
                   on duty. A general sense of tight security. 

             120   INT. CORRIDOR - U.S.S ENTERPRISE                             120

                   A SAILOR in dungarees and a DRUG DOG patrol the empty         
                   corridor. As they near CAMERA a familiar SOUND (THE
                   BEAM-IN) is heard faintly. The dog stops, his ears go
                   up in surprise. The sailor has not heard the sound.
                   He whistles to the dog and urges him on down the

             121   INT. MACHINERY ROOM - NIGHT                                  121

                   Deep within the bowels of the ship. Uhura and Chekov
                   have made it in. They carry with them the COLLECTING
                   DEVICE, a long, flashlight-like tube with a folded up
                   metal piece. They start forward, hide momentarily as a 
                   PAIR OF FEET walk above them, seen through the metal
                   decking which forms a ceiling above them. Then they
                   start carefully OUT OF SHOT.

             122   INT. ROOM ADJACENT TO REACTOR AREA  (AS SHOT)                122

                   Signs of danger and warnings. Definitely off limits.
                   They move quickly to the "Reactor threshold," a control
                   area marked by sings, warnings, and flashing red
                   lights. Uhura takes a confirming reading on her
                   tricorder, nods, and Chekov fans the metal piece open
                   into a parabolic shape. He places the "dish" in the 
                   place indicated by Uhura, turns on a power source. A
                   FAINT SOUND indicates it is working.

                             How long?

                             Depends on how much shielding is
                             between us and the reactor.

                   She looks around nervously.

             123   OMITTED                                                      123
            thru                                                               thru
             125                                                                125 

             126   EXT. GOLDEN GATE PARK - LANDING SITE - NIGHT                 126

                   As the Land rover pulls to a stop.

             127   ANGLE INSIDE LAND ROVER - KIRK AND GILLIAN                   127

                   As she pulls on the handbrake. The empty pizza box is
                   between them.

                             Well, "Admiral," that may be the 
                             strangest dinner of my life and the
                             biggest cockamamie fish story I've
                             ever heard.

                             You asked.
                             Now, will you tell me something?
                                     (at her look)
                             George and Gracie's transmitter.
                             What's the frequency?

                   She looks at him --

                             Sorry, that's classified.
                             I don't really have a clue who you
                             are... You wouldn't want to show me
                             around your space ship, would you?

                             It wouldn't be my first choice, no.

                             So. There we are.

                             Lemme tell you something. I'm here
                             to bring two humpbacks into the 23rd 
                             Century. If I have to, I'll go to
                             the open sea to get them, but I'd
                             just as soon take yours -- better
                             for me, better for you... and better
                             for them.

                             I bet you're a damn good poker player.

                             Think about it -- but don't take too
                             long because I'm out of time. If 
                             you change your mind, this is where
                             I'll be.

                                     (looks around)
                             Here... In the park?


                   He gives her a brief kiss and is gone. She sits there,
                   surprised, but not disagreeably. Then she RESTARTS her
                   CAR and is about to depart when she hears an ODD SOUND
                   O.S. and there is a SLIGHT FLICKER of reflected LIGHT.
                   She turns and looks back through the rear window.

             128   HER POV                                                      128

                   There is no one within a hundred feet of where Kirk
                   last stood.

             129   BACK TO GILLIAN                                              129

                   She turns back, puzzled; slips the car into gear, and
                   still puzzled, departs.

             130   INT. BIRD OF PREY TRANSPORTER ROOM - ILM                     130

                   Kirk materializes and is met by Spock. Immediately
                   they begin walking.


                             The tank will be finished by

                             That's cutting it closer than you
                             know. What about team two?

                             No word since beam-in. We can only
                             wait for their call.

                             Damn.... Damnit! We've been so
                             lucky. We have the two perfect
                             whales in our hands, but if we don't
                             move quickly, we'll lose them!

                             In that event, the probabilities are
                             that our mission would fail.

                             Our mission! Goddam it, Spock,
                             you're talking about the end of
                             every life on Earth! You're
                             half human, haven't you got any
                             goddamned feelings about that!!

                   Enraged and frustrated, Kirk stalks off, leaving
                   Spock. A critical moment: his feelings are surfacing:
                   anger, pain, and above all, confusion.

             131   INT. SHIP COMPARTMENT - CLOSE ON "COLLECTOR"                 131

                   PULL BACK. The device is still HUMMING. Uhura looks         
                   at Chekov in concern. He can only shrug.

            131A   INT. C.I.C. ROOM - NIGHT - FAVORING RADAR SCREEN            131A

                   Which seems to be having electronic trouble. Watching
                   it are a RADAR OPERATOR and an ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN.
                   in b.g. are other ENLISTED TECHS, and TWO OFFICERS.
                   The Operator plays with the faulty screen and says:

                             The hell... There it is again.

                             That's weird.

                   The COMMAND DUTY OFFICER steps to the console.

                             Thought you were running a test

                             Aye, sir, but we're getting an
                             apparent power drain through the 
                             module. It's coming from somewhere
                             in the ship...

                             C.I.C., Command Duty Officer Rogerson.
                             Yes, Chief, we're tracking it here,
                             too. What do you make of it?
                                     (he tightens)
                             You sure?... Check the Video scan, I 
                             need a confirm.
                                     (cups phone; to
                                      the others)
                             He thinks there's an intruder in one
                             of the MMR's.

            131B   UHURA AND CHEKOV                                            131B

                   The Collector makes a sound that appears final. As
                   Chekov removes the device from the bulkhead and folds
                   the metal in place, Uhura flips the communicator open.

                             Scotty: we're ready for beam out.
                                     (a pause; static)
                             Scotty... Can you hear me...?

            131C   THE C.I.C. ROOM                                             131C

                   As the C.D.O., waiting on phone hears a voice.

                             Yes, Chief?... Confirmed, Roger

                   He clicks off, dials a number code and in a moment:

                                     (continuing; urgent now)
                             Mardet C.O. this is Commander
                             Rodgerson, the Command Duty Officer.
                             We have and intruder in the #4 M.M.R.
                             I say again...

            131D   OMITTED                                                     131D 
            &                                                                     &
            131E                                                               131E 

            131F   UHURA AND CHEKOV                                            131F

                             Scotty... Come in please... Do you

                                          SCOTTY'S VOICE
                                     (breaking up)
                             Aye, lass, I hear you.

            131G   BIRD OF PREY TRANSPORTER AREA - SCOTTY (INTERCUT)           131G

                             ... My transporter power's down to
                             minimal. I got to bring you in one 
                             at a time. Stand by...

            131H   UHURA, CHEKOV - ILM VISTAVISION (INTERCUT)                  131H
                             Take the collector. You go first!

                   Chekov steps aside, as Scotty sweats back in the B.O.P.
                   Transporter. The Transporter power is discernibly
                   weak. At last, Uhura is slowly BEAMED OUT. Chekov, 
                   looks nervously about.

                             Scotty... How soon... Hello...?

             132   BACK TO SCOTTY                                               132 
                   Scotty is working feverishly as Chekov's voice breaks
                   up on speaker. During scene Uhura enters and listens        

                             Chekov, you're breaking up. Please    
                             signal again. Chekov, can you hear me?

             133   BACK TO CHEKOV                                               133
                   The RUNNING FEET, an O.S. COMMOTION, are louder,

                             Scotty... Now would be a good time --

             134   ANOTHER ANGLE - PAST CHEKOV (AS SHOT)                        134 

                   From all angles, U.S. MARINES in jungle fatigues,
                   helmets and bandoliers have surrounded Chekov, their
                   SHOTGUNS leveled at him.

                                           MARINE LEADER

                   There is a pause as Chekov stares back.

                             Precisely what does this mean --
             135   OMITTED                                                      135
            thru                                                               thru
             138                                                                138 

             139   INT. INTERROGATION ROOM - ENTERPRISE - NIGHT                 139
                   (AS SHOT)

                             We are CLOSE on an FBI AGENT, his badge in lapel
                             pocket. He's examining Chekov's I.D.

                                           FBI AGENT
                             Lt. Commander Pavel Chekov,
                             Starfleet, United Federation of

                   PULL BACK to include Chekov, various NAVAL OFFICERS,
                   and a CIVILIAN, (A.E.C.)

                                           FBI AGENT
                             All right, Commander, you wanna tell
                             us anything?

                             Like what?

                                           FBI AGENT
                             Like who you really are and what
                             you're doing here and what this
                             thing is.

                   The phaser -- on the desk.

                             My name is Pavel Chekov. I am a Lt.
                             Commander in Starfleet, United
                             Federation of Planets, service
                             number 656-5827b.

                                           FBI AGENT
                             All right. Let's take it from the

                             The top of what?

                                           FBI AGENT

                             My name?

                                           FBI AGENT
                             No, my name.

                             I do not know your name.

                                           FBI AGENT
                             You play games with me and you're

                             I am? May I go now?
                   The Agent takes a deep breath of exasperation and,
                   leaving Chekov at the table, walks back to the

                                           FBI AGENT
                             What do you think?

                             He's a Russkie.

                                           FBI AGENT
                             No kidding... He may be a russkie, 
                             all right, but he's a retard or

                             We better call Washington...

                   While they huddle, Chekov snatches up the phaser.

                             Don't move.

                   They stare at him in disbelief.

                                           FBI AGENT
                             Okay... Make nice and give us the
                             ray gun.

                             I varn you. If you don't lie on the
                             floor, I vill have to stun you.

                                           FBI AGENT
                             Go ahead. Stun me.

                             I'm wery sorry, but --

                   He aims the phaser and pulls. It makes a pathetic
                   BURBLING SOUND. Everyone stares. Chekov, 

                             It must be the radiation...

                   With an abrupt change of mood he bolts for the nearest
                   bulkhead door, dogs it open and reaches out.

                                           FBI AGENT
                             Someone sound a general alarm.
                             better tell the Marines to go easy,
                             don't hurt the crazy bastard.
            139A   OMITTED                                                     139A
            &                                                                     &
            139B                                                               139B

             140   INT. SHIP COMPANIONWAYS AND DECKS - NIGHT - SERIES           140
                   OF SHOTS

                   A140  -- As ALARMS SOUND, Chekov dogs a bulkhead door behind
                            him, then as a choice of down a hatch or up a
                            ladder.  He wisely goes up.

                   B140  -- Marines pour from hatchways and corridors in hot

                   C140  -- Chekov up a ladder, Marines in pursuit below. 
                         -- Up the ladders come the Marines.

                   D140  -- HANGAR DECK: Chekov breaks into the great empty
                            space, barn like; he see's the elevator opening and
                            a shot at freedom, he races toward the light.

                   E140  -- Marines, gaining, follow him across the hangar deck.

                   F140  -- Chekov reaches the elevator portal, races onto the
                            elevator and the gangway beyond -- only to see:

                   G140  -- SHORE PATROLMEN, coming up the gangplank to the

                   H140  -- Behind Chekov, the Marines have caught up. He veers
                            to his left, thinking to dive into the water, trips
                            and, with a cry:

            140A   EXT. SHIP - UP ANGLED - NIGHT                               140A

                   It's too late for Chekov. He falls from the elevator
                   into CAMERA --

            140B   REVERSE - TOWARD BARGE                                      140B

                   Chekov has landed on a floating barge below 
                   the elevator. He lies there, unmoving.

             141   UP ANGLED - THE PURSUERS                                     141

                   The Marines and Shore patrolmen look in horror. The FBI
                   MAN rushes up, and seeing:

                                           F.B.I. MAN
                             Damn... Get an ambulance...

            141A   INT. BIRD OF PREY BRIDGE - FAVORING UHURA - NIGHT           141A

                   She's at her station, distraught, monitoring a series
                   of local POLICE and PARAMEDICAL EMERGENCY CALLS. Kirk
                   enters, comes to her.

                             Any luck...?

                             Nothing... I should never have left

                             Uhura, you did what was necessary.
                             Keep trying. You'll find him...

                   Kirk steps to his chair, presses COMM, weary, 

                             Mr. Scott, you promised me an
                             estimate on the dilithium crystals...

             141B  INT. CARGO BAY - DILITHIUM CHAMBER (INTERCUT)               141B

                   Scotty and Spock are watching a slow re-crystallization

                             It's going slow, sir. It'll be well
                             into tomorrow.

                             Not good enough, Scotty. You've  
                             got to do better!

                             I'll try, sir. Scott out.
                                     (then, to Spock)
                             Well now, he's got himself in a bit
                             of a snit, don't he.

                             ... He is a man of deep feelings.

                             ... So what else is new...

                   HOLD on Spock. Up above, HOLD on Kirk, as Uhura's 
                   police calls ECHO faintly in b.g., he feels all the
                   frustration of waiting...

                   DISSOLVE TO:

             142   EXT. CETACEAN INSTITUTE - MORNING                            142

                   The Land rover pulls up and Gillian gets out, puzzled.
                   It's very quiet. No press. No crews. The main door
                   is locked. She takes out a key, and enters.

             143   EXT. TANK AREA - ILM                                         143

                   Gillian enters, and stares: It's strange, ghostly, and
                   empty here. She can see no sign of George or Gracie.
                   Has her world gone mad? Has she walked into the wrong
                   dimension? As her distress mounts she turns to face:

             144   OMITTED                                                      144
             &                                                                    &
             145                                                                145

             146   ANGLE TO INCLUDE BOB                                         146

                             They left last night.
                             We didn't want a mob scene with the
                             press, it wouldn't have been good
                             for them. Besides -- we thought it 
                             would be easier on you this way.

                                     (rage rising)
                             You -- sent them away. Without
                             even letting me say goodbye?

                             Gillian --

                   She slaps him hard.

                             You son of a bitch.

             147   EXT. THROUGH LAND ROVER WINDOW - PARKING LOT                 147

                   As Gillian runs to her car from b.g. and climbs in,
                   close. For a moment she just sits there, her head on
                   the wheel, sobbing now. Then with determination, she
                   starts the car, and peels out of the scene.

             148   EXT. AIR TO AIR - OVER SAN FRANCISCO - DAY                   148

                   The Plexicorp helicopter, carrying an enormous pane of
                   plexiglass across the city. It is not exactly steady.

             149   INT. HELICOPTER                                              149

                   Sulu is at the controls, muttering to himself.

                             ... How the hell did they ever keep
                             these things in the air...?

             150   EXT. THE EDGE OF GOLDEN GATE PARK - GROUND TO AIR -          150

                   As the chopper and its load pass overhead;

            150A   OMITTED                                                     150A

             151   EXT. LANDING SITE                                            151

                   The Land rover drives up and stops. Gillian jumps out, 
                   still overwrought. She looks around and almost like a  
                   silent scream for help, she yells Kirk's name. The
                   scream is silent because its drowned out by the SOUND OF 
                   THE APPROACHING HELICOPTER. Gillian looks up to see:

             152   THE HELICOPTER                                               152

                   It comes closer, then hovers.

             153   OMITTED                                                      153

             154   CLOSE - SCOTTY                                               154 

                   He climbs into SHOT from below FRAME LINE, waves Sulu
                   in like a landing officer on a carrier.

             155   GILLIAN                                                      155

                   She cannot believe what she's seeing O.S.

             156   HER POV - ILM                                                156

                   The chopper is lowering the plexiglass into thin air,
                   and guiding the process is half of Scotty, visible only
                   from the waist up.

             157   BACK TO SCENE                                                157

                   Gillian, stunned, moves forward to get a better view,
                   and clunks her head on an invisible strut. She gets up
                   and feels the thing like a blind person. She's
                   starting to understand she's in some Twilight Zone. In

                             Kirk! Kirk! Listen to me! Oh,
                             God, Kirk, I need you!!

             158   TO SCOTTY                                                    158

                   He's seen her distress below him. To communicator:

                             Admiral, we have  problem.

            158A   INT. BIRD OF PREY CARGO BAY - ON KIRK                       158A

                   He is looking upward, a shaft of daylight falling on
                   his face. As he hears Scotty's cry from above, he
                   turns quickly to a SURVEILLANCE MONITOR close by.
                   There on the screen he sees Gillian's agitated
                   figure. There is a moment of amazed reaction then
                   looking back up to Scotty:

                             Stand by, Scotty!

             159   BACK TO SCENE - ILM ELEMENTS                                 159

                   As, hysterically, she trips and bumps into other parts
                   of the invisible ship.

                             Kirk!! Please, Kirk!!

                   The SOUND she once heard, she hears again; and to her
                   disbelief, she disappears in the BEAM EFFECT.
             160   INT. BIRD OF PREY TRANSPORTER AREA - ILM ELEMENTS            160

                   As Gillian BEAMS IN. Kirk is there.

                             Hello, Alice. Welcome to

                   She looks about, dazed as he helps her off transporter.
                             It's true... what you said...

                             Yes... And I'm glad you're here.
                             Though I'll admit, you picked a
                             hellova time to drop in...

                   She's about to faint; Kirk catches her.
                             Steady, now. We need your help.

                             Have I flipped out? ... Is any of
                             this real?

                             It's all real. Look.
                                     (takes her)
                             The storage tanks for the whales.
                             But Kirk...

                             We'll bring them up just like we
                             brought you. It's called a
                             transporter beam...

                                     (clearing now)
                             Kirk. They're gone.
                             ... Gone?!

                             They were taken last night. I
                             wasn't told. They're in Alaska by

                             ... Damn!

                             But they're tagged, I told you.
                             Can't you go find them?

                             At the moment, we can't go anywhere.

                             What kind of spaceship is this,

                             A spaceship with a missing man.

                   He looks up to see Spock entering, all business.

                             Admiral. Full power is restored.

                             Thank you, Spock.

                   As Gillian stares at Spock's ears:

                             Hello, Doctor. Welcome aboard.

                   He offers his hand. She shakes it in wonder as:

                                           UHURA'S VOICE
                             Admiral -- are you there?

                             Yes, Uhura -- what's wrong?


                             I've found Chekov, sir: he's in
                             emergency surgery right now.

                             Uhura!... Where!

                             Mercy Hospital.

             161   BACK TO CARGO BAY (INTERCUT)                                 161

                             That's in the Mission District.

                                           UHURA'S VOICE
                             They report his condition as critical;
                             he is not expected to survive.

                             Jim, you've got to let me go in there!
                             Don't leave him in the hands of
                             Twentieth Century medicine.

                                     (already decided, but:)
                             What do you think, Spock?

                             Admiral, may I suggest that Dr.
                             McCoy is correct. We must help

                             Is that the logical thing to do,

                             No, Admiral... But is the human
                             thing to do.

                                     (takes a beat)
                                     (to Gillian)
                             Will you help us?

                             ... How?

                             We'll need to look like physicians.

             162   INT. MERCY HOSPITAL CORRIDOR - DAY                           162

                   TRACK with Kirk, Bones and Gillian -- dressed as
                   DOCTORS AND NURSES. Bones carries his own medical
                   equipment in a traditional black bag.

                             We'll check this way; you try down

                   They split; Kirk and Gillian go one way. We follow
                   Bones. He walks down a corridor, nodding to other
                   doctors, nurses, interns. He sees a gurney, steps to
                   it. On it is a very feeble ELDERLY WOMAN.


                             What's the matter with you?

                             Kidney... dialysis...

                             Dialysis?? What is this, the dark
                             ages? Here, swallow one of these.

                   He slips a lozenge from his bag under her tongue.

                             Call me if you have a problem.

             163   INT. HOSPITAL - ANGLE AT ELEVATOR - DAY                      163

                   Kirk and Gillian. Kirk gestures, O.S. WIDEN to admit

                             They're holding him in a security
                             corridor one flight up. His
                             condition is critical.

                   Bones reacts, then looks around. He sees an empty

                             Come on.

             164   INT. CORRIDOR - OUTSIDE ROOM - DAY                           164

                   Kirk and Bones, masks on their faces, emerge wheeling
                   the gurney with Gillian under the covers. They head
                   for an elevator. The doors open.

             165   INT. ELEVATOR - DAY                                          165

                   Kirk and Bones push the gurney in. TWO INTERNS are

                                           1ST INTERN
                             So, Weintraub says radical
                             chemotherapy or she's gonna croak.
                             Just like that...

                                           2ND INTERN
                             And Gottlieb?

                                           1ST INTERN
                             Well, what'd you expect? All he
                             talked about was image therapy.


                                           1ST INTERN
                             You have a different view, Doctor?

                             Sounds like the goddam Spanish

                   The doors open. They wheel the bed out, the doors
                   close, leaving the Interns looking at each other,

             166   INT. UPSTAIRS CORRIDOR - DAY                                 166

                   We TRACK behind Kirk, Bones and the bed towards the end
                   of the hall. TWO POLICEMEN block their passage.

                             Out of the way!

                   They don't budge. Under the sheet, Gillian starts to

                             Sorry, doctor! we have strict

                   Gillian wails louder. The Policemen look uncertain.

                             Dammit, this woman has immediate
                             post prandial upper abdominal
                             distension! Do you want an acute
                             case on your hands?

                   Gillian wails. The Policemen finally move aside and
                   they push their way through.

             167   ANGLE - OTHER SIDE OF DOORS                                  167

                             What did you say she was getting?


                   Gillian sits up, throws off the sheet as they see the
                   operating theatre. They leave the bed where it is and
                   proceed into the room, lifting their surgical masks.

                                           DOCTOR (O.S.)
                             Lee, why hasn't this man been

                   Kirk looks to Bones, who nods and they walk around the
                   curtain where Chekov, unconscious, lies on the table.
                   Two nurses arrange instruments in preparation for
                   surgery, while a YOUNG DOCTOR reads Chekov's chart.

                                     (looks up)
                             Who are you? Doctor Adams was
                             supposed to assist me.

                             We're just -- observing.

                             I was not informed about observers.

                   Then, to the curious glances of the surgical team,
                   Bones takes out his Tricorder and passes it over to
                   Chekov --

                             What the hell do you think you're

                             Reading the patient's vital signs.

                             An experimental device, doctor.

                             Tearing of the middle meningeal

                             What's your degree in, dentistry?

                             How do you explain slowing pulse,
                             low respiratory rate and coma?

                             Fundoscopic examination --

                             Fundoscopic examination is
                             unrevealing in these cases!

                             A simple evacuation of the expanding
                             epidural hematoma will relieve the 

                             My God, man, drilling holes in his
                             head is not the answer. The artery
                             must be repaired without delay or he
                             will die! So put away your butcher
                             knives and let me save the patient!

                   The young Doctor gives Bones an icy stare.

                             I don't know who the hell you are,
                             but I'm going to have you removed.

                   But as he turns to leave, Kirk blocks his path, then --

                             Doctors, doctors, this is highly
                             unprofessional --

                   He gives the Doctor a swift, sure, Judo chop. Gillian
                   and the nurses gasp.

                             Quite harmless, I assure you.

                   As Bones pulls out his Medical Tricorder and begins
                   working on Chekov, Kirk slings the fallen Doctor over
                   his shoulder, and draws a phaser.

                                     (continuing; to
                             Ladies. Please...

                   Indicating a windowed room adjoining, he herds them in
                   there, lowers the Doctor to the floor, and closes the
                   door. Then he adjusts his phaser, aims at the lock and:

            167A   INSERT - ILM                                                167A

                   Kirks phaser MELTS the lock.

            167B   BACK TO SCENE                                               167B

                   Bones, muttering as he passes the device over Chekov.

                             Chemotherapy... fundoscopic
                             examination... dealing with
                             medievalism here!

                   Kirk joins him; Chekov has begun to moan faintly...

                             Wake up, man, wake up!

                             Come on, Pavel...

                   Chekov's eyes begin to flutter.

                             He's coming 'round, Jim...

                             Pavel, can you hear me? Give me
                             your name and rank...

                             ... Chekov... Pavel H... Rank -
                                     (a fantasy smile)
                             ... Admiral...

                             Don't you guys have any enlisted

                   Now Chekov is pulling out of it. He sits up.

                             Dr McCoy... ZDRASTVUYTE!

                             Hello to you, Chekov.

             168   EXT. UPSTAIRS CORRIDOR                                       168

                   The "Doctors," pushing the sheet-draped Chekov, exit,
                   passing the two Policemen we saw before.

                                           POLICEMAN 1
                             How's the patient...?

                             He's gonna make it!

                             He? They went in with a she...

                   They look at each other, make a beeline for the O.R.

                             One little mistake...

             169   INT. BIRD OF PREY ENGINE ROOM - DILITHIUM CHAMBER            169

                   The crystals are coming back to life! WIDEN to reveal
                   the process supervised by Scotty, watched by Spock.

             170   INT. HOSPITAL CORRIDOR - KIRK AND FRIENDS                    170

                   Rolling the gurney in a hurry. ALARMS go off!
                   LOUDSPEAKERS! They break into a run.

            170A   SAME CORRIDOR - NEAR DOUBLE DOORS                           170A

                   A group of HOSPITAL and POLICE GUARDS round a corner,
                   see the fleeing Kirk, and race toward us, CAMERA
                   PANNING. As they exit, HOLD on double doors which
                   open. Sitting up on an emergency gurney, happy as a
                   clam, is the feeble old lady we saw before. Two
                   DOCTORS, one pushing.

                                           DOCTOR 2
                             So! How do you explain it?

                                           DOCTOR 1
                             According to the scanner...
                             ... She's grown a new kidney...

             171   INT. HOSPITAL CORRIDOR - VARIOUS SHOTS                       171

                      -- Kirk and friends, racing at high speed...

                      -- The guards, weapons drawn are gaining...

                      -- On the speeding Gurney, Chekov raises his head in
                         confusion; Bones clunks him down.

                      -- A large elevator door opens ahead; as the gurney
                         heads for it, a hospital GUARD steps in the way; using

                      the gurney as a battering ram, Kirk takes the Guard out
                      of the play, races with Bones and Gillian into the 
                      elevator. The doors close just as the perusing forces
                      get there. The guards check the "UP" indicator and head
                      for the stairs!

                      -- Inside the elevator, going up. Gillian is

                             If we keep going up, they'll catch

                             Calm yourself, Nurse.
                                     (pulls out
                             Scotty, get us out of here!

                      -- TOP FLOOR: The pursuers race out of the Stairwell,
                         across the Elevator, where the indicator says
                         they've beat the elevator. Weapons drawn, they wait:
                         when the doors open and they press forward:

                      -- POV: The Elevator is empty.

                      -- Back to the group: Consternation.

                172   OMITTED                                                   172
               thru                                                            thru
                178                                                             178

                179   EXT. LANDING SITE - SERIES OF SHOTS - ILM ELEMENTS        179

                      -- Kirk, Gillian, Bones and Chekov BEAM IN. Bones
                         leads Chekov toward --

                      -- The descending RAMP. Sulu appears to help. They
                         all disappear up the ramp, which now begins to close.

                      -- Kirk alone with Gillian. She sees the ramp closing
                         and begins to sense something wrong.

                             Gillian... Would the whales be at
                             sea by now?

                             Yes... If you have a chart on board,
                             I can show you.

                             All I need is the radio frequency to
                             track them.
                             What are you talking about? I'm
                             coming with you.

                             You can't. Our next stop is the
                             23rd Century.

                             What do I care? I've got nobody but
                             those whales...

                             I have no time to argue, Gillian.
                             Or even tell you how much you've
                             meant to us... The frequency.

                             All right. The frequency is 401

                             Thank you. For everything.
                                     (flips communicator)
                             Beam me up, Scotty.

                   As Kirk starts to BEAM UP, Gillian leaps, grabs him
                   round the waist. And as they are BEAMED IN together:

                                           GILLIAN'S VOICE

             180   OMITTED                                                      180

             181   INT. BIRD OF PREY BRIDGE - ON DOORS                          181

                   WHOOSH, and Kirk strides in angry, Gillian following,
                   looking around room at all the crew in wonder.

                             Mr. Spock, where the hell is the
                             power you promised me?

                             Admiral, you must wait one damn

                             I'm ready Spock. Let's go find
                             George and Gracie...

                             Mr. Sulu?

                                     (punching buttons)
                             I'm trying to remember how this
                             works. I got used to a Huey.

                   As he works, Kirk turns to Gillian:

                             You tricked me.

                             You need me.

                             Ready sir.

                             Go, Mr. Sulu.

                   And the GREAT ROAR BEGINS...

             182   EXT. LANDING SITE - DAY - SERIES OF SHOTS                    182

                   As a GREAT HURRICANE envelopes the meadow along with the
                   ROAR. Trees bend, trash cans and panic tables tumble
                   until the roar begins to recede -

             183   EXT. GOLDEN GATE PARK - VERTICAL POV - PULLING UP -          183

                   The landing area below is receding rapidly as the
                   Bird's rockets ROAR.

             184   INT. BRIDGE - BIRD OF PREY                                   184

                   As the professionals from the future crackle their
                   routine, Gillian watches, wide eyed.

                             Cloaking device is stable... All
                             systems normal.

                             Stabilize Energy Reserve!... Report

                             Maintaining impulse climb. Wing
                             five by zero, helm steady.

                             Advise reaching 10,000. Steer

                             Three-one-zero, aye!

                             Uhura, scan for the whales.
                             401 megahertz!

                             Scanning, sir!

             185   EXT. SAN FRANCISCO - VERTICAL POV - STILL RISING - DAY       185

                   By now we see the outline of the bay and bridges on a
                   sun sprayed beautiful day.

             186   BRIDGE                                                       186

                             10,000 M.S.L., Admiral.

                             Wing to cruise configuration... Full
                             impulse power.

                             Aye, sir... Three-one-zero to the
                             Bering Sea. E.T.A.: 12 minutes.

                   As Gillian reacts to this, the impulse engines ROAR

             187   EXT. - POV LOOKING FORWARD FROM BIRD (UNDERCRANKED)          187

                   We are speeding at Mach 16 or 17 down the California
                   coast and out toward the open sea.

             188   BRIDGE - (INTERCUT ENGINE ROOM)                              188

                             Scotty: Are the whale tanks secure?

            188A   CARGO BAY - SCOTTY                                          188A

                             Aye. But I've never beamed up 400
                             tons before.

                                           KIRK'S VOICE
                             400 Tons?

                             It ain't just the whales, it's the

            188B   BACK TO BRIDGE - KIRK                                       188B

                             Yes, of course.

                   Kirk moves to Uhura, followed by Gillian.

                             The whales... Any contact?

                   Uhura, earpiece pressed, holds up her hand to indicate
                   she is working on it.

            188C   FAVORING SPOCK'S STATION                                    188C

                   As Spock looks baffled, Bones ENTERS SHOT.

                             You, ah...
                             You present the appearance of a man
                             with a problem.

                             Your perception is correct, Doctor...
                             In order to return us to the exact
                             moment at which we left the 23rd
                             Century, I have used our journey back
                             through time as a referent,
                             calculating the coefficient of
                             elapsed time in relation to the
                             acceleration curve.

                             So what is your problem?

                             Acceleration is no longer a constant.

                             Well, you're gonna have to take your
                             best shot.

                             ... Best shot...?

                             Guess, Spock. Your best guess.

                             "Guessing" is not in my nature...

                                     (has waited 10
                                      years for this)
                             Well nobody's perfect...

             189   OMITTED                                                      189

             190   ANGLE - UHURAH'S STATION                                     190

                   FAINT SOUND of Whale Transponder is heard. Gillian

                             That's it! That's it!

                             Affirmative. Contact with the whales.


                             Bearing 327, range 600 nautical.

                             Put them on screen!

                             How can you do that?! It's radio!

                             Image translation on screen!

                   On VIEWSCREEN, a slightly deteriorated image, but we
                   can make out George and Gracie. There is a moment of
                   reaction from Gillian, Kirk, Spock and all. Then:

             191   EXT. OCEAN - THE WHALES - DAY                                191

                   They breech, singing their song, and the music swells
                   to say what is in everyone's heart: hang in there!

             192   BACK TO BRIDGE                                               192

                             Admiral, I have a signal closing on
                             the whales. Bearing 328 degrees.

                             On screen.

                   ON VIEWSCREEN: A semi-clear image of a whaling ship,
                   its prow cutting through the water, its harpoon gun
                   very much in evidence.

                             What kind of ship is that?

                             A whaling ship, Doctor.

                             Estimate range, ship to whales!

                             Sir... Estimating one nautical mile.

                             Oh my God, we're too late!
                             Mr. Sulu: full power descent!

             193   EXT. OCEAN - POV - (UNDERCRANKED)                            193

                   The horizon rises as our view dips 20 degrees, the
                   speed increases to 12,000 MPH, and we whiz through
                   puffy clouds toward an unseen ocean target hundreds of 
                   miles away.
             194   EXT. OCEAN - THE SHIP - SERIES OF SHOTS - DAY                194
                   (35MM STOCK)

                   The Whaler is modern, and plows through the water at 25
                   knots. Its crew are largely bearded; they are Northern
                   Europeans, maybe Swedes, Icelanders or Russians, all
                   famous as Humpback hunters. The radar turns lazily.

                   In the crow's nest a sailor points. Binoculars are
                   trained. They see something! The ship begins a
                   gradual course change. The engine telegraph signals
                   FLANK SPEED. The decks are exploding with activity as
                   she heads toward the quarry.

             195   EXT. OCEAN - DAY                                             195

                   The whales break the surface, arcing majestically;
                   enjoying the sun and their freedom...

             196   INT. BRIDGE - BIRD OF PREY                                   196

                   (NOTE: We may now utilize, on VIEWSCREEN, scenes of
                   WHALES and WHALING SHIP, as well as POV's of the Bird's
                   forward view, which at the moment, is on screen.)

                             Dive speed is 200 knots per minute,
                             3.3. per second. Estimate reaching
                             whales in 1.2 minutes.

             197   ABOARD THE SHIP - VARIOUS ANGLES                             197

                   Feverish activity, punctuated by the rising SOUND OF
                   SONAR PINGING. Harpoons are being carried to the gun
                   and loaded. The crew begins pointing excitedly to the

             198   EXT. OCEAN - THE WHALES - ILM                                198

                   George and Gracie, oblivious to the danger, move
                   through the water.

             199   INT. BRIDGE                                                  199

                             Range to whales, 30 seconds...

             200   EXT. OCEAN - THE BOAT                                        200

                   The harpoon gun is loaded and is transversing.

             201   OMITTED                                                      201
            thru                                                               thru
             204                                                                204

             205   INT. THE BRIDGE                                              205

                   We see the boat on screen.

                             10 seconds, sir!

                             Hover on my mark, Mr. Sulu! Mr.
                             Chekov, stand by de-cloaking --
                             Scotty, ready for power build up!
                             Mark, Mr. Sulu...

             206   THE OCEAN - GEORGE AND GRACIE                                206

                   They lazily appear on the surface, oblivious to
                   danger. They are a perfect target.

             207   THE SHIP                                                     207

                   The gunner sights with confidence -- fires!

             208   FX SEQUENCE                                                  208

                   The harpoon sails through the air toward the whales,
                   then, with a great THWANG, hits an invisible something,
                   and falls harmlessly into the sea.

             209   THE BOAT                                                     209

                   Bafflement! Consternation! Then:

            209A   THE BRIDGE - CLOSE - KIRK                                   209A

                             Scotty -- Disengage cloaking device!

                                           SCOTTY'S VOICE
                             Aye, sir.

             210   EXT. OCEAN - ILM                                             210

                   Where the harpoon had stopped, now comes a ROAR OF
                   SOUND and LIGHT. The Bird of Prey, big as a football
                   field, DE-CLOAKS!

             211   ABOARD THE SHIP - VARIOUS ANGLES                             211

                   Oh-my-God! What-he-hell! ALARM KLAXONS! The helmsman
                   spins the wheel! The engine telegraph goes to flank.

             212   OMITTED                                                      212
             &                                                                    &
             213                                                                213

             214   INT. BRIDGE                                                  214

                   The defeat of the whaler causes the cheers of all. But
                   Kirk quiets them with:

                             Mr. Scott. It's up to you now.
                             Commence build up for transporter

                                           SCOTTY'S VOICE
                             Give it me best, sir!

                   As the SOUND of the beam build-up begins:

             215   OMITTED                                                      215
             &                                                                    &
             216                                                                216

             217   CARGO BAY - SCOTTY - (INTERCUT WITH BRIDGE)                  217

                   Everything is to the firewall and he's sweating.

                             Stay with me, sir -- I need more
                             power curve...

                             How long, Scotty?

                             10 seconds, Admiral; 5 - 4 - 3 -
                              2 - 1.

                   As the energy WHINE PEAKS:

             218   EXT. OCEAN - UNDERWATER - ILM ELEMENTS                       218

                   George and Gracie, moving slowly through the deep,
                   begin to BEAM OUT...

             219   CARGO BAY - FAVORING THE TANK - ILM ELEMENTS                 219

                   As Scotty watches in awe, the whales, and half a tank
                   of sea water, BEAM IN.

                   On Scotty, open-mouthed.

                             Admiral! There be whales here!

             220   THE BRIDGE (INTERCUT)                                        220
                             Well done, Mr. Scott. How soon can
                             we be ready for warp speed?

                             I'll have to re-energize.
                             Don't take too long. We're sitting
                             ducks for their radar systems...
                             Mr. Sulu, impulse climb.

             221   EXT. BIRD OF PREY - ILM                                      221

                   as she begins to climb with moderate speed to altitude.

             222   BRIDGE (CONTINUE INTERCUTTING)                               222
                             Unidentified aircraft, 40,000 feet
                             MSL, range 30 miles, bearing 010.

                             Mr. Scott -- how soon?

                             Stand by, sir. Miracle worker at

                             Mr. Scott, don't make jokes, we are 
                             in danger of -

                             Full power, sir.

                                     (recovers from his
                                      pique and.)
                             Mr. Sulu, if you please.

                             Aye, sir, warp speed!

             223   EXT. SUB-SPACE - ILM                                         223

                   The Bird of Prey EXPLODES into warp speed, disappearing
                   into the deep blue-black of Space beyond.

             224   AT BRIDGE                                                    224

                             Mr. Sulu, take the con. I'm taking
                             our guest down to see her whales.
                                     (as he starts)
                             Mr. Spock: have you accounted for
                             the variable mass of whales and
                             water in your time re-entry program?

                             Mr. Scott cannot give me exact
                             figures, Admiral. So I will...
                                     (a beat)
                             Make a guess.

                             Spock, that's extraordinary.

                   He steps forward, shakes Spock's hand as though he had
                   just come through a great transformation. In high
                   spirits, Kirk leads Gillian off the bridge, leaving a
                   puzzled Spock.

                             ... I don't think he understands...

                             No, Spock. It means he feels safer
                             about your "guesses" than most other
                             peoples facts.

                   There is a pause.

                             You're saying... It is a compliment.

                             It is.

                   Spock straightens, pulls the bottom of his garment
                   straight with dignity, and accepts the responsibility.

                             I will try to make the best guess I

             225   INT. CARGO BAY - WHALES IN TANK - ILM ELEMENTS               225

                   The two whales are contentedly behind the plexiglass,
                   their eyes focusing on Gillian. Kirk, Scotty flank
                   her, all watching the whales.

                             Ironic. When man was killing these
                             creatures, he was destroying his own

                                     (to Gillian)
                             The beasties seem happy to see you,
                             Doctor. I hope you like our little

                             A miracle, Mr. Scott.
                             ... The miracle is yet to come.

                   Scotty exits shot.

                             ... What does that mean?

                             He means our chances of getting home
                             are not very good. You might have
                             lived a longer life if you'd stayed
                             where you belong.

                             I belong here.
                                     (at his look)
                             Suppose by some miracle you do get
                             them through.
                             Who in the 23rd Century knows
                             anything about Humpback whales?

                                     (a long moment)
                             ... You have a point...

                   As she looks at Kirk, the ship begins to vibrate

                             You better get up there, sir. We're
                             having some power fall-off...

                             On my way...!

                   Kirk hurries out.

                             Buckle up, Lassie. It gets bumpy
                             from here.

             226   EXT. SPACE - BIRD OF PREY - TO THE SUN - ILM                 226

                   As before she's heading straight for the great Star.

             227   INT. BRIDGE - BIRD OF PREY                                   227

                   Kirk enters through the WHOOSHING DOORS. The bridge is
                   beginning to shake badly now. Kirk listens to:
                                           SCOTTY'S VOICE
                             Warp seven point five... Seven point
                             nine... Mr. Sulu, that's all I can
                             give ye!

                             Shields at Maximum!

                   Kirk steps forward.

                             Can we make breakaway speed!?

                             Hardly, Admiral, I cannot even
                             guarantee we will escape the Sun's
                             gravity! I will attempt to
                             compensate by altering our trajectory.

                             Warp eight. Eight point one...
                             Maximum speed, sir!

                             Admiral, I need thruster control...

                             Acceleration thrusters at Spock's

                   CLOSE on Spock as the buffeting gets intense. A wait.
                   A further wait. Then:

                             Steady... Steady... Now.

             228   SPACE - SERIES OF SHOTS - "THE SLINGSHOT" - ILM              228

                   -- Just as the Bird appears certain to be swallowed by
                      the Sun, a BLAST accelerates the ship along the far
                      curve of the Sun as before. Solar flares lick the
                      blurring vessel as she disappears behind the Sun. The
                      CAMERA PANS ACROSS the Sun, waiting for the "comet" to
                      appear around the far side of the Sun as she did
                      before... And we wait. And we wait.

                   -- CLOSER. The bird does not appear. The wait is
                      interminable. Has the ship incinerated...? Then
                      abruptly: there is a BANG and the SOUND OF RETROS as
                      we heard in the first time sequence. Suddenly:

             229   INT. BIRD OF PREY - BRIDGE                                   229

                   The SILENCE is total and deafening. We do not hear
                   even the ambient pings and pongs of the electronic
                   equipment. We have a feeling of LIMBO. Yet the people
                   seem all right, though baffled. Are we in some new
                   dimension? Kirk surveys the scene, and dares to speak:
                             Spock... Did braking thrusters fire?

                             They did, Admiral.

                             Then... Where the hell are we?

                   Consternation from all; then, FAINTLY in the void of
                   sound, we begin to hear the PROBE GIBBERISH...

             230   (REPEAT OF SCENE 53) - EXT. SAN FRANCISCO BAY                230

                   WAVES CRASH against the shore. This sequence is
                   exactly as we saw earlier in the film. GIBBERISH
                   louder now.

             231   (REPEAT OF SCENE 54) - INT. STARFLEET COMMAND                231

                   As before; Panic; Lightning and PROBE GIBBERISH.

                                           COMM OFFICER
                             Sir... I'm picking up a faint
                             transmission... It's Admiral Kirk

                             On screen!

                   But at this moment, the entire situation display goes
                   fuzzy, distorts, and is gone.

                             Satellite reserve power, now!

                   The board starts up again, but dimmer, more erratic. A
                   distorted image of Kirk appears on SCREEN (INTERCUT
                   WITH BIRD OF PREY). We will not hear every word.

                                           KIRK'S IMAGE
                             ... Analysis... Probe call...
                             Captain Spock... Opinion... extinct
                             species, Humpback Whale... proper
                             response... Do you read me...?

                             Stabilize! Emergency reserve!

                   As the Comm Officer responds, Sarek steps up beside
                   Morrow. Now Kirk's image clears enough to see:

                             Starfleet, if you read, we are going
                             to attempt time travel. We are
                             computing our trajectory at this

                   But suddenly the power fails, Kirk's image is gone. A
                   silence as they stare at the blank screen.

                             Good luck, Kirk. And all you go
                             with you.

                   The interruption is sudden: the entire great window
                   facing the bay CRASHES INWARD, filling the room with
                   debris, cries, and howling wind. (END REPEAT SEQUENCE.)

             232   INT. STARFLEET COMMAND - NEW FOOTAGE                         232

                   As the wind and the rain blow through the room, we find
                   Sarek and Morrow, hands held up to protect their faces,
                   then, suddenly, Sarek looks outward -- point"


             233   EXT. THE BAY - POV - BIRD OF PREY - ILM                      233

                   Deep overcast, lightning flashes, heavy rain. We are
                   looking toward the Golden Gate. The BIRD OF PREY is
                   descending out of the overcast headed toward the bridge
                   in a shallow, but uncontrolled dive. PROBE GIBBERISH
                   present through out sequence.
             234   INT. BRIDGE                                                  234

                   The buffeting of turbulence; the GIBBERISH loud. A
                   sense of helplessness we've never seen from this crew.

                             Spock: Condition report!

                             No data, Admiral. Computers are

                             The mains are down, sir! Aux power
                             is not responding.

                             Mr. Sulu, switch to manual control!

                             I have no control, sir!

                             Picture, Uhura!

                             I can't, sir -- Nothing!

                             Out of control, and blind as a bat!

                             For Godsakes, Jim, where are we...?!

             235   EXT. SAN FRANCISCO BAY - BIRD OF PREY - SERIES OF            235
                   SHOTS - ILM

                   -- Where they are is: headed for the Golden Gate

                   -- Sarek, Morrow and the others watch in horror as --

                   -- The Bird narrowly misses by sheer luck and WHOOSHES
                      under the great bridge --

                   -- Skimming now over the ocean, closer and closer to

             236   INT. BRIDGE                                                  236

                             Sir -- I've got some back pressure
                             on manual --

                             Ground cushion! Keep the nose up if
                             you can --

             237   OUTSIDE - (AND INTERCUT)                                     237

                   -- The Bird's long snout rotates up just a bit and:

                   -- The crew holds its breath and --

                   -- The Bird of Prey SLAMS into the water like a giant
                      stone being skipped, bounces once, then bellies in
                      with ripping  SOUNDS --

                   -- The crew is thrown about the bridge -- and the side
                      WINDOWS blow out with a POW!

                   -- The Bird comes to rest, nose high. After a moment
                      it is clear she is sinking.

             238   INT. BRIDGE - VARIOUS SHOTS - TILTED                         238

                   Water sprays from seams and pipes; the crew struggles
                   to move against the uphill tilt.
                             Blow the hatch!

                   Spock does. Kirk struggles to the blown out hatch
                   near Spock. He looks up into the rain above:

             239   HIS POV                                                      239

                   Rain, fog, but above all: the GIBBERISH of the Probe.

             240   BACK TO KIRK                                                 240

                             You got us to the right place,
                             Spock. Now all we have to do is get
                             the whales out before we sink.
                                     (reaches Comm)
                             Mr. Scott, come in!... Scotty...?!
                             Damn... Mr. Spock, see to the safety
                             of all hands.

                             I will, Admiral.

                   Stay with Kirk as he fights his way downhill to the
                   exit doors, which he forces open with great effort,
                   then exits.

             241   FLOODED CARGO BAY - ASLANT - SCOTTY AND GILLIAN              241

                   They're in trouble. The water is waist deep and
                   rising. Scotty cannot open the hatch door to the NECK.

             242   INT. THE "NECK" CORRIDOR                                     242

                   Kirk, water spraying about him, reaching the cargo bay
                   door. He tugs at the emergency release. It's stuck.

             243   FLOODED CARGO BAY - (INTERCUT)                               243

                   Water is now up to their necks. Scotty and Gillian
                   can't get out unless --

                   -- Kirk now wrenches the release, pulls the door
                      open. He reaches his hand down, helps Gillian, then
                      Scotty, into the temporary safety of the corridor
                      above. Above the DIN OF WIND, RAIN and HISSING WATER,
                      Kirk shouts:

                             The whales...?!

                             No power to the bay doors.

                             The explosive override -- ?

                             It's under water! There's no way to
                             reach it...

                             Go on ahead... Close the hatch!

                             Admiral, you'll be trapped!

                   But Kirk takes a deep breath and is gone, diving below.
                   Scotty watches helplessly, then turns to aid Gillian up
                   and out, closing the hatch as ordered.

             244   INT. CARGO BAY - UNDERWATER - (TANK)                         244

                   As Kirk swims in, begins searching. It's not going to
                   be easy: Kirk cannot hold his breath forever.

             245   EXT. OCEAN - DAY - (INTERCUT)                                245

                   As the crew, one by one, emerge from the bridge window
                   into the pelting rain. They cling to the floating

                   Inside the bridge, Spock helps Scotty and Gillian in
                   and to the window exit.

             246   TOP OF CARGO BAY                                             246

                   Kirk breaks the surface, his lungs screaming for air.
                   Only a few inches remain unflooded. He gulps air, and
                   dives one last time.

             247   INT. CARGO BAY - UNDERWATER - SERIES OF SHOTS                247

                   A determined Kirk swims rapidly down, looks desperately,
                   finally finds the panel behind a layer of wreckage. He
                   rips the barrier away, opens the seal, presses the
                   sensor. There is a MUFFLED EXPLOSION and:

             248   EXT. UNDERWATER - BOTTOM OF CARGO HOLD - ILM                 248

                   The bay doors swing open!

             249   BACK TO KIRK - UNDERWATER IN CARGO BAY - (INTERCUT)          249

                   He looks up and around for his best way out: deciding
                   he suddenly dives down, disappears and --

                   -- emerges out the open bay doors. He heads for the
                      surface and --

             250   EXT. OCEAN - VARIOUS SHOTS - DAY                             250

                   -- Kirk pops to the surface gulping for air. The rain
                      pelts him. He looks round.

                   -- The last of the survivors, Gillian and Spock emerge

                   -- Kirk relieved but where are the whales? And the
                      Probe's nagging GIBBERISH is heard again. He dives
                      once more...

             251   UNDERWATER - KIRK                                            251

                   comes toward us, stops to see:

             252   EXT. UNDERWATER - CARGO BAY DOORS - ILM                      252

                   George and Gracie emerge from the bay doors, and majes-
                   tically move away from the ship.

             253   UNDERWATER - KIRK  (INTERCUT)                                253

                   He watches in wonder; then heads for the surface.

             254   THE SURFACE - VARIOUS SHOTS - (TANK)                         254

                   -- Kirk surfaces near the floating bridge and the sur-
                      vivors. Rain pelts; fog obscures; and above all: the
                      still unanswered CALL of the Probe.

                   -- CLOSER: Kirk arrives at the wreckage, takes a hand
                      hold near Gillian and Spock, looks back in deep concern.

                             Why don't they answer?
                                     (a beat)
                             Why don't they sing, dammit!

             255   EXT. OCEAN - UNDERWATER - (ILM/IMAX)                         255

                   Now something few have seen: "George" swims into
                   center stage, undulates, and drops into a hanging ver-
                   tical position. Then he begins: WHALE SONG.

             256   EXT. SPACE - THE PROBE - (INTERCUT) - ILM                    256

                   It's antenna turns to the new SOUND. Then, it trans-
                   mits a NEW GIBBERISH, somehow more conversational.

             257   UNDERWATER - THE WHALE - (INTERCUT)                          257

                   As this new dialogue mounts, the Probe will always trans-
                   mit GIBBERISH from above, the whale will always answer
                   with WHALE SONG from underwater. But even the dullest
                   of us will sense the relaxing of concern and tension,
                   the almost conversational climax between the two commu-
                   nicators. And then:

             258   SPACE - THE PROBE - SPACEDOCK IN B.G. - ILM                  258

                   It sends what sounds what like a farewell burst of 
                   GIBBERISH; then, a THRUSTER FIRES, and the Probe arcs
                   up and out of orbit into the far distance, leaving
                   Earth behind. As it leaves, the lights in SPACEDOCK
                   slowly begin to wink on.

             259   EXT. SAN FRANCISCO BAY - VARIOUS SHOTS - ILM                 259

                   -- The rain begins to stop.

                   -- The swirling clouds begin to calm -- and part.

                   -- A shaft of slim sunlight peeks through.

                   -- Kirk, Spock, Gillian watch.

                   -- The crew watches as the clouds begin to part.

             260   INT. STARFLEET COMMAND                                       260

                   Suddenly, the great BOARD becomes reactivated. Lights
                   go on. SOUND and chatter return to normal.

                             Mr. President -- we have power!

                                     (at window)
                             By God! Launch rescue shuttle!

             261   EXT. BAY AREA - ILM                                          261

                   With our floating survivors in f.g., we see the rapidly
                   clearing skies over the Golden Gate Bridge and the city
                   beyond. We hear FAINTLY, approaching RESCUE SHUTTLE.

             262   EXT. OCEAN - THE SURVIVORS - SUNLIT NOW - (TANK)             262

                   They hear the growing SOUND of approaching rescue and
                   looks at the clearing sky.

                             Congratulations, Jim. I think
                             you've saved the Earth.

                             Not me, Bones... They did it.

             263   EXT. OCEAN - THEIR POV - (INTERCUT) - ILM                    263

                   George and Gracie breach and frolic in their new world;
                   the sun breaks fully through, creating a most wonderful
                   rainbow... All in all, a beautiful day in the 23rd
                   ABRUPT CUT TO:

             264   INT. FEDERATION COUNCIL CHAMBER                              264

                   Somber, hushed by contrast. Galleries filled largely
                   by STARFLEET PERSONNEL. Some coughs. No talk. Then:

             265   SIDE ENTRY DOOR                                              265

                   It WHOOSHES open and the President and the Council
                   enters soberly and take their places. The President
                   goes to the central podium. He looks into the front

                             Bring in the accused.

             266   ANGLE                                                        266

                   A somber group in spanking fresh uniforms, enters...
                   They are Kirk, Bones, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu and Chekov.
                   They walk past a front row where Gillian, Chapel, Rand,
                   Sarek and Spock watch them. The audience murmurs as
                   the "Accused" take their place on the Federation
                   Seal. Moment. Then Spock rises and crosses to Kirk's
                   group where he stands at attention.

             267   BACK TO SCENE                                                267

                             Captain Spock, you do not stand

                             I stand with my shipmates. Their
                             fate shall be mine.

                             As you wish.
                             The charges and specifications are:
                             Conspiracy; Assault on Federation
                             Officers; Theft of Federation
                             Property; namely the Starship
                             Enterprise; Sabotage of the U.S.S.
                             Excelsior; willful destruction of
                             Federation Property, specifically
                             the aforementioned U.S.S.
                             Enterprise; and finally, disobeying
                             direct orders of the Starfleet
                             Commander... Admiral Kirk, how do
                             you plead?

                             On behalf of all of us, Mr. President,
                             I am authorized to plead guilty.

                             So entered. Hear now the sentence
                             of the Federation Council:
                                     (clears throat)
                             Because of certain mitigating
                             circumstances, all charges but one
                             are summarily dismissed.
                                     (a buzz through
                                      the crowd)
                             The remaining charge, disobeying
                             orders of a superior officer is
                             directed only at Admiral Kirk.
                                     (looks up)
                             I'm sure the Admiral will recognize
                             the necessity of keeping discipline
                             in any chain of command.
                             I do, sir.

                             James T. Kirk. It is the judgment
                             of this Council that you be reduced 
                             in rank to Captain.
                                     (uncertain buzz)
                             ... And that as a consequence of
                             your new rank, you be given the
                             duties for which you have repeatedly
                             demonstrated unswerving ability:
                             the command of a Starship.

                   Reactions, buzz, happiness, but the President gavels
                   for order!

                                     (it is silent)
                             Captain Kirk, your new command
                             awaits you. You and your crew have
                             saved this planet from its own
                             short-sightedness... And we are
                             forever in your debt.

                   The tide breaks loose: everyone in the great hall
                   rises to a standing ovation for Kirk and the crew.
                                                                       DISSOLVE TO:

             268   INT. FEDERATION COUNCIL CHAMBER                              268

                   The last of the crowd is exiting. Kirk and the Crew
                   are accepting the last handshakes and congratulations.
                   Spirits are high. And Kirk suddenly turns to find
                   himself face to face with Gillian.

                             My own exonerated Kirk! I'm so..
                             juiced, I can't tell you!
                                     (she kisses him)
                             Bye, Kirk... Thanks.

                   She starts away.

                             Hey! -- Where you going?!

                             You're going to your ship, I'm going
                             to mine. Science Vessel. I've got
                             300 years of catch-up learning to

                             You mean this is -- goodbye?

                             Why does it have to be goodbye?

                             Well, I... As they say in your
                             century -- I don't even have your
                             phone number. How will I find you?

                             Don't worry. I'll find you.
                             See you around the galaxy...

                   And she is gone. Kirk shakes his head in affection and
                   disbelief, then turns to see:

             269   HIS POV - SPOCK                                              269

                   In a corner of the empty chamber, Spock waits stiffly
                   as Sarek approaches him.

             270   BACK TO KIRK                                                 270

                   He sees, then waits discreetly, leaving them to talk

             271   ANGLE - SPOCK AND SAREK                                      271

                   As the father reaches the Son. A quiet moment in the
                   empty, echoing hall.


                             I will be returning to Vulcan within
                             the hour... I wanted to take my
                             leave of you.

                             It is kind of you to make this

                             It is not an effort. You are my
                                     (then, covering
                                      this emotionalism)
                             Besides; I am most impressed with
                             your performance in this -- crises.

                             Most kind, Father.

                   Sarek looks at him uncertainly, wanting to hear some-
                   thing. Finally:

                             As I recall, I opposed your
                             enlistment in Starfleet... It is
                             possible that judgment was
                                     (Spock, an eyebrow)
                             Your associates are people of good

                             They are my friends.

                             Yes, of course... Do you have any
                             message for your mother?

                                     (thinks; then)
                             Tell her I feel fine...

                   HOLD on Sarek. It is his turn to raise a Vulcan
                   eyebrow. Now Spock crosses to the waiting Kirk. They
                   share a moment, and depart together.

             272   INT. SPACEDOCK - ILM                                         271

                   From the Dock in the distance, amid the great SHIPS, a
                   tiny SHUTTLECRAFT comes toward us slowly.

             273   INT. SHUTTLECRAFT - KIRK AND CREW - ILM BLUE SCREEN          273

                   A great window in the front of the craft gives everyone
                   a view of the ships and where they are headed. They do
                   not seem to know.


                   Various vessels, odd shaped, undistinguished. A
                   Reliant class, a Saratoga. As they watch:

                             The bureaucratic mentality is the
                             only constant in the universe.
                             We'll get a freighter.

                             With all respect, Doctor, I'm
                             counting on Excelsior.

                             Excelsior? Why in God's name would
                             you want that bucket of bolts?

                             Scotty, don't prejudge. A ship is a

                   Ahead, through the window, is Excelsior.

                             Whatever you say, sir.
                                     (to himself)
                             Thy will be done.

                   And then, through the window screen, it happens: the
                   shuttle, automated, begins a rising climb. The
                   Excelsior DISAPPEARS BELOW THE FRAME LINE and in the
                   near distance, a new SPACESHIP appears. It appears to
                   be a Starship of the U.S.S. Constitution Class.

                   The faces of Kirk and the crew light up.

             275   INT. SPACEDOCK - THE SPACE SHIP - CLOSE MOVING               275
                   APPROACH - ILM

                   It looks like the Enterprise. As we get closer, it is.

             276   INT. SPACEDOCK - CLOSER ANGLE - U.S.S. ENTERPRISE -          276

                   FAVORING the great dish; where in freshly painted
                   letters: "U.S.S. ENTERPRISE" and on the line below,
                   "NCC 1701 - A" A painter, in spacesuit waves cheerily.   

             277   BACK TO THE SHUTTLE                                          277

                   The emotion is high from all, but very restrained.
                   Kirk says it for all.

                             My friends... We've come home.

             278   EXT. SPACEDOCK - ILM                                         278

                   The great exit doors open. The U.S.S. Enterprise
                   emerges and heads out on a trial run.

             279   INT. BRIDGE - U.S.S. ENTERPRISE                              279

                   Shiny, new, refitted for anything that may come. And
                   the crew is where they belong, all at their stations.
                   And Kirk is in his Captain's chair.

                             Let's see what she's got, Mr. Sulu.

                             Aye, sir!

             280   SPACE - THE ENTERPRISE - ILM                                 280

                   The great vessel curves and heads out. Over this we

                                           KIRK'S VOICE
                             Space, the final frontier. These
                             are the voyages of the Starship
                             Enterprise. Her ongoing mission:
                             to explore strange new worlds... to
                             seek out new life and new
                             civilizations... To boldly go where
                             no man has gone before...

                   With that, the Enterprise hits WARP SPEED, and is gone
                   into the stars.

                   FADE OUT.

                                           THE END

                   STAR TREK IV : THE VOYAGE HOME                       APPENDIX A.

                                N.D. STARSHIP DIALOGUE

                   (as it appears in Scene 42)

                                           VERSION 1
                          Starfleet command, this is Captain
                          Joel Randolph of the starship
                          Yorktown reporting. Emergency
                          channel Zero-one-three-zero, code
                          red. It has been three hours since
                          our contact with the alien probe and
                          all attempts at regaining power have
                          failed. All non-essential crew have
                          been given hiber-sedatives to slow
                          down consumption of life support
                          reserves. Our chief engineer is
                          attempting to deploy a makeshift
                          solar sail with which to focus and
                          absorb radiation from a nearby sun
                          we are orbiting. We have high hopes
                          that this will, if successful,
                          generate power to keep us alive
                          indefinitely. If you would patch us
                          through to Engineering Control we
                          could link up with the technicians
                          there and hopefully lick this
                          problem. We will keep you posted on
                          our condition. Starfleet, and inform
                          you of any further developments.
                          Captain Randolph out.

                                           VERSION 2
                          Starfleet Command, this is
                          communications officer Trillya of
                          the U.S.S. Shepard reporting on
                          emergency status code zero one nine
                          five. Our condition remains the
                          same, the probe has neutralized all
                          power supplies and we are
                          functioning on reserves only. All
                          attempts to reinstate main power
                          have failed. Captain Clampett has
                          quarantined all but minimal support
                          crew due to failure of Bio-
                          Sterilization capsules containing
                          Vegan D virus, which has already
                          killed fifteen crew members. All
                          aboard are believed to be infected.
                          Atmospheric regeneration and
                          reclamation systems are not
                          functional, and all medical supplies
                          are spoiling due to refrigeration
                          shut down. At present condition
                          life support systems will be
                          exhausted within eight hours.
                          Starfleet, please advise...?

                   STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME                        APPENDIX B.

                                       COUNCIL PRESIDENT MESSAGE

                   (as appearing in Scene 47)

                                          COUNCIL PRESIDENT
                          This is the President of the United
                          Federation of Planets with a Planet
                          Alert, Priority One: Do not
                          Approach Earth -- This is a Priority 
                          One warning to all Starships, repeat
                          do not approach! Earth is under the
                          attack of an unidentified orbiting
                          probe which emits transmissions on
                          an energy wave unknown to us. This
                          powerful wave, directed at our
                          oceans, has almost totally ionized
                          our atmosphere. All power sources
                          have failed or been neutralized.
                          All Earth orbiting Starships are
                          powerless. A cloud envelope has
                          enshrouded the planet causing heavy
                          rain and flooding. Temperatures are
                          dropping to critical levels. This
                          planet cannot survive unless the
                          Probe is responded to. The Probe's
                          transmissions dominate all standard
                          channels. Further communications
                          may not be possible and we have
                          discovered no methods to repel the
                          Probe or destroy it. Do not attempt
                          confrontation with the Probe!! Save
                          your energy, save yourselves. Avoid
                          the Planet Earth at all costs.

                   STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME                        APPENDIX C.

                                   KIRK'S SPEECH #1

                   (as appearing in Scene 540

                             Starfleet Command, this is Admiral
                             James T. Kirk in route to Earth in
                             Klingon vessel. We have intercepted
                             and analyzed the call of the Probe
                             threatening Earth. With the help of
                             Captain Spock it is our opinion that
                             only the extinct species Humpback
                             Whale can give the proper response
                             to the Probe. Do you concur with
                             this opinion?... Do you read me?
                             Starfleet Command, do you read me?

                                   KIRK'S SPEECH #2

                   (as appearing in Scene 54)

                             Starfleet Command, we hope you can
                             hear us. If you read, Starfleet, we
                             are going to attempt time travel.
                             We are computing our trajectory at
                             this time.

                   STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME                        APPENDIX D.

                   (as in Scene 25)

                                           STARFLEET COMMAND TABLE OPERATOR
                             Right, I want S.F.C. up on console 5 on
                             One... cue. Coming up on console three
                             Com sat 4 no filtering southern
                             Quadrants... check zero one five niner
                             On cue three. Switching over to manual
                             Camera control on sat vert two three
                             Two. Mark on my cue 4... 3... 2...
                             1... check coming up on com 4... new
                             probe data input to major A.1. banks
                             for possible com link... switching to
                             data com line priority one weather
                             control... Quadrant 12-340 has partial
                             power maintenance... Probe has passed
                             A-13 new data unavailable... line
                             three... Sector 15 monitoring station
                             graphic consolidation display up on
                             main display 1. All neutral zone
                             monitoring graphics on screen 5...
                             On my count... cueing up now... check
                             K- 12 we've got you clear; I'm putting
                             You up on the main screen... Rigel
                             Monitoring graphics general data synth
                             With graphic reps on main 3... Check...
                             We're clear...
                             Switching now to line 13 with sat com
                             12... coming up on three...

                             ... Check... we've got interactive
                             visuals from Delta 5 on alien probe
                             possible mag flux ratios... 4... 3...
                             2... 1... we are putting on Sat four
                             Graphics on screens 5 and 2... All
                             Clear on patch 13... Putting up
                             Communications from Reon seven with
                             Infra-red filtering... Check...
                             Increase contrast please... stop...
                             Down one third... Check that's it...

                             Moving to console seven... new
                             Status... Update graphics on Rigel 5...
                             Check... continue update... fine...
                             Information dump clear for storage...
                             Okay we're clear... Bandit 5 you're
                             Coming through... Graphic data on
                             Pleadian Quadrants 5 and 7 coming up on
                             Screen alpha-delta seven...