Star Trek III
                                       The Search For Spock

                                           Written by:
                                          HARVE BENNETT 

                                                                   REV. FINAL DRAFT

                                                                    October 7, 1983


                   FADE IN:

               1   SPACE - A STARFIELD - (ILM SHOT)                               1

                   As the stars appear, we hear the AMBIENCE OF SPACE, a
                   litany of groans, squeals and pings of the unknown.
                   Over this we SUPER:


                   We are MOVING through the stars slowly and to our right
                   as the SUPER FADES. And we hear a hoarse voice.

                                           SPOCK (V.O.)
                             Space... the final frontier.

                   Our MOVE CONTINUES to reveal the Genesis planet and its
                   sun, which flares into our lens.

                                           SPOCK (V.O.)
                             These are the continuing voyages
                             of the Starship Enterprise. Her
                             ongoing mission...

                   The sunflare has DISSOLVED us to the planet's primal
                   surface. We are MOVING through the trees and greens of
                   this Eden-like place. A soft, smoky haze covers every-

                                           SPOCK (V.O.)
                             To explore strange new worlds...
                             To seek out new life forms, and
                             new civilizations... To boldly go,
                             where no man has gone before...

                   And now, amid the trees, we see it, and CAMERA comes to
                   a brief rest: Spock's casket, a photon torpedo tube,
                   black with red letters, "Mark VI." The STAR TREK FAN-
                   FARE is heard, and we SUPER:

                   "STAR TREK III : THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK"

                   The CREDITS BEGIN. As they appear, we MOVE away from
                   the casket and through the lush forest.

                   The haze thickens, until at last it becomes an obliter-
                   ating cloud, and then we DISSOLVE through into moving
                   clouds of the planet's atmosphere, and PULL BACK from
                   them, DISSOLVING once again back to space and the Gene-
                   sis planet where we HOLD as CREDITS END.

                   Then, a final SUPER:

                   "THE GENESIS PLANET.
                   STARDATE: 8001.3"

                   We hear the SOUND of an approaching SPACESHIP.

               2   SPACE - USS GRISSOM - (ILM SHOT)                               2

                   A mid-sized Federation Science Vessel approaching at
                   impulse power. She PASSES CAMERA, and we PAN WITH her
                   to see her path leads to the Genesis Planet in the

               3   INT. BRIDGE - USS GRISSOM                                      3
                   Starfleet LIEUTENANT SAAVIK, looking radiant, is wear-
                   ing her hair down these days, but is as intense and
                   efficient as ever. The CRACKLE OF ELECTRONIC ACTIVITY
                   fills the air.

                                     (crossing bridge)
                             We are approaching destination
                             planet at point zero three five.
                             So noted in ship's log.

                   She delivers the log to the Captain as ANGLE WIDENS to
                   include CAPTAIN ESTEBAN, late forties, a cautious Star-
                   fleet veteran. Behind him, various OFFICERS on

                             Very well, Lieutenant. Execute
                             standard orbital approach.

                             Standard orbit, aye.

                             Communications. Send a coded
                             message for Starfleet Commander,
                             priority one... "Federation
                             Science Vessel Grissom arriving
                             Genesis Planet, Mutara Sector to
                             begin search. As ordered, full
                             security procedures are in effect.
                             J.T. Esteban, commanding."

                                           COMM OFFICER
                             Aye sir, coding now.

                             Dr. Marcus, it's your planet.

                   ANGLE WIDENS to reveal DAVID MARCUS, mid-twenties, who
                   will be remembered as the co-creator of Genesis, and
                   also as Kirk's son.

                             Thank you, Captain. Begin
                             scanning, please.

                   Saavik has taken a position next to David at the sci-
                   ence panel and together they begin activating the de-

                             This is where the fun begins,

                             Like your father... so human.
                             All units functional, recorders
                             are on... Scanning sector one.
                             Foliage in fully developed state
                             of growth. Temperature, twenty-
                             two point two Celsius.

                             Sector two... Indicating desert
                             terrain. Minimal vegetation,
                             temperature thirty-nine point

                             Sector three... Sub-tropical
                             vegetation... Temperature --
                             Temperature decreasing rapidly --

                             It's snow. Snow in the same
                             sector. Fantastic!

                             ... Fascinating.
                             All the varieties of land and
                             weather known to Earth within a
                             few hours walk!

                                     (to him)
                             You must be very proud of what you
                             and your mother have created.

                             It's a little early to celebrate.

                   Suddenly... BEEP... BEEP... BEEP... a new and unique
                   SOUND is heard from the MONITORS. Saavik flicks con-
                   trols and a new image appears on screen.

                             Same sector. Metallic mass.

                             Underground deposit?

                             Negative, on surface... A
                             manufactured object.

                             There's only one thing it could
                             be... Short range scan.

                   Saavik complies. David's intensity rises. Captain
                   Esteban, curious about the BEEPS, has joined them.

                             Approximately two meters long...
                             Cylindrical in form...

                             A photon tube...!

                             Could it be Spock's?

                             It has to be. Gravitational
                             fields were in flux... It must
                             have soft landed...!

                                     (to Comm Officer)
                             In code to STARFLEET...
                             Captain's Spock's tube located
                             intact on Genesis surface. Will
                             relay more data on subsequent

                                           COMM OFFICER
                             Yes sir... Coding your message.

                   As the BEEPS DIMINISH, we HOLD on David and Saavik.
                   There is mystery in the air.

                                                                            CUT TO:

               4   SPACE - USS ENTERPRISE - (ILM SHOT)                            4

                   She comes AT US slowly, majestically, a great wounded
                   bird limping home, showing, as she passes, the patched
                   scars of battle. Over this we hear:

                                           KIRK (V.O.)
                             USS Enterprise, Captain's personal
                             log... With most of our battle
                             damage repaired, we are almost
                             home. Yet, I feel -- uneasy. And
                             I wonder why.

               5   INT. BRIDGE - USS ENTERPRISE - CLOSE - JAMES T. KIRK           5

                   He is stalking the bridge, lost in his thoughts.
                   CAMERA IS MOVING with him. In b.g., bridge activity is

                                           KIRK (V.O.)
                             ... Perhaps it is the erratic
                             behavior of Ship's surgeon
                             McCoy... Or the emptiness of this
                             vessel: most of our trainee crew
                             have been reassigned; Lieutenant
                             Saavik and my son David are
                             exploring a new world... and
                             Enterprise feels like a house with
                             all the children gone... No. More
                             empty even than that...

                   He has reached Spock's vacant chair. He touches it.

                                           KIRK (V.O.)
                             The news of Spock's tube has
                             shaken me.
                             It seems that I have left the
                             noblest part of myself back there,
                             on that newborn planet.

                   We HOLD on him. Then, he shakes off his mood and:

                             Status, Mr. Sulu?

               6   OMITTED                                                        6
               &                                                                  &
               7                                                                  7

               8   WIDER ANGLE                                                    8

                   to include SULU and CHEKOV at forward stations, UHURA
                   at the communications post.

                             On course, Admiral. Estimating
                             Spacedock in two point one hours.
                             Very well.
                                     (a beat)
                             Mr. Chekov, I need pre-approach
                             scan... Take the science station,

                    Chekov hesitates for a moment. Then:

                             Yes, sir.

                   He rises and crosses to Spock's empty chair, as Kirk

                             Uhura, any response from Starfleet
                             on our Project Genesis inquiries?

                             No, sir, no response.

                             Hmm.. Very odd.
                                     (at chair, hits
                                      comm button)
                             Scotty. Progress report?

               9   INT. ENGINEERING TUBE                                          9

                   SCOTTY and an ENGINEER TRAINEE are working at a junc-
                   tion of circuitry.

                             I'm almost done, sir. You'll be
                             fully automated by the time we

              10   INTERCUT WITH BRIDGE                                          10

                             Your timing is excellent, Mr.
                             Scott. You've fixed the barn door
                             after the horse has come home.
                             How much refit time till we can
                             take her out again?

                             Eight weeks, sir.
                                     (as Kirk opens
                                      his mouth)
                             But you don't have eight weeks so
                             I'll do it for ya in two.

                             Mr. Scott. Have you always
                             multiplied your repair estimates
                             by a factor of four?

                             Certainly, sir. How else can I
                             keep my reputation as a miracle 

                             Your reputation is secure, Scotty.
                                     (a beat)
                             Mr. Sulu, take the con. I'll be
                             in my quarters.

                             Aye sir.

                   Kirk heads for the elevator, presses the door button.
                   He is about to enter when he is intercepted by TRAINEE
                   FOSTER, a young black officer too eager for protocol.

                                           TRAINEE FOSTER
                             Sir... I was wondering...

                   Kirk turns.

                                           TRAINEE FOSTER 
                             Are they planning a ceremony when
                             we get in...? I mean, a

                             A hero's welcome, son? Is that
                             what you'd like?... Well, God
                             knows, there should be. This time
                             we paid for the party with our
                             dearest blood.

                   He enters the elevator, and the doors close.

              11   OMITTED                                                       11

              12   INT. ELEVATOR - KIRK                                          12

                   Even as the doors close, his mood changes. The mantle
                   of command falls away and he allows himself the luxury
                   of his deeper feelings. Feelings of aloneness. And
                   grief. CAMERA IN CLOSE to HOLD this anguished moment.
                   Then, an intrusive interruption. Kirk covers hiss feel-
                   ings as:

             12A   WIDER ANGLE                                                  12A

                   The elevator doors open at a floor and "BONES" McCOY
                   steps in. He is disheveled, unshaven -- and in a very
                   odd emotional place. He takes his place in the eleva-
                   tor and gazes at the ceiling as the doors close, and
                   the HUM BEGINS.

                             ... Bones.


                                     (after a pause, with
                                      growing irritation)
                             Are you planning to shave today?

                             Quo vadis, Admiral...

                             What is that supposed to mean?

                             What is our destination?

                             We'll be orbiting Earth in two

                             Then we're headed in the wrong

                             Bones, don't do this. This is
                             me. Jim. Your friend.

                             And I have been, and always shall
                             be, yours.

                             Damn it, Bones, don't quote Spock
                             to me! I have enough pain of my
                             own and I don't need your -- self-

                   Bones, his eyes far away, turns to make contact. In a
                   matter-of-fact voice:

                             You left me. You left me on
                             Genesis. Why did you do that?

                             ... What the hell are you saying?

                   Even Bones is stunned by what has come out of his
                   mouth. He tries to cope with his own disorientation.

                             I don't know... I just...
                                     (then, poignantly)
                             Why did we leave Spock?

                             Bones!... You must deal with the
                             truth! He's gone.
                             Spock is gone. And we both have
                             to live with that.

                   Bones looks at Kirk for an agonized moment. Then, the
                   elevator comes to a stop, the doors opens. McCoy takes
                   a step out, then turns back to Kirk.

                             I can't get him out of my head,
                             Jim. I'd give the whole state of
                             Georgia if someone could tell me

                   McCoy leaves. The doors close on Jim Kirk's concern.

                                                                            CUT TO:

              13   SPACE - A STARFIELD - (ILM SHOT)                              13

                   Over the vast emptiness we SUPER:

                   "SOMEWHERE IN ORGANIAN SPACE..."

                   As the SUPER FADES, a vessel drifts slowly INTO SCENE,
                   a dark-looking merchantman. She gives the impression
                   of drifting in space... of waiting.

              14   INT. BRIDGE - MERCHANTMAN                                     14

                   Small and grubby; populated by three or four crewmen of
                   mixed special breeds, and a renegade CAPTAIN who sug-
                   gests a Federation traitor. And, lurking in the
                   shadows, her face concealed by a half-veil, what ap-
                   pears to be an exotically beautiful WOMAN of epic pro-
                   portions and mystery.

                             Steady... Steady, boys. Keep
                             I thought you people were
                             reliable... Where the hell is he!
                             He has been here for some time. I
                             can feel his presence.

                             Don't give me your Klingon mumbo-
                             jumbo -- there ain't another
                             vessel in this whole damn

                             Put me on the hailing frequency.

                             Sure - whatever games you wanna

                   He shakes his head, presses a button and nods to her.
                   She now removes the veil, showing us a fascinating face
                   of Klingon features. The crew stare at her as she
                   speaks into a communication device. She is oddly un-

                             Commander Kruge: this is
                             Valkris. I have obtained the
                             Federation data, and am ready to

              15   INT. BRIDGE - BIRD OF PREY (CLOAK EFFECT) - CLOSE -           15
                   KRUGE'S PET

                   A SHOCK CUT to a frightening creature, half timber
                   wolf, half lizard. His head is being rubbed by the
                   hand of the owner. We PAN UP from the beast with
                   Kruge's hand as it snaps switches.

                                           KRUGE (O.S.)
                             Well done, Valkris... Stand by.

                   The PAN CONTINUES UPWARD to reveal BATTLE COMMANDER
                   KRUGE, a Klingon War Lord of handsome but frightening
                   presence, and relative youth. Now, in Klingon:

                            (Disengage cloaking device!)

                   There is a light change from CLOAK to DE-CLOAKED CON-
                   DITION, along with ELECTRONIC WHIRRING SOUNDS. CAMERA
                   PULLS BACK from man and beats during this to reveal the
                   entire Klingon bridge which suggests the relationship
                   of galley master to slave.

                                                                            CUT TO:
              16   SPACE - (ILM/DECLOAKING EFFECT)                               16

                   We are SHOOTING PAST the merchantman in the f.g. to
                   watch the strange  and gradual appearance of a vessel.

              17   CLOSE ANGLE - BIRD OF PREY (ILM/DECLOAKING EFFECT)            17

                   Breathtaking. Skeletally at first, then filled in a
                   section at a time, a small deadly looking warship
                   forms. It is the Bird of Prey, a long-necked, scary
                   looking thing, with variable wing attitude which we
                   will see in time.

              18   INT. BRIDGE - THE MERCHANTMAN                                 18

                             What the hell...?

                   As he and the crew try to comprehend, a commanding
                   voice on SPEAKERS:

                                           KRUGE (V.O.)
                             Well done, Valkris...Transmit data
                             on my command... Now!

                   The woman leans to the console. She inserts a small
                   rectangular object and presses a button.

              19   INT. BRIDGE - BIRD OF PREY - (INTERCUT WITH                   19

                   Kruge rises from his regal station, crosses to a moni-
                   tor where OFFICER MALTZ adjusts incoming material. We
                   cannot see clearly what is coming in, but occasional
                   images suggest material concerning the Genesis Project.
                   As the high speed transmission ends:
                                           VALKRIS  (V.O.)
                             Transmission completed. You will
                             find it essential to your mission.

                   Maltz hands Kruge the completed recording. Kruge taps
                   it thoughtfully.

                             (Then you have seen it.)

                                           WOMAN (V.O.)
                             (I have, my lord.)

                                     (a cloud)
                             (That is unfortunate.)
                                           WOMAN (V.O.)
                             (I understand.)
                   Kruge has a moment of hesitation. Then, to his

              20   EXT. BIRD OF PREY - (ILM SHOT)                                20

                   The variable wings begin to dip like hawk's talons, and
                   the Bird begins an arcing maneuver...

              21   INT. MERCHANTMAN                                              21

                   Uncertainty. The Captain turns to the Woman.

                             What's going on? When do we get
                             paid off...?

                             Soon, Captain... Quite soon.
                                     (to communicator)
                             (Success, my lord -- and my love.)

              22   INT. BIRD OF PREY - CLOSE - KRUGE                             22

                             (You will be remembered with
                                     (to gunner)

              23   SPACE - THE TWO VESSELS - (ILM SERIES OF SHOTS)               23

                   The Bird of Prey, its wings in the menacing attack
                   position swoops toward the merchant ship. From the two
                   claw-like tips of the Bird of Prey, phaser beams (of a
                   new type) erupt, SIZZLE --

                   EXPLOSIONS rip the outside of the merchantman -

              24   INT. MERCHANTMAN - (SPECIAL FX)                               24

                   EXPLOSIONS and smoke cloud the murky small bridge; the
                   cries of the crew, the Captain's scream of outrage.
                   And through it all, in the smoke, the Woman's face.
                   Unperturbed. As a last act, she ritualistically covers
                   her face with her veil, as she is enveloped in smoke
                   and flames.

              25   INT. BIRD OF PREY - (INTERCUT AS NEEDED WITH                  25

                   The SCREAMS AND CRIES of the merchant crew can be
                   heard. The Captain's voice rises above all these.

                                           CAPTAIN (V.O.)
                             For God's sake, help us!
                             Please! We'll keep your damn
                             secrets, just don't let us die in

                   Kruge turns impassively to his gunner, and nods. The
                   gunner presses the firing button.

              26   SPACE - THE VESSELS - (ILM)                                   26

                   The Klingon Bird FIRES another salvo. The merchantman
                   is obliterated. Debris floats through the SHOT.

              27   INT. BRIDGE - BIRD OF PREY                                    27

                   The screams have stopped. Kruge's beats reacts with
                   pleasure. Officer Maltz observes this, subtly wipes
                   his forehead, but making sure Kruge doesn't see him.
                   Kruge pets his beast, then straightens, recording in 

                             I'll be in my quarters. Execute
                             course to the Federation Boundary.

                             Yes, my lord!

                   As Kruge starts out, the BEAST GROWLS. Kruge stops,
                   points a finger at a Klingon in the sub-deck below.

                            (Feed him!)

                   The Klingon nods vigorously as Kruge exits, then, with
                   his commander gone, casts a nervous glance beast-ward.

              28   CREWMAN'S POV - THE SNARLING BEATS (ILM)                      28

                   A face only a Klingon could love.

                                                                            CUT TO:

              29   EXT. SPACE - THE GENESIS PLANET - (ILM SHOT)                  29

                   INTO SHOT comes USS Grissom, orbiting.

              30   INT. BRIDGE - GRISSOM - CLOSE - SCIENCE MONITOR               30

                   Much visual display and BEEPING. PULL BACK to find
                   Saavik, David -- with Esteban over their shoulders.
                             New orbit commencing... Coming up
                             on sector three...

                             Short range scan.

                                     (activates; studies)
                             As before... Metallic mass...
                             Verifying triminium photon tube...
                             No new data.

                             Check for trace radiation.
                             Infrared enhancement.

                                     (she responds)
                             ... Radiation residual... Level is

                   Suddenly the BEEPS are joined in harmony by a new and
                   subtly different SOUND. Saavik looks at David, who
                   moves closer to her screen, studying it with growing
                   intensity as she adjusts the controls, and the SOUND
                   INCREASES IN VOLUME.

                             I don't believe it...

                             What is it?

                             If equipment is functioning
                             properly, indications are -- an
                             animal life form.

                                     (to David)
                             You said there wouldn't be any.

                             There shouldn't be any. Only
                             plant forms were built into the
                             Genesis matrix.

                                     (she's re-checked)
                             Cross referenced and verified. An
                             unidentifiable life form reading.

                                           COMM OFFICER
                             Do you wish to advise Starfleet,

                             Wait a minute...! We don't know
                             what we're talking about here...

                             Why don't we beam it up?

                             Oh no you don't! Regulations
                             specifically state: "nothing
                             shall be beamed aboard until
                             danger of contamination has been
                             eliminated." Can you guarantee

                             Not from here, no.

                             Captain... the logical alternative
                             is obvious... beaming down to the
                             surface is permitted...

                             "... If the Captain decides that
                             the mission is vital and
                             reasonably free of danger." I
                             know the book, Saavik.

                             Captain, please -- we'll take the
                             risk. We've got to find out what
                             it is...

                             ... Or who.

                  The implication is not lost on Esteban. After a

                             All right -- get your gear. I'll
                             put you down next time around.

                             Thank you... Sir!

                                                                            CUT TO:

              31   EXT. SPACE - THE EARTH - ORBITING SPACEDOCK -                 31
                   (ILM SHOT)

                   with the grandeur of the horizon arc of the great blue
                   marble as a backdrop, Spacedock orbits. INTO SHOT
                   comes Enterprise, heading toward the waiting port.

              32   INT. BRIDGE - USS ENTERPRISE - (ILM ELEMENTS)                 32

                   The bustle and CRACKLING SOUNDS of approach procedure.
                   Kirk is in the Captain's chair, all others are on sta-
                   tions. Scotty has come up from below to watch the
                             Standby automatic approach system
                             ... Advise approach control.

                             Approach control... this is
                             Enterprise. Ready for docking

                                 CONTROLLER (V.O.)
                             Enterprise is cleared to dock.

                             Lock on!

                             Systems locked.

                   The bridge lights change to docking mode.

                             Spacedock, you have control.

                                           CONTROLLER (V.O.)
                             Affirmative, Enterprise. Enjoy
                             the ride, and welcome home.

                             Enterprise confirms. With

              33   EXT. SPACEDOCK - SERIES OF SHOTS - (ILM)                      33

                   The slowly rotating Spacedock is huge. Enterprise is
                   coming in on an arc-like course.

                   The great doors of Approach Threshold 15 slide open...

                   Enterprise, with unerring precision, slips from space
                   into the small opening afforded by the doors... and...

              34   INT. SPACEDOCK - SERIES OF SHOTS - (ILM)                      34

                   A huge, cavernous area, deigned as an orbital dock for
                   many space vessels. We see Enterprise entering this
                   great warehouse of ships through the doors, and proceed
                   at slow impulse power to her waiting birth.

              35   ANOTHER ANGLE  (ILM)                                          35

                   introducing NX 2000, Excelsior, a super starship. Her
                   lines are similar to Enterprise, but she is clearly
                   bigger, sleeker, and very new. She sits at her mooring
                   like the new Queen of Space.

             35A   INT. ENTERPRISE BRIDGE - FAVORING VIEWSCREEN -               35A
                   (ILM ELEMENT)

                   The Excelsior is on screen for all to see.

                             Would you look at that?

                             My friends, the great
                             experiment: Excelsior, ready for
                             trial runs...

                             She's supposed to have transwarp

                             Aye. And if my grandmother had
                             wheels, she'd be a wagon.

                             Mr. Scott...

                             I'm sorry, sir, but as far as I'm
                             concerned, there's nothin' needed
                             for space travel that this old
                             girl doesn't already have.

                             Come, come, Scotty. Young minds.
                             Fresh ideas.
                             Be tolerant.

              36   INT. SPACEDOCK - THE CAFETERIA (FX SHOT WITH ILM              36

                   THROUGH THE WINDOW of a Spacedock facility, a few
                   lounging Starfleet persons look up to see a memorable

                   ... battle-scarred Enterprise is passing alongside of
                   the sleek Excelsior. Their size differential is
                   apparent (B-29 to B-17). Yet, Enterprise carries with
                   her a battle-scarred history of achievement. Some of
                   the Starfleet people begin to rise, silently. A stand-
                   ing ovation for a hero's return.

              37   INT. ENTERPRISE BRIDGE - FAVORING KIRK                        37
                                           COMPUTER (V.O.)
                             Enterprise, stand by for final
                             docking procedure.

                             Standing by... Mr. Sulu, activate
                             moorings... Stand by umbilical and
                             gravitational support systems...

                             Aye, sir, moorings activated... All
                             systems standing by...

                             Admiral... This is not possible.

                             Mr. Chekov -- ?

                             An energy reading from 'C" deck --
                             from inside Mr. Spock's

                                     (not patiently)
                             Mr. Chekov, I ordered Spock's
                             quarters sealed!

                             Yes, sir, I sealed the room myself.
                             Nevertheless -- I am reading a
                             life form there.

                   Kirk rises on the narrow edge of irritation.

                             Mr. Chekov -- this entire crew
                             seems on the edge of obsessive
                             behavior concerning Mr. Spock.
                                     (stays Chekov's protest)
                             I'll have a look... Mr. Sulu,
                             continue docking procedure.

                   He exits, as the rest of the crew reacts. Chekov
                   shrugs to all, indicating that he sees what he sees.
                   And the CAMERA MOVES CLOSE to his panel to verify his
                   belief. On screen -- an energy form is definitely

              38   INT. ENTERPRISE CORRIDOR - ON ELEVATOR DOORS                  38

                   as they HISS open, and Kirk appears. A SOFT ALARM is 
                   BEEPING O.S. Kirk assesses this, his mood changing to
                   puzzled concern. He starts purposefully OUT OF SHOT.

              39   CORRIDOR SECTOR - TRACKING WITH KIRK                          39

                   He is walking quickly, as the ALARM SOUND increases in
                   frequency. He reacts: breaks into a trot, CAMERA
                   SPEEDING UP WITH him until he arrives at the entrance
                   to Spock's quarters. He examines with shock: a seal-
                   ant coating over the door has been forced with indica-
                   tions of great strength. The ALARM CONTINUES, LOUD
                   now. Kirk TURNS IT OFF with a touch, then cautiously
                   starts in, convinced the problem is real.

              40   INT. SPOCK'S QUARTERS - LOW KEY LIGHTING                      40

                   It is dark and shadowy as Kirk enters. He peers, try-
                   ing to adjust his eyesight to the darkness. He steps
                   forward carefully -- trips temporarily on some small
                   object -- but recovers. He moves slowly inward, then
                   stops, staring into the impenetrable dark. Then he
                   reacts, as we hear SPOCK'S VOICE. It is hoarse, raspy,
                   as it was in the final scene with Kirk in Star Trek
                   II. But is unmistakably Spock.

                                           THE VOICE
                             Jim... Help me... take me... up
                             the steps... of Mount Seleya...
                             through the hall of ancient

              41   CLOSE - KIRK                                                  41

                   Shaken now. He strains into the darkness, looking --

             41A   KIRK'S POV                                                   41A

                   CAMERA PANS the darkened room and COMES TO REST as we
                   see a shadowy figure in the far corner.

             41B   BACK TO KIRK                                                 41B

                   as he starts forward, all senses alert. As he nears
                   the figure, whoever it is starts to flee, and Kirk
                   grapples with him, like Jacob with the dark Angel. And
                   Kirk pulls him down, panting, and the figure is il-
                   luminated by a shaft of light, and it is --

              42   TWO SHOT                                                      42

                   -- Bones McCoy. Emotionally drained, eyes wide --

                             Bones, what the hell are you
                             doing? Have you lost your mind!

                                     (his own voice, but
                                      raspy, drained)
                             ... Help me, Jim... Take me home.

                             That's where we are, Bones. we
                             are home.

                             ... Then perhaps there is still
                             time... Climb the steps, Jim...
                             Climb the steps of Mount Seleya...

                             Mount Seleya? Bones, Mount Seleya
                             is on Vulcan! We're home on

                   Bones looks at him, trying to comprehend. When he 
                   opens his mouth; it is, for one brief moment, SPOCK'S
                   VOICE that emerges:

                                     (in Spock's voice)
                                     (and again)

                   Kirk stares at him in shock as:

                                           UHURA (V.O.)
                             Admiral: docking is completed.
                             Starfleet Commander Morrow is on
                             his way for inspection.
                   Kirk, still holding McCoy:

                             Uhura! Get the medics down
                             here! Get them now!

                   He cradles McCoy who has gone limp.

                             Bones, it's all right...

                   As he holds his friend, rocking him gently, we OVERLAP
                   the SHRILL SOUND of an ELECTRONIC BOATSWAIN'S PIPE.

                                                                            CUT TO:

              43   INT. ENTERPRISE TORPEDO BAY/DOCKING CHAMBER                   43

                   The entire crew is assembled as the SOUND of the PIPE
                   FINISES -- and the great docking doors open.


                  STARFLEET COMMANDER MORROW enters, a distinguished
                  looking black man, followed by an AIDE. He crosses to
                  Kirk at the head of the review line.

                             Welcome aboard, Admiral.

                             Welcome home, Jim.

                   He reaches for Kirk's shoulders with affection.

                             Well done.

                   He embraces Kirk. It is both a military courtesy, and
                   a personal expression, twenty-five years of comrade-
                   ship, service and sacrifice. Kirk is moved. When the
                   embrace breaks:

                             Thank you, sir.
                             I take it this is not a formal

                   A relieved ripple of laughter from all.

                             No. At ease, everyone.

                   They relax in the glow of Morrow's smile. And he looks

                             Where's Doctor McCoy?

                                     (a beat)
                             Indisposed, sir.

                             Ah, too bad... Well... You have
                             all done remarkable service under
                             the most -- difficult of
                             conditions. You'll be receiving
                             Starfleet's highest commendations,
                             and more importantly, extended
                             shore leaves.

                   A buzz of approval, then:

                             That is, all but you, Mr. Scott.
                             They need your wisdom on the new
                             Excelsior... Report there tomorrow
                             as Captain of Engineering.

                   It is clear how Scotty feels about this honor:

                             With all appreciation, sir, I'd
                             prefer to supervise the refit of

                             Yes, well... That really won't be

                             But sir -- this refit will take a 
                             practiced hand. There's much to
                             do --
                                     (a look at Kirk)
                             It could be months.

                             No, Mr. Scott, I'm sorry... There
                             isn't going to be a refit.

                   A pall in the room. Kirk, as shocked as anyone.

                             Admiral, I don't understand. The
                             Enterprise --

                             Jim, the Enterprise is twenty
                             years old. We think her day is

                             But, we had requested -- we were
                             hoping to take her back to

                                     (a new concern)
                             Genesis?! Whatever for?

                             Why -- a natural desire to help
                             finish the work we began!

                             That's out of the question. No
                             one is going to Genesis!
                             May I ask why...?

                                     (a sigh)
                             Jim, in your absence, Genesis has
                             become a galactic controversy...
                             Until the Federation Council makes
                             policy, you are all under orders
                             not to discuss with anyone your 
                             knowledge of Genesis... Consider
                             it a quarantined planet. And a
                             forbidden subject.

                   On their baffled reactions we...

                                                                            CUT TO:

              44   EXT. SPACE - THE BIRD OF PREY - (ILM SHOT)                    44

                   We are TRACKING with her through space. She is quite
                   visible, her wings in level configuration.

              45   INT. BRIDGE - BIRD OF PREY - VERY CLOSE - MONITOR             45

                   At first we are disoriented. Jim Kirk's image FILLS
                   THE SCREEN talking right AT US.

                                           KIRK'S IMAGE
                             To fully understand the events on
                             which I report, it is necessary to
                             review the theoretical data on the
                             Genesis Device...

                   We are PULLING BACK. The bridge is lit normally. On
                   screen, Kirk's voice now continues, describing what we
                   see: molecular charts, followed by a barren graphic
                   depiction of a planetoid. Toward it a torpedo arcs,
                   causing fire, inferno, and a resulting new surface,
                   capable of bearing life. (COMPUTER GRAPHIC, STAR TREK
                   II.) This is being watched on the bridge by Kruge,
                   Maltz, and OFFICER TORG, younger than Maltz, more gung-

              46   INTERCUT - THE GENESIS TAPE                                   46

                   with the reactions of the two junior officers, seeing
                   it for the first time.

              47   BACK TO SCENE                                                 47

                   Kruge turns the machine off. He studies the two
                   officers. Then with quiet intensity:

                                     (to Torg)

                             Great power... to control...
                             dominate... destroy. If it works.

                   Kruge considers the answer, turns to Maltz.


                             Impressive... They con make
                             planets... Possibilities are
                             endless... Colonies, resources...

                             Yes... New cities, homes in the
                             country... your woman at your
                             side... children playing at your
                             feet... and overhead, fluttering
                             in the breeze... the flag of the
                             Federation. Charming...
                                     (hisses at Maltz)

                             Yes, my lord!

                   Maltz snaps to and leaves, chastened. Kruge turns to
                   Torg like a wily serpent.

                             It works. Oh yes, it works.

                   He presses a button and a new visual appears, Kirk's
                   VOICE heard OVER:

                                           KIRK (V.O.)
                             "... It was this premature
                             detonation of the Genesis device
                             that resulted in the creation of
                             the Genesis planet..."

                   We see Enterprise fleeing the Genesis explosion (STOCK,
                   STAR TREK II). Torg is very impressed. Kruge turns
                   the visual off. Then, importantly:

                             Share this with no one.

                             Understood, my lord.

                             We are going to this "planet."
                             Even as our emissaries negotiate
                             for "peace" with the Federation,
                             we will act for the preservation
                             of our race! We will seize the
                             secret of this weapon. The secret
                             of ultimate power!

                             Success, my lord.


                   Torg crosses out, Kruge turns toward his chair, kneels
                   to pet his beast as we hear:

                                           HELMSMAN (V.O.)
                            (My lord: approaching Federation

                            (Steady on course... Engage
                             cloaking device!)

                                           HELMSMAN (V.O.)
                            (Cloaking device -- engaged!)

                   Lights change... ELECTRONIC SOUND BEGINS... and:

              48   EXT. SPACE - BIRD OF PREY - (ILM CLOAKING EFFECT)             48

                   The ship, sectionally, vanishes before our eyes.

                                                                            CUT TO:

              49   SPACE - THE GENESIS PLANET - (ILM)                            49

                   USS Grissom is orbiting. We hear:

                                           ESTEBAN (V.O.)
                             Transporter room, stand by to

              50   EXT. SURFACE OF THE GENESIS PLANET - (BEAM DOWN               50

                   We are PANNING. An area of great primal beauty, poet-
                   ic, romantic. A smoky haze persists. The PAN STOPS as
                   we hear a familiar ENERGY SOUND: And Saavik and David
                   begin to appear in the BEAM DOWN EFFECT.

              51   CLOSER ANGLE - SAAVIK AND DAVID                               51

                   fully materialized. They are equipped with scientific
                   backpacks. Their TRICORDERS BLEEP reassuringly, as
                   they look about.

                                     (looking as perplexed
                                      as she can)
                             Saavik to Grissom. Request
                             computer study of soil samples for
                             geological aging.

                                     (cutting in)
                             I'll handle that later.

                             My readings indicate great

                             We're not here to investigate
                             geological aging, we're here to
                             find life forms!

                   His TRICORDER BLEEPS.

                             Come on...

                   Saavik reacts to his tension with a questioning look.
                   Then they move off.

              52   INT. GRISSOM BRIDGE - FAVORING ESTEBAN (INTERCUT              52
                   WITH SAAVIK)

                   He and his officers are monitoring the progress of the
                   landing party. DATA SOUNDS fill the bridge.
                   Then, LT. HINES points something out on a viewscreen.

                             Grissom to landing party. We have
                             you approaching radioactive
                             indications. Do you concur?

                                           SAAVIK (V.O.)
                             Affirmative, Captain. Our
                             readings are well below danger

                             Very well. Exercise caution,
                             Lieutenant. This landing is
                             Captain's discretion and I'm the
                             one who's out on a limb.

                                           SAAVIK (V.O.)
                             I'll try to remember that,

              53   EXT. GENESIS PLANET - HIGH SHOT - SPOCK'S GLADE - DAY         53

                   David is in the lead, a distant figure, then stops to
                   take readings as Saavik catches up to him. Then to-
                   gether they start forward TOWARD US. As they approach,
                   HIGH CAMERA NOW LOWERS until it reveals, in f.g.,
                   Spock's casket.

              54   EXT. GENESIS PLANET - SERIES OF SHOTS (ILM)                   54

                   The two explorers take readings; they begin to realize
                   what they are heading for...

                   Their tempo increases, they follow their tricorders,

              55   EXT. GENESIS - SPOCK'S CASKET IN FOREGROUND                   55

                   Saavik and David come INTO VIEW, close by, and stop,
                   seeing it.

                   .          .. Spock's tube...

                                     (steps forward,
                             David --

                   He joins her, staring at:

              56   POV - SPOCK'S CASKET - (ILM SHOT)                             56

                   At the base of the tube, worm-like forms shimmy and
                   squirm. They are small , horrible, and unquestionably

              57   SAAVIK AND DAVID                                              57

                   They try to maintain their scientific objectivity, in
                   spite of their horror -- and their disappointment at
                   not finding some trace of Spock.

                             Well. There's your life form
                             reading. These were microbes on
                             the tube's surface. We shot them
                             here from Enterprise.
                                     (with irony)
                             They were fruitful, and

                             But... How could they have evolved
                             so quickly...?

                   David doesn't answer, his curiosity caught by something
                   else. He starts slowly forward, Saavik Following
                   close. Their tricorders begin to register higher radia-
                   tion levels as they approach the tube.

              58   SERIES OF SHOTS - (PRODUCTION & ILM)                          58

                   David and Saavik's faces as they approach.

                   Feet step among the wormy creatures to gain access to
                   the tube. (ILM)

                   Even the unemotional Saavik reacts to this.

                   David reaches the tube, raises the lid of Spock's bier.
                   He looks inside, and sees:

              59   DAVID'S POV INTO SPOCK'S CASKET                               59

                   It is empty, except for some kind of rumpled black

              60   BACK TO DAVID                                                 60

                   He reacts, stunned.

                             Saavik... He's gone.

                   He reaches in, withdraws the shroud-like cloth, and
                   hands it to Saavik. As she touches, she knows.

                             What is it?

                             Spock's burial robe.

                   As they stare at each other without answers, the planet
                   makes a gentle RUMBLING SOUND -- then the ground qui-
                   vers slightly.

                   And in the far distance, a poignant CRY is heard. A
                   young animal in pain, perhaps. Saavik and David do not

                                                                            CUT TO:

              61   INT. KIRK'S APARTMENT - VIEW OF THE BAY - NIGHT               61

                   Tranquil. We hear the SOUNDS of HARBOR and distant
                   CITY. We are PULLING BACK, past Kirk as he stares qui-
                   etly at the view, a glass in hand. Then he turns
                   'round, raises his glass in a toast.

                             Absent friends.

                   ANGLE WIDENS to include Uhura, Chekov and Sulu, who
                   toast in response, and drink.

                             ... Admiral, what's going to
                             happen to Enterprise?

                             She's to be decommissioned.

                             Will we get another ship?

                             I can't get an answer. Starfleet
                             is up to its brass in galactic
                             conference. No one has time for
                             those who only stand... and wait.

                   Kirk sips his drink thoughtfully, as do all. Then:

                             How is Doctor McCoy, sir?

                             That's the good news. He's home
                             in bed, full of tranquilizers, and
                             he promised me he'd stay there...
                             They say it's exhaustion...
                                     (a sigh)
                             We'll see.

                   A DOOR CHIME.

                             Ah. Mr. Scott, fresh from the
                             world of transwarp drive... Come!

                   They all turn toward the door. We hear it WHIRR open,
                   O.S. Their expressions change and they stare at:

              62   THEIR POV - ANGLE TOWARD THE DOOR                             62

                   A tall, mysterious figure in a hooded Vulcan robe walks
                   slowly toward us, then stops, CLOSE, face unseen. Is
                   it Bones?... A Spock apparition? The figure removes
                   his hood, revealing the distinguished older features

              63   BACK TO GROUP - FAVORING KIRK                                 63


                   A hush of wonder falls over all. The ANGLE WIDENS as
                   AMBASSADOR SAREK comes to Kirk.

                             Ambassador, I -- I had no idea you
                             were here...
                             I think you know my crew...

                             I will speak with you alone, Kirk.

                   Kirk turns to his crew. They look at him questioningly.

                             Excuse us, please.

                   The crew, their concern showing, leave their glasses
                   and file out. Sarek steps to the bay window, looks out
                   in contemplation, his back to Kirk. With the others
                   gone, Kirk comes up behind Sarek. A pause. Then:

                             Sarek... I would have come to
                             Vulcan... to express my deepest

                                     (raises a hand)
                             Spare me your human platitudes,
                             Kirk. I have been to your
                             Government. I have seen the
                             Genesis information, and your own

                             Then you know how bravely your son
                             met his death.

                             "Met his death"?
                                     (turning on Kirk)
                             How could you, his friend, have
                             assumed that? Why did you leave
                             him on Genesis! Spock trusted you
                             -- and you denied him his future!

                             I -- saw no future --

                             You missed the point, then and
                             now... Only his body was "in
                             death," Kirk! And you were the
                             last one to be with him.

                             Yes, I was...

                             Then you must know that you should
                             have come with him to Vulcan.

                             But -- why?

                             Because he asked you to! He
                             entrusted you with his very
                             essence -- with everything
                             was not of the body. He asked you
                             to bring him to us -- and to bring
                             that which he gave you: his
                             Katra. His living spirit.

                                     (deeply, quietly)
                             Sir. Your son meant more to me
                             than you can know. I'd have given
                             my life if it would have saved
                             his. You must believe me when I
                             tell you that he made no request
                             of me!

                             He would not have spoken of it

                             Then, how --

                             Kirk, I must have your thoughts.
                             May I join your mind?

                             Of course...!

                   Sarek steps close to Kirk as CAMERA PUSHES IN VERY
                   CLOSE. Sarek's hands are on Kirk's temples in familiar
                   splayed fashion. And the eyes of both men are closed.

              64   MIND MELD SEQUENCE                                            64

                   (This can be LITERAL, or can be illustrated by SUB-
                   LIMINAL FILM from TREK II. To be determined.)
                   Strange, SUB-MUSICAL SOUNDS underscore. The music of
                   Vulcan, unlike anything we have ever heard before.
                   After a moment:

                             ... He spoke of your friendship.


                             He asked you not to grieve...

                             ... Yes...

                             ... The needs of the many outweigh...

                             ... The needs of the few...

                             ... Or the one.

                             ... Spock...

                             I have been... and always shall
                             be... your friend. Live long...
                             and prosper!

                             ... No...!
                   Kirk, bathed with sweat, suddenly shudders in pain.
                   Sarek opens his eyes, removes his hands. He touches
                   Kirk with gentleness as Jim recovers, opens his eyes.

              65   ANGLE - SAREK AND KIRK                                         65

                             Forgive me. It is not here. I
                             assumed he had mind-melded with
                             you. It is the Vulcan way when
                             the body's end is near.

                             But he couldn't touch me...! We
                             were separated!

                             I see... and I understand.
                                     (rises wearily)
                             Then everything that he was...
                             Everything that he knew... is
                             lost. And when I return home
                             empty-handed, many shall mourn.

                   He turns now, starting for the door. Kirk stops him
                   with an agonized wail:

                             Please wait!... Surely he would
                             have found a way! If there was so
                             much at stake -- Spock would have
                             found a way!

                             Yes... But -- how...?

                             Sarek!... What if he melded with
                             someone else?!

                   On their exchange of looks --

              66   INT. SMALL ELECTRONIC CENTER                                  66

                   We are VERY CLOSE on an electronic screen. There is
                   the frozen face of Spock with his hand splayed on the
                   engine room glass. A mechanical voice tells us:

                                           COMPUTER VOICE
                             Engine Room, Flight Recorder
                             Visual. Stardate 8128 point seven
                             eight, point seven eight, point
                             seven eight --

                                           KIRK (V.O.)
                             Back. Point seven seven.

                   The tape begins to speed backwards in a scrambled

              67   REVERSE ANGLE - CLOSE - KIRK (INTERCUT WITH SCREEN)           67

                   His face intense. The SOUND of BACKWARD TAPE is heard.
                   Then it stops.

                   On screen: Spock and Kirk in their final conversation.
                   Kirk watches a moment, painfully, then breaks off:

                             Back. Point seven six.

                   The computer responds. More BACKWARD SOUND, then:

                                           COMPUTER VOICE
                             Flight recorder visual. Stardate
                             8128 point 76, point 76 --


                   The tape activates. On screen we watch Spock enter the
                   engine room, go to the console. He make a few adjust-
                   ments then heads for the radiation room where he is
                   intercepted by McCoy.

                   Kirk stares in growing fascination.

                   McCoy talks to Spock briefly. Spock tricks McCoy into
                   looking away, then applies the Vulcan nerve pinch.
                   Bones falls.

                   On screen: Spock moves close to McCoy, takes gloves
                   from the unconscious Scott, then places his hand on
                   McCoy's temple.
                                           SPOCK'S IMAGE


                   He stares at the frozen image, then:

                             Augment and repeat!

                   The CAMERA ZOOMS IN a TIGHT TWO SHOT. The action

                                           SPOCK'S VOICE


                   The image of the critical mind meld is there to see.
                   Kirk is stunned.

                   CAMERA ANGLE WIDENS now, to reveal for the first time
                   that Sarek is with Kirk in the shadowy room.


                             One alive, one not. Yet both in

                             What must I do?

                             You must bring them to Mount
                             Selaya -- on Vulcan. Only there
                             is the passage possible. Only
                             there can both find peace...

                             What you ask is difficult.

                             You will find a way, Kirk. If you
                             honor them both, you must.

                   Kirk looks at the screen, examines all that is clear to
                   him, and accepts the truth of Sarek's challenge.

                             I will. I swear.

                   Over his determined face, we hear a weird OVERLAPPED
                   SOUND: the strange CRY OF PAIN from the Genesis

                                                                            CUT TO:

              68   OMITTED                                                       68

              69   EXT. GENESIS PLANET - AREA 2                                  69
                   A different texture than the Spock Glade. Cactus
                   growth, seeming desert, yet... slightly gnarled,
                   slightly off. Over this empty landscape there is
                   another trembling of the earth. And again, the CRY.

              70   UP ANGLED - AREA 2                                            70

                   The SOUND OF RUNNING FOOTSTEPS. Then David and Saavik
                   run INO SHOT staring O.S. as the CRY repeats itself.

                   They stare O.S. and see:

              71   THEIR POV - VISTA - (ILM SHOT)                                71

                   Past the tall cactus in f.g., we see snow-covered ter-
                   rain in the middle distance. The CRY is heard once

              72   BACK TO THEM                                                  72

                             We hear it whenever the ground

                   David's tricorder is making LIFE FORM SOUNDS. Saavik
                   whips out her communicator.

                                     (continuing; to
                             Captain, this is Saavik. We have
                             strong life sign readings bearing
                             zero-one-five relative, and we are
                             proceeding to investigate.

                                           ESTEBAN (V.O.)
                             We concur, Saavik. And Saavik...
                             be advised we are reading a severe
                             and unnatural age curve on the
                             planet. I'm getting nervous...

                                     (a look to David)
                             Do you have an explanation?

                             Later. Let's go...

                             Grissom, your message acknowledged.
                             Will advise... Out.

                   And she hurries after David.

              73   INT. BRIDGE - GRISSOM - FAVORING ESTEBAN                      73

                             USS Grissom, out.
                                     (bends over his
                                      science station)
                             What the hell's going on down

              74   EXT. GENESIS PLANET - AREA 3 - SNOWSCAPE (ILM --              74

                   David leading, Saavik catching up as they enter a snow-
                   covered patch of ground. CAMERA TRACKS with them now
                   as the WIND begins to HOWL, and the first visible snow-
                   flakes begin to fall. As the wind and snow increase,
                   causing them to hold their hands up against the ele-
                   ments, they stop and stare outward.

              75   THEIR POV                                                     75

                   In the snow-covered landscape ahead of them, a series
                   of tracks. Small, indeterminate. They lead ahead.

              76   BACK TO SAAVIK AND DAVID                                      76

                   They respond. The WIND HOWLS, but they start forward.

                                                                            CUT TO:

              77   INT. STARFLEET OFFICER'S LOUNGE - ADMIRAL MORROW              77
                   - NIGHT

                             No. Absolutely not, Jim, it's out
                             of the question!

                    ANGLE HAS WIDENED to include Kirk, a passionate Kirk.

                             Harry. I'm off the record now.
                             I'm not speaking as one of your
                             staff. I'm talking about thirty
                             years of service. I have to do
                             this, Harry. It has to do with my
                             honor, my life -- everything I put
                             any value on.

                   The intimacy of the conversation is broken by a star-
                   fleet steward who bears drinks. Kirk sits in frus-
                   trated suspension until the steward leaves. Then Kirk
                   tries to resume his plea, but Morrow stays him.

                             Jim... You are my best officer and
                             if I had a best friend, you'd be
                             that too. But I am Commander,
                             Starfleet, so I don't break rules!

                             Don't quote rules, Harry! We're
                             talking about loyalty.
                             And sacrifice. One man who died
                             for us, another who has deep
                             emotional damage --

                             Now wait a minute! This business
                             about Spock  and McCoy... Honestly,
                             I have never understood Vulcan
                             mysticism -- I'm sorry! But part
                             of me doesn't want you to make a
                             fool of yourself... Understand?

                             Harry, you don't have to believe!
                             I'm not even sure I believe. But
                             if there's even a chance that
                             Spock has an eternal soul -- then
                             that is my responsibility.


                             As surely as if it were my own!
                             Harry, give me back the
                             Enterprise! With Scotty's help...

                             No, Jim! Enterprise would never
                             stand the pounding.

                             Then I'll find a ship -- I'll hire
                             a ship.

                             Out of the question! The Council
                             has ordered that no one but the
                             science team goes to Genesis!

                             Then let me speak to the
                             Council! Harry, please! I can
                             make them understand!!

                   Kirk's voice and passion has risen enough to now
                   gather a response from neighboring tables. Kirk re-
                   alizes; he checks himself, draws slightly back. Morrow
                   is firm.

                             No, you understand...! The
                             Council has its hands full with
                             Klingons and Romulans! They're
                             trying to hammer out a treaty on
                             the Genesis Device and they
                             haven't got time for your personal
                             views on friendship and
                             Jim! Your life and your career
                             stand for rationality, not
                             intellectual chaos. Keep up this
                             emotional behavior and you'll lose
                             everything. You'll destroy
                             Do you hear me, Jim?

                   Kirk looks for a long moment, then sighs, his body

                             Yes... I hear you.
                                     (a beat)
                             I just had to try.

                             Of course... Now take my
                             suggestion, enjoy your leave --
                             and let all this tension blow

                                     (a sigh)
                             You're right.
                             Thanks for the drink.

                             Any time.

                   Kirk rises with a smile, starts out. HOLD on Morrow.

              78   MOVING WITH KIRK                                              78

                   He crosses the room filled with Starfleet senior
                   officers, CAMERA TRACKING until he passes out of the
                   main room, into the entry room -- where we are sur-
                   prised to see Sulu and Chekov waiting for him conspir-
                   atorially. Kirk stops close to them, looks about cau-

                             The word, sir?

                             The word is no.
                                     (a beat)
                             I am therefore going anyway.

                             Count on our help, sir.

                             I'll need it, Sulu.

                             Shall I alert Dr. McCoy?

                             Yes. He has a long journey ahead.

                                                                            CUT TO:

              79   INT. BAR - NIGHT                                              79

                   A crowded, smoke-filled watering hole of the twenty-
                   third century, filled with a smattering of civilians,
                   Starfleet personnel, and visitors from strange and far-
                   off civilizations. It does not have the bizarre quali-
                   ties of the "Star Wars Bar" which is across the

                   McCoy is discovered entering the bar. He is haggard,
                   less than clean shaved. He appears to be looking for
                   something as he starts forward.

              80   HIS POV - MOVING THROUGH THE BAR (ILM ELEMENT)                80

                   noting patrons at the twenty-third century equivalent
                   of video games, darts. We see two people playing at a
                   holographic version of a video game, in which World War
                   1 biplanes are engaged in 3-d combat... and a dart
                   player throwing pneumatic jet propelled darts...

              81   BACK TO McCOY                                                 81

                   Not finding what he is looking for, he settles into a
                   small alcove. A seedy, but attractive WAITRESS ar-

                             Long time, Doc.

                             Yeah... Anyone...  been looking for

                             I have... But what's the use?
                                     (a smile)
                             What'll it be?

                             Altair water...
                             Specially carbonated from
                             underground fissures.

                             Not your usual poison.

                             To expect one to order poison in a
                             bar is not logical.
                                     (he catches
                             Excuse me... I'm on medication.

                             Got it.

                   She leaves. McCoy scans the room. He picks out some-
                   one approaching.

              82   ANGLE - THE ALIEN                                             82

                   an exotic-looking grubby fellow with a big grin, making
                   his way unmistakably to McCoy's booth. PULL BACK with
                   him as he reaches it, and slides in ebulliently.

                             Hello! Welcome to your planet.

                             I think that's my line, stranger.

                             Oh, forgive. I here am new. But
                             you are known, being McCoy from

                             You have me at a disadvantage,
                             sir. You are --

                             I name not important. You seek
                             I. Message received. Available
                             ship stands by.

                             Good. How soon and how much?

                             How soon is now. How much is


                             Is yes. Where?

                             ... Somewhere in the Mutara

                             Oh. Mutara restricted. Take
                             permits many. Money, more.

                             There aren't going to be any damn
                                     (checking room)
                             How can you get a permit to do a
                             damn illegal thing?!
                             Look, price you name, money I got.

                             You name place, I name money.
                             Otherwise, bargain, no.

                                     (getting louder)
                             Alright, dammit. It's Genesis.
                             The name of the place we're going
                             is Genesis.


                             Genesis, yes. How can you be deaf
                             with ears like that?

                             Genesis allowed is not... Is
                             planet forbidden.

                             Now listen to me, my backwards
                                     (grabs the Alien
                                      by the collar)
                             Genesis may be "planet forbidden,"
                             but I'm damn well --

                   McCoy is interrupted by a hand on his arm. He looks up
                   to see a nondescript-looking CIVILIAN, with a gentle,
                   ingratiating manner.

                             Sir... I'm sorry, but your voice
                             is carrying. I don't think you
                             want to be discussing this subject
                             in public.

                             I'll discuss what I like, and who
                             the hell are you?!

                             Could I offer you a ride home, Dr.

                             Where's the logic in offering me a
                             ride home, you idiot! If I wanted
                             a ride home, would I be trying to
                             charter a space flight?!
                             How the hell do you know who I am?

                             Federation Security, sir.

                   It's a bad moment for the agent to have announced him-
                   self. A desperate Bones releases the Alien and rises
                   to his feet just as the Waitress arrives with his Alt-
                   air water on a tray. The Altair water spills on the

              83   SERIES OF CUTS                                                 83

                   The Alien, hit by the water, leaps to his feet in rage.

                   The Waitress is knocked into a group of people.

                   More spilling of drinks.

                   A bystander, thinking the Alien hit the Waitress, hits

                   A general scuffle begins.

                   Meanwhile, McCoy tries to race around the "Civilian's"
                   end of the confusion, but the agent (very big), grabs
                   him. Bones, in confusion and panic, suddenly turns,
                   wild-eyed, and attempts a Vulcan nerve pinch on his
                   tormentor. The nerve pinch has absolutely no effect,
                   and the agent stares at Bones for a long moment.

                             You're going to get a nice, long
                             rest, Doctor.

                   He ushers Bones out as the brouhaha continues in b.g.

                                                                            CUT TO:

              84   EXT GENESIS PLANET - AREA 3 - SNOWSCAPE                       84

                   It is snowing now, and the WIND WAILS as Saavik and
                   David appear and come forward into a CLOSE SHOT. The
                   life sign sound of their TRICORDER is BEEPING faster
                   now as they peer ahead into the snow. Then Saavik
                   suddenly points:

              85   POV - THROUGH THE SNOWFALL                                    85

                   Something alive moves across the front, obscured by
                   snow and terrain.

              86   BACK TO THEM - MOVING CAMERA (INTERCUT WITH POV)              86

                   As they start forward into the snow, Saavik drawing her
                   phaser. They peer ahead, seeing nothing but the BLEEP
                   of their tricorder which they follow like a beacon.

                   Their POV MOVING through the snow flurry, catches an
                   occasional hint of something ahead which spurs them on.

                   Then, with the TRICORDER BEEP indicating very close
                   proximity, they stop and intuitively Saavik indicates
                   to David to turn the tricorder off. As the beep stops,
                   they listen and hear the tiniest of WHIMPERS amid the
                   WIND. They start out excitedly...

              87   THE CREVICE (AND INTERCUT POV'S)                              87

                   as Saavik and David approach. Stop. TRICORDER back
                   on. Big reading. They step forward through the snow
                   flurry to see:

              88   INT. THE CREVICE - THE BOY                                    88

                   A wild thing with scraggly hair, perhaps nine or ten
                   years old. He covers his nakedness as he shivers in
                   the cold clutching an injured leg; he watches the
                   strangers, and their BEEPING machine in hypnotic fear.
              89   THE SCENE - IN THE CREVICE                                    89

                   At Saavik's gesture, David turns off his tricorder.
                   Saavik moves close. As she touches the Boy's leg, he
                   pulls back and she reaches out to his face, and touches
                   his cheek softly. he accepts watchfully. Then Saavik
                   slides her hand slowly and parts the scraggly hair.
                   The Boy is a Vulcan.

                   Saavik and David exchange and astonished look. Then she
                   covers the boy with Spock's robe, and in Vulcan:

                             (I am Saavik... Can you speak?)

                   The Boy does not respond. Saavik looks to David.

                                     (in awe)
                             The Genesis Wave... His cells
                             could have been regenerated...
                             Reformed --

                   Quietly, so as not to alarm the Boy, Saavik opens her
                   communicator and reports softly:

                             Captain, this is Saavik. Come in, please...

                                           ESTEBAN (V.O.)
                             Yes, Saavik, go ahead...

                             We have found the life sign. It
                             is a Vulcan child, perhaps eight
                             to ten years of age.

                                           ESTEBAN (V.O.)
                             A child! That's extraodinary.
                             How did he get there?!

                             It is Dr. Marcus' opinion that
                             this is -- that the Genesis effect
                             has in some way regenerated --
                             Captain Spock.

              90   INT. BRIDGE - GRISSOM - FAVORING ESTEBAN (INTERCUT            90
                   WITH PLANET)

                  There is a moment of uncertainty between Esteban and
                  his science officers that should be one of the grand
                  laughs of this film.

                                     (slowly and
                             Ah, Saavik, that's, ah,
                             extroadinary. What would you,
                             ah, like to do next?

                                           SAAVIK (V.O.)
                             Request permission to beam aboard

                             Saavik... Does Dr. Marcus think
                             there could be -- any chance of --
                             ah -- radioactive contamination?

                                           SAAVIK (V.O.)
                             None that I can detect, sir.

                             Well, all the same, I'm going to
                             advise Starfleet and get

                   On the planet, Saavik and David exchange a frustrated

                                           SAAVIK (V.O.)
                             I'm sure Starfleet would approve,

                             I know, but -- let's do it by
                             the book. Stand by on this channel.
                                     (to Comm Officer)

                                           COMM OFFICER
                             Starfleet Command, this is the USS
                             Grissom on sub-space coded channel
                             ninety eight point eight. Come
                             in, please...

                   There is an odd SOUND on the speakers. Below, David
                   and Saavik wait impatiently. Then, on the bridge:

                                           COMM OFFICER
                             Sir... Something's jamming our
                             transmission. An energy surge.


                                           COMM OFFICER
                             Surge from astern, sir. Aft

                             On screen.

                   On MONITOR, a starfield aappears, with some kind of
                   energy interference. A heat-like distortion of one
                   area of the picture is evident. Then, suddenly, by
                   means of the de-cloaking effect, the Bird of Prey is
                   dead on a at close range in attack configuration.
                             Oh, my God!

              91   INT. BRIDGE - BIRD OF PREY - FAVORING KRUGE                   91
               &                                                                  &
             91A                                                                91A

                            (Tube one, target, engine section 


             91B   SPACE - BIRD OF PREY STALKS GRISSOM - (ILM)                  91B

                   OF PREY)

                             Red alert! Raise shields!

                                           SAAVIK (V.O.)
                             Captain, what's happening?!

                             We are under attack! Stand by for
                             evasive -- stand by for --

              93   INT. BIRD OF PREY                                             93


              94   EXT. SPACE - GRISSOM F.G., BIRD OF PREY, CLOSE B.G. -         94

                   The BIRD FIRES A Klingon PHOTON TORPEDO which WHOOSHES
                   the relatively short distance to the peaceful Grissom
                   and, shockingly -- blows her to bits with one shot.

              95   THE GENESIS PLANET - SAAVIK, DAVID - THE BOY                  95

                             Captain!... Come in, Captain!

              96   INT. BRIDGE - BIRD OF PREY                                    96

                   Kruge turns to his gunner.

                             (I told you, engine station

                   Kruge's BEAST GROWLS.

                             (A fortunate mistake, sir...)

                             (I wanted prisoners!)

                   The BEAST GROWLS again as Kruge, in a rage, pulls out
                   his phaser and FIRES, obliterating the Gunner. No one
                   in the crew seems to take this as unusual behavior.
                   And Kruge adds, for his own justification:


                   Kruge's beast adds his contempt to this message. As
                   Kruge stalks from his chair --

                             Sir, may I suggest --

                             Say the wrong thing, Torg, and I
                             will kill you too!

                             I only meant, my lord, that if
                             it's prisoners you want --
                                     (points to screen)
                             There are life signs on the
                             planet. Perhaps the very
                             scientists you seek.

                   Kruge cocks an eye, examines the screen.

                             Very good.

              97   GENESIS PLANET - THE CREVICE                                  97

                             ... Grissom... This is Saavik on
                             emergency frequency... Come in

                   STATIC is heard on her communicator. She folds it
                   closed in resignation. That unnerves David.

                             Saavik... My god, what happened to

                             It would seem that Grissom was
                             destroyed by an enemy attack.

                             You mean, we're stranded down

                             Logic indicates that is the case.

                             How can you be logical at a time
                             like this?! We have to get thee
                             hell off this planet!

                             That may be difficult...

                             Why don't you just call for help!

                             I have already made one
                             transmission too many...

                   David looks at her, understanding now, looks away in
                   despair. He covers his face with his hands now.

                             It's time for total truth between
                             This planet is not what you
                             intended, or hoped for, is it?

                             Not exactly.

                                     (a pause)
                             I used protomatter in the Genesis

                             Protomatter. An unstable
                             substance which every ethical
                             scientist in the galaxy has
                             denounced as dangerously

                             It was the only way to solve
                             certain problems --

                             Did your collaborator know?

                             My mother knew nothing about it.
                             That's why I asked her to leave
                             Genesis in my hands.

                             So, like your father, you changed
                             the rules...

                             If I hadn't, it might have been
                             years -- or never!

                             And how many have paid the price
                             for your impatience? How many
                             have died? How much damage have
                             you done... And what is yet to

                   David looks at her, accepting the truth of what she

                                                                            CUT TO:

              98   INT. PRISON CELL - CLOSE SHOT - NIGHT                         98

                   Bones McCoy is lying on a cot; we are not yet certain
                   of his mental state, though he looks like a man with a
                   very bad hangover. From O.S.:

                                           GUARD 1 (V.O.)
                             You got a visitor, Doc.
                             Make it quick, Admiral. They're
                             moving him to the Federation funny

              99   ANGLE TOWARD CELL DOOR                                        99

                   Kirk and GUARD 1 stand in the doorway which is framed by
                   line of light indicating a force field. Kirk is in
                   civilian clothes.

                             Yes, poor friend. I hear he's
                             fruity as a nutcake.

                                           GUARD 1
                             Two minutes.

                   The Guard places an electronic "key" against a plate on
                   the wall. Force light blinks out. As Kirk enters the
                   cell, the Guard reactivates the force field and leaves.
                   Kirk moves quickly to Bones, kneeling beside him.

                             Jim --

                             Shhh. How many fingers up?

                   Kirk holds up his hand in the Vulcan salute, fingers

                             That's not very damn funny.

                                     (reaches in pocket)
                             Good, your sense of humor's

                             The hell it has.

                   Kirk withdraws syringe.

                             What's that?


                             Lexorin?! What for?

                             You're suffering from a Vulcan
                             mind meld, Doctor.

                             ... Spock?!

                             That's right.

                             ... That green blooded son of a
                             bitch!... It's his revenge for all
                             the arguments he lost...

                             Give me your arm. This will make
                             you well enough to travel.
                                     (re syringe)
                             How do you do this anyway?

             100   INT. PRISON OUTER OFFICE - ANGLE ON ENTRY DOOR - NIGHT       100

                   A SECOND GUARD is on duty with GUARD 1 as the door
                   slides open and Sulu enters with some urgency.

                             Where's Admiral Kirk?

                                           GUARD 1
                             He's with the prisoner.

                             Get him quickly. Commander,
                             Starfleet wants him right away.

                   Guard 1 fishes for his electronic key and leaves.
                   Guard 2, a big, paunchy man, stretches his girth and

                             Keeping you busy?

                                           GUARD 2
                             Don't get smart, Tiny.

             101   CELL ENTRY AT DOORWAY                                        101

                   Guard 1 applies his device to the cell electronic
                   plate. Force fields blink out.

                                           GUARD 1
                             Admiral... Starfleet is...

                                     (stops him)
                             This man is sick! Look at him!

                   As the Guard moves to Bones, Kirk drops him with a
                   martial chop.

                             Can you move?

                             Yah -- that's great stuff.

                   And they start out of shot.

             102   PRISON OFFICE                                                102

                   A BUZZING is heard from the Guard's console. Guard 2
                   picks up an earpiece (like Uhura's), holds it to ear
                   and answers.

                                           GUARD 2
                             Sixth Floor Holding... Yah, come
                             up and get him, his visitor's just
                                     (a beat)
                             What? Well, some Admiral name of
                             -- Kirk.
                                     (much squawk
                                      in ear)
                             Well how am I supposed to
                             know -- ? He's a damn Admiral!

                   He unplugs furiously, rises determinedly, and starts
                   for the door which, just before he reaches it, slides
                   open, revealing Kirk and Bones.

                                           GUARD 2
                             What the hell's going --

                   He is cut short by a savage martial chop delivered by
                   Sulu from behind.

                             The side elevator. Agents on
                             their way up.

                   Kirk nods and, followed by Bones, moves to the outer
                   door, opens it, and they hurry out. Meanwhile, Sulu
                   has stepped to the master console, a bank of flashing
                   lights and comm equipment. He reaches underneath with
                   an electronic device, then steps back as the entire
                   console shorts itself to oblivion in a shower of sparks
                   and electronic pain. Sulu starts out of the room, but
                   cannot resist stopping for a split second over the
                   fallen body of Guard 2.

                             Don't call me Tiny.

                   As Sulu hurries after the others, we PUSH gently to the
                   fallen giant, sleeping peacefully.

             103   INT. ELEVATOR - SULU, BONES, KIRK                            103

                   Kirk whips out his communicator as they descend.

                             Unit two, this is One. The
                             Kobayashi Maru has set sail for
                             the promised land. Acknowledge.

                                           CHEKOV (V.O.)
                             Message acknowledged. All units
                             will be informed.

                   Kirk flips his communicator closed. McCoy raises an

                             You're taking me to the promised

                             ... What are friends for?

             104   INT. SPACEDOCK - USS EXCELSIOR - (ILM SHOT)                  104

                   The new Queen of Space is quietly docked, floodlit like
                   a great monument, but essentially in bed for the night.

             105   INT. DESERTED CORRIDOR - EXCELSIOR                           105

                   Mr. Scott, looking cautiously around, stands by the
                   elevator door in the empty corridor. The elevator door
                   opens, and as Scott is preparing to step in, CAPTAIN
                   STYLES steps out. Styles is an officer about Kirk's
                   age. If he's a little stuffy, it's pardonable; he
                   does, after all, have the plum assignment in all of

                             Ah, Mr. Scott. Calling it a

                             Ah, yes, Captain.

                             Turning in myself. Looking
                             forward to breaking some of
                             Enterprise's speed records

                             Yes, sir. Good night.

                   The doors of the elevators close, leaving Scotty alone
                   inside. A slightly condescending MALE VOICE says:

                                           ELEVATOR (V.O.)
                             Level please!

                             Transporter room.

                                           ELEVATOR (V.O.)
                             Thank you.

                             Up your shaft.

             106   INT. SPACEDOCK - ON USS ENTERPRISE - (ILM SHOT)              106

                   In contrast to Excelsior, she seems a ghost ship, unlit
                   and without signs of activity.
             107   INT. TRANSPORTER ROOM - ENTERPRISE (ILM SHOT)                107

                   Eerie. Dark. A mysterious hand throws a switch at the
                   transporter panel, and the resulting glow reveals
                   Chekov. A BEAMING SOUND is heard and:

                   Mr. Scott materializes on a pod

                             Welcome home, Mr. Scott.

                             Thank you, Chekov... Let's get
                             some life in the old girl.

             108   INT. A SHABBY TRANSPORTER STATION - ON UHIRA - NIGHT         108

                                     (into comm)
                             Roger. Old City Station at 2200
                             hours. All is well.

                   She releases comm and methodically begins adjusting
                   controls on her console as CAMERA WIDENS to reveal a
                   lanky, cynical Starfleet LIEUTENANT in his early twen-
                   ties; he leans back in his chair, hands clasped behind
                   his head.

                             You amaze me, Commander.

                             How is that...?

                             A twenty year space veteran, yet
                             you ask for the worst duty station
                             in town. I mean, look at this
                             place: the hind end of space.

                             Peace and quiet appeals to me,

                             Well, maybe that's okay for
                             someone like you whose career is
                             winding down. But me: I need
                             some challenge in my life. Some
                             adventure... Even just a surprise
                             or two.

                             You know what they say, Lieutenant.
                             Careful what you wish for: you may
                             get it.

                   The entry door slides open and Kirk, Bones and Sulu
                   hurry in and begin walking without hesitation, toward
                   the pods.

                             Gentlemen. Good evening.

                             Good evening, Commander. Everything

                             Yes, Admiral. Step into my parlor.

                   The parade of purposeful men passes the befuffled
                   Lieutenant as if he weren't there. He watches as they
                   settle themselves onto the pods, while Uhura busies
                   herself with the setting of controls. He crosses with
                   concern to where she is working so efficiently.

                             Commander, these are some of the
                             most famous people in Starfleet!
                             Admiral Kirk, my God!

                             Good for you, Lieutenant.

                             But it's damn irregular. No
                             destination orders, no encoded

                             All true.

                             Well -- what are we going to do
                             about it?!

                             I am going to do nothing about
                             it. You are going to sit in the

                             The closet?! Have you lost all
                             sense of reality?

                             This isn't reality. This is

                   With that Uhura turns, a phaser leveled.

                             You wanted adventure? How's this?
                             The old adrenalin going?
                                     (he nods)
                             Good boy. Now get in the closet.

                   He backs into it, disappears inside, and she closes the
                   door from her panel.

                             I'm glad you're on our side.

                                     (re -- the closet)
                             Will you be able to handle

                             Oh, I'll have "Mr. Adventure"
                             eating out of my hand. And I'll
                             see you at the rendezvous.
                             All my hopes.

                   She smiles and activates THE BEAM. They wave back to
                   her until they are gone.

             109   INT. SPACEDOCK - ENTERPRISE (ILM SHOT)                       109

                   CAMERA PUSHES TOWARD the darkened bridge section as
                   energizer and ELECTRONIC SOUNDS are heard, and suddenly
                   from within, the lights begin to go on.
             110   INT. BRIDGE - ENTERPRISE - ELEVATOR DOORS                    110

                   They open and Kirk, Bones and Sulu appear on the bridge
                   where activity is now  bustling thanks to Scotty and
                   Chekov. Scotty turns in informal salute.

                             As promised, she's all yours,
                             sir. All systems automated and
                             ready. A chimpanzee and two
                             trainees could run her.

                             Thank you, Mr. Scott. I'll try not
                             to take that personally.
                                     (to all)
                             My friends... I can't ask you to
                             go any further. Dr. McCoy and I
                             have to do this. The rest of you
                             do not.

                             Admiral, we're losing precious

                             What course please, Admiral?

                             Mr. Scott?

                             I'd be grateful, Admiral, if you'd
                             give the word.

                                     (a moment)
                             Gentlemen... may the wind be at
                             our backs. Stations please!

                   As they reach stations, we are on Kirk as a series of
                   orders and responses are given...

                             Clear all moorings... engage auto
                             systems... one-quarter impulse

                                                                            CUT TO:

             111   INT. SPACEDOCK - ENTERPRISE - (ILM SHOT)                     111

                   The scarred, noble vessel begins to move slowly, im-
                   pulse, rockets WHOOSHING intermittently.

             112   INT. SPACEDOCK - THE CAFETERIA - (FX SHOT WITH ILM           112

                   It's darkened now, and empty. A lone cleaning man
                   works among the stacked tables as behind him, in the
                   great window, Enterprise begins backing away from
                   Excelsior like a mouse tip-toeing away from a sleeping
                   cat. The cleaning man looks up in surprise. What the
                   hell's going on?

             113   INT. SPACEDOCK - ENTERPRISE - (ILM SHOT)                     113
                   Backing slowly into the last third of the great dock --
                   and the great closed doors through which she must pass.
             114   INT. ENTERPRISE BRIDGE                                       114
                             One minute to space doors.

                             You just gonna -- walk through
                             Calm yourself, Bones.

                             Sir. Commander, Starfleet on
                             emergency channel. He orders you
                             to surrender this vessel.

                                     (a breath)
                             No reply, Chekov... Continue on

             115   INT. EXCELSIOR - CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS - CLOSE - STYLES         115

                   Sleeping, he is jarred awake by an alarm KLAXON. Then:

                                           BRIDGE VOICE (1ST OFFICER)
                             Yellow alert! Captain to the
                             bridge. Yellow alert -- !

                   Styles fumbles to consciousness, not pleased to be
                   awakened. He gropes for a comm button.

                             Bridge, this is the Captain. How
                             can you have a Yellow Alert in

                                           BRIDGE VOICE
                             Sir... Someone is stealing the

                   Styless' mouth drops open. Then:

                             On my way.
             116   INT. BRIDGE - ENTERPRISE                                     116

                             Thirty seconds to spacedoors.

                             Sir: Excelsior is powering up
                             with orders to pursue.

                                     (looks to O.S.
                             My God, she's gaining on us just
                             sitting there...

             117   INT. EXCELSIOR BRIDGE  (ILM ELEMENT)                         117

                   Doors open, Styles strides in, buttoning tunic.


                                           1ST OFFICER
                             All automates ready and
                             functioning. Automatic moorings
                             retracted. All speeds available
                             through transwarp drive.

                             Incredible machine. Helmsman,
                             one-quarter impulse power.

             118   INT. SPACEDOCK - EXCELSIOR - (ILM SHOT)                      118

                   As she moves away, heading forward, looking faster than
                   Enterprise even in low speed.

             119   INT. SPACEDOCK - ENTERPRISE, F.G. - THE SPACEDOORS -         119

                   They are closed -- and approaching!

             120   INT. ENTERPRISE BRIDGE                                       120

                             Steady... Steady... All right, Mr.


                                     (an edge)
                             The doors, Mr. Scott!

                   This is not lost on Bines -- But Scotty is too busy to
                   panic, rolling in numbers on his console coolly.

                             Yes, sir, workin' on it...

                   He presses a final button, looks up at the screen as --

             121   INT. SPACEDOCK - THE DOORS - (ILM)                           121

                   They slide slowly open just in time to allow Enterprise
                   a narrow passage out into space...

             122   BACK TO THE BRIDGE                                           122

                                     (sweat in his voice)
                             ... We have cleared Spacedoors.

                             FULL IMPULSE POWER!

             123   EXT. SPACEDOCK - ENTERPRISE - (ILM)                          123

                   Picks up speed and EXITS the SHOT... But Excelsior is
                   seen now exiting the Spacedoors and coming on.

             124   INT. BRIDGE - EXCELSIOR - FAVORING STYLES                    124

                                           1ST OFFICER
                             Enterprise maintaining full
                             impulse power...

                             And we are gaining... Stand by,
                             tractor beam!

                                           1ST OFFICER
                             Tractor beam, aye!

                             If he tries to get away with Warp
                             Drive, he's really in for a shock...

             125   SPACE - BEYOND THE EARTH - (ILM)                             125

                   Enterprise first... Excelsior clearly closing the gap.

             126   ENTERPRISE BRIDGE                                            126

                             Excelsior closing to 4,000 meters,

                             Mr. Scott, we need everything
                             you've got now.

                             Aye, sir... Warp Drive is standing 

            126A   EXCELSIOR BRIDGE - STYLES                                   126A

                             Kirk! You do this, you'll
                             never sit in the Captain's chair

            126B   BACK TO SCENE                                               126B

                             Warp Speed, Mr. Sulu...

                             Aye, sir, Warp Speed...

                   He moves his control, SOUND builds, and --

             127   EXT. SPACE - ENTERPRISE - (ILM)                              127

                   The Warp Drive explodes her forward and OUT OF VIEW.

             128   INT. EXCELSIOR BRIDGE - FAVORING STYLES                      128

                             No way, Kirk.
                             Prepare for Warp Speed! Standby
                             Transwarp Drive!

                   Appropriate KLAXONS and SOUNDS prepare the ship, the
                   helmsman completes his pre-sets and nods to the first --

                                           1ST OFFICER
                             Transwarp at your command, Sir!

                   There is a massive buildup of SOUNDS, and then -- a
                   sudden series of BANGS, SHAKES, COUGHS and WHEELS, as
                   if the ship had hit a series of potholes in space.

             129   SPACE - EXCELSIOR - (ILM)                                    129

                   She begins to shake and vibrate, shuddering her way
                   through space...

             130   INT. EXCELSIOR BRIDGE                                        130

                   Strange, impotent SOUNDS no one of them has heard be-
                   fore, and on Styles' face, absolute bafflement.

              131   INT. BRIDGE - ENTERPRISE                                    131

                   Except for the puzzled McCoy, there seems to be quiet
                   satisfaction on the Enterprise.

                             Excelsior, the great experiment,
                             is adrift in space.

                             Mr. Scott: as good as your word.

                             Aye, sir. The more they over-
                             think the plumin', the easier it
                             is to stop up the drain.
                                     (turns to McCoy)
                             Here, Doctor, a souvenir as one
                             surgeon to another.

                   He hands McCoy a tiny microchip (INSERT). McCoy looks
                   up bewildered, still shaky from the chase.

                             I took it out of her main
                             Transwarp computer drive.

                             Nice of you to tell me in 

                             That's what you get for missing
                             staff meetings, Doctor. Gentlemen,
                             your work today was outstanding...
                             I intend to recommend you all for
                             promotion... in whatever fleet
                             we end up serving.

                   There are smiles, but sober ones. And Kirk puts his
                   hand on Sulu's shoulder as he says:

                             Best speed to Genesis.

             132   SPACE - ENTERPRISE - (ILM)                                   132

                   Responding to Sulu's touch, she speeds off.

                                                                            CUT TO:

             133   SPACE - THE GENESIS PLANET - (ILM)                           133

                   The Bird of Prey is orbiting.

             134   INT. BRIDGE - BIRD OF PREY                                   134

                   Maltz and a half-dozen Klingons are on station under
                   Torg. The young officer leans into a monitor with
                   interest. We see two BLIPS there, one converging on
                   the other.

             135   EXT. GENESIS PLANET - SPOCK'S GLADE - CLOSE TRACKING -       135

                   We are on a Klingon TRICORDER which is BEEPING excitedly.
                   WIDEN to see that it is in Kruge's hand as he advances
                   rapidly, through the oddly changed glade.

             136   SPOCK'S GLADE - WIDER - STILL TRACKING                       136

                   A SERGEANT and one CREWMAN are with Kruge on the
                   planet, always a half step behind his brisk pace. The
                   TRICORDER'S BEEPING INCREASES with each step. Then,
                   abruptly, the PLANETARY RUMBLE is heard -- and the
                   Klingons -- and CAMERA -- STOP, listening to the

                   The earth shakes. As it does, a hideous, high-pitched
                   SQUEAL is heard, nearby O.S. (This is different than
                   the cry we have heard on the planet.) As the surface
                   stops shaking, the SQUEAL TAPERS OFF -- but the TRI-
                   CORDER BEEPS remain very active. Kruge, his curiosity
                   inflamed, starts forward OUT OF SHOT, the others fol-

             137   EXT. SPOCK'S GLADE - FULL                                    137

                   The Spock casket is in the f.g. CAMERA RISES now as
                   the Klingons approach the casket, stop short in sur-
                   prise as they see:

             138   SHOCK CUT - CLOSE - CASKET - (ILM SHOT)                      138

                   Where the "squiggly forms" once were, now horrible 4-
                   foot-long SERPENTINE THINGS rise, Cobra-like, HISSING
                   and SQUEALING.

             139   BACK TO SCENE                                                139

                   Kruge is impassive, the others a little shocked. The
                   Sergeant pulls his phaser -- but Kruge stops him with a
                   hand. Now Kruge regards the serpents... then steps
                   forward to them. He does this with total arrogance to
                   reassert his bravery to the crew. CAMERA PULLS with
                   Kruge. He smiles as he reaches the casket. Then he
                   reaches into the group of serpents.

             140   SCENE - KRUGE AND SERPENTS - (PRODUCTION & ILM FX            140

                   Kruge grasps one of the elusive Things, brings it close
                   for study. This has the macho quality of a bullfighter
                   getting within an inch of the bull. The crew watches
                   breathlessly. Then, suddenly --

                   The Thing makes a squidlike coiling motion and wraps
                   itself around Kruge's neck and right arm. It's squeez-
                   ing hard.

                   The crew reacts, but are wisely stayed by the Sergeant.
                   This is the boss's show.

                   Kruge responds in a worthy manner. Even though the 
                   Thing is coiling tightly, Kruge exerts all the strength
                   he has in what he correctly guesses to be the crea-
                   ture's jugular. The creature POPS -- its strength
                   collapses -- and it slithers down and falls away from
                   its conqueror.

                   He takes a moment to enjoy the crew's reaction... then:

                                     (to his communicator)
                             Bridge -- Nothing of consequence
                             here. Am resuming search.

                   The light around him begins to change dramatically. He
                   looks up, and reacts to:

             141   HIGH - FULL GENESIS PEAK - (ILM SHOT)                        141

                   The highest promontory on the small planet gives us a
                   view of the sunlight TERMINATOR LINE (the line between
                   day and night, as on the moon) rolling forward on the
                   terrain below, where we now know the Klingons are.
                   Sunlight is being replaced by night with the rolling

             142   OMITTED                                                      142

             143   CLOSE - DAVID                                                143

                   The POV has been his. He watches in wonder as the day-
                   night line crosses him, in a light change. He stands,
                   turns, and looks behind him to see:

             144   GENESIS PEAK - FULL - (PRODUCTION)                           144

                   The highest plateau is turned into night to complete the
                   cycle. We now see this area for the first time as the
                   starlight begins to fill it. A rocky, craggy place
                   with giant tree roots and gnarled shapes everywhere.

             145   BACK TO DAVID                                                145

                   He reacts in wonder.

             146   INT. THE CAVE AT GENESIS PEAK - CLOSE - MOVING - NIGHT       146

                   Saavik is ministering to the O.S. boy. We do not yet
                   see his face. We hear his SOFT SOUNDS, the aftermath
                   of cries which we heard earlier. CAMERA CONTINUES
                   MOVING as Saavik takes off her tunic and throws it as
                   an added cover on the O.S. figure. Then she stops,
                   looks at the boy in wonder, as CAMERA completes its arc
                   to reveal the BOY.

                   We are shocked to see the Boy has changed. He is now
                   unquestionably older, perhaps 13 or 14. He is breath-
                   ing heavily as the pain recedes.

                             (... Sleep)

                   She rises, and slowly steals out. HOLD on the Boy.

             147   EXT. GENESIS PROMONTORY - CLOSE - DAVID - NIGHT              147

                   Looking out over the darkened planet, lost in thought.
                   WIDEN to admit Saavik. She too looks outward. A dis-
                   tant, FAINT RUMBLE. No tremor felt. Then:

                                     (taking tricorder 
                             This planet is aging in surges.

                                     (nods; then)
                             And Spock with it. They are
                             joined together.

                   Saavik steps forward seeking eye contact and an explan-
                   ation. David looks at her now.

                             The Genesis wave started a life
                             clock ticking for him and the
                             planet. But at the rate things
                             are going now...

                             ... How long?

                             Days... Maybe hours... Protomatter
                             has made the situation unpredictable.
                             I'm sorry.

                                     (accepts; then)
                             It will be hardest on Spock. Soon
                             he will feel the burning of his
                             Vulcan blood.

                             I don't understand.
                             Pon Farr. Vulcan males must
                             endure it every seventh year of
                             their adult life.

                             I still don't...

                   But his TRICORDER is BEEPING FAINTLY. He checks it.

                             Whoever they are, they're getting

                             I'll go...

                             No!... I'll do it.
                             Give me your phaser.

                   Their eyes meet. She gives him the phaser. Then he
                   hurries out. HOLD on Saavik. Slightest RUMBLE of the
                   planet. Concern. Is another surge coming?

                                                                            CUT TO:

             148   EXT. SPACE - ENTERPRISE EN ROUTE - (ILM)                     148

                   She passes us at high speed.

             149   INT. ENTERPRISE BRIDGE                                       149

                   Around Kirk is his new "formation"; Chekov is at the
                   Comm station, Sulu at the helm, next to him Scott on
                   weapons/engineering; and at the Spock science post --
                   well, we haven't seen yet.

                             Estimating Genesis 2.9 hours,
                             present speed.

                             Can we hold speed, Mr. Scott?

                             Aye, sir, she's got her second
                             wind now.

                             Scan for vessels in pursuit!

                                           SPOCK'S VOICE (O.S.)
                             Scanning... Indications negative
                             at this time...

                  You could drop a pin. Everyone turns to Spock's

             150  ANGLE - FAVORING BONES                                        150

                             Did I get it right?

                             You did great, Bones... Just great.

                             Sir, Starfleet calling Grissom
                             again. A warning about us.


                                     (a beat)
                             Nothing. As before.

                             What's Grissom up to?... Will they
                             join us, or fire on us...?
                             Chekov, break radio  silence. Send
                             my compliments to Captain Esteban.

                             Aye, sir.

                   Chekov begins calling, as Kirk crosses easily to McCoy.

                             How we doing?

                             How are we doing... Funny you
                             should put it quite that way, Jim.
                             We are doing fine. But I'd feel
                             safer giving him one of my kidneys
                             than what's scrambled in my brain.

                             Admiral, there is no response from
                             the Grissom on any channel.

                             Keep trying, Chekov. At regular

                                                                            CUT TO:
             151   EXT. PROMONTORY - CLOSE - SAAVIK                             151

                   She has fallen asleep in her exhaustion. There is a
                   faint SOUND OF TRICORDER LIFE SIGNS BEEPING. She slum-
                   bers through this. Then, the planet begins to tremble.
                   A RUMBLE. An O.S. CRY, which by now we know is from
                   the young Spock. Saavvik shakes herself, wakes up not
                   knowing what has just happened. The first thing she is
                   aware of is the BEEPING TRICORDER. She checks it,
                   uncertain. Then pulls her communicator.

                             David... This is Saavik... Come

                   There is STATIC, and no response. Then the planet
                   trembles again, and there is a definite O.S. CRY.
                   Saavik reacts in alarm, hurries OUT OF SCENE as the
                   RUMBLING and the CRIES CONTINUE.

             152   INT. ENTRANCE TO THE CAVE - NIGHT                            152

                   As Saavik appears in the opening.

                   We hear the O.S. CRIES OF PAIN from the boy as Saavik
                   watches, sympathetic but helpless. As the CRIES
                   SUBSIDE, and there are no more rumblings, Saavik takes
                   a few steps inside. She sees:

             153   HER POV - THE YOUNG MAN                                      153

                   Hunched down in a corner, his face turned AWAY FROM USS,
                   is Spock. He is now in some kind of awful spasm.

             154   BACK TO SAAVIK                                               154

                   She studies what she sees. She understands. His CRY
                   OF RAGE now splits the air and:

             155   THE YOUNG SPOCK                                              155

                   He turns TO CAMERA suddenly, a YOUNG MAN in his late
                   teens, lean of face, high of cheekbone. The look on
                   this tortured face and his body language tell us he is
                   fighting for control of body and his world. He is
                   fevered and shuddering. He looks at Saavik with wild
                   eyes which are both frightened -- and frightening.

             156   SAAVIK                                                       156

                   She approaches him cautiously, but with absolute under-
                   standing. She stops a step away from him.

                             So it has come.

                   Spock hears, but does not understand.

                             It is called Pon Farr.

                   He stares.

                             Pon Farr. 

                   Her voice has calmed him some. She takes the last step
                   and is now close to him. Calmly and in Vulcan:

                             (... Will you trust me...?)

                   Spock does not respond; he is in quiet agony. She
                   kneels beside him. His breathing is labored... Saavik
                   offers her hand in Pon Farr configuration -- like a
                   two-finger Boy Scout salute. Spock studies it, then
                   she brings up his right hand in the same configuration.

                   With her two extended fingers she touches his and then
                   slowly begins to stroke his entire hand in gentle fore-
                   play. His breathing eases now, his body begins to
                   relax. Uncertainly, he begins to return the finger-
                   play, first on Saavik's hand and then on her temples.

                   He is more in control now... intense. His eyes turn
                   and lock on hers. Hands touching, they move together
                   until their faces are brushing... and their fingers

                                                                            CUT TO:

             157   SPACE - THE STARS (ILM)                                      157

                   A moment of soft SPACE AMBIENCE. Then Enterprise
                   glides silently INTO SHOT.

             158   INT. ENTERPRISE BRIDGE - FAVORING SULU                       158

                             We are secured from Warp Speed...
                             Now entering Genesis Sector of
                             Mutara Quadrant.

                             What about Grissom, Mr. Chekov?

                             Still no response, sir.

                             Bones... Can you give me a
                             quadrant bi-scan?

                   McCoy hunches forward at the science station, but his
                   lack of understanding is clear.

                             I think you just exceeded my

                                     (a look)
                             Mr. Chekov...

                   With an understanding nod, Chekov crosses toward the
                   science station to take over.

                                     (to Kirk)

                             Your time is coming, Doctor... Mr.
                             Sulu, proceed at impulse power.

             159   INT. BRIDGE - BIRD OF PREY - CLOSE - MONITOR SCREEN          159

                   An object appears, accompanied by a SOFT ALARM. PULL
                   BACK. The screen is being watched by Maltz, who reacts.

                             Vessel entering sector.

                   Torg has come up, bends over screen.

                             Yes... Federation Battle
                             Have they scanned us?

                             Not yet.

                             Engage cloaking device.

                   The SOUNDS and lights of cloaking begin...

             160   INT. CAVE - GENESIS - CLOSE - THE YOUNG SPOCK (17)           160

                   Morning light is streaming in. His eyes are closed, he
                   breathes calmly. A hand, Saavik's, ENTERS SHOT, to
                   sooth his brow and smooth his matted hair.

             161   SAAVIK                                                       161

                   A softer look than we have seen before. But a look of
                   concern and apprehension.

                   She sighs, then picks up communicator. She is about to
                   transmit a message when an instinct makes her put it
                   down, turn to the cave entrance. We PAN with her look
                   to cave entry, low. There, a pair of Klingon boots

             162   BACK TO SAAVIK                                               162

                   She reacts, starts to rise, when Klingon hands grab
                   her, pull her to her feet. CAMERA WHIP PANS to young
                   Spock who opens his eyes with a start, stares in con-
                   fusion -- then hands grab him and --

             163   EXT. THE PROMONTORY - FULL - DAY                             163

                   Outside the cave the Klingon landing party waits.
                   Here, amid gnarled and stoned formations, Saavik and the
                   young Spock are forcibly pulled from the cave and
                   hurled at the feet of:

             164   KRUGE                                                        164

                   A slow PAN UP reveals the Klingon, his patience

                             So! I have come a long way for
                             the power of Genesis. And what do
                             I find?

                   At his gesture, David is thrust forward and thrown
                   among the other two. David shows signs of having been
                   roughed up by the Klingons.

                             A weakling human... a Vulcan boy
                             ... and a woman!

                   Saavik, assessing the desperate situation, takes her
                   best shot:

                             My Lord... We are survivors of a
                             doomed expedition... This planet
                             will destroy itself in hours. The
                             Genesis experiment is a failure.

                             A failure! The most powerful
                             destructive force ever created -- !
                             You will tell me the secret of the
                             Genesis torpedo.

                             I have no knowledge.

                             Then I hope pain is something you

                   The Sergeant steps forward, communicator in hand.

                             (My Lord...)
                   Kruge snatches the communicator, barks into it:

                             I ordered no interruptions.

                                           TORG (V.O.)
                             But sir! Federation Starship

                   For Saavik and David, a moment of hope.

                             Bring me up!

                   We're on Saavik and David and the uncomprehending
                   Vulcan as the sound and reflected light of a BEAM-UP
                   take place.

             165   INT. ENTERPRISE BRIDGE - FAVORING CHEKOV                     165

                   At the science station, the blue light of the scanner
                   flickering on his face.

                             I'd swear something was there sir,
                             but I might have imagined it.

                             What did you see, Chekov?

                             For an instant... A scout class

                             Could be Grissom.
                             Patch in the hailing frequency.
                                     (at Chekov's nod)
                             U.S.S. Grissom, this is Enterprise
                             calling. Come in, please.

             166  EXT. PROMONTORY - THE KLINGON CAMP                            166

                  Favoring David, Saavik and the Vulcan. They hear the
                  voice over the Sergeant's communicator.

                                           KIRK (V.O.)
                             Grissom, this is Enterprise
                             calling. Do you read?

                   For David, it is the voice of his father and rescue.
                   For Saavik, it is a possibility, just out of reach.

             167   INT. BRIDGE - BIRD OF PREY - CLOAKED LIGHTING EFFECT         167

                   The doors slam open as Kruge hurries INTO SCENE.

                             Battle alert.

                   The KLAXON sound... in the b.g.
                                           KIRK (V.O.)
                             I say again: Grissom, this is
                             Enterprise. Admiral Kirk calling
                             Captain Esteban or Lieutenant
                             Saavik. Come in!

                             Report status!

                             We are cloaked. Enemy closing on
                             impulse power. Range, 5,000

                             This is the turn of luck I have
                             been waiting for.

             168   EXT. SPACE - ENTERPRISE - AGAINST STARS - (ILM)              168

                   Coming toward us. Apparently a sitting duck.

             169   INT. BRIDGE - ENTERPRISE                                     169

                             Nothing on my scanner, sir.

                             Short range scan, Mr. Chekov... On
                             screen, Mr. Sulu.

             170   ANGLE FAVORING VIEW SCREEN - (ILM)                           170

                   A view of the approaching Genesis planet appears, the
                   planet off to the side. The other two-thirds of the
                   screen appear to be normal star field/space. That is,
                   except for one odd area, slightly diffused, which only
                   the sharp-eyed might notice.

             171   INT. BIRD OF PREY                                            171

                             Range: 3000 Kellicams.

                             Steady. Continue on impulse power.
                             Yes, sir!

                             Range, 2000 Kellicams...

                             Standby to transfer energy to
                             weapons... at my command!

             172   EXT. SPACE - POV OF ENTERPRISE - MOVING TOWARD HER -         172

                   Smoothly, we are stalking the Enterprise.

             173   INT. ENTERPRISE BRIDGE - INCLUDING VIEW SCREEN -             173
                   (ILM ELEMENT)

                   Kirk is studying the projected image.

                             There. That distortion.

                   We see on the screen a kind of heat wave effect we saw
                   once before when Grissom "bought it." But Grissom did
                   not have Kirk.

                             See! That shimmering area.

                             Yes, sir. It's getting larger as
                             we close in.

             174   INT. BIRD OF PREY                                            174

                             Firing range, sir.

                             (Gunner: sight target. Disabling
                             only -- understood?!)

                                           NEW GUNNER
                             (Understood clearly, sir.)

                   The beats GROWLS.

             175   INT. ENTERPRISE BRIDGE                                       175

                             That distortion is closing
                             rapidly... Opinion, Sulu?

                             I think it's an energy form,

                             Yes. Enough energy to hide a
                             ship, wouldn't you say?

                             ... A cloaking device?

                             Red alert, Mr. Scott.

                   The KLAXONS BEGIN, the lights dim to red --

             176   INT. BIRD OF PREY                                            176

                             1,000 Kellicams, closing!

                             Wait!... Wait...

             177   INT. ENTERPRISE BRIDGE                                       177

                   bathed in combat red light --
                             Mr. Scott, all power to the
                             weapons systems --

                             Aye, sir!

                             No shields?
                             If my guess is right, they'll have
                             to de-cloak before they can fire.

                             May all your guesses be right.

                             Mr. Scott: two photon torpedoes
                             at the ready. Sight on the center
                             of the mass.

                             Aye, sir!

             178   INT. BRIDGE - BIRD OF PREY                                   178

                             500 Kellicams!

                             (Stand by torpedoes -- de-cloak!)

                   The SOUNDS and lights which accompany this, and --

             179   EXT. SPACE - BIRD OF PREY - (ILM SHOT)                       179

                   The ship begins to de-cloak --

             180   INT.  ENTERPRISE BRIDGE - FAVORING VIEW SCREEN - (ILM        180

                   where the Bird appears exactly in the spot anticipated.

                             Klingon Bird of Prey, sir! She's
                             arming torpedoes...!

                             Fire, Mr. Scott!

             181   EXT. SPACE - SERIES OF SHOTS - (ILM)                         181

                   The Enterprise fires two torpedoes... They impact on
                   the Bird of Prey in separate explosions --

                   The displacement of the explosions cause the Klingon
                   ship to turn and be pushed back, as if by thrusters --

             182   INT. BIRD OF PREY - (SPECIAL FX)                             182

                   As explosions shake the bridge, filling it with smoke
                   and debris and cries of the injured. And suddenly,
                   CLOSE, Kruge's outraged face appears, smudged by an

             183   INT. ENTERPRISE BRIDGE (ILM ELEMENTS)                        183

                   All lean forward toward the O.S. viewscreen.

                             Good shooting, Scotty.

                             Aye, those two hits should stop a
                             horse, let alone a bird.

                             Precautionary, Mr. Chekov.
                             Shields up...

                             Aye, sir.

             184   INT. BIRD OF PREY BRIDGE                                     184

                   Amid the shouts and the orders in Klingon, a dis-
                   orientated Kruge wanders for just a moment until he al-
                   most stumbles across something. It is a body. He
                   looks to see:

             185   KRUGE'S POV                                                  185

                   His beast. Dead.

             186   BACK TO SCENE                                                186

                   A passion of rage. He is back to his instincts now.

                                           TORG'S VOICE
                             Sir, the cloaking device is

                             Never mind! Emergency power to
                             the thrusters!

                                           TORG'S VOICE
                             Yes, my lord.

             187   INT. ENTERPRISE BRIDGE - FAVORING CHEKOV                     187

                   He shows growing concern.

                             Sir, the shields... Non-


                             The automation system's
                             overloaded. I didn't expect to
                             take us into combat, ya know...!

                   He begins hitting buttons.

             188   INT. BIRD OF PREY BRIDGE                                     188

                             Lateral thrust!... Standby

             189   EXT. SPACE - THE BIRD OF PREY (ILM)                          189

                   The thrusters stabilize her turning and backward
                   movement. She is now lined up with a splendid angle on

            189A   INT. BIRD OF PREY - KRUGE                                   189A


            189B   EXT. BIRD OF PREY - FIRES TORPEDOES - (ILM)                 189B

             190   INT. ENTERPRISE BRIDGE                                       190

                             Torpedoes coming in -- !

             191   EXT. SPACE - ENTERPRISE (ILM)                                191

                   as she shudders and tilts with the hits, and the
                   flashes of flame...

             192   INT. ENTERPRISE BRIDGE - TILTED                              192

                    A blast hits. Scotty's panel sizzles... LIGHT OUT!

                                           KIRK'S VOICE
                             Emergency power!

                   The light return, EMERGENCY MODE. The ship rights
                   itself. Kirk has been knocked down. Bones to him --

                             I'm all right -- stand by to
                             return fire! Mr. Scott, transfer
                             power to the phaser banks --

                             Oh, God, sir, I dinna think so...

                             What's wrong?

                             They've knocked out the damn
                             automation center.
                                     (pounds his
                                      panel in rage)
                             I've got no control over anything!

                   Kirk pales, looks quickly to:

                             Mr. Sulu...?!

                   But Sulu's gesture says he has no control of helm, and
                   Chekov also shakes his head in helplessness. Kirk
                   digests this. Then:

                             So... We're a sitting duck.

             193   INT. BIRD OF PREY - A DATA GAUGE - OVER TORG'S               193

                             Emergency power re-charge is 40
                             percent... 50 percent...
                                     (he turns now)
                             Ready for fire emergency tube...!

                   ANGLE WIDENS to include Kruge, who raises his hand for
                   pause, and thought.

            193A   SPACE - THE TWO SHIPS DRIFT QUIETLY - (ILM)                 193A

            193B   BACK TO SCENE                                               193B

                             Why haven't they finished us?...
                             They outgun me ten to one; they
                             have four hundred in crew to my
                             handful, yet they sit there.

                             Perhaps they wish to take you

                             They know we would die first.

                             My Lord, enemy commander wishes a
                             truce to confer.

                             Put him on screen!
                                     (to Torg)
                             Study him well.

             194   ANGLE FAVORING KLINGON SCREEN (INTERCUT)                     194

                   The screen is a different configuration than we are
                   used to; Kirk's image appears. (We will INTERCUT the
                   Planet and Enterprise as needed during following

                                           KIRK'S IMAGE
                             This is Admiral James T. Kirk of
                             the Federation Starship Enterprise.

                   On the Bird of Prey: Kruge's reaction to Kirk's face:

                             So! The Genesis Commander

                                           KIRK'S IMAGE
                             ... By violation of treaty between
                             the Federation and Klingon Empire,
                             your presence here is an act of 
                             war. You have two minutes to
                             surrender your crew and your
                             vessel, or we will destroy you.

                                     (to Torg)
                             He's hiding something. We may
                             have dealt him a more serious blow
                             than I thought.

                             How can you tell that?

                             I trust my instincts.
                                     (leans to comm
                             Admiral Kirk. This is your
                             opponent speaking.

             195   INT. ENTERPRISE BRIDGE (AND INTERCUT)                        195

                   Only Kruge's voice is heard here, and on the planet

                                           KRUGE (V.O.)
                             Do not lecture me about treaty
                             violations. The Federation, in
                             creating an ultimate weapon, has
                             become a gang of Intergalactic
                             criminals. It is not I who will
                             surrender, it is you.
                                     (a pause)
                             On the planet below, I have three
                             prisoners from the team who
                             developed your doomsday weapon.
                             If you do not surrender
                             immediately, I will execute them,
                             one at a time, as enemies of
                             galactic peace.

                             Who is this?! How dare you --

                             Who I am is not important. That I
                             have them is.
                             I will let you speak to them.

             196   EXT. GENESIS - THE KLINGON CAMP (INTERCUT)                   196

                   As Kruge's VOICE barks a Klingon order over the commun-
                   icator, Saavik, David and the Vulcan are rousted to
                   their feet by the Klingons, and assembled in a line.
                   The Sergeant thrusts the communicator in front of
                   Saavik, pokes her to make his command clear. She leans
                   into the communicator, controlling carefully.

                             Admiral, this is Lieutenant

                             Saavik... Is... David with you?

                             Yes, he is. And someone else.
                             Vulcan scientist of your

                             This Vulcan -- is he alive?

                             He is not himself -- but he lives.
                             He is subject to rapid aging --
                             like this unstable planet.

                   The Sergeant has had enough with her long windedness,
                   pulls the communicator and thrusts it in front of

                             Hello, sir. It's David.

                             David... Sorry I'm late.

                             It's okay -- I should have known
                             you'd come... Saavik's right:
                             this planet is unstable. It's
                             going to destroy itself in a
                             matter of hours.

                             David!... What went wrong?

                             I went wrong.

                   A beat.

                             David, I don't understand...

                             I'm sorry, sir. Just don't
                             surrender. Genesis doesn't
                             work! I can't believe they'll
                             kill us for it --

                   But a Klingon crew member has cut David off the air --

             197   INT. ENTERPRISE BRIDGE - (CONTINUE INTERCUTTING)             197

                   -- and STATIC FILLS THE SPEAKERS on board.

                             David?... David!

                             Admiral, your young friend is
                             mistaken. I meant what I said.
                             And now, to show my intentions are
                             sincere... I am going to kill one
                             of the prisoners.

                             Wait! Give me a chance --

                                     (to communicator)
                             (Kill one of them. I don't care

             198   THE PLANET                                                   198

                   The Sergeant has received the order. He draws a dis-
                   tinctive Klingon dagger, frightening to behold. As
                   KIRK'S VOICE is heard, INDISTINCTLY PROTESTING over the
                   communicator, the Sergeant walks behind the assembled
                   line of the three prisoners: the Vulcan youth, Saavik,
                   and David. It is like a game of Russian Roulette.

                   We do not know where the blow will fall. Then, the
                   Sergeant has picked his victim, and raises his dagger
                   back to strike --
             199   ANGLE                                                        199

                   It is Saavik he intends to kill. David, his face
                   curled in rage, leaps forward. grabs the man's arm.
                   The struggle is short.

                   David takes a knife in the chest.
             200   INT. ENTERPRISE BRIDGE (INTERCUT)                            200

                   The CRY OF PAIN is heard on the speakers. There is a
                   horrible silence that follows.

                             Saavik?!... David...!?

                   At last we hear the shaken voice of Saavik.

                             Admiral. David is dead.

                   There is none of these three Kirk would have parted
                   with. But David... He fights back the horror as Bones
                   steps to his side -- but finally he must let it go:

                             You Klingon bastard! You've
                             killed my son...!

                   Kruge takes this news with a blink of triumph. Calmly:

                             There are two more prisoners,
                             Admiral. Do you want them killed
                                     (a beat)
                             Surrender your vessel!

                                     (a scream)
                             All right, damn you! All right!
                                     (a trembling mo-
                                      ment, then)
                             Give me a minute to inform my 

             201   BIRD OF PREY                                                 201

                   Kruge, pleased his gambit has worked, is magnanimous.

                             I give two minutes. For you, and
                             your gallant crew.
                                     (clicks off;
                                      to Torg)
                             Take every last man: form a
                             boarding party, armed heavily!

                             They outnumber us, my Lord --

                             We are Klingons! Once you control
                             the ship, I will transfer my flag
                             there. And we will take Genesis
                             from their own memory banks!

             202   ENTERPRISE BRIDGE                                            202

                   The crew has come forward to stand behind Kirk's com-
                   mand chair. Kirk is staring ahead, his eyes glazed.

                             Jim. You okay?

                   Kirk turns to face McCoy. His face is hollow, his eyes
                   staring. Then, in a voice strained with grief.

                             Mr. Sulu, what is the crew
                             complement of a Bird of Prey?

                             About a dozen officers and men.

                             With some on the planet...

                   He turns to them, his voice hoarse:

                             I swear to you, we're not finished

                             We never have been, Jim.

                             Bones, you and Sulu to the
                             transporter room. The rest with
                             me. We have a job to do.

                   As the individuals respond to orders, PUSH TO Kirk as
                   he presses his COMM button.

                             Commander, Klingon vessel. Stand by
                             to board this ship on my next signal.

                                           KRUGE (V.O.)
                             No tricks, Kirk. You have one 

                             No tricks. I'm looking forward to
                             meeting you. Kirk out.

                   He steps to the science station as Chekov and Scotty
                   gather round. He leans in, presses a COMM button.

                             Computer, destruct Sequence One,
                             code one, one-A...

             203   INT. BIRD OF PREY                                            203

                   Kruge is inspecting the six man landing party as-
                   sembled by Torg. They are loaded down with weapons.
                   Kruge raises his arm and points:

                             (To the transporter room. Success!)

                                           TORG & ALL

             204   INT. ENTERPRISE BRIDGE                                       204

                             Computer, this is Commander
                             Chekov, acting Science Officer.
                             Destruct sequence two, code one,
                             one-A, two-B.

                   Scotty steps in now.

                             Computer, this is Commander Scott,
                             Chief Engineering Officer.
                             Destruct sequence three, code one-
                             B, two-B, three.

                                           COMPUTER (V.O.)
                             Destruct sequence completed and
                             engaged. Awaiting final code for
                             one-minute countdown.

                   A moment among them. Then:

                             Code zero, zero, zero destruct

                                           COMPUTER (V.O.)
                             One minute... fifty-nine seconds
                             ... fifty-eight... fifty-seven...

                   And they hurry out. CAMERA MOVES to a visual display
                   which is counting in sync with the COMPUTER VOICE.

             205   BIRD OF PREY BRIDGE                                          205

                   Kruge, alone with Maltz, checks time impatiently, hits
                   a talk button.

                             Kirk, your time runs out. Report!

            205A   INT. ENTERPRISE CORRIDOR - KIRK, SCOTTY, CHEKOV,            205A

             206   INT. ENTERPRISE TRANSPORTER ROOM                             206

                   as Kirk, Scotty and Chekov hurry in. Kirk stops as the
                   others move O.S.

                             Everything set?

                                           SULU'S VOICE
                             Yes, sir. Hurry!

                                     (flips communicator)
                             Commander, Klingon vessel. We are
                             energizing transporter beam... Now.

                   As the ELECTRONIC WIND UP begins...

             207   BIRD OF PREY BRIDGE                                          207

                             Transporter stand by!

             208   ENTERPRISE TRANSPORTER ROOM (ILM ELEMENT)                    208

                   As the POWER WHINE INCREASES, Kirk steps on one of the
                   transporter pods, joining Scotty, McCoy, Sulu and
                   Chekov. After a few endless seconds, they begin to
                   DE-MATERIALIZE AND VANISH. There is a FLICKER, a
                   pause. Are they returning? Have they been blocked?

                   No. The second BEAM EFFECT materializes the Klingon
                   landing party. They pause guardedly, phasers drawn.
                   Then, led by Torg, they start out. We are faintly
                   aware of a soft COMPUTER VOICE counting off seconds.

             209   BIRD OF PREY BRIDGE                                          209

                   Kruge waits, patiently...

            209A   INT. ENTERPRISE CORRIDOR                                    209A

                   The Klingon landing party enters, proceeds cautiously...

             210   INT. BRIDGE - ENTERPRISE (INTERCUT WITH KRUGE)               210

                   It is deserted except for the soft COMPUTER VOICE.

                                           COMPUTER (V.O.)
                             Twenty-two... twenty-one...

                   The sliding door opens and Torg leads the Klingons in,
                   weapons drawn. They check out the bridge as the VOICE
                   CONTINUES FAINTLY, unobserved by the Klingons. Then
                   Torg pulls out his communicator.

                             My Lord. The ship appears to be

                                           KRUGE'S VOICE
                             How can this be? They are hiding!

                             Yes, sir. But the bridge appears
                             to be run by computer. It is the
                             only thing speaking.

                                           KRUGE'S VOICE
                             Speaking? Let me hear...

                   Torg, puts his communicator close to the computer's
                   panel speaker and the voice is quite loud now.

                                           COMPUTER (V.O.)
                             Six... five... four... three...

                                           KRUGE'S VOICE
                             Get out! Get out of there! Get

                   Torg and his men are baffled by Kruge's distress when a
                   sudden SERIES OF EXPLOSIONS engulf the bridge, and --

            210A    INT. ENTERPRISE CORRIDOR                                   210A

                    -- a fireball streaks through the empty companionway --

             211   EXT. ENTERPRISE/ EXT. PLANET/ INT. BIRD OF PREY -            211
                   SERIES OF SHOTS  (INTERCUT)    

                   The great ship is wrecked by an EXPLOSION, then AN-
                   OTHER, and ANOTHER in a chain of designed destruction.

                   The skin of the circular section ruptures, cracks open
                   like an arid desert; the star drive section bursts and
                   trembles... (ILM)

                   Kruge watching in frustrated rage...

                   Like a fiery comet, Enterprise falls gracefully out of
                   orbit, burning up as she plunges, toward her death.

                   Saavik; the young Vulcan, watching. She, uncertain.
                   He, staring blankly...

                   We see Enterprise in the distance, a small fireball in
                   the outer edge of the Genesis atmosphere. (ILM)

             212   EXT. GENESIS PLANET - KIRK'S LANDING - (ILM ELEMENTS)        212

                   The comet-like death of Enterprise in the distance is
                   being watched by a silhouetted group as the sun sets.

             213   REVERSE ANGLE - TWILIGHT - (AND INTERCUT)                    213

                   The five survivors of Enterprise, temporarily safe,
                   watch in awe and grief as their home of twenty years
                   dies in the ominous sky beyond. On each face, the
                   light left by Enterprise flickers, then at last, is
                   gone. Kirk watches with hollowed eyes.

                             My god, Bones. What have I done?

                             What you had to do. What you
                             always do. Turned death into a
                             fighting chance to live.
                             You hear me, Jim?

                   Kirk takes a deep breath, nods his understanding to
                   McCoy. Even as the earth trembles, and Sulu's tri-
                   corder begins to go a little wild.

                             Sir, planet core readings
                             unstable... Changing rapidly...

                             What about surface life signs...?

                             Close... There --

                                     (draws phaser)
                             Come on!

                   They hurry off in the direction Sulu has pointed, as
                   the GROWLS AND RUMBLES of the planet begin to
                   accelerate. Night is falling.

             214   BIRD OF PREY BRIDGE - ON OFFICER MALTZ                       214

                   He is watching something O.S. with apprehension. WIDEN
                   to reveal Kruge in f.g. going through his own crisis,
                   an agony of self-loathing. After a moment...

                             My Lord... what are your orders?

                                     (mainly to himself)
                             I underestimated him... He did
                             the one thing I didn't anticipate
                             ... He destroyed himself...
                             Sir, may I --

                             Killing his son was stupid! It
                             made Kirk willing to die.
                             We still have the prisoners,
                             sir. Perhaps their information --
                             They are useless! It was Kirk I
                             needed. And I let him slip away.

                             But surely, our mission has not
                             failed -- ?

                             Our mission is over. I have
                             failed... A human has been bolder
                             and more ruthless than I...
                                     (a beat)
                             That -- is the real dishonor.

                   As Maltz watches him uncertainly...

             215   EXT. THE KLINGON CAMP - NIGHT                                215

                   The two Klingons guard the seated Saavik. Spock is
                   isolated, some distance away. The death RUMBLINGS of
                   the planet begin to INCREASE with each moment. The sky
                   beyond occasionally lights with awesome flashes of
                   electrical energy; the ground shakes in unpredictable
                   spurts. Suddenly, a tree vaults upward, as if pushed
                   from its place by a force below. The TREE GROANS AN
                   CRASHES toward the ground, the Klingons leaping out of
                   its way.

             216   FAVORING  SAAVIK                                             216

                   As the two Klingons are distracted, and the planet's
                   agony continues, Saavik slips away from them toward

             217   SPOCK                                                        217

                   He is seated, BACK TO US. His aging spasms has begun,
                   and with each earth RUMBLE of the planet, he suffers.

             218   THE KLINGONS                                                 218

                   concerned about their own problems, and the silence
                   from their ship. The Sergeant pulls his communicator.

                             (Lord Commander... This place is
                             destructing... What are your

                   STATIC CRACKLES.

                             (My Lord... Recommend beaming up
                             ourselves and the prisoners...)

                   While he waits for an answer, his eyes catches Saavik's
                   progress toward Spock. He calls this to his subordi-
                   nate's attention with a guttural grunt, and the second
                   Klingon hurries off to correct the situation.

             219   ANGLE - SAAVIK AND SPOCK                                     219

                   As she nears the suffering Vulcan, the Klingon reaches
                   her, and with a strong arm, hurls her easily aside.
                   The GROUND RUMBLES again. The Vulcan cries out. THE
                   Klingon, fascinated by the Vulcan's behavior,
                   approaches, then, reaches out toward him.

                             No, don't touch him!

                   The Klingon ignores. He puts his hand on the Vulcan,
                   and for his trouble, in a blur of action, gets grabbed,
                   whacked, and hurled through the air by a burst of the
                   Vulcan's strength.

                   The Klingon lands at the base of the gnarled tree and
                   lies quite still, his neck broken.

             220   ANGLE - THE KLINGON SERGEANT                                 220

                   reacts in shock to what has happened, draws his phaser,
                   all business now as he studies:

             221   THE VULCAN                                                   221

                   Hands over his face as he twists in pain. He emits a
                   long, terrible CRY, the cry we've heard, but never

             222   EXT. GROTESQUE FOREST - FAST TRUCKING SHOT                   222

                   Kirk and the crew are coming to the rescue, running
                   amid the TREMORS and the flashes of light, whipped by
                   wind and flailing trees. As the CRY is heard THROUGH
                   THE WIND, they pull up, listening. The CRY AGAIN,
                   close by. Kirk leads them out on the run.

             223   THE KLINGON CAMP - SERIES OF SHOTS                           223

                   Saavik has returned to try to help Spock. She holds
                   him now, as his spasms continue.

                   The Sergeant comes forward, phaser in hand, until he
                   reaches the Vulcan, held by Saavik. The Klingon stops,
                   mesmerized. He stares at:

             224   YOUNG SPOCK - OVER SAAVIK'S SHOULDER - (SPECIAL FX)          224

                   His features are changing before our eyes, his face

                   Saavik, looking back at the Klingon, clutches the ago-
                   nized Spock to her, trying in some way to protect him.

             225   THE SERGEANT                                                 225

                   He's frightened. He reflexively raises his phaser...

             226   ANGLE - THE CLEARING'S EDGE                                  226

                   The flash of lightning illuminates the arrival of Kirk
                   and the crew. Kirk, phaser leveled --

                             Don't move!!

                   The Klingon whirls to face the new threat, whips his
                   phaser toward Kirk --

                   But Kirk FIRES A STUN BLAST...

             227   ANGLE - INCLUDING THE KLINGON - (STUNT & ILM)                227

                   The STUN WAVES zip at the Klingon, strike him with
                   spectacular force, cause him to somersault through the
                   air, and then, landing, lie still.

             228   BACK TO SCENE                                                228

                   Kirk lowers his phaser; he and the others stare at:

                   Saavik, holding the now immobile Spock.

                   The Enterprise family reacts; with Kirk and Bones lead-
                   ing, they rush to Saavik.

             229   ANGLE AT SPOCK AND SAAVIK                                    229

                   Kirk and the others have pulled up. Spock is now coma-
                   tose, breathing with labored sighs. We cannot see his
                   face, cradled in Saavik's comforting embrace. But Saavik 
                   is looking up at Kirk with dazed eyes.

                             ... Bones...

                   McCoy crosses quickly, takes the Vulcan's form from
                   Saavik as she rises to Kirk.

                             Oh, Admiral.

                   Even a half-Vulcan has a breaking point. She sags for
                   just a moment.

                             Easy, Saavik. It's all right.

                   As he holds Saavik, his eyes flick over her shoulder

             230   KIRK'S POV                                                   230

                   Unnoticed up to now, half covered by leaves, the body
                   of David, Kirk's fallen son.

             231   BACK TO SCENE                                                231

                   He reacts. Then, with a last comforting hug to Saavik,
                   he breaks the embrace, and heads slowly for David's
                   body. She watches him EXIT SHOT.

             232   ANGLE - DAVID'S BODY                                         232

                   WIDEN to admit Kirk as he enters, kneels. He reaches
                   out, touches hiss son's brow, wipes a leaf away.

                                     (a intimate whisper)
                             My son... "To thee no star be
                             dark... Both Heaven and Earth...
                             Friend thee forever..."

                   Saavik has come up behind him. She hangs back. Then
                   Kirk rises, aware of her presence.

                             What happened...?

                             He gave his life to save us. That
                             is all I know.

                                           McCOY'S VOICE
                             ... Jim!

                   Kirk runs, hurries OUT OF SHOT...

             233   FAVORING McCOY AND SPOCK                                     233

                   With the crew gathered around, McCoy is scanning the
                   Vulcan's body, soothing his fevered brow. We cannot
                   see Spock's face, but Kirk ass he enters and kneels
                   beside McCoy. He reacts, mesmerized by what he sees:

                             ... Bones...?!

                             ... Rapid aging... all genetic
                             functions highly accelerated...

                             And his mind?

                             It's a void. It would seem,
                             Admiral, that I've got all his 

                             Is there anything we can do?!

                             Only one thing, Sir... Get him off
                             this planet... His aging is part
                             of what's going on around us...

                   There is a lightning FLASH, and an earth TREMOR -- and
                   a moan from Spock. Kirk responds, rises, and crosses
                   OUT OF SHOT...

             234   ANGLE WITH KIRK                                              234

                   As he moves, stops, wrestling with the urgency of what
                   must be done. Then, deciding, he whips out his

                                     (to communicator)
                             Klingon Commander, this is Admiral
                             James T. Kirk... I am alive and
                             well on the planet's surface...

             235   BACK TO KIRK                                                 235

                             I know this will come as a
                             pleasant surprise for you... But
                             you see our ship was the victim
                             of an unfortunate accident... I'm
                             sorry about your crew, old boy,
                             but -- c'est la vie, as we say on

                   A lightning flash makes him cover his eyes... Then:

                             Well? I'm waiting for you!...
                             What is your answer?!
                                     (only static; more
                             I have what you want. I have the
                             secret of Genesis... But you'll
                             have to bring us up there to get
                             it... Do you hear me!

                   More STATIC. Kirk's ploy has apparently failed. He
                   sags a bit, starts back toward the crew, when another
                   series of flashes blind them all as the planet rumbles
                   with sound and fury and Spock moans. Then, Kirk and
                   crew do not see what to do:

                   In the near distance, amid the flashings, a figure is
                   revealed, lost in the confusion. It is Kruge, phaser
                   in hand.

                             ... Drop all weapons!

             236   OMITTED                                                      236

             237   ANGLE - FAVORING KIRK AND CREW, PAST KRUGE                   237

                   Kirk and the others look up in shock, then rise slowly
                   hands in the air. Kruge moves closer, pointing.

                             Over there, All but Kirk.

                   The group moves to a cleared space indicated, leaving
                   Spock's form behind.

                                     (continuing to
                                      his comm:)
                             Maltz. Prisoners are at beam
                             coordinates. Standby...

                             You should take the Vulcan, too.


                             But, why?

                             Because you wish it.
                                     (then, in Klingon)
                             (Maltz! Activate beam!)

             238   FX SHOT - BEAM EFFECT - (ILM ELEMENTS)                       238

                   McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Chekov and Saavik disappear in the
                   beam effect and are gone.

             239   BACK TO SCENE - KIRK AND KRUGE                               239

                   A flash of lightning! A movement of earth. The sudden
                   HISS of a FISSURE OF STEAM through the surface... And
                   the two men face each other, shouting above the planet

                             Genesis, I want it.

                             Beam the Vulcan up -- And we talk.

                             Give me what I want -- and I'll
                             consider it...

                             You fool -- look around you! This
                             planet is destroying itself!

                             Yes. Exhilarating, isn't it!

                             If we don't help each other, we'll
                             all die here!

                             Perfect! That's the way it shall
                             be!... Give me Genesis!

                   Suddenly, the very ground on which he stands seems to
                   become an elevator. He is carried rapidly upward on a
                   craggy rock formation which bursts upward, out of the
                   ground. Kruge tumbles, and Kirk seizes the opportunity --

             240   THE FIGHT - SERIES OF SHOTS                                  240

                   Kirk leaps upon Kruge and they roll and struggle on the
                   churning, erupting ground.

                   They are evenly matched. Kirk's opening momentum holds
                   until Kruge's great size begins to turn the tide. He
                   takes temporary command with swift vicious kicks and
                   punches. Kirk is down.

                   Kruge now looks around for his phase, starts for it,
                   but Kirk, in a series of ground rolls trips Kruge up
                   with his legs, and comes on.

                   The off-balance Kruge now takes a series of punches
                   from Kirk which make him reel backward near the edge of
                   the promontory. A final blow from Kirk forces Kruge
                   over the edge -- and he:

                   -- tumbles and rolls down the fifteen foot slope. Kirk
                   peers over the edge to see:

             241   KIRK'S POV - (ILM ELEMENTS)                                  241

                   Kruge has landed on a level precipice about fifteen
                   feet in diameter. Beyond that is an endless drop into
                   a chasm, the bottom of which has become a glowing red
                   river of LAVA.

             242   ON THE PRECIPICE - UP ANGLED (ILM ELEMENTS)                  242

                   As Kruge rises to his feet, Kirk without hesitation
                   soars into the air from above and dives upon Kruge, the
                   momentum of the dive taking both men right to the edge
                   of the final drop. They work their way to their feet
                   and continue the struggle anew, pieces of the rock edge
                   slipping away under their feet as they scuffle. Kirk
                   is winning until:

                   With a burst of energy, Kruge shoves Kirk hard and Kirk
                   slams into a wall of stone, dazed. Kruge has him --
                   but as he starts to step forward, the edge of the rock he
                   is standing on starts to slip.

             243   FULL - THE PRECIPICE - (ILM ELEMENTS)                        243

                   Kirk on the left against the wall, Kruge on the right,
                   on the edge. Kruge is dropping lower. The rock forma-
                   tion he is on now breaks away, carrying him outward:

                             Jump -- damn you!

                   Kruge does jump forward at the last possible instant as
                   the rock falls away. He leaps to:

             244   THE NEW EDGE OF THE PRECIPICE (ILM ELEMENTS)                 244

                   Where Kruge lands precariously, hanging on almost by
                   his fingernails. He's holding on as best as he can, his
                   legs flailing, unable to gain any purchase to boost him

                   Kirk, recovering his own strength, sees Kruge in this
                   helpless situation. He comes forward to the edge,
                   kneels over the Klingon.

                             Give me your hand and we both

                                     (screams a curse in Klingon)

                             Don't be a fool -- give me your

                   Kruge looks down, measuring the terror below as if
                   considering, then with sudden and explosive strength,
                   vaults upward making a desperate grab for Kirk. He has
                   a leg! Suddenly, Kirk is fighting not to be pulled
                   over the edge. He is losing that fight. Till he
                   lashes out with a blow. The Klingon's grip slips, yet
                   he hangs on tenaciously, until -- with a cry of rage --

                             I have had... enough... of you!!

                   Kirk turns and kicks Kruge mightily -- and the Klingon
                   begins his fall...

             245   WIDE DOWN ANGLED SHOT - (ILM ELEMENTS)                       245

                   Kirk in f.g. watches as Kruge tumbles endlessly toward
                   the steaming red hot lava beds below...

             246   ON KIRK                                                      246

                   He turns now to his ultimate problem: the planet is
                   caving in around him. He starts to scramble up the
                   steep slope, back to the promontory where --

             247   THE PROMONTORY - SPOCK                                       247

                   His inert body lies, surrounded by new bursts of steam
                   from the cracking earth...

             248   ANGLE - KIRK (ILM ELEMENT)                                   248

                   Behind him we see the first signs of a fast rising
                   fireball sun. He claws his way back to the top level
                   and races to Spock's fallen form. He kneels and turns
                   the body over to see:

             249   PAST KIRK TO SPOCK                                           249

                   We see the face at last: it is Spock, at the age he

                   But he is also a haggard, ravaged shell of a being,
                   almost again dead from the agonies of change -- and
                   even now, with soft frightening sounds, giving
                   indications of the final changes that lie just ahead.

             250   KIRK - SUN LARGER BEHIND HIM (ILM ELEMENTS)                  250

                   Amid the death knell of this place, Kirk knows it is
                   now or never. A desperate idea forms. With
                   determination, he picks Spock up and shoulders him.
                   Then drawing his communicator, he flips it open and
                   takes his best shot:

                                     (in guttural Klingon)
                              (Maltz... Activate beam!...)

                   There is a moment of uncertainty. Kirk is about to try
                   again when the Klingon beam SOUND begins and...

             251   BEAM UP EFFECT - (ILM ELEMENTS)                              251

                   Amid the groans, flashes, the HISSES OF STEAM and
                   falling debris, Kirk, carrying Spock dematerializes in
                   the KLINGON BEAM, even as the sun appears to be coming

             252   MASTER - THE DESERTED PLANET (ILM SHOT)                      252

                   ... and closer still, casting yellow white light over
                   the disintegrating surface...

             253   INT. BIRD OF PREY                                            253

                   The doors WHOOSH open, and Kirk, carrying the inert
                   Spock, steps out, phaser at the ready!

             254   REVERSE - INCLUDING KIRK                                     254

                   Maltz on the Captain's deck, the Enterprise prisoners
                   below. Maltz turns, expecting Kruge, and is clearly
                   astonished; as he raises his hands, Kirk steps forward.

                             How many more?

                             Just him, sir!

                             Bones, help Spock! Everyone else,
                             find a station!

                   A flurry of activity as the crew moves into position in
                   the strange -- yet familiar bridge. McCoy takes Spock
                   from Kirk, guides him OUT OF SCENE, and Saavik takes
                   Maltz' phaser and steps back. To Maltz:

                             You! Help us or die!

                             I do not deserve to live!

                             Fine, I'll kill you later! Let's
                             get out of here!

                   And so saying, he dashes OUT OF SHOT, followed by
                   Saavik. The Klingon can only stare in confusion.

             255   SPACE - THE GENESIS PLANET - (ILM)                           255

                   We are near her now ERUPTING surface; flames shoot
                   out. Beyond, her sun waits, former friend, now ready
                   to accept the planet in death.

             256   BRIDGE - BIRD OF PREY                                        256

                   Kirk in command, Sulu and Saavik on nearby station.
                   They are confronted by familiar tools, but baffling

                             Anyone here read Klingon?

                   No one does.

                             Well, take your best shot.

             257   ENGINEERING PANEL                                            257

                   Scotty hunched over the console, Chekov hunched over

                             If you can bypass into the module -

                             Fine, but where's the damn anti-
                             matter inducer?

                             This.? No, this!

                             This or nothing.

                   Scotty makes several adjustments, presses some buttons,
                   then, with a deep breath, moves a sliding handle for-

             258   BRIDGE                                                       258

                   Sulu responds to the panel indicator.

                             If I read this right, sir, we have
                             full power.

                             Go, Sulu!

                   Sulu impels the throttle device -

             259   SPACE - BIRD OF PREY - (ILM)                                 259

                   Turning gracefully, she gains speed, PASSES CAMERA, and
                   heads for the stars with increasing velocity breaking
                   to Warp Speed as -

             260   SPACE - GENESIS AND HER SUN - (ILM)                          260

                   The planet is now heading toward the sun. We watch
                   in wonder as she gains speed and becomes a glazing
                   fireball, plummeting spectacularly to her own

             261   BRIDGE - BIRD OF PREY                                        261

                   The mood is subdued, somber.

                             The Genesis planet is gone.

                                     (a whisper)
                             Goodbye, David.

                             We are clear and free to navigate.

                             Best speed to Vulcan. Mr.
                             Chekov, take the prisoners below.

                             Aye, sir.

                   As he starts to:

                             Wait! You said you would kill me!

                             I lied.

                   At Kirk's gesture, Chekov leads Maltz out. Kirk turns
                   back to his panel.

                             Estimating Vulcan at point one

                   CAMERA MOVES IN to Kirk and Saavik.

                             Saavik: message to Ambassador
                             Sarek. Tell him we bring McCoy
                             and a living Spock. Ask him to
                             prepare for the Katra ritual.

                   Saavik raises an eyebrow.

                             Yes, Admiral. But that
                             may not be possible.

                             What? What are you saying?

                             The Katra ritual is meant to
                             deposit Spock's consciousness in
                             the Hall of Ancient Thought - not
                             in his body.

                             But we have Spock alive! That's
                             more than we bargained for!

                             Or less. What you describe is called
                             Fal Tor Pan - the refusion. It is
                             very dangerous. The elders may not
                             choose to attempt it.

                             And if they don't.? What will
                             Happen to Spock?

                             . He will remain always as he

                   As Kirk wrestles with the horror of this we see:

             262   INT. BIRD OF PREY SICK BAY - CLOSE - SPOCK                   262

                   He is pale, comatose, fragile looking. WIDEN as Bones
                   passes a scanner over the form; the scanner's sound is
                   feeble. McCoy stops in frustration, checks Spock's
                   eyes; then turns back, wearily. Softly, as CAMERA
                   begins to ARC around them.

                             Spock. I've done everything I
                             know (to do). Help me!. You
                             struck me with it, for God's sake,
                             teach me what to do with it!
                                     (a pause, then)
                             I never thought I'd say this
                             to you. but it seems I've missed you.
                             And I couldn't bear to lose you again.

                   He lowers his head in helpless grief on the form of the
                   unmoving Spock, and CAMERA'S ARC has revealed Kirk
                   standing, watching. Kirk steps forward now, puts his
                   hand gently on McCoy, then on Spock. Three lives,
                   intertwined for so long.

             263   SPACE - THE PLANET VULCAN - (ILM)                            263

                   HOLD. The ROAR of an unseen spaceship is heard, and,
                   the Bird of Prey ENTERS SHOT, heading toward Vulcan.

             264   INT. BRIDGE - BIRD OF PREY                                   264

                   As Kirk enters.

                             The planet Vulcan. In hailing
                             distance, sir.

                             Saavik. Send to Ambassador Sarek.
                             Tell him we're coming in.

             265   EXT. THE VULCAN TEMPLE AREA - HIGH FULL ANGLE - DUSK         265

                   LOOKING DOWN on the awesome mountainous landscape with
                   a temple complex on a high forbidding peak. SLOW ZOOM
                   IN TO MATCH:

             266   EXT. TEMPLE AREA - UP ANGLED - CLOSE - SAREK - DUSK          266

                   Zooming at comparable speed, to a CLOSE UP of Spock's

                                           A VOICE
                             On approach. Permission to land.

                             Permission granted. Tell Kirk
                             we'll be ready.

                   CAMERA PANS now from Sarek to reveal Uhura, in uniform.

                             I'll send the message, sir.

             267   EXT. VULCAN - BIRD OF PREY - ILM)                            267

                   at impulse power, approach speed. Her "wings" config-
                   urate into atmospheric lift generating airfolis; she

             268   INT. BIRD OF PREY                                            268

                             Mr. Sulu, you're on manual.

                             It's been a while, sir. Here we
                             go... Retrothrusters!

             269   EXT. VULCAN - BIRD OF PREY - DUSK - (ILM)                    269

                   As the ship descends slowly and gracefully to a soft
                   landing in the Temple area, retro's kicking dust.

             270   INT. BIRD OF PREY                                            270

                   As energizers wind down, Kirk hits comm:

                             Bones, let's get him off-loaded.

             271   EXT. VULCAN LANDING AREA - CLOSE IN - BIRD OF PREY           271

                   as a RAMP section of the plane HISSES and lowers to the
                   ground. Spock is carried down on a litter borne by his
                   friends. As they reach the bottom, Kirk is in f.g.,
                   and looks in amazement to see:

             272   POV - (ILM ELEMENTS)                                         272

                   The great hill to the Temple is lined with hundreds of
                   Vulcans, many with torches. It is most impressive.

             273   BACK TO KIRK - McCOY - SAAVIK                                273
                             My God...

                             Much is at stake...

                   Then Kirk sees something else, reacts as:

             274   UHURA                                                        274

                   Crosses to the crew -- is hugged by Kirk. Her eyes are
                   moist with emotion as:

                             Sarek is waiting above...

                   Kirk nods, and Uhura falls in place behind him, helping
                   to carry Spock's form with the others. They now carry
                   Spock OUT OF SCENE as we begin to hear RITUAL CHANTS
                   and MUSIC in the distance.

                   DISSOLVE TO:

             275   EXT. VULCAN HILL - SERIES OF SHOTS - NIGHT                   275

                   The procession is in progress through a path lined on
                   both sides by simply-robed Vulcans of all ages.
                   Spock's form makes passage to stately MUSIC.

             276   VARIOUS SHOTS                                                276

                   Vulcans responding to Spock's passage.

                   FEATURE: A small girl releases herself from her
                   father's grip and moves alongside the body, makes the
                   Vulcan salute, and whispers with great solemnity:

                                           SMALL GIRL
                             ... Live long and prosper, Spock...

                   REACTION CUTS from Kirk and the others. And we --

                   DISSOLVE TO:
             277   EXT. VULCAN - UPPER LEVEL OF TEMPLE AREA - SERIES OF         277

                   Sarek, some DIGNITARIES, and SIX VULCAN WOMEN, tall and
                   stately, are waiting. MUSICIANS are close by now. As
                   the Enterprise group reaches Sarek, he steps forward to
                   meet them. Now a silence falls.

                   Sarek stands at his son's head and gently places his
                   two hands on Spock's face. When he is done, he looks
                   at Kirk and McCoy. They search his face for some
                   indication of hope, but Sarek is expressionless. He
                   steps back now, gestures. The Vulcan women come
                   forward, and take Spock from his friends.

                   As the transfer is completed, the procession begins
                   again toward the temple entry. Sarek falls in behind
                   the body; Kirk and his group follow him.

                   DISSOLVE TO:

             278   INT. VULCAN TEMPLE - SERIES OF SHOTS                         278

                   The Hall of Ancient Thought, lined with massive heads
                   of stone. DOLLY with the procession as an amazing
                   thing takes place:

                   As Spock's body moves, now seen -- now blocked by
                   passing forms, we realize the bearers' hands are
                   no longer under the body, but are ON TOP OF IT.

                   The magic of this moment is not lost on Kirk, Bones and
                   the others as we --
                   DISSOLVE TO:


                   A great saucer-shaped platform under the Vulcan sky,
                   with an altar at the far end. The dramatic figure of a
                   VULCAN PRIESTESS stands there. Rising into the air
                   behind her is an elegant version of the Vulcan hand
                   salute shaped in gleaming metal.

                   The bearers continue with Spock toward the altar, but
                   Sarek stops here on the threshold, and stops Kirk and

                             This is where you will wait.

                   Sarek turns to face the altar. Spock's body is
                   deposited there to ritual MUSIC. Then, the powerful
                   CHANT of the HIGH PRIESTESS begins.

                   Kirk and McCoy and the others stare in awe at what is
                   happening, as the Priestess' chant flows over them.
                   Then, the CHANT ENDS. Sarek steps forward. A HORN..
                   ..SOUNDS. Then:

                             Sarek... Child of Skon... Child of
                             Solkar. The body of your son
                             breathes still. What is your

                             I ask for Fal-Tor-Pan, the

                             What you seek has not been done
                             since ages past -- and then, only
                             in legend. Your request is not
                             Forgive me, T'Lar. My logic
                             falters where my son is

                   She looks at him for a long moment. Then:

                             Who is the Keeper of the Katra?

                   As Sarek's nod and Kirk's urgent look, Bones replies

                             I am... McCOY... Leonard H.
                             Son of David...

                                     (deep, ominous)
                             McCoy... Son of David. Since
                             thou art human, we cannot expect
                             thee to understand fully what
                             Sarek has requested. The
                             circumstances are extraordinary:
                             Spock's body lives... With your
                             approval, we shall use all our
                             powers to return to his body that
                             which you possess: his essence.
                             But McCoy...
                                     (a pause)
                             You must now be warned! the
                             danger to thyself is as grave as
                             the danger to Spock.
                                     (this impacts on
                                      McCoy and Kirk)
                             You must make the choice.

                                     (pause, then...)
                             I choose the danger.
                                     (then, aside to
                             Helluva time to ask.

                             Bring him forward.

                   As Sarek leads Bones toward the altar, we HOLD on
                   Kirk's new apprehension.

             280   THE ALTAR - (INTERCUT WITH KIRK AND CREW) - SERIES OF        280

                   Sarek and McCoy reach the altar, and Sarek departs.
                   The Priestess intones another short CHANT, punctuated
                   by GONGS and MUSICAL emphatics. Then chant and music
                   stop and we hear only the gentle SOUND OF THE WIND, and
                   far-off TEMPLE CHIMES. She places a hand on Bones'
                   face, another on Spock's. Then, eerily:

                             All that can be done... shall be
                             done... Though it take full turn
                             of the Vulcan sun...

                   SOFT MUSIC now. She begins drifting into a trance like
                   mind meld, chanting softly, almost inaudibly.

                   CLOSE on McCoy... And Spock... Their eyes are closed.
                   A sense of kinetic energy somehow passing between

                   The crew of the Enterprise, each and all... Waiting...

             281   FULL SHOT - FROM ABOVE                                       281

                   The great altar area, the land and valley beyond.
                   Lightning streaks the sky.

             282   CLOSE - KIRK - SLOW MOVE IN                                  282

                   The lightning flashes are reflected in his face as we
                   MOVE SLOWLY IN on his concerned face... and VERY SLOWLY --

                   LONG DISSOLVE TO:

             283   EXT. VULCAN TEMPLE AREA - HIGH FULL SHOT - SUNRISE -         283

                   The early morning sun casts a different, long-shadowed
                   hot look on the altar and threshold.

             284   OUTSIDE THE ALTAR - KIRK, THE CREW                           284

                   From where they had watched from last night, here they have
                   waited, lain down. They are beginning to stir when the
                   SOUND OF A GONG brings them fully awake. They rise,
                   bleary eyed to see:

             285   THEIR POV - TOWARD THE ALTAR                                 285

                   The High Priestess, exhausted, is being carried out of
                   the altar area on a sedan chair. As she leaves, Sarek,
                   supporting a weary McCoy, heads a procession of hooded
                   robed priests. Among them we now see a HOODED ROBED
                   FIGURE all in WHITE.

                   The procession is passing Kirk's party, while Kirk and
                   the crew can only stare in uncertainty. Then, Sarek
                   signals the others to continue while he, with McCoy,
                   breaks off and comes to Kirk.

             286   KIRK AND CREW                                                286

                   They wait now as Bones, leaning on Sarek, ENTERS SHOT.


                             All right... I'm all right, Jim.

                   Sulu and Scotty reach for him, help support him. He is
                   weakened, but otherwise all right. Kirk gestures
                   toward the white-robed figure walking slowly away.
                             What about Spock?

                             I am not sure. Only time will
                             Kirk. I thank you. What you have 
                             done is --

                             What I have done, I had to do.

                             But at what cost? Your ship...
                             Your son.

                             If I hadn't tried, the cost would
                             have been my soul.
                   Sarek looks at him with deep admiration, then turns
                   and heads back to the group of priests. The wind
                   blows, and --

             287   KIRK AND GROUP                                               287

                   They are now looking into the low sun, shading their
                   eyes for a last look at the white-robed figure.

             288   POV - SAREK AND GROUP - LONG LENS                            288

                   They are moving slowly away when, suddenly, the white-
                   robed figure stops, turns toward the Enterprise group.

             289   CLOSE - THE WHITE HOOD                                       289

                   We cannot see the features beneath, but we know the
                   figure is staring. After a moment, the figure starts
                   back to the Enterprise group. As two priests reach to
                   stop him, they are stayed by Sarek, who now watches
                   with interest.

             290   KIRK AND GROUP                                               290

                   watching with held breath as the white-robed figure
                   walks steadily to them, reaches them.

             291   THE FIGURE                                                   291

                   Back lit. The wind whips his garment. Now he lowers
                   his hood. We see Spock: a radiant, gentled Spock.
                   His age is as we have known it; his hair, his face, the
                   same; he would look at peace except for the eyes, which
                   remain hollow, filled with questions and uncertainties.

             292   SCENE - VARIOUS ANGLES                                       292
                   The Enterprise crew, each of them stares back at Spock
                   as SUBJECTIVE CAMERA PANS PAST them SLOWLY. Each makes his
                   own effort to be remembered, but --

                   Spock remains churning, but uncertain. Then he looks
                   hardest at all at:

                   Kirk. The wind whips his hair.

                   Something triggers in Spock. He steps forward, and
                   then in an odd, rusty voice:

                             I know you... Do I not?

                             Yes. And I know you.

                             My father says you have been my
                             friend... You came back for me.

                             You would have done the same for

                             Why would you do this...?

                                     (grasping to make
                                      a connection)
                             Because... the needs of the one
                             outweighed the needs of the many.

                   Spock stares at him. A vague connection has been made
                   -- but not enough. Spock turns away in uncertainty,
                   begins walking back to the group he left. Kirk raises
                   his helpless hand after Spock, wondering what he might
                   have said, should have said -- when suddenly:

                   Spock stops, back to Kirk. He closes his eyes, looks
                   to the sky. And like someone who has found a piece of
                   a puzzle, he says:

                             I have been... and ever shall
                             be... your friend.

                   Kirk steps forward a few steps -- hushed, encouraging --

                             Yes, yes, Spock...

                                     (half turns)
                             The ship... Out of danger...?

                             You saved the ship, Spock. You
                             saved us all. Don't you remember?!

                   There is an odd moment after Kirk's impassioned speech:
                   Spock cocks his head as if some vital piece of informa-
                   tion had just clicked into place.

                             ... Jim... Your name is Jim.

                   Kirk's eyes well with tears. He nods his head.

                             ... Yes.

                   Their eyes are locked together. Spock gives a little
                   nod of satisfaction, as if knowing he has taken the
                   first of many steps. He turns to share this with
                   McCoy... And then with them all. We have the feeling
                   that Spock has come back to his family... and to us...

             293   ON ENTERPRISE FAMILY                                         293

                   They have gathered round Kirk now, beaming at Spock
                   through their tears and their joy, knowing they all
                   have a future together. As the CAMERA PULLS UP AND
                   BACK from this, we ROLL END CREDITS and --

                   FADE OUT.

                                           THE END